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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore! Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Take a large amount and apply it on your face
“Okay, I understand, you can bring him up.”
Damimi knelt on the ground and pushed Xue.
When she saw Su Ye put down her phone, she asked in confusion:
“How did you remember to meet this club member?”
Kun Ji heard this and said worriedly:
“Brother Hao, could it be a scam? Cheng
Zihao smiled and said:
“Don’t worry blindly. Mr. Su invited me. How could it be a fraud?”
“Do you think Mr. Su is a member of a gang?”
When Kun Ji heard this, he also felt that he was worrying too much.
Su Ye said lightly:
“I have a project for him to collaborate with.”
Yang Mi said puzzledly:
“What project?”
Su Ye stroked Yang Mi’s face and said:
“You should get up first, and I will explain to you later when I see him.”
When Yang Mi heard this, she stood up immediately. While she was arranging her clothes, she said to Su Ye:
“Hurry up, Bingbing is here in the past few days,”
“I haven’t even had a full meal,”
Su Ye comforted:
“Don’t worry, auntie, I’ll take care of everything”
Not long after Bingbing left the room,
Zihao followed the hotel housekeeper and walked in. Although
Cheng Zihao is the backbone of the club, he has never been to the presidential suite. Looking at the luxurious decoration in the presidential suite, he couldn’t help but marvel at the luxury of the rich.
Cheng Zihao met Su Ye in the living room.
Looking at the young man in front of him who is as handsome as in a cartoon.
It was difficult for Cheng Zihao to associate the other party with the act of killing eight armed gangsters.
“Mr. Su, the guests you asked me to welcome have arrived,” the hotel housekeeper said to Su Ye respectfully.
Su Ye:
“Thank you, I will call you if I need anything,” the housekeeper wisely left the room and closed the door.
When Su Ye saw Cheng Zihao, he immediately took two steps forward, stretched out his hand, and said with a smile:
“I thought you didn’t dare to come,”
Cheng Zihao saw this and stretched out his hand, ready to shake Su Ye’s hand.
He said calmly:
“You are not a dragon or a tiger here.……”
Before Cheng Zihao finished speaking,
Su Ye saw the hand that was shaking hands with Cheng Zihao suddenly and quickly slashed at Cheng Zihao’s neck.
Cheng Zihao had no time to react before he was stabbed in the neck by Su Ye. fell to the ground and passed out
Su Ye looked at the unconscious Cheng Zihao with a very cold expression.
He came to ask Cheng Zihao because he didn’t really have a project to cooperate with Cheng Zihao.
He and a gangster have nothing to work with at all.
The reason why he came to Cheng Zihao was purely for bodyguard matters.
After experiencing Zhu Ziqiang’s incident,
Su Ye understood that he really needed a group of bodyguards around him, not to protect his safety, but to scare those young people. But Su Ye didn’t dare to stay with him as a normal bodyguard because he had too many secrets. Therefore, Su Ye thought of a product in the portable mall
——”The child and the mother connect the heart.”
Elementary level.
Priced at RMB 500 million each.
After planting the”Mother and Child Heart Gu” into other people’s bodies, you can control other people’s minds and make the person who has been planted with the Gu completely obey Su Ye’s orders.
At the same time, he was
There will be no change in the intelligence and thinking of the person who planted the poison.
“”Mother and Child Connecting Heart Gu” is divided into four types: primary, intermediate, advanced and god level.
Different levels of”Mother and Child Connecting Heart Gu” can control people with different luck and prestige.
The price of the primary”Mother and Child Connecting Heart Gu” 500 million each.
It can only control ordinary people who have no luck and prestige.
The intermediate-level”Mother and Child Heart Gu” sells for 5 billion each, and can control the luck of dignitaries, rich and famous people equivalent to the mayor.
The high-end ones sell for 50 billion each, and can control the luck of a person equivalent to a provincial governor.
As for the god level, you can control the leader of a country, but the price is too expensive, so there is no need to say it.
Su Ye planned to use the”Mother and Child Heart Gu” to control Cheng Zihao and make Cheng Zihao his puppet.
Do something shady for him.
Also known as black gloves.
As for why Su Ye didn’t use the”Mother and Child Heart Gu” to directly control the mayor and governor, first of all, the price was too expensive.
Even with Su Ye’s current net worth, he can’t afford it.
Secondly, although the person who was planted with the”Son-Mother Heart Gu” still has intelligence and thinking, he has completely lost his personality. Su Ye is not a person who can break his hands to achieve his goals. Naturally, it is difficult for people who have no grievances to attack these people. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen the gangster Cheng Zihao to lay the poison.
Moreover, in this society, the use of individually controlling a mayor or governor is actually not as great as imagined.
After all, when a government makes a decision, it’s not just one person who makes the decision.
