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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method Chapter 74

Hearing Karp’s words, Dusty calmed down.
“Your boy’s fist is getting harder and harder!”
Karp glanced at Ai Xiu up and down, and a trace of gloom flashed in his eyes.
If only Ash wasn’t Roger’s son.
If it’s his own grandchildren, it’s fine.
Karp was very happy with Aixiu.
Now looking at the young man with broken black hair in front of him, Karp sighed.
“You kid came by chance, the Warring States lost the command operation this time and lost the position of marshal, now the marshal has to be re-selected, everyone has a chance, as long as the strength is strong enough, do you want to try?”
Ai Xiu was stunned, and in amazement raised his finger to point at his face.
“Me? Am I a major general? ”
“And isn’t the marshal supposed to choose from three generals?”
Ai Xiu was a little curious.
“In this war, the performance of the three people is too poor, of course, they are not without opportunities, but this time it is also possible to recruit a powerful existence from the civilian population to increase the combat power of the navy, and these people can also run for the marshal of the navy!”
Ai Xiu listened to Karp’s explanation with a confused expression.
World government: Is this crazy?
Such a joke for such an important position as a marshal?
“This time the Navy was severely punished, and you old man was not punished, right?”
Ai Xiu looked at Karp, who picked his nose, and asked curiously.
“Well, the old man thinks, but the group of eggless people in the world government…”
A voice intercepted Karp’s subsequent words.
As soon as Ai Xiu looked up, he saw that Sengoku, who had not had much gray hair before, had now turned gray.
It’s not as serious as before.
At this time, wearing civilian clothes, grabbing a bag of fairy shells, he walked over with steps that the six relatives did not recognize.
“This time is a major operational mistake of the Navy, it is the command problem of the old man, and there is nothing to do with other people 510, they all tried their best!”
Sengoku walked over, and after glancing at Ai Xiu up and down, his eyes flashed twice and he spoke.
“As for you, Xiao Aixiu, why didn’t you get in touch when you fought before?”
Sengoku stared at Ai Xiu’s gaze.
“But I’m being scolded for vacation after beating that guy Ming!”
Ai Xiu spoke.
Are these two things comparable?
“Besides, you guys made such a big scene this time, I’m still young, and I still have a lot of good years, what if I die on the battlefield?”
“You guy is clearly avoiding war!”
Another voice came.
Ai Xiu was stunned, frowned and turned his head to look in the direction where the voice came from.
And the red dog grabbed a flame in his hand and threw it towards Aixiu.
Look at what is thrown over.
It seems to be a weapon of sea lou stone.
After reaching out and catching it, Ai Xiu played with it and looked at the red dog.
“It seems that the skin of the red dog general is itchy!”
After Ai Xiu finished speaking, the fork of the sea lou stone in his hand turned into an afterimage and flew towards the red dog.
The red dog’s complexion changed.
When the others saw Ai Xiu’s movements, they were also shocked.
Unexpectedly, Ai Xiu would suddenly make a move on the red dog.
The red dog dodged and avoided the screaming sea tower stone weapon.
Unaware that a figure had arrived behind him.
With a heavy kick, Ai Xiu directly kicked the red dog and flew out.
“Poof, ha!”
Karp pointed in the direction where Ash and Akainu flew away, laughing and kneeling on the ground only to pat the bluestone floor, and the floor was cracked.
And exactly the same as him is the Warring States.
“Hahahaha, this guy is serious every day!”
Sengoku laughed and tears came out (dabc).
The green pheasant and yellow ape looked at Ai Xiu who retracted his feet in shock.
The temptation of the red dog just now was actually a real suspicion here that Ai Xiu was a terrifying figure that appeared in this department before.
But after seeing Ai Xiu reach out and grab the sea lou stone and throw it out, the suspicion is gone.
The CP was also withdrawn directly.
However, what shocked the hearts of these world government lackeys was that such a young man kicked one of the generals.
Now the general is so worthless.
Doesn’t it say that a good navy is the strongest combat power?
After the embarrassed red dog came out of the collapsed building, he looked at Ai Xiu warily.
He didn’t react to Ai Xiu’s movement just now.
The red dog, who has been repeatedly hanged, has now learned how to think maturely.
It’s no longer the direct temper tantrum before.
Now he was kicked by Ai Xiu, and he didn’t get angry.
Let the yellow ape and the green pheasant both sigh with some emotion.
The most changeable thing is to beat it up.
“Hey, are you two okay?”
Seeing that the two old men were still laughing wildly, Ai Xiu opened his mouth to remind him.
“If it’s okay, I’ll have to continue my vacation, I haven’t reinstated my position!”
“Your vacation is officially over now!”
The voice of the red dog came.
Ai Xiu frowned and turned his head.
“I am a general of the headquarters, and I have the power to transfer generals below lieutenant general!”
Akainu spoke.
“So, you are ready to find an opponent for yourself on the way to running for marshal?”
“It will take a lot of time at this time!”
After leaving such a sentence, the red dog turned around and left directly.
The yellow ape and the green pheasant looked at each other and both shrugged their shoulders.
This red dog seems to have been beaten not lightly, and the whole person has changed.
“Aixiu boy, are you really planning to run for marshal of the navy?”
Sengoku put away his smile, wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, and asked.
“It’s not that anyone can do it, then try it!”
Ai Xiu spread his hands, and then raised his hand to greet the two pheasants.
“Anyway, don’t want money, try it and don’t lose money!”
Ai Xiu’s words left everyone around speechless.
This is a marshal of the navy, not a lottery in a small shop.
But not without saying, the truth is indeed as Aishu said.
