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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift Chapter 154

《The premiere of”Spider-Man 3: The Sinister Six” remains the same.
Due to the leadership of Sony, this premiere was completely planned by Sony. Xu Can finally no longer had to worry about it. He could relax and enjoy the night without thinking.
His red carpet partner is naturally the first-generation CP, Emma Stone.
Due to Spider-Man and Gwen’s CP, Swift and the widowed sister are temporarily unable to accompany Xu Can on the red carpet.
I don’t know how long it has been, but Emma Stone finally has the opportunity to monopolize Xu Can
“It feels like the past days can never come back.”
On the red carpet, Emma Stone was a little emotional.
She suddenly remembered the feeling when she and Xu Can walked on the red carpet for the first time at the premiere of”Spider-Man 1″.
At that time, they were not a real couple. At that time, they were just Each other.
Unfortunately, now, there are more and more women around Xu Can, which gives Emma Stone a strong sense of crisis.
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If it weren’t for Xu Can’s preference, she might not be able to handle it long ago.
“Since the past cannot be brought back, then I will work with you to make the future better.”
Xu Can looked seriously into Emma Stone’s eyes.
Even though she knew this was a free love story, Emma Stone was still touched.
That’s how women are, as long as she likes you, she doesn’t need gorgeous words, she is the most useless person. The technical content will also impress her.
“Hum, I know how to coax people. Emma
Stone said she was disgusted, and her arms around Xu Can tightened.
In the past two years, Xu Can has been on countless red carpets, and Xu Can has gone from being blinded by the flash to now being able to do it with ease and calmly.
Finally , After a process, the two people and the creative team of”Spider-Man 3″ came to the premiere theater.
The theater that was packed with seats for”Spider-Man 1″ was exactly the same as it is now. The Spider-Man poster on the big screen made fans It seems like a world away.
In the blink of an eye, it has been more than 3 years since”Spider-Man” appeared, almost 4 years!
Xu Can is also very emotional, and there are so many people who have come to this world!
From the down-and-out acting student who was kicked out at the beginning, to the walk-on The Asian boy has become a giant who has established an entertainment empire and is about to rule Hollywood!
The changes in the 4 countries are so fast that I couldn’t even imagine them before!
Now, Xu Can’s goal is getting closer and closer.
Wait until this time”Spider-Man” 3″ is finished, he will start shooting”Birdman” first.
After fully mastering all photography techniques and integrating god-level directors, god-level performances and his own internal skills, in May 2010 at the latest! Xu Can will start shooting”Three”. The filming of”Body”!
Bring this science fiction work to the screen with its original flavor and give the world a little shock!
Maybe it’s because of a tacit understanding and feeling Xu Can’s vision for the future.
Emma Stone held his hand and said an affectionate The look in her eyes is enough to show that she will be by Xu Can’s side and accompany him to accomplish such a feat!
The theater darkens and the movie officially begins!
【Produced by Sony/Columbia Pictures】
【Co-produced by Galaxy Pictures]
Sony 1ogo, Columbia Goddess opening animation, and Galaxy Pictures’ space jump animation were played one after another.
Among them, the Columbia Goddess animation also arranged Easter eggs.
This time the Easter egg is that after several flashes of space, the position of Columbia Goddess suddenly tore apart, and
Gwen Stacy and Spider-Gwen emerged from it.
It foreshadows the Easter eggs of the previous film, as well as the content of the main film!
“OK, let’s do it again”
“My name is Peter Parker, the one and only Spider-Man……”
At the beginning similar to the trailer,
Peter Parker summarized the general plot of the first two works in a joking tone.
The background is the consistent style of the new version of”Spider-Man”, using comics to express past stories.
Xu Can has made some upgrades in this comic, and the picture style is consistent with”Spider-Man: Into the Parallel Universe” and”Spider-Man: Across the Universe”!
When the audience saw this artistic style that used colors to the extreme, they were shocked at the beginning! My scalp is numb!
Especially those who are interested in art, it almost makes me cry!