Even if Su Ye really controls a mayor or governor, there is a high chance that he will be liquidated if he colludes with the mayor or governor. Therefore, Su Ye currently has no plans to use the”Son-Mother Linked Heart Gu” to control a mayor or governor. the idea of a mayor or governor
Su Ye spent 500 million Chinese dollars to buy a”Junior Mother-child Heart Gu” in the portable shopping mall. The Zimu Lianxin Gu looks like a silkworm. Somewhat disgusting. The method of use is also very simple. Place the Zi-Mother Linked Heart Gu on the nose of the person who is inflicting the poison, and the Zi-Mother Linked Heart Gu will automatically penetrate into the other person’s mind and control the other person’s mind. Let the other party completely obey Su Ye’s orders
Su Ye did not hesitate, he placed the Zimu Lianxin Gu he purchased on Cheng Zihao’s nose.
Soon, the Zimu Lianxin Gu got into Cheng Zihao’s mind.
“”Hiss,” suddenly,
Su Ye felt a sharp pain in his mind.
It was like something pierced his mind all of a sudden.
Fortunately, this pain came and went away quickly. It was over.
Immediately afterwards,
Su Ye discovered that there was a hazy consciousness in his mind. He could roughly perceive the memories and thoughts of this consciousness, and communicate or issue instructions directly to this consciousness in his mind. Order
The consciousness that appeared in Su Ye’s mind was Cheng Zihao’s consciousness.
Through the memories contained within this consciousness.
Su Ye briefly understood Cheng Zihao’s first half of his life.
This is a corporate villain who values brotherly loyalty, but who does not hesitate to force good girls into prostitution, commit murder and arson in order to collect protection money, and engage in pornography, gambling, and drugs for money.
After watching the first half of Cheng Zihao’s life, Su Ye didn’t feel any psychological pressure at all about turning Cheng Zihao into a puppet.
Su Ye used a special technique to rub the aorta on Cheng Zihao’s neck.
Cheng Zihao, who was unconscious, suddenly woke up.
After waking up,
Cheng Zihao’s eyes were less alert and more cold.
It looks like an emotionless animal.
Su Ye looked at Cheng Zihao, without speaking, and directly commanded the mass of consciousness in his mind :
“Slap yourself in the face
Cheng Zihao slapped himself without hesitation.
He didn’t ask Su Ye any reason. He carried out
Su Ye’s orders unconditionally.
Su Ye tested Cheng Zihao.
Soon, he figured out the characteristics of people controlled by the”Mother and Son Heart Gu”.
People controlled by the”Mother and Son Heart Gu” would obey Su Ye’s orders unconditionally.
Even if he was asked to stab himself, he would not hesitate.
At the same time, people controlled by the”Son-Mother Linked Heart Gu” retain their IQ and memory before the control.
But it loses some human emotions.
It feels like a robot.
Fortunately, it can fake emotions such as laughter, crying, and sadness.
At least outsiders can’t see anything unusual. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
After the experiment,
Su Ye immediately told Cheng Zihao:
“Go down and bring up Kun Ji and Bao Pi.”
Through Cheng Zihao’s memory,
Su Ye naturally knew about Cheng Zihao’s two subordinates.
Kun Ji and Bao Pi were both gangsters involved in pornography, gambling and drugs.
They often fought with people when they disagreed.
Standard ancient Dazzled boy. Su Ye would not feel any psychological burden after being planted with the”mother-child poison”
Not long after,
Cheng Zihao brought two of his men up.
When the two came up, they asked Cheng Zihao, what did Su Ye do when he saw them?
Cheng Zihao said it was a good thing, [ ]
Kunji and Bao Pi suddenly looked very excited.
Fantasy about something good happening
After meeting Kun Ji and Bao Pi,
Su Ye didn’t talk nonsense to them.
He used the same method to plant the”Son-Mother Connected Heart Gu” on Kun Ji and Bao Pi. From now on, Kun Ji and Bao Pi will be responsible for driving Su Ye. Be a bodyguard. Cheng Zihao went back to develop a gang. Become Su Ye’s black gloves
After taking care of the three people,
Su Ye told Cheng Zihao to go back by himself.
Kun Ji and Bao Pi were left alone.
He asked the two of them to stand guard outside the door, officially starting their bodyguard careers.
Su Ye knocked on Yang Mi’s room.
Yang Mi opened the door and immediately saw Kun Ji and Bao Pi standing upright like door gods. She quickly recognized that these two people were among the gangsters who wanted to cause trouble for Su Ye. Two people.
Yang Mi immediately grabbed Su Ye and whispered in Su Ye’s ear:
“Why are these two people standing here?”
“Do they still dare to cause trouble?”
Su Ye explained:
“They’re not here to cause trouble;”
“But the bodyguard I hired”
“From now on, they will be my bodyguards and drivers.”
“Responsible for driving for me”
“If you have anything, you can also ask them to handle it,”
0Please give me flowers. After saying that,
Su Ye immediately told Kun Ji and Bao Pi:
“This is your boss lady,”
“From now on, as long as her orders do not conflict with my orders,”
“You just have to listen and do it, you know?”
“Yes, Mr. Su.”