“Then wait, it will take a lot of time, this time the world government specially approved the selection of people from outside the navy, even if they do not become marshals, they can supplement the combat power of the navy.”
Sengoku opened his mouth to explain to Ai Xiu.
“Well, I don’t care!”
“But you kid can’t be idle, since your strength is so strong, then go to the new world, block Kaido, don’t let this guy come out to make trouble!”
Sengoku subconsciously spoke.
“It’s impossible, Kaido’s guy’s territory is too far away, I’m too lazy to run, I’m stationed at the headquarters!”
Ai Xiu shook his head directly.
Sengoku was stunned, and then he realized the change in his identity.
Suddenly there was a sigh.
Then he hooked up with Karp and walked into the distance.
“Brother Aixiu, do you want to go for a drink?”
The yellow ape suddenly spoke. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
“Okay, just as I want to ask, what happened to that blue figure in the previous war in this ministry!”
The yellow ape, who had originally planned to invite Ai Xiu to sit down and connect with his feelings, his face collapsed when he heard it.
Now this figure is their nightmare.
I didn’t see that now the Draco people have come out to cause less trouble.
Frightened, look at not only the headquarters of the Navy.
Not only have the words come out, but if you refuse now, wouldn’t it be a little bad, but fortunately, there are pheasants coming to share the pressure.
Sit at a table in a casino.
In addition to the sound of dice, the sound of the people around me is the sound of the people around me.
“This navy is a little different!”
I have been on this island for many days, and I have witnessed the war on top here.
No, I heard it with my own ears!
As a master, he was naturally interested in this battle that would affect almost the entire sea.
Become a Navy?
A smiling finger tapped on the table.
“Are people here talking about a navy called Aisho, who defeated Doflamingo and rescued Dressrosa?”
A smile came with interest.
Touched a conscription order in his arms.
This was taken down the streets of this island.
The navy is a big conscription, and as long as the strength is enough, you can directly become a marshal.
Yixiao, who is already in his forties, naturally will not be so naïve, thinking that if he really takes the marshal, he can command the entire navy.
“But it’s a little interesting, you can try it, besides, I want to get to know this Chief Ai Xiu in the next!”
On the other hand, the recruitment office also recruited a general-level combat power.
Nature is a Mori Fruit Ability.
The combat effectiveness is very strong.
But a man who tries his best to assert power.
Extremely supportive of the world government and Draco.
After discovering such a strange thing, the world government was naturally extremely happy to put it on the shortlist.
What follows is a smile.
Gravity Fruit Ability.
Great Sword Hao!
The fruit ability can even fall huge meteorites in the sky.
Also a quota.
During this period of conscription, Ai Xiu did not stay idle in the end.
Going out to sea to clean up a group of evil pirates.
Among them, there are many New World sea pirates with a bounty of hundreds of millions.
All of them were in the hands of Aixiu.
But what made Ai Xiu speechless was that now there was a group of people in the New World who were fighting him, no, under the banner of the blue phantom in the war on top.
And has begun to conquer the new world.
There was even some agreement with Whitebeard’s side.
“What’s the news from the Navy?”
Ai Xiu asked.
“Sir, the navy side is also scratching its head, but according to the information shared by the world government, it seems that the admirers of the blue figure made it!”
Dusty was also speechless.
Fans who like idols made it themselves.
It’s just that the strength of these fans is a bit strong.
Now together with a group of white-bearded remnants of Ace, they actually blocked the attack of Kaido and Aunt.
This was something that Ai Xiu did not expect.
Ai Xiu wondered if he was going to intervene.
“By the way, sir, the selection of the marshal is about to officially begin, do you want to go back and participate?”
“Oh? So what are you waiting for, return home immediately! ”
When Ai Xiu heard this, he suddenly became interested.
The fleet, under the orders of Aixiu, began to turn around and return to the new naval headquarters.
The selection of a new marshal of the Navy is about to begin.
A large number of lieutenant generals and major generals gathered on the side of the headquarters.
These guys also have their own supporters.
At this time, there was a whispered discussion, discussing who was most likely to become the new marshal.

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Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Comprehension is against the sky, I created the overlord color practice method

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Ai Xiu travels through the world of pirates, and becomes twins with Ace, gaining a heaven-defying understanding, and creating a genetic training method while still in the womb, breaking the shackles of the body. Devil fruit ability against the sky? Racial talent is super perverted? Ai Xiu broke through the limitations with his heaven-defying understanding and created infinitely-upgradable heaven-defying supernatural powers. [You worked hard to obtain external information, you realized it, and created the supernatural power of perception and knowledge and domineering cultivation method] [You have observed Karp’s cultivation process for a long time, and personally experienced the process of developing armed domineering power. You have comprehended it and created a physical supernatural power and armed domineering training method] [You have witnessed the birth of Neptunes and felt the coercion of Neptunes. You have realized it and created the cultivation method of supernatural powers and domineering colors] [Your cells decomposed the energy fruit, and absorbed the energy fruit’s ability, you comprehended it, and created the elemental supernatural power, energy control] [You practice and study physical skills in depth..


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