“It would be great if this comic style could be made into a full-length animation”
“That’s right! If a feature-length animation is released, I will be the first to buy tickets!”
The media and film critics at the scene were also shocked.
At the beginning of the film, which was still in the opening subtitle introduction stage, Xu Can was willing to spend a lot of money to use such an advanced animation production!
The technology is not difficult, but this kind of 3D dyeing 2D is difficult. And the bold and avant-garde hip-hop art design!
The animation that shocked the world in 2018 was simply a shock wave in 2010!
Xu Can also considered that if the parallel world could accept this style,
《”Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” can also be put on the agenda.
At that time, Spider-Man will no longer be Sony, but will be the exclusive copyright of Galaxy Entertainment!
There are more and more movies to arrange, and Xu Can is almost in sweet trouble.
The worry is not that there is no content to shoot, but that there is too much content to filter and choose!
After some introduction, the film officially begins!
The scene changed, and first there was a close-up shot of Xu Can’s handsome appearance.
Peter was lying on the bed when he suddenly heard the sound of the police radio
“NYPD units, head to the Fisk Building immediately! Suspect Wilson Fisk, who has been charged with multiple charges, resisted arrest with force and requested support!”
Peter Parker woke up immediately, his face was unshaven, and he looked a little vicissitudes of life. The audience vaguely saw a bit of the killer”John Wick”.
It seems that the death of Gwen in the previous movie really hit Peter Parker hard. Big!
After Peter Parker got up, he used the homemade automatic toaster to make breakfast. He quickly found the Spider-Man uniform and smelled it. It seemed to have a bit of a smell.
This moment made the superhero instantly down to earth! Incomparably kind.
After he changed While wearing clothes, the camera scanned a series of photos in sequence.
Peter Parker graduated from high school in his bachelor’s uniform, an intimate photo with Gwen, a photo of Peter Parker with Doctor Octopus Octavius in college,
Gwen’s posthumous photo, (watching the exposure) For exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Peter Parker graduated from university, a lonely graduation photo, and a work certificate of putting on a white lab coat and working as a researcher at Stark Industries!
In order to prevent the audience from missing this detail , the camera also stayed on the work permit for two seconds.
Stark Industries!
Not Osborn Industries, not Pym Industries, but Stark Industries!
The position on the work permit shows that it is Stark Industries Applied Biotechnology R&D Department, intern.
Just one shot , which shows the background of the story of”Spider-Man 3″!
Peter Parker has graduated from college and become a member of society.
Judging from his rental house, he should not receive wages as an intern and rely on part-time jobs to make ends meet..
Because the camera panned the corner of the bed, and there was also a pizza delivery vest.
There were utility bills and rent arrears notices on the table.
Without deliberately introducing the background, Xu Can had already explained the situation of Peter Parker.
Even if he is Spider-Man, he is. A superhero, but as an ordinary person, Peter’s life was not easy.[]
Even a little depressed.
The camera came to the window, and in just a few seconds, Peter was ready to go and put on the Spider-Man suit.
With a flick of the spider thread, the toasted bread was stuck to it, and Peter jumped out of the window!
Immediately afterwards, Spider-Man’s web swayed and he had arrived at the Fisk Building!
Wilson Fisk, as the helmsman of the Fisk Group, is also the leader of New York’s underground forces!
The sin is heinous!
His nickname makes the whole of New York fearful!
Helicopters were hovering over the Fisk Building, and SWAT officers had surrounded the building.
The on-site news reporter is giving an overview to the audience:
“Recently, Wilson Fisk has been charged with multiple crimes, including more than 160 felonies including murder, extortion, smuggling, trafficking in illegal weapons, and robbery!”
“The prosecutor’s office received anonymous reports and definite evidence, and has mastered all the criminal facts of Fisker.”
“But Fisk resisted arrest and took hostages. SWAT team members have arrived and taken rescue measures. CNN reporters will report live for you!”
Spider-Man squatted on the roof next to the Fisk Building, and the shadow of the building was reflected in the lens.
It was obvious that the anonymous whistleblower was Spider-Man himself.
