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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift Chapter 153

“At 8 o’clock tonight, in the same old place, the trailer of”Spider-Man 3″ is online.”
Xu Can’s one-sentence trailer almost caused the GalaxyTV+ server to explode.
Fortunately, Xu Can was willing to spend money, and the billions he earned were basically used for investment.
His own streaming media platform GalaxyTV+ has a self-built data center, which is on the order of magnitude Compared with the world’s major companies, they all belong to the first echelon.
Weibo has 8 derailed servers in parallel, and Xu Can can only be regarded as a younger brother.
Therefore, at 8 o’clock that night, hundreds of millions of users around the world appeared on GalaxyTV+ to open”Spider-Man” at the same time. 3: Sinister Six” trailer, the click to play is smooth and smooth, without any lag.
Since”Source Code” in 2009, Xu Can gradually put the trailer on his own platform.
Until one day Queens will gradually go online on YouTube and Face.
For this reason, GalaxyTV+ has added many paying users this year, and the number of paying users worldwide has reached 180 million! It is getting closer and closer to the 2.4 people of Netfilx in 2023 in the previous life.
Xu Can I believe that with the price advantage, no threshold registration, and sincere content, at least in the beginning of 2010, the first thing more and more people will do when they turn on their computer TV is to log in to GalaxyTV+ to check out their favorite series. There is no update, what new dramas and videos are online?
Of course, on January 1st, everyone is busy watching the first trailer of”Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six”!
【Produced by Galaxy Pictures】
【Marvel Studios presents】
“My name is Peter Parker, maybe you already know my story.”
At the beginning of the trailer, Spider-Man played by Xu Can is sitting leisurely on the edge of the top floor of the Empire State Building with a cup of coffee, looking at the panoramic view of New York City in front of him.
“For the past few years, I’ve been the one and only Spider-Man”
“The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility”
“I saved some people and defeated the old Green Goblin. Unexpectedly, a little one came… Oh, my poor good brother Harry.”
“I also saved this city……”
The scene of Spider-Man stopping a train in flesh and blood reappears
“Defeated Doctor Octopus… I advise everyone not to experiment on yourself before using unknown technology.”
“I also fell in love, unfortunately……”
Peter Parker’s tone dropped, and the scene quickly switched to
Uncle Ben’s funeral, Gwen’s father, Officer George’s funeral, and Gwen Stacy’s funeral… Peter Parker in the black suit did not change at the three funerals at different times.
“I have saved this city countless times, but I can’t save her”
“After going through all this, I had doubts about whether I was a qualified Spider-Man.”
“Maybe Gwen in heaven also hopes that I can get back on my feet…because New York City is not peaceful.”
“Every day I wake up knowing that the more people I save, the more enemies I make!”
The huge sand man is wreaking havoc between the buildings, and the wind and sand are filling the air! The vultures with wings are hovering over New York to do evil!
In the New York City power grid, the electric man is constantly jumping, flashing blue arcs!
Times Square, New York, overhead The mysterious man in the glass ball is performing a large-scale deception!
In a tightly guarded federal laboratory, Doctor Octopus’s mechanical arm was stolen, and the guards suffered heavy casualties!
In the federal prison, the little Green Goblin Harry Osborn With a wicked smile on his face, he walked out of the darkness!
“You see, things are quite troublesome… I’m afraid I can’t do it alone.”
At this moment, Emma Stone’s voice suddenly appeared
“No, you are not alone and you are not uniquely Spider-Man”
“Who are you……”
Peter Parker suddenly became excited and turned around on the top of the Empire State Building to look behind him!
On the rooftop, a woman wearing a pink and white spider tights slowly appeared!
Gwen Stacy!
“Gwen?! How can it be?”
“Hi Peter…I need to get back to my universe.”
There was a loud explosion in the distance.
“Manhattan is going to be in trouble, and the whole of New York is going to be destroyed.”
Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen fight together with the Sinister Six with gorgeous and smooth movements! The exciting action scenes are quickly edited in the trailer, and even just a fleeting scene is enough to make the audience tremble!
Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen are like figure skaters working together, except their dance steps are in the air!
“Sometimes, in order to do the right thing, we need to give up the things we want most.”
Violent explosion, thrilling first-person footage
【This January!】
【The two Spider-Men will break their own destiny!】
“Importantly, Spider-Man means sacrifice”
“You need to make a choice, keep one person, or choose to save the entire universe!”
“Everyone keeps saying this is Spider-Man’s destiny”
“I hope to find my own destiny!”
【Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six!】
【Shock is coming!】
【Support Dolby sound effects, in-imax2D/3D】
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Pasadena, in a dormitory at Caltech.
Leonard and Shelton gathered in front of the computer to watch the first trailer in full
“Holy shit!”
Leonard couldn’t help but exclaimed
“Even though I know that I am the only genius in the world……”
Sheldon was stunned and said: (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
“But I have to admit that Xu Can is also a genius!”
《The trailer of”Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” made the two of them excited!
Boom, boom, boom.
There was a knock on the door, and the moment Leonard opened it, Howard and Raj rushed in with excitement on their faces.
