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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore! Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Physical repayment, friendly competition, and a full performance.
Yang Mi said with emotion:
“I really do believe in your vision. By the way,” she remembered something,
“I heard that you are going back to the mainland in two days?”
Su Ye nodded and said:
“Two days later, the movie”Detective Chinatown” that I invested in will premiere. There will be a premiere.”
“I’m going to cheer and support you”
《”Detective Chinatown” was filmed for more than a year and was only recently prepared for release.
Yang Mi was a little surprised and said:
“I think you like this movie very much?”
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In the past two years, Su Ye has also invested in many movies.
However, Su Ye rarely attends the premieres of these movies.
Su Ye nodded and said:
“I have read the script of this movie and thought it was a good movie.”
“If we go back and increase the popularity of the movie, we should be able to increase the box office by hundreds of millions.”
“I haven’t spent enough money lately”
Su Ye previously spent 4 billion to purchase”Qiongjiangyuye Dan”.
It cost another 1.5 billion to purchase three”Mother and Child Heart Gu”.
As a result, Su Ye only had 9 billion in cash in his hands. And all the 9 billion funds were invested in Tesla yesterday, buying a new 2.5% stake in Tesla. As a result, Su Ye’s Tesla shares reached 16%. However, the cash flow in Su Ye’s hands. There are only tens of millions left. Su Ye had to make money quickly. Increase cash flow. Therefore, he planned to go back to attend the premiere of”Detective Chinatown”. After all, Su Ye is now extremely popular and is the top figure pursued by the media. He went back to help promote”Detective Chinatown”, which was more effective than directly paying”Detective Chinatown” tens of millions in publicity fees.
When Yang Mi heard Su Ye said that she didn’t have enough money, she immediately said:
“I don’t have enough money to spend. I have some here. How much do you want?”
Su Ye was a little moved and said:
“When”Two Nine Three” I need you, I’ll speak to you again.”
“I said I didn’t have enough money, I just felt that I had very little cash in my hand.”
“It’s not really not enough flowers,”
Yang Mi nodded:
“If you are short of money, just tell me directly.”
“I still have 300 million in cash in my hand”
“If you need it, you can take it,”
Su Ye asked deliberately:
“Aren’t you afraid that I will lose all your money on you? Yang
Mi said calmly:
“What are you afraid of?”
“It’s not like you can’t afford it.”
She looked around and saw that everyone else was far away, so she immediately came closer and whispered:
“Even if you really can’t afford it, you can still pay it in person!”
Su Ye:”……”
She’s obviously very good at strength, but she’s also very addicted.
I’m talking about Yang Mi.
“So who am I now?”Su Ye couldn’t hold back her complaints and asked Yang Mi.
Yang Mi held back her laughter and said:
“It’s just a friendly match now.”
Su Ye:
“By the way,”
Yang Mi thought of something,
“Since you are leaving for a day or two,”
“You said, take out Nongfu Spring in advance and freeze it.”
“Does it have the same effect?” Three black lines suddenly appeared on Su Ye’s forehead. Yang Mi thought he was Yili!
Yang Mi, who had fox ears and a fox tail, knelt in front of her.
On the coffee table next to her
, there was a tray containing pure ice cubes, ice cream, and popping candies.
Yang Mi ate two small ice cubes and said to Su Ye:
“Are there any risks if you use all your funds to buy Tesla stocks?”
“After all, Tesla’s stock price has been falling recently.”
Tesla’s stock price has dropped to one hundred and eighty dollars from the previous price of more than two hundred dollars. Su Ye’s net worth has shrunk a lot as a result. Su Ye was lying on the sofa in a daze, feeling that the weather was a bit cold. Cool, he replied:
“After the Tesla Gigafactory reaches mass production,”
“Its valuation will skyrocket,”
Yang Mi continued:
“So do you think I should buy some Tesla stock?”
Su Ye:
“I think you can buy it, it’s up to you,”
Yang Mi thought for a while and said:
“Forget it, it’s not easy for me to make some money.”
“I still feel that stocks are too risky, so don’t take any risks.”
An hour later,
Yang Mi shook her dislocated hand, and then, from somewhere, she took out a glass.
Seeing this, Su Ye suddenly said with a speechless expression:
“Do you really want to freeze? Yang
Mi nodded and said:
“Of course,”
Two minutes later,
Yang Mi came back from the kitchen where the refrigerator was.
She said to Su Ye:
“Then play music, then dance,”
Su Ye looked at Yang Mi’s energetic appearance and couldn’t help but ask:
“How much are you prepared to freeze?”
Yang Mi obviously had a plan, so she opened her mouth and said:
“Prepare for three days.”
“105 grams,”
Su Ye was speechless.
If he hadn’t been rich all over the world, he really wouldn’t have been able to withstand Yang Mi’s behavior!
Fortunately, he didn’t have to work hard! He just needed to watch Yang Mi’s performance quietly.