Seeing the casualties of the SWAT police and the abundant armed forces of the Fisk Building,
Spider-Man knew that he It’s time to show up!
Capture the thief first! Capture the king first! He swung the thread over, broke through the attic glass with gorgeous movements, and got straight to the Kingpin himself!
The moment they saw Jin Bin, the audience in the theater took a breath.
Jin is not the main villain of”Spider-Man 3″, he is just a soy sauce at the beginning.
But Xu Can still spent a lot of money to make a very realistic The special effects!
The Kingpin actor is Vincent D’Onofrio, Kingpin in the previous Netflix series”Daredevil”.
And due to the special effects production, he is more than 2 meters tall! Standing in front of Peter Parker, he looks like a tower Mountain!
“You shouldn’t be here, little bug.”
Obviously, in the past few years between”Spider-Man 2″ and”Spider-Man 5833″, the two had many conflicts.
And for this plot, Xu Can has produced a 15-minute short film to expose Spider-Man’s The conflict between Xia Xia and Jin Bin is used to supplement the background of the story.
“Oh, Mr. Fisk, you are such a naughty boy, do you really think you can get away with it?”
“Want you to take care of it? The reporting materials were clearly sent by you!”
“Report anonymously, who knows? Maybe some enthusiastic New Yorker!”
Kingpin looks like a big fat man, but % of his body is actually muscles!
This setting is a bit nonsense, but it does not hinder his amazing fighting ability!
The first battle begins in less than 3 minutes of the film!
Spider-Man and Kingpin are in a small space In the office, all kinds of destruction was like fighting the Hulk!
Kingpin was very strong, so Spider-Man used his dexterous movements to avoid it, and looked for opportunities to fight back!
While fighting, Spider-Man did not forget to talk Cannon, mental pollution with words
“It’s time for you to lose weight, sir, you’re moving too slowly!”
“It was a good punch, but you broke the thing, so don’t blame me.”
“What a pity. This vase must be expensive, right?”
Kingpin got more and more angry, and finally lost his mind, and moved too much, and was caught by Spider-Man. He used spider silk to make a slingshot, and launched a charged flying kick, which directly hit Kingpin’s mandible and knocked him to the ground..
Sure enough, every time the superhero fight is over, the NYPD is belatedly arriving.
The heavily armed SWAT police surround Kingpin, and Spider-Man tiredly points to the big fat man on the ground covered with spider webs.
“I’ll leave it to you, I need to go back and catch up on some sleep.”
The NYPD has a good relationship with him, and one police officer even gave Spider-Man a high-five.
Spider-Man jumped from the top of the Fisk Building, and another spydercam first-person stunt shot made the audience excited.
【Spider-Man III: Sinister-6]
The title of Spider-Man 3: Sinister Six appears!
The whole audience was excited!
《Spider-Man 3″ is indeed fully upgraded!
Just fighting the Gold Union at the beginning is so cool, and fighting the Sinister Six later on should be so enjoyable!.

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Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Entertainment Playing Spider-Man at the beginning, standing upside down and kissing Swift

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Xu Can traveled through Beijing Film Academy in 2006, offended a boss and was banned; Run to North America to awaken your full-level acting skills, and start auditioning for Spider-Man! “Spider-Man” is a hit all over the world, and Xu Can’s screen debut shocked the world! Start on the road to dominating Hollywood! His tap dancing in “La La Land” set off a wave of musicals! He is the god of death who avenges dogs in “John Wick”! “The Dark Knight” plays the ugly man and conquers the Oscar! Completely acquire Marvel and DC to create an American comic film empire! “Avengers” and “Justice League” are all produced by Xu Can at the top of the global box office! “Interstellar”, “Three-Body Problem”, “Inception”… Xu Can’s movies have begun to dominate the global reputation list again! Cameron, Spielberg, and Nolan all shouted: Hollywood is going to name Xu! And Xu Can is having a party on the yacht with Swift, Gadot, and other beauties in his arms… “Get in line and let me come one by one.”


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