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Entertainment Boss Yangs sex change, and the female stars love interest Chapter 266

Outside the master bedroom door.
Zhao Liying looked at the door with some surprise in her eyes:
“Xiaoxiao, do you really think there is a head transplant surgery?”
“Will the process of changing the head really be as bloody as Reba said?”
While she was talking, she touched her neck, imagining how her head would be moved and then a new head would be put on it.
Nai Xiao had some sense and IQ, and she frowned slightly:
“I think you are overthinking it. How could there be such nonsense as head transplantation in the world?”
However, as soon as he finished speaking, he heard Reba’s screams coming from the master bedroom.
The scream was so pitiful that Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying felt terrified inside.
They immediately ran to the door and knocked on it.
“Reba, are you okay?”
However, there was no answer in the room, but you could vaguely hear the sound of the fabric being torn apart!
In the room.
Reba took the scissors, cut a small opening in a white T-shirt, and then took it to the door and tore it hard. Open.
Her face was filled with mischievous excitement.
“Don’t scare her later”Yang Mi had already quickly made up her own imitation makeup.
Reba made a gesture of silence, but did not speak.
Because according to the plot she just did, her head has been chopped off. How can she speak without her head? door.
Nai Xiao frowned and looked at Zhao Liying doubtfully:
“What is this sound? Are your clothes being torn off?”
Zhao Liying looked horrified:
“Could it be Reba?”
“She just said that in the head-replacement surgery, the original head must be cut off first. Maybe Sister Mi cut off the head when she cut it off, and her clothes were torn. Nai
Xiao also looked a little surprised:”It shouldn’t be possible, right?””
Zhao Liying retorted:
“Why not?”
“Didn’t you hear Reba’s scream just now? Then I couldn’t hear Reba’s voice anymore!”
“Tell me…does it hurt when you change your head?”
Naixiao pursed her lips and said,”I haven’t experienced this either. I hope Sister Mi can be gentler.”
The two of them were lying on the door panel, listening very carefully to what was going on in the master bedroom while chatting with each other.
At this moment, a voice sounded in their ears
It was Liu Sisi and Jin Chen who came.
Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying were nervous at first. They were not prepared after hearing the sound, and then they were frightened and screamed.
Girls have very high voices. Even if they have not received professional training, their music will be much higher than that of professional male singers!
This is an innate advantage. When the two of them howled, their voices were very penetrating.
Liu Sisi and Jin Chen carried The unexpected scream startled me, and I started screaming too.
There were screams at the door of the master bedroom, as if they had seen a ghost. Soon
Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying saw the person coming clearly, and then they stopped screaming.
Nai Xiao slapped her body in front of her and scolded breathlessly:
“Don’t you know that servants can scare people to death?”
“The sudden noise almost scared the souls out of both of us!”
Zhao Liying leaned against the wall and looked at Liu Sisi in shock:”My heart was so frightened that it almost stopped!”
Seeing their situation, Liu Sisi and Jin Chen were also confused.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“The sound of our walking upstairs was quite loud just now, I thought you heard it.”
The two apologized again and again.
Judging from the reactions of Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying, they were indeed frightened.
Nai Xiao took a breath and calmed down:”It’s okay. It’s my fault that Li Ying and I were too engrossed, so we didn’t hear you. movement.”
Zhao Liying asked while patting her chest:
“Let me ask you two, is Sister Mi’s head-changing technique real?”
“Do you really want to chop off your head?”
Liu Sisi was a little hesitant.
Do you want to tell the truth?
What kind of hair transplant?
It’s just a popular fake makeup on the Internet. But looking at Reba’s expression just now, it was obvious that he was planning to joke with Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying.
When they were in trouble.
The door of the master bedroom opened.
Two figures walked out of it.
After seeing them, Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying were completely confused! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network! )
Because they don’t know the two people standing in front of them at all!
The girl on the left is wearing Sister Mi’s clothes, but she has never seen that face before!
The most scary thing is the girl on the right.
What she is wearing is not Reba. The clothes she was wearing at that time were a white T-shirt with the collar torn off and a stain of blood on it!
The most frightening thing is that this girl was wearing a dead costume!
Her face was pale, her eyes were dull, and her eyeshadow was all black..
There was a bright red blood stain at the corner of her mouth, as if she had just vomited blood.
Nai Xiao hesitated:”Mi…Sister Mi?”
Zhao Liying said slowly:”Re… Reba?””
Both of these two people came out of Sister Mi’s master bedroom, but their appearance is not the same as that of Sister Mi and Reba.
It’s like… two people have changed…
Could it be… that there really is a change? Head skills, right? 263
Liu Sisi and Jin Chen were also startled just now. They didn’t expect that Reba actually painted a dead man’s costume. If they saw this in the middle of the night, they would definitely be scared to death!
But these two people have seen Yang Mi’s Superb makeup skills.
It’s easy to dress up like a dead man[]
Yang Mi slowly turned her head and asked in a rather sinister voice:”Reba, how does your new head feel?”
When she spoke, her voice was cold, like the severe cold in winter, which made Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying shiver.
Reba also slowly turned his head and nodded slightly with a dull expression:
“It’s…ok…just…my…neck…is…a little…itchy……”
She deliberately spoke very slowly. In order to find the state, she had rehearsed it several times in the room just now.
Then she reached up and scratched her neck. hiss!
Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
Because they saw that there were traces of stitches on Reba’s neck!
Is this head sewn to the neck?
Boom, boom, boom!
Their hearts beat faster, their eyes widened, and their pupils were filled with surprise.
Seeing this scene, Reba felt very satisfied.
Yang Mi looked past the two of them, looked directly at Liu Sisi and Jin Chen, and continued to say in an eerie voice:
“Shishi, Chenchen, it’s your turn to change your hair!”.

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