When Su Ye thought about his situation, he realized more and more, why was he like a tool?
Three days later.
Xiamen Grand Theater
《”Tang Detective” will hold its premiere here, and
Su Ye naturally flew to Xiamen from Hong Kong Island. Xiamen has been building a”movie city, film and television capital” in recent years , so there are various preferential activities for movies premiering locally. Su Ye took Kun Ji and Bao Pi off the airport, rented an ordinary Chery, and went straight to the Grand Theater
Outside the Xiamen Grand Theater, a red carpet has been laid out.
Dozens of reporters and thousands of fans gathered around the red carpet.
It seemed very lively.
At this moment, stars participating in movie performances were already entering the dojo and walking on the red carpet, which immediately caused reporters to take pictures and fans to scream.
When celebrities walk on the red carpet, they will also leave their signatures on the signature wall and at the same time accept a brief interview with host Li Hong. and,
《The activities before the premiere of”Tang Detective” were conducted through live broadcasts to interact with movie fans.
Therefore, at this moment, there are more than 300,000 netizens watching the live broadcast of the premiere of”Tang Detective”
“Zhao Lushi is so beautiful, I want to lick the screen!”
“Zhao Lushi is my wife,”
“Zhao Lushi is obviously my wife!”
“Upstairs, draw your sword!”
“Zhao Lushi belongs to you, and sisters Zhi Feng and Li Hong belong to me.”
“If you want to eat shit, I want them all!”
“Support Wang Baoqiang!”
“I love Liuhaolu!”
“I love Li Hong!”
Many netizens in the live broadcast room are fans of Zhao Lushi.
Zhao Lushi plays the role of Axiang in”Tang Detective”.
As for where the original Axiang went.
There is no such person in this world!
Backstage at the Grand Theater.
Zhao Lushi wore a pink tube top and tail skirt, which looked smart, elegant and sexy.
I saw her curiously asking director Chen Chengcai:
“Director, I heard that the big boss is coming to the premiere? Is it real?”
Chen Chengcai nodded excitedly and said:
“Really, my boss just called me.”
“Said he had already left the airport. Wang
Baoqiang on the side said:
“The big boss actually came to attend the premiere of”Tang Detective”
“These reporters will definitely go crazy later. Zhang
Zhifeng said expectantly:
“Director Su’s scriptures���It’s so legendary,”
“I’m his fan,”
“Later, I must take a photo with him!”
Chen Chengcai looked at Zhao Lushi’s dress and couldn’t help but praise:
“Lulu, your outfit today is so beautiful,”
Zhao Lushi heard Chen Chengcai’s compliment and said politely:
“Thank you director for the compliment,”
“Well, I’m a little thirsty, I’m going to drink some water.”
After saying that,
Zhao Lushi left Chen Chengcai. When
Chen Chengcai saw Zhao Lushi’s leaving figure, he felt Zhao Lushi’s alienation towards him, which made him feel a flash of emotion. It’s a pity. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
During the filming of”Tang Detective”,
Chen Chengcai was attracted by Zhao Lushi’s beauty, so he has been pursuing Zhao Lushi.
Unfortunately, Zhao Lushi’s pursuit of him has always been unrequited. Very cold.
Chen Chengcai couldn’t figure it out.
He was so handsome and talented, why didn’t Zhao Lushi like him?
Zhao Lushi really didn’t like Chen Chengcai.
At first, she thought Chen Chengcai was greasy.
This is not her type.
Secondly, when she was on the set, she heard that Chen Chengcai was a playboy who often met with young models at night.
Thirdly, in Zhao Lushi’s mind, a tall, tall, well-built man with a handsome appearance could not help but appear, like a man who stepped out of a comic book.
Once you have seen Mount Tai, how can you be attracted to other mountains?
Kunji drove Chery directly to the outside of Xiamen Grand Theater.
The reporters and fans guarding the door, as well as the audience in the live broadcast room, didn’t pay much attention to
Chery when they saw it. After all, someone riding in such a shabby car must not be a famous person. Probably just some little actor
Bao Pi, wearing a suit, leather shoes, and white gloves, got out of the car first from the passenger side, and then respectfully opened the back seat door for Su Ye.
One of his hands was still holding the car door frame to prevent Su Ye from touching his head.
Seeing such a respectful behavior, no one would believe that a few days ago, this man was just a scornful young and Dangerous boy.
When the audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene, many people couldn’t help but complain.
“When you sit in a Chery, you actually ask someone else to open the door. Is this considered reasonable or not?”
“I can’t even pretend to be cool, I can ask someone to help me open the door, so why not rent a Porsche?”
“I don’t know which actor is so funny?”
“《The main actors of”Tang Detective” are all here, he should be just a small actor0…”
While talking,
Su Ye’s handsome figure walked out of the car door from the back seat.
“Click, click, click!”
“”I am Cao,” for a time, the sound of the camera’s shutter, the screams of fans, and the unexpected sounds of reporters filled the sky above the Grand Theater.
