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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore! Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Zhao Lushi and Zhang Zhifeng, we will talk about it later. When everyone saw Su Ye, they all came to greet him.
Chen Chengcai shook hands with Su Ye excitedly and said:
“Director Su, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule,”
“Come to the premiere of”Tang Detective”,”
Su Ye said calmly:
“No need to thank you.”
“It was originally a movie invested by my own company.”
“You should come and support us.”
Chen Chengcai said with some distress:
“It’s just that Director Su attaches so much importance to”Tang Detective”, which makes me feel more like Alexander.”
Su Ye encouraged:
“There is no need to feel pressure, as long as you shoot according to the script, the effect should not be bad.”
At this time,
Zhao Lushi also came up to greet Su Ye:
“Boss,” she is an artist from Su Ye’s Huanrui Media, so she calls Su Ye boss.
Su Ye nodded to Zhao Lushi:
“Xiaolu, how about appearing in Detective Tang?”
Su Ye greeted Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haolu, Zeng Xiaoxian, Zhang Zhifeng and others one by one.
It is worth mentioning that
Zeng Xiaoxian and Chen Ge are related.
Chen Ge is his cousin.
Therefore, when Zeng Xiaoxian saw Su Ye, his expression was a little embarrassed.
Su Ye naturally did not embarrass Zeng Xiaoxian because of this.
He was not so rude.
He had a bad relationship with Zeng Xiaoxian’s cousin, but he had such a good relationship with his cousin.
Don’t look at the monk’s face, but also look at the Buddha’s face!
Zhang Zhifeng looked very excited when she saw Su Ye.
She came to Su Ye, took out her mobile phone, and asked Su Ye nervously:
“Mr. Su, my name is Zhang Zhifeng, and I am your fan.”
“Can I talk to you and Zhang Ying?” Zhang Zhifeng is only twenty years old now, three years younger than Su Ye. She looks very young and lively. She still has a little baby fat. She is wearing a pure white off-shoulder vest today. Paired with a pair of wide high-waisted jeans, her hair was slightly permed and tied loosely into a side ponytail, which looked very fashionable.
When Su Ye saw Zhang Zhifeng, he couldn’t help but smile kindly. Zhang Zhifeng is not considered a stunning beauty in the entertainment industry. But very interesting. Moreover, Su Ye quite admired Zhang Zhifeng’s acting skills. Among the new generation of actresses. He is considered a very capable player. He nodded to Zhang Zhifeng and said: 03″Of course,” Zhang Zhifeng was very happy when he saw Su Ye agreed. She quickly stood next to Su Ye, holding up her phone, ready to take pictures. However, Zhang Zhifeng’s height is 1.6 meters. Just reaching Su Ye’s shoulders. So it’s a little difficult to take panoramic shots. Su Ye saw that Zhang Zhifeng changed several positions but could not adjust the angle properly. He couldn’t help but said:
“How about I take a photo with it?”
Zhang Zhifeng happily handed the phone to Su Ye.
Su Ye took the phone, took two photos, and then returned the phone to Zhang Zhifeng.
Zhang Zhifeng looked at the group photo. , the man was handsome and the woman was beautiful, she immediately seemed pleased with herself.
The only drawback was that in order to be reserved, she did not get too close to Su Ye
After taking the photo,
Zhang Zhifeng cautiously asked Su Ye:
“Mr. Su, can you sign your name for me again?”
Su Ye:”Of course,”
Zhang Zhifeng saw Su Ye agreed, and immediately took out her mobile phone from the Hermès bag in her hand. Then, she took out a handsome picture of Su Ye from the phone case. Portrait photo. When Su Ye saw this, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. He asked Zhang Zhifeng:
“You still carry my photo with you? Zhang
Zhifeng said a little shyly:
“Didn’t I say that I’m your fan?”
Su Ye really believed it at this moment.
After all, if Zhang Zhifeng was not a true fan, it would be impossible for Zhang Zhifeng to put his photo on his mobile phone.
Su Ye also discovered that the pattern on Zhang Zhifeng’s mobile phone case , turned out to be his avatar.
Su Ye immediately signed his name on the photo, and also sent a blessing to Zhang Zhifeng.
“I wish Zhang Zhifeng will always be beautiful and become an actress as soon as possible. Come on!”
When Zhang Zhifeng saw Su Ye’s blessing, he was a little happy, but also a little guilty and said:
“Mr. Su, your expectations for me are too high, right?”
“As a movie queen, I don’t dare to think about it.”
In this world, although Zhang Zhifeng debuted as a child star and has a certain degree of fame, she only has a certain degree of fame now, not much fame.
Her fame is far worse than that of Zhao Lushi.
Therefore, the actress , she really didn’t dare to think about it.
Su Ye encouraged:
“Your acting skills are very good, I believe you will be able to do it in the future,”
Zhang Zhifeng:
“Thank you.”
Su Ye chatted with Zhang Zhifeng for a while, and then someone else came to say hello to Su Ye.
Zhang Zhifeng had to stay there for a while with regret.
