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Entertainment Boss Yangs sex change, and the female stars love interest Chapter 268

Yang Mi smiled and nodded:
“OK, as long as you want to learn, I will teach you!”
“However, this ability is rare and cannot be publicized everywhere. Only a few of us know about it.”
“If the paparazzi or other unrelated people know that we imitate makeup when we go out, they will pay more attention to distinguishing it when they squat down to take pictures, which will inevitably cause us more problems.”
Naixiao nodded:
“There is no need for Sister Mi to mention this, Liying and I have both thought of it.”
“After all, with such an ability, the fewer people who know about it, the better!”
Zhao Liying sighed in her heart.
I’m sorry, Xiaoxiao, I disappoint you. I didn’t think too much about it. I wanted to learn imitation makeup just now, just to show off.
Now after hearing what Sister Mi said, I realized, The fewer people who know about imitation makeup, the less likely it will cause problems.
“Ah, yes, yes, that’s what I thought too”
“After I learned how to imitate makeup, I would definitely hide it from my assistants and managers.”
After Zhao Liying came to her senses, she quickly assured her.
Yang Mi nodded 910:
“Okay, I’ll take the time to teach you when we go play.”
While chatting, Yang Mi didn’t stop, and soon all six of them finished their makeup.
“Okay, let’s go!”
As he said that, he picked up some luggage, and of course he didn’t forget the treasure box.
He picked a seven-seater car in the garage.
After starting the car, he left the villa.
In the following time, Yang Mi took the five of them to several places.
Because I have fake makeup on my face, I don’t have to worry about being recognized by passers-by.
When you are tired, find a hotel to rest.
When information needs to be registered, Liu Sisi and Jin Chen can do it alone. After all, they are amateurs now and no one will recognize them without imitating makeup.
On April Fool’s Day, April 1st, Xu Ke called
“《The editing of”A Chinese Ghost Story” has been completed!”
Yang Mi raised her eyebrows slightly:”Really?”
Xu Ke said at the beginning that it would take three weeks to shoot and one week to edit. It would take a total of one month to completely complete the filming and production of”A Chinese Ghost Story”.
At that time, Yang Mi was still a little skeptical.
With his master-level director ability, Although I also have the ability to shoot movies quickly.
But it is precisely because of this that I understand that making a movie depends not only on the director’s ability, but also on the coordination of the entire crew.
After all, there are at least dozens of people in a crew. Whenever there is a link that is out of order, it is difficult to get it done in a month.
So now I am a little surprised when I hear Xu Ke’s words.
It seems that Xu Ke not only has strong personal ability, but also has a core team with strong execution ability.
That’s right. Only with such an outstanding person can Yang Mi be a hands-off shopkeeper with peace of mind and be able to comfortably take five beauties on a sightseeing tour!
“Although today is April Fool’s Day, I have no intention of joking with you, but will talk about this matter seriously.”
Xu Ke replied
“Do you think you have time to come over and watch the film today? Yang
Mi chuckled and replied:
“No, I completely believe in your ability, Director Xu!”
“《The promotion of”A Chinese Ghost Story” has already been promoted before when promoting”The Invincible East vs. Predator”, so there is no need to hold a special promotion event”
“There are still 4 days left before the release on the 4th and 5th. Reba and I will post on Weibo to promote it.”
“In addition, putting the theme song of the same name from”A Chinese Ghost Story” that I sang on the music platform can also have a very good publicity effect.”
“After the Qingming Festival, you can start preparing for”The Legend of Shushan”!”
Watch the finished movie?
What a joke!
Because she is currently traveling by car with Reba and others, and has already driven to West China. If she has more time, she even plans to go to National Highway 318, or climb Mount Everest.
The distance from where they are to Jiahang’s headquarters in Hengdian is nearly 2,000 kilometers, and it takes 20 hours of driving around the clock.
So Yang Mi immediately made a decision. She won’t watch the finished film!
What’s more, Xu Ke’s abilities are beyond her reach I absolutely believe it.
I previously recorded a song of the same name from”A Chinese Ghost Story”, which was sung by a male singer in the original world.
But in the parallel world, Yang Mi did not find a suitable singer, so she sang it herself.
As a female Singer, as well as the actor who plays Nie Xiaoqian. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
The song”A Chinese Ghost Story” sung by Yang Mi is even more touching.
She believes that by posting it on music platforms, with the current Internet, she can If a lot of people like it, it will definitely achieve good publicity effect.
“Well, since Boss Yang trusts me so much, I will take full charge of it.”
Xu Ke replied:
“I have already watched the finished film and there is no problem. The film will be sent to various cinemas and pre-sales will be started online.”
Yang Mi responded:
“Okay, if you need any cooperation, you can contact me at any time.”
Then he hung up the phone.
The person driving in the cab was Reba. She asked while driving:”Are we going back? Yang
Mi shook her head gently:
“Need not”
“Don’t you want to go to Yellow Crane Tower?”
“It’s only three hours away”
“Let’s spend the day there and then drive to Jiahang”[]
“Of course, it’s not the kind that drives directly there, it’s still a self-driving tour.”
Hearing this, Naixiao laughed:
“That’s great!”
“I used to want to go to the Yellow Crane Tower and feel the artistic conceptions written in ancient poems.”
“People in the past had gone there by Yellow Crane, and the Yellow Crane Tower was vacant here. The yellow crane will never return, and the white clouds will remain empty for thousands of years.”
“What a wonderful mood!”
Zhao Liying looked at the receding scenery outside the window and couldn’t help but said:
“People say it is better to listen to the scenery than to see it”
“The description in the ancient poem is so good, it has raised our expectations. If the actual scenery is just like that, will there be a gap? Yang
Mi chuckled and said:
“I think the reason for going to these scenic spots and historic sites is not to see the magnificent pictures, but when you come to this place, you will think of where you are standing. An ancient man also stood there a thousand years ago.”
“Ask about the past and present”
“Maybe one of your breaths in the Yellow Crane Tower can connect with the ancients! Reba said:
“Regardless of whether the scenery is good for listening to it or looking at it, just wait until you go to the place to express your feelings.”
Then she stepped on the accelerator and followed the navigation into the distance.

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