The atmosphere at the scene became boiling in an instant.
The audience in the live broadcast room were dumbfounded.
Everyone involuntarily opened their eyes and opened their mouths.
Seems very incredible
“I, Cao, am actually Mr. Su!”
“Oh my god, Mr. Su actually came to the premiere of”Tang Detective””
“Oh my god, Mr. Su is actually sitting in this Chery. What a surprise!”
“Mr. Su is too low-key. A super rich man with a net worth of 200 billion actually rides in a Chery that costs less than 100,000 yuan!”
“This is true low-key!”
“I was wrong, I actually said that Mr. Su would not show off when riding in Chery. At Mr. Su’s current height, he doesn’t need a luxury car to show off!”
“Chery can be taken by Su Ye, Chery successfully pretends to be cool,”
“Mr. Su is so cool!”
“I haven’t seen my husband attend an event for a long time, but he is still so handsome!”
“I was stunned when I saw Su Ye!”
“Husband, fried goose!”
In a short period of time, the number of people in the live broadcast room skyrocketed from more than 300,000 to more than one million. Moreover, the number of people is still increasing crazily
The fans at the scene screamed at Su Ye.
“Ah, it’s actually Mr. Su!”
“Husband I love you!”
The reporter pressed the shutter and shouted to Su Ye
“Mr. Su, look here,”
“Su Ye, walk slower,”
“Su Ye, can I ask you a question?”
“Su Ye, can you talk about the process of killing the gangster?”
“Su Ye, how many batarangs did you bring with you?”
“Su Ye, why did you come to the premiere of”Tang Detective”?”
Su Ye ignored the reporter’s question.
As he walked on the red carpet, he smiled and waved to the fans around him.
After a while,
Su Ye finished the red carpet and came to the signature wall.
He took the signature pen handed by the hostess and signed his name on the signature wall.
Su Ye, led by the etiquette lady, came to the premiere host Li Hong
Li Hong is a CCTV host who hosts”Two Straits” all year round. She is very beautiful and has a very elegant temperament.
I don’t know why Chen Chengcai invited her here.
Li Hong’s eyes couldn’t help but light up when he saw Su Ye.
She quickly asked Su Ye:
“Welcome Su Ye, I didn’t expect that Su Ye would also come to the premiere of”Tang Detective”.”
Facing Su Ye at close range,
Li Hong discovered that
Su Ye was really perfect.
At such a close distance, she actually looked like Su Ye.
There was no flaw visible on Ye’s face.
Su Ye replied to Li Hong:
“《”Tang Detective” is a movie 1.0 invested by our company.”
“I read the script of”Tang Detective” before,”
“This is an excellent movie,”
“Of course I want to support you.”
Li Hong:
“Since it is a script that all talented directors are optimistic about,”
“《”Detective Chinatown” must be very exciting,”
“I hope fans in the live broadcast room will support me a lot”
“By the way,”
Li Hong remembered something and said to Su Ye:
“Director Su, this time the premiere of”Tang Detective” will be live broadcast.”
“Say hello to the fans in the live broadcast room.”
When Su Ye heard this, he immediately made a loving gesture to the camera:
“Hello everyone, I hope you can support”Detective Chinatown”》,”
“This is definitely a classic movie that will not disappoint everyone.”
What Su Ye didn’t know was that in this world, there was no such thing as pinching the thumb and index finger together to compare their hearts.
The audience in the live broadcast room saw Su Ye doing this action.
Although they thought it was handsome, they were also a little confused.

Li Hong was also a little confused.
She immediately asked Su Ye:
“Su Ye, what do you mean by this action?”
Su Ye finally realized that there is no such heart
-to-heart gesture in this world.
He immediately explained:
“It means love,”
Li Hong said in surprise:
“Su Ye’s heart-warming action is very innovative!”
She imitated clumsily,
“How is it compared? Can Su Ye teach me?”
Of course Su Ye would not refuse, and immediately gave Li Hong several demonstrations. After teaching Li Hong and chatting with Li Hong for a while,
Su Ye walked into the backstage of the Grand Theater.
From then on,
Su Ye Heart movements have become popular around the world

Su Ye met Chen Chengcai, Zhao Lushi, Wang Baoqiang, Zhang Zhifeng and other creative staff of”Tang Detective” backstage..

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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Su Ye died due to glue and traveled through a parallel world. Get a portable store. As long as you have enough money, you can buy it in the mall, regardless of appearance, physique, or life span. In his previous life, he died from playing glue. In this life, Su Ye got a golden kidney, a male waist, a unicorn arm, and a god’s leg at the beginning of his life. The main focus is on a good waist and good kidneys. In order to make money to buy life and good health, Su Ye decided to get involved in the entertainment industry and become a director. When you have something to do, you can lead a show; when you have nothing to do, you can lead people. And everything starts with being taken care of by Yang Mi…


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