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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift Chapter 152

“Congratulations! Very good this year”
“Thank you, Xu, this album is a success thanks to you.”
Beverly Hills Hotel, Galaxy Entertainment Annual Meeting.
Xu Can had just been eaten by Beckham, and he had to pretend that nothing was wrong and go out to socialize.
In addition to Hollywood stars who have no stake, there are also people in the company who need encouragement and awards.
Including Galaxy Music signed female singers, Taylor Swift’s”junior sisters”.
Crouching sister and Da Lei sister didn’t talk much. After a few words, Xu Can felt that the atmosphere was a bit awkward, so he simply said goodbye and left.
“A”Ariana Grande really likes to chat with Xu Can.
She is not tall, and her height of 157 cm looks like a little lolita in front of Xu Can.
At only 16 years old this year, he has the temperament of a student.
After chatting about music for a while, Xu Can discovered that her musical talent was the same as in her previous life – and her desire to create was overwhelming.
“You really have a lot of inspiration. You can make a demo for me next week.”
“I’d rather chat with you.”
A said coquettishly:”But you are a busy man, and Taylor is with you. I am a quiet person, so I probably won’t even have the chance to talk to you.”
“Wherever you want to find me, just look for me, I won’t eat you”
“Really?”Mei A raised her head happily and her eyes lit up.
“Of course, you are my friend, so you can come to me at any time.”Xu Can actually likes Girl A.
As a Hispanic, although her skin is not as white as that of Caucasians, it is much better than that of black people.
Moreover, A is slender and petite, quite lovely.
“Great, can I treat you to dinner next week? This is a date, please, you must come.”
A acted like a little girl, holding Xu Can’s hand and acting coquettishly.
Xu Can is a typical person who takes soft things rather than hard things.
When the little girl acted coquettishly, looking at A’s eyes full of love and enthusiasm, he agreed without hesitation..
As soon as A left, Taylor Swift came over
“What did Ariana talk to you about just now?”
“Let’s talk about a date next week.”Xu Can said casually
“What?”The unlucky eyebrows are standing upright.
“There is a song on her new album that I need to talk about. Do you have any questions?”
Xu Can said seriously.
Taylor Swift nodded.
It seems that Xu Can is a movie actor, director, and producer, but he has extremely high attainments in music!
Which of Swift’s song demos can be successful and which ones can’t? Success, Xu Can’s judgment accuracy is as high as 100%!
This is a level that cannot be achieved by music directors of major record companies!
Many of Xu Can’s suggestions are full of inspiration for Swift.
Swift even proposed that Xu Can be allowed to play in music Direction of development
“If you write songs, I may not be able to compare with you.”
Taylor Swift, the little queen of European and American pop music, is really ashamed of herself.
But Xu Can said that movies are his true love, and music is not his pursuit.
Swift regrets it.
Therefore, Xu Can alone tutors A, which is actually quite normal. One thing.
Taylor Swift has no reason to be jealous
“Then after you finish your meal, there will be no activities in the second half. I will wait for you at home next week and check your ammunition depot.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give you enough ammunition.”
“You were obviously the one who drove first”
After a night of partying, Xu Can chatted with nearly 100 people.
The New Year’s Eve party has come to an end, and Xu Can, Swift, Widow, and Shitou will watch the fireworks together.
At this moment, a beautiful figure came over hesitantly.
It’s Emma Roberts.
She used to have such a good relationship with Xu Can that they even felt a little ambiguous.
Emma Stone and Xu Can are officially announced, and Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson are joining the cast.
With such a luxurious lineup, Emma Roberts becomes less confident.
My acting skills are average and I can’t help Xu Can much.
My appearance is also average, and I inherited Julia Roberts’ big mouth.
The only advantage is her age. She is 18 years old this year, which is younger than the women around Xu Can.
“Maybe, I feel like we are a lot stranger.”
Emma Roberts said bitterly
“It’s because I’ve been too busy in the past two years.”
Xu Can touched Emma Roberts’ little head lovingly as he did before.
“I’m not a kid anymore, I’m 18.”
Emma Roberts said excitedly
“Don’t be excited, Easy…” Xu Can wasn’t sure why she was excited.
“Can’t you see what I’m thinking?”
Xu Can was confused. Why did A invite him on a date, but Emma Roberts confessed to him on the back?
And Beckham’s cheating, it’s really not peaceful today on New Year’s Eve.
Xu Can and Emma Roberts are at the moment Beverly Hills Hotel Lounge.
He came in to rest after being tired from socializing, and happened to be followed by Emma Roberts.
“You also know that there are women around me, and there are quite a few of them……”