She immediately took out her phone and uploaded a photo of her and Su Ye to On his own Weibo, and add a line of text:
“Success in chasing stars!”
Next, it’s the standard procedure for a premiere. On the stage
, the main creative staff shared interesting stories about the filming with fans and reporters, and played some interesting or thrilling clips. The actors also talked to each other about some difficulties they encountered during filming, or things that were particularly impressive. During the event, there will also be interactive games and performances. Although Su Ye did not participate in the filming and performance of”Tang Detective”, as a top actor today, he was naturally invited to the stage to brag to fans and reporters about how he had a keen eye for identifying pearls. I was attracted by Chen Chengcai’s talent and the script”Tang Detective” and decided to invest. After the premiere ceremony,
《”Tang Detective” was officially broadcast
During the broadcast,
Su Ye and Zhao Lushi were seated next to each other.
This made Zhao Lushi secretly happy, and she immediately took the initiative to chat with Su Ye in a low voice.
“Boss, how is the filming progress of”Batman”?”
Because she was afraid that the sound would disturb others,
Lushi leaned towards Su Ye’s position.
Su Ye also moved closer and whispered back:
“In one month, it should be completed,”
Zhao Lushi said:
“So, it won’t be long before”Batman” is released?”
Although Su Ye was talking to Zhao Lushi in a low voice, his eyes were fixed on the screen:
“After filming is completed, special effects still have to be done, and the release will have to take two or three months,”
Zhao Lushi said with an expectant look on her face:
“I’m really looking forward to the boss’s new movie.”
“By then it will definitely be as popular as”Captain China” and”King Kong”.”
Su Ye:
“I borrowed your good words”
While chatting with Su Ye, Zhao Lushi secretly looked at Su Ye’s face under the dim light. Looking at Su Ye’s handsome cheeks and smooth jawline, Zhao Lushi’s heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate a little. At the same time, her thoughts were racing, thinking about how to get closer to Su Ye. Thus, Su Ye came to power. Gao Yuanyuan, from the same company, became a hit because of Su Ye’s”Let’s Get Married” and became a top performer again. Liu Shishi recently starred in Su Ye’s movie masterpiece”Batman”. Before the movie was released, Liu Shishi’s popularity was several steps higher than before. After the movie is released, Liu Shishi’s popularity will definitely increase to the next level. This made Zhao Lushi from the same company very envious and a little anxious. She ha
s been developing in online dramas, and her fame has always been stuck in the second tier, making it difficult to break through. Naturally, she wants to take on some big-budget TV series and movies so that she can break through the current bottleneck. Unfortunately, she could never compete with Gao Yuanyuan and Liu Shishi at Huanrui Media. The company has good resources, but Gao Yuanyuan and Liu Shishi have to check it out before it can be her turn. Zhao Lushi was naturally unwilling to do so. She is not willing to be content and has always been just a”little flower”! Therefore, she has always wanted to make friends with Su Ye. As long as she makes friends with Su Ye, (to read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) she will definitely become a top star like other”Su girls”. flow. However, in the past, although she had Su Ye’s prestige, it was difficult for her to see Su Ye. There is no way to make good friends. Today was the first time that she was so close to Su Ye. Zhao Lushi wanted to seize this opportunity. Make friends with Su Ye. By the way, there are rumors within the company that Gao Yuanyuan and Liu Shishi obtained such good resources because of their relationship with Su Ye. I don’t know if this rumor is true or not?
Chen Chengcai looked at the screen, feeling very nervous and uneasy.
This is his first big screen debut.
I don’t know if the audience will buy it?
If the audience doesn’t buy it, it will be difficult for him to direct a movie in the future. When Chen Chengcai thought of this, he couldn’t help but glance at the reactions of the surrounding audience. Suddenly, he saw Zhao Lushi and Su Ye, their heads almost touching each other, as if they were whispering to each other. Seeing Zhao Lushi and Su Ye so close, Chen Chengcai couldn’t help but feel a little sad. He has been pursuing Zhao Lushi for so long, but Zhao Lushi has always been alienated from him. I have never been so affectionate with him. Could it be that Zhao Lushi likes Su Ye? If that’s really the case, wouldn’t I be completely out of luck? Chen Chengcai is still self-aware. He knows that regardless of his appearance, talent or wealth, he cannot compare with Su Ye.
At this moment, the same person who was also lost was Zhang Zhifeng.
She is actually a big fan of Su Ye and regards Su Ye as her idol.
As a serious beauty fan, there is no one who dislikes his idols.
It can even be said that no one who is a serious face fan would not want to sleep with their idol.
Therefore, Zhang Zhifeng felt very disappointed when he saw Su Ye and Zhao Lushi whispering to each other and acting in a very affectionate manner. And deep jealousy
“Alas, it would be great if I could sit with Brother Su Ye!”
“And Zhao Lushi, can you be more careful?”
“To be so close to Brother Su Ye,”
“His hair even hit Brother Su Ye’s face!”
Zhang Zhifeng has been secretly observing Su Ye and Zhao Lushi, and he no longer even thinks about watching a movie.