Kun Ji and Bao Pi replied respectfully, without any of their usual arrogance.
Yang Mi was surprised and a little speechless.
She pulled Su Ye and complained in a low voice:
“How do you find two young and Dangerous guys to be bodyguards?”
“Isn’t this equivalent to luring a wolf into the house?”
“Isn’t that too unreliable?”
Su Ye comforted:
“These two people are very loyal���”
“It’s very reliable to let them be bodyguards,”
Yang Mi couldn’t help but rub her forehead when she heard this.
Because the gangsters are loyal, so they let them be bodyguards?
She felt that without ten years of cerebral thrombosis, she couldn’t think of anything. This idea.
My husband is usually a very smart person, how could he be confused about this kind of thing?
Yang Mi patiently advised:
“I think you should think about it carefully.”
“Keep these two gangsters with you,”
“I don’t know them either,”
“Maybe it will cause some trouble.”
“Really inappropriate.”
Su Ye also knew that his behavior was really difficult for people to understand.
After all, he couldn’t tell about the”Mother and Child Heart Gu” thing.
Su Ye could only comfort Yang Mi:
“Let’s examine them for a while first.”
“If they do a good job,”
“Just leave them behind,”
“If they don’t do well,”
“Just send them away when the time comes.”
When Yang Mi saw Su Ye’s insistence, she had nothing to do with Su Ye.
Forget it, she was too lazy to care about Su Ye’s affairs.
Beauty was more important.
“Come in, let’s eat meat buns.”
Before Su Ye entered the house, he remembered something and immediately ordered Kun Ji:
“Go and dye your red hair black,”
“He has red hair, looks naughty and not stable at all.”
“Yes, Mr. Su,” Kunji immediately agreed respectfully.
Su Ye said to Bao Pi again:
“Take off your earrings,”
“It looks awkward for a grown man to wear earrings,” said Bao Pi.���Without saying anything, he took off his earrings.
Still in the trash can
Yang Mi was secretly surprised.
She couldn’t understand how these two arrogant young and Dangerous boys could become so respectful.
Especially the red-haired young and Dangerous guy.
When they first met, the red-haired boy always stared at the actresses on the set unscrupulously and said dirty words in his mouth.
But at this moment, this person was not looking away, with an indifferent look on his face.
It feels like a different person
Yang Mi could no longer think about these things.
“Auntie, it’s already gone!”
Yang Mi first glanced at Su Ye’s hand, and then rolled her eyes at Su Ye:
“Who told you to stay with Bingbing these days?”
Su Ye:
“Sit yourself!”
There is no need to swing forward at all.
Regent Hotel lobby.
The remaining young and Dangerous boys saw Cheng Zihao coming out alone and asked curiously:
“Brother Hao, where are Kunji and Bao Pi?”
“Why didn’t you come down together? Cheng
Zihao explained expressionlessly:
“From now on, Kun Ji and Bao Pi will work as bodyguards for Mr. Su Ye and will not return to the club.”
On this day,
Yang Mi added seventy-seven and defeated the devil forty-two.
The limit was reached, and there were still seven grams left, which were wasted, causing her to wash her face.
Hearing Cheng Zihao’s words, the jaws of several young and Dangerous boys were shocked.
The young and Dangerous boy named Gui Di said in confusion:
“Is there any mistake?”
“Su Ye, a billionaire, actually asked us, the Young and Dangerous, to be his bodyguards?”
“Why does this sound so outrageous?”
Another young and Dangerous boy also said:
“Yes, and we had a holiday with him before,”
“How could he find Kunji and Bao Pi as bodyguards? I can’t figure it out!”
Although she was very tired,
Mi had forgotten the promise of not eating the seeds of tiger poison.
Although, the poop was unformed again.
Although the dining table, coffee table, stove and other supplies in the room had to be cleaned again, the next day,
Yang Mi looked in the mirror and saw her skin that could be broken by a bullet.
She felt that everything It’s all worth it
Three days passed.
On the set.
Rest interval.
Yang Mi looked at
Kun Ji and Bao Pi, who were standing straight behind Su Ye and meticulously holding umbrellas for Su Ye.
She asked Su Ye in surprise:
“These two people have not spoken much in the past two days.”
“He is meticulous in his work,”
“I feel like a veteran,”
“Were they really Young and Dangerous before?”
Su Ye smiled and said:
“I told you before, you have to trust my vision, eight”.

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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

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Su Ye died due to glue and traveled through a parallel world. Get a portable store. As long as you have enough money, you can buy it in the mall, regardless of appearance, physique, or life span. In his previous life, he died from playing glue. In this life, Su Ye got a golden kidney, a male waist, a unicorn arm, and a god’s leg at the beginning of his life. The main focus is on a good waist and good kidneys. In order to make money to buy life and good health, Su Ye decided to get involved in the entertainment industry and become a director. When you have something to do, you can lead a show; when you have nothing to do, you can lead people. And everything starts with being taken care of by Yang Mi…


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