“I don’t care, I just want a place for me.”
Emma Roberts said, she seemed to have been prepared today, risking everything to hug Xu Can’s neck
Emma Roberts had already taken the initiative to kiss her.
She is worthy of being one of the sweethearts of Hollywood’s leading ladies, and the kiss was really sweet. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
However, before Xu Can could react, Emma Roberts had already begun to remove her armor.
“ah? Right here?”
“There’s no one here.”
Emma Roberts said emotionally.
On New Year’s Eve 2009, 30 minutes before the New Year’s bell rang…
Xu Can was forced to fire the second shot of the night.
He was originally reserved for the three women, but was taken away early. Sister-in-law and Emma Roberts cut off their hair one after another
“What did you do again? Disappear for half an hour?”
As soon as Xu Can returned to the banquet hall, he was blocked by three women.
Swifty, Sister Shitou, and Sister Widow looked at Xu Can suspiciously.
“Are you a little nervous? How could I possibly mess with someone twice in a row in such a social situation? Xu
Can pretended to be angry and said:
“I was too tired from socializing, so I lay down in the lounge next to me for a while, okay? Am I the kind of person who goes to meet everyone?”[]
Seeing that Xu Can seemed to be really angry, the three women’s original momentum disappeared and they were instantly frightened.
“Baby, I’m not doubting you……”
“Honey, don’t be angry, I’m just worried that you will be abducted by a bad woman”
“Yes, Xu. We wrongly blamed you, you had a really hard day today.”
Seeing them apologizing and admitting their mistakes, Xu Can felt secretly happy, but he still perfectly performed the feeling of generous forgiveness after being misunderstood.
God-level acting skills were frequently used by Xu Can to fool girls, and he fooled every one.
“Forget it, I don’t care, just don’t doubt me anymore in the future. Let’s go, there are 3 minutes left, let’s watch the fireworks together.”
Embracing three North American A-list female celebrities on the left and right, Xu Can lit fireworks in the square behind the Beverly Hills Hotel.
In an instant, the sky was colorful and lit up the night sky of Los Santos.
“Happy New Year!”
Xu Can embraced the three beauties and witnessed the arrival of the new year with many Hollywood superstars and North American celebrities!
The crazy New Year’s Eve party is over, Xu Can needs to confirm one thing on the first day of the New Year!
《Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” is released!
At present, the movie has been submitted for review in various countries around the world. North America’s top PG-13 has been approved by various countries. The final chapter of the Spider-Man trilogy can finally be released simultaneously around the world, allowing fans around the world to watch the long-lost Spider-Man movie together!
It’s been more than a year since the last”Spider-Man 2″!
Spider-Man fans all over the world can’t wait!
Spider-Man is Xu Can’s base and where he became famous.
Everyone has the deepest affection for this character.
And the release of the last”Spider-Man 2″ left two huge hooks!
One is the confrontation between Rhino Man and Spider-Man, which foreshadows the Sinister Six.
The most important thing is that after Gwen Stacy died, before the audience had time to cry, Spider-Gwen actually tore through the parallel space and came to this universe!
What kind of sparks will Peter Parker have with Spider-Gwen?
This is what the audience has been waiting for!
Fans leave messages under Xu Can’s posts every day, and they finally got what they were waiting for!
It’s January 1, 2010, the beginning of the new year!
《Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” trailer, officially released!
The movie is scheduled to be released on January 29th!
As soon as the news came out, movie fans around the world were shocked!.

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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Can traveled through Beijing Film Academy in 2006, offended a boss and was banned; Run to North America to awaken your full-level acting skills, and start auditioning for Spider-Man! “Spider-Man” is a hit all over the world, and Xu Can’s screen debut shocked the world! Start on the road to dominating Hollywood! His tap dancing in “La La Land” set off a wave of musicals! He is the god of death who avenges dogs in “John Wick”! “The Dark Knight” plays the ugly man and conquers the Oscar! Completely acquire Marvel and DC to create an American comic film empire! “Avengers” and “Justice League” are all produced by Xu Can at the top of the global box office! “Interstellar”, “Three-Body Problem”, “Inception”… Xu Can’s movies have begun to dominate the global reputation list again! Cameron, Spielberg, and Nolan all shouted: Hollywood is going to name Xu! And Xu Can is having a party on the yacht with Swift, Gadot, and other beauties in his arms… “Get in line and let me come one by one.”


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