“Guys, did you watch it? Spider-Man trailer!”
“It’s simply amazing!! Kick-ass!”
“After watching it, I can’t wait!”
“How can one survive this month?”
Leonard’s emotion is also the emotion of Xu Can’s fans all over the world.
《”Avengers” is still in theaters, and the aftermath of the superhero blockbuster has not subsided.
Everyone has turned their attention to”Spider-Man 3″!
Judging from the trailer alone,”Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” is no less massive than”The Avengers”!
Even in some big scenes, it is more shocking than”Avengers”!
As the comment with the most likes below says:
“I thought”Avengers” was already invincible, but I didn’t expect there to be even more exciting movies!”[]
“When you think Xu Can has reached his peak, he will tell you with his new work, no, this is not my peak, I haven’t given my best yet!”
《Just one day after the trailer of”Spider-Man 3″ went online, the combined views on all platforms have exceeded 300 million!
Everyone is talking about Spider-Man enthusiastically!
Since distant water cannot quench the near thirst, Spider-Man cannot quench his thirst for the time being………..
Many viewers chose to go to the theater to watch”Avengers” again.
Two weeks after Avengers was released, the box office actually showed a small increase again! This completely goes against the objective laws of the film market!
《While”Avatar” only had a box office of US$500 million, the total global box office of”Avengers” has exceeded US$1.2 billion!
We are getting closer and closer to the box office record of”Titanic” of US$1.8 billion!
The top management of 20th Century Fox is extremely desperate. Rupert Murdoch can only watch as the glorious history of”Titanic” is gradually erased, and a new king is about to take the throne!
At this time, the date between Xu Can and Ariana Grande came as scheduled.
At that crazy New Year’s Eve party, Xu Can’s arsenal was frequently stolen and weapons were fired constantly.
The luck of love at the beginning of the new year is a bit broken.
Xu Can has become a holy monk in the land of girls. Every female fairy wants to pounce on him and suck his yang energy.
First of all, you need to reduce morning running during this period, so as not to make your body weaker if you run in the morning.
Beckham has officially returned to Milan to participate in the team training during the winter break and the training of the Three Lions representative team. He will not be in Los Santos for at least half a year.
Beckham is alone in her empty boudoir. If Xu Can goes to her house, he may be exhausted. Even Spider-Man’s physique is not good.
As Xu Can’s friend, how could Lao Bei easily betray his brother?
A betrayal once or twice is enough.
In addition, Emma Roberts, the 18-year-old girl who went crazy on New Year’s Eve, seems to have some taste.
When she first blossomed, she was extremely clingy to Xu Can.
Unexpectedly, there is still an A waiting to be processed.
“This date has no other meaning, I just want to thank you. The song”TheWay” is really great.”
Under the guidance of Xu Can, sister A wrote”The Way” and became popular all over the Internet. She finally made a successful debut and became a well-known female singer in the United States.
For this reason, A is very grateful to Xu Can who discovered her.
This kind of gratitude is even a little bit bad. , her admiration for Xu Can is beyond words.
How could Xu Can, who is often among flowers, not know what this 11.36-year-old girl is thinking?
Xu Can temporarily adheres to the scumbag code, with an attitude of not taking the initiative, refusing, and being irresponsible, quietly Let’s see how things develop.
So, the two of them chatted in the car, and then about Xu Can’s mansion.
During the chat, the words were not intense, but the actions were still quite intense.
Xu Can had to sigh In one sentence, it’s great to be young. Young people really know how to play.
It’s a bit eye-opening for him.
Since New Year’s Eve, Swift, Stone, and Widow have calmed down a little.
They no longer join forces and no longer guard against all the women around Xu Can like they are guarding against thieves.
There’s no way to prevent it.
Their lives have become normal, they eat and sleep, and they seem to have reached a tacit understanding. Each of them takes turns dating Xu Can, while the other two turn a blind eye.
The original situation where the three of them were attacking each other turned into a loose alliance formed by the three of them.
The purpose of this alliance is that if Xu Can is fed, maybe he will not eat secretly outside.
Little did they know that Xu Can had already eaten it.
In this way, when Xu Can was preparing for the filming of”X-Men: First Class” and the independent investment film”Birdman”,
《”Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” also had its world premiere!.

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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Can traveled through Beijing Film Academy in 2006, offended a boss and was banned; Run to North America to awaken your full-level acting skills, and start auditioning for Spider-Man! “Spider-Man” is a hit all over the world, and Xu Can’s screen debut shocked the world! Start on the road to dominating Hollywood! His tap dancing in “La La Land” set off a wave of musicals! He is the god of death who avenges dogs in “John Wick”! “The Dark Knight” plays the ugly man and conquers the Oscar! Completely acquire Marvel and DC to create an American comic film empire! “Avengers” and “Justice League” are all produced by Xu Can at the top of the global box office! “Interstellar”, “Three-Body Problem”, “Inception”… Xu Can’s movies have begun to dominate the global reputation list again! Cameron, Spielberg, and Nolan all shouted: Hollywood is going to name Xu! And Xu Can is having a party on the yacht with Swift, Gadot, and other beauties in his arms… “Get in line and let me come one by one.”


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