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Entertainment Boss Yangs sex change, and the female stars love interest Chapter 267

Hearing this, Liu Sisi and Jin Chen looked at each other.
Then he was very cooperative and nodded dully:”Yes!”
Yang Mi and Reba each stretched out a hand, grabbed the arms of Liu Sisi and Jin Chen, and pulled them into the master bedroom.
Then, with a bang, they slammed the door!
They ignored Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying the whole time..
When Yang Mi and Reba came out, they were already in a mess, and their brains were shut down. Especially when they saw the stitching marks on Reba’s neck, they didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t until the door closed that they came back to their senses. Come
“Xiaoxiao, just…was I…dreaming just now?”Zhao Liying asked with her body trembling, and she was crying when she spoke.
“I…I don’t know…I want to run away now!”
Nai Xiao originally didn’t believe in such pseudo-scientific things.
But the visual shock just now really made her subvert her views.
At this moment, she heard the screams of Liu Sisi and Jin Chen coming from the master bedroom.
“Master, no, no…ah!!!”
Then the bedroom returned to silence again.
In the room,
Liu Sisi and Jin Chen each covered their mouths with evil smiles on their faces.
This prank… Although I feel sorry for Nai Xiao and Zhao Liying, it’s quite fun!
Yang Mi lowered her voice The voice said:
“Come over quickly and put on makeup, otherwise they will be scared away later!”
Outside the door, Nai Xiao looked at Zhao Liying worriedly:
“Why is there no movement? Could it be that Liu Sisi and Jin Chen are also……”
Zhao Liying swallowed her saliva:
“What should we do? Want to run away?”
Nai Xiao had no idea for a moment:
“have no idea”
“Sister Mi… shouldn’t hurt us, right?”
“And this kind of thing, to be honest, makes me feel scared and curious at the same time, just like going to a haunted house.”
Zhao Liying looked at the door panel, her heart was filled with confusion:
“I think we should run away'”
“Look at the signs of stitches on Reba’s face just now. It’s obvious that Sister Mi really may have some supernatural abilities.”
“Although I don’t know what kind of ability it is, I think it’s better to keep some distance, right?”
Because she was afraid of the two people at the door escaping, Yang Mi moved very quickly when applying fake makeup to Liu Sisi and Jin Chen.
It only took three minutes to make up their faces into unfamiliar and terrifying faces.
The door opened..After hearing this sound, Zhao Liying screamed in fright:
“Whether it’s true or not, I’m going to run away first!”
As he said this, he was about to run away.
At this moment, Yang Mi, Reba, Liu Sisi, and Jin Chen immediately filed out of the door.
“Where to escape!”
Reba deliberately yelled in the style of Peking Opera, and then chased after her.
Zhao Liying saw that Liu Sisi and Jin Chen had also turned into strangers’ faces, and there was blood at the corners of their mouths.
Because the time for making imitation makeup was too tight, Zhao Liying was confused You can see their original faces, but Zhao Liying is so scared that she has no energy to distinguish them.
At this moment, Zhao Liying just wants to run away, but when she sees a stranger with blood at the corner of her mouth rushing toward her, she has already Her legs were like chaff, and she couldn’t move a step at all.
The next second,
Yang Mi led Reba, Liu Sisi, and Jin Chen to surround Zhao Liying, and then the four people lifted Zhao Liying up.
“Want to run? It’s late!”
“Look at Sister Mi giving you a hair change!”
“Carry her into the house!”
Under Yang Mi’s order, four people grabbed Zhao Liying’s arms and legs and lifted her above her head.
“Put me down…ahhhh…help…I don’t want to change my head!”
Zhao Liying screamed in horror and struggled.
But how could she fight against four people with her own strength?
Any resistance would be in vain.
It was like the concubine who was sent to the emperor’s bed in a palace drama, but They were not wrapped in quilts.
Yang Mi and the four of them glanced at Nai Xiao when they passed by Nai Xiao holding Zhao Liying in their arms.
“Come along and be more conscious!”Yang Mi said. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Nai Xiao nodded nervously.
Although the four of them had indeed completed a literal transformation, Nai Xiao believed in science and she did not believe in any head-replacement technique.
However, the scene in front of her was indeed scary.
But when she thought about it , , these four people are Sister Mi and Reba, the people she is most familiar with. Thinking of this, she no longer feels scared.
Following their footsteps, Nai Xiao also walked into the bedroom and closed the door.
Ten minutes later.
Zhao Liying looked at the completely unfamiliar face in the mirror. He reached out and touched it, confirming that the face was on his own face, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.
“.Imitation makeup? She said in surprise:”I have never heard of such makeup skills.”
Nai Xiao looked at the short video on her phone. The content was of an Internet celebrity imitating makeup. The person imitating was Nai Xiao. She saw the Internet celebrity applying some cosmetics to her face. The video was edited and sped up. So soon the internet celebrity’s face turned into Nai Xiao’s. However, the internet celebrity’s ability was very poor. The face after the fake makeup only looked like Nai Xiao, but the details were completely different from Nai Xiao’s. And the face just next to her was just like Nai Xiao’s.
Zhao Liying, whose face was faked, looks exactly the same as the face in a picture.
If fake makeup has a rank, this Internet celebrity is at best a gold medal, and Sister Mi’s strength is definitely at the king level![]
“It’s obviously fake makeup, why do you say it’s skin painting and head transplant? Scared me to death!”Zhao Liying looked at Reba angrily.
Reba sneered and said:
“I didn’t expect you to be so naive as to think there was such a magic.”
“So I’m teasing you.”
While she was talking, she wiped off the dead makeup on her face with a (well-made) makeup remover, and then used makeup for imitation makeup to apply on her face.
She had been coached one-on-one by Yang Mi , so I have also mastered the ability to imitate makeup. Compared with Yang Mi’s superb ability, it is a lot lower than it is, but it is enough. It was just for a prank, so I deliberately put on the dead makeup.
Nai Xiao looked at Reba’s action and turned to look at Yang Mi:
“Sister Mi, I also want to learn to imitate makeup tiles”
“Ever since I became famous, I have lost the right to go shopping freely.”
“If you can learn this ability, it will be easier to go out in the future!”
Zhao Liying raised her hand:
“I want to learn too!”
“Think about it carefully, although Reba was joking just now, this fake makeup technique is indeed comparable to the legendary head transplant technique.”
“Being able to have two identities gives you a lot of freedom!”.

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