“When is Director Su going to return to Hong Kong Island?”
Zhao Lushi asked Su Ye.
She didn’t know yet that the scene of her whispering with Su Ye had fallen into the eyes of countless interested people.
Su Ye:
“if nothing unexpected happened,”
Su Ye looked at the time, it was already past twelve o’clock, he immediately changed his words,
“I should go back today,”
“After all, the crew can’t wait too long.” Zhao Lushi was very anxious when she learned that Su Ye would return to Hong Kong Island today. There was not much time left for her. After all, if Su Ye returned to Hong Kong Island, she would talk to Su Ye next time We met, I don’t know when it was
Zhao Lushi’s mind changed rapidly, and she said to Su Ye:
“Director Su originally asked me to star in”Tang Detective”》,”
“I have always wanted to invite Director Su to dinner and express my gratitude.”
“I wonder if Director Su is willing to give me a chance to express his gratitude?”
She wanted to create more opportunities to get along with Su Ye.
When Su Ye heard this, he apologized and said:
“It’s not that I won’t give you a chance,”
“But the crew of”Batman” are waiting for me to start work, so I can’t wait too long.”
“So the matter of eating,”
“Let’s talk about it later.”
Zhao Lushi doesn’t want to wait until later to eat.
After all, you don’t know what year or month it will take in the future.
By then, even the soup won’t be warm.
Wait, let’s talk about it later,
How about cutting the knot with a quick knife?
Do we really want to talk about it later?
Zhao Lushi glanced at Su Ye’s handsome side face, and her eyes flashed 350.
Girls from Sichuan and Chongqing dare to approach men and take the initiative.
…… two hours later
《”Detective Chinatown” has ended.
The response from reporters and audiences at the scene was very enthusiastic
“The movie is very good, it has a good mix of comedy and suspense!”
“Wang Baoqiang’s acting skills are great!”
“Axiang played by Zhao Lushi is so beautiful!”
“Unexpectedly, Chen Chengcai changed his career to become a director and was able to perform at such a high level. He is also a genius!”
“It seems that the movie Su Ye invested in is going to make a lot of money again!”
Chen Chengcai heard the praises around him, and his anxious heart finally calmed down.
Since there is no one to complain about, it seems that his first big-screen debut has passed the test.
Now, let’s look at the box office performance of”Tang Detective”
When leaving.
Zhao Lushi hesitated for a moment, but finally plucked up the courage and asked Su Ye:
“Director Su, could you please take me back to the hotel?”
“At this point, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to take a taxi.”
When Su Ye heard this, the Neptune Radar in his heart couldn’t help but flicker.
This hint sounded a bit familiar.
It should be a hint, right?
Su Ye looked at Zhao Lushi’s face that combined purity, elegance and sexiness, he smiled and nodded:
“Okay, just by the way”
“Thank you, Director Su,”
Zhao Lushi said sweetly when she saw Su Ye agreed. Suddenly
Su Ye thought of something, and he asked Zhao Lushi:
“By the way, we’ll get on the bus at the entrance of the Grand Theater in a moment.”
“I wonder if you mind?”
When Zhao Lushi heard this, a look of surprise appeared on her face. When she got on the car at the entrance of the Grand Theater, she would definitely be photographed by reporters.
In the evening, when she took Su Ye’s car and left with Su Ye,
Zhao Lushi could think of what tomorrow would bring. What’s the headline?
She hesitated and said:
“What does Director Su mean?”
Su Ye explained:
“I’m going to make”Tang Detective” popular”
“This movie is of good quality and if promoted well,”
“The box office shouldn’t be too low.”
Since Zhao Lushi is about to be sent away,
Su Ye simply takes this opportunity to speculate on CP.
Create some topics for”Tang Detective”
Zhao Lushi agreed without hesitation:
“no problem.”
Fire for cp.
This is completely normal in the entertainment industry.
Moreover, this matter can not only help her get closer to Su Ye, but also create an ambiguous atmosphere with Su Ye. It can also increase her fame, which she has absolutely no Reason for rejection
At the entrance of the Grand Theater, although it was already two o’clock in the night. but.
Many reporters and movie fans have gathered here.
Watch the star leave.
I saw Su Ye and Zhao Lushi coming out of the theater together.
Countless flash lights were immediately aimed at the two of them.
At the same time, fans also screamed
“Su Ye,”
“Mr. Su, I love you!”
“Shredded pork (Zhao Lushi’s nickname)!”

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Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

Entertainment Sister Mi, I don t want to work hard anymore!

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Su Ye died due to glue and traveled through a parallel world. Get a portable store. As long as you have enough money, you can buy it in the mall, regardless of appearance, physique, or life span. In his previous life, he died from playing glue. In this life, Su Ye got a golden kidney, a male waist, a unicorn arm, and a god’s leg at the beginning of his life. The main focus is on a good waist and good kidneys. In order to make money to buy life and good health, Su Ye decided to get involved in the entertainment industry and become a director. When you have something to do, you can lead a show; when you have nothing to do, you can lead people. And everything starts with being taken care of by Yang Mi…


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