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Full level players in the otherworld Chapter 184

The class included Jiang Xiaobai and Jiang Xiaohei, a total of 32 people, and in the end, only 3 groups registered for the team competition, 5 people participated in the individual competition, and only 9 students felt that their strength was insufficient, so they gave up the competition.
After the registration, Andy trotted to Jiang Hai with the registered form, and asked carefully, “Mentor Jiang Hai, the individual competition and the team competition have been registered, how to arrange the next sorting competition?” ”
“Sorting competition?”
Hearing Andy’s reminder, Jiang Hai tilted his head and glanced at the students in the classroom, waved his hand indifferently, and said perfunctorily: “Whatever, anyway, the mandatory requirement above is as long as there are two groups per class, a total of 18 people, you can arrange it yourself.” ”
So what exactly is such a mentor here to do… Hearing Jiang Hai’s perfunctory, everyone couldn’t help but complain in their hearts.
In the face of the upcoming school celebration, other class teachers do not say that they buy practice resources at their own expense to help students, but it is still necessary to personally group students and give them some good proposals, right? Besides, the sorting competition is a matter related to the honor of the class tutor, and the rest of the tutors have to do it themselves, and even find ways to provide detailed planning such as training venues and planning tactics for those students who participate in the sorting competition!
But Jiang Hai? As if it had nothing to do with themselves at all, it’s all up to the students to decide for themselves… It also has to be said that having a mentor like Jiang Hai who has no desire and no desire is a great sadness for these bear children.
The registration of the sorting competition is much more complicated than the individual competition and the team competition, because many students are reading at the same time, and the registration of the sorting competition can only choose one branch, so in order to take care of the choices of these students, Andy can only ask one by one.
But fortunately, the students of the entire second year A of the magic department are all little devils, although there are many people who also study several branches, and they have many choices in terms of branch competitions, and almost no class dares to accept these little devils into the team of their own branch competitions.
As a result, the list of personnel was quickly registered by Andy.
The first is the familiar Diana, Erica, and Belle, the three giants of the second year A of the magic department!
After that, Andy, Jiang Xiaohei, Jiang Xiaobai, and three other girls participated in the sorting competition as the first team of the second year A class of the magic department!
The other three girls are named Funa, Sally Nye and Amanda!
Furna is similar to Diana, Erica, who look eccentric loli, her temperament is similar to Belle’s, more quiet, with long black and purple hair waist-length, and a pair of black glasses frames on the bridge of her nose… Well, unlike Milly, the head of St. Dolph’s Academy, Furna is born with a magic eye, but because she is full of magic eyes, she will bring glasses as a restriction.
Furna though is not like Diana, Erica, Belle and Ann. She also cultivates other professions, and her strength is only the third order that she has just broken through to the third order in the afternoon, but she has the most special spirit among magicians!
With the weirdness of her third-order spiritual master, it was enough to resist the attack of a fourth-order professional!
And she also has a rare doom test, which is undoubtedly more useful in this group battle than the rest of the people, so Diana did not hesitate to add her to her team.
Next is Salina, a natural optimist, who seems to have a bright smile on her face no matter what happens, and her strength is not weak, and she also broke through to a third-order magician in the afternoon, and is also a fourth-order safari!
Finally, Amanda!
Among this group of white-skinned and beautiful little loli, Amanda is undoubtedly the most special, her natural wheat-colored complexion adds a bit of unique charm to her, and she has short hearty flaxen hair, because she is not yet of developmental age, making her appearance look like a tomboy.
Perhaps because of her personality, Amanda, like Gray, has an almost fanatical pursuit of melee combat, so she not only practiced magic, but also was a fourth-order boxer herself, and all she learned in magic was the magic of melee mages!
Perhaps in order to establish male prestige in the second year of magic, I saw that the 1 team formed by Diana was all girls, led by Jobansh and Morrison, Arnold, Goyle, Owen, Oka and Tangier, and 2 civilian geniuses Sith and O’Haval, a total of nine male students also formed a 2 team dominated by boys.
So far, the two groups of the sorting competition have also been successfully released under the random discussion of a group of bear children.
“Little black, little white…”
When Andy handed over the list report in his hand to Jiang Hai, after hearing Jiang Hai’s order to ‘start self-study’, Diana’s little eyes began to turn restlessly, pulling Erica, Belle, Furna, Salina, and Amanda quickly came to Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai, and smiled maliciously, “You two should be big… Cough, well, Jiang Hai’s maid, right? ”
Although Jiang Xiaobai has known his classmates for more than half a month, he was suddenly stared at by so many pairs of eyes, and he was still a little uncomfortable for a while, subconsciously hugged Jiang Xiaohei’s arm beside him, and asked in a weak voice, “Yes, that’s right… Classmate Diana, is there anything? ”
“Well, it’s nothing, it’s nothing…” Erica quickly took Diana’s words, calming Jiang Xiaobai’s emotions, and at the same time shifted her gaze to Andy on the side, and said with a smile: “In addition, Andy should be at Mentor Jiang Hai’s house tomorrow, right?” ”
“Hmm! So…… What are you going to say? And you scared Xiaobai! Jiang Xiaohei’s expression was a little displeased, and he hugged Jiang Xiaobai’s head into his arms.
Belle rubbed her hands dryly and said with a smile, “This… Hehe, it’s okay, we just want to ask, do you have time tomorrow? Or can we go to Mentor Jiang Hai’s house tomorrow to find you?” After all…… Well, the team competition and the sorting competition of the school celebration are not as simple as the individual competition, which involves a lot of tactical issues, so we have to familiarize ourselves with it in advance, so as not to be caught off guard when we get it, which will be too humiliating! ”
“This…” x2
In the face of everyone’s inquiry, Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai did not dare to make their own decisions, and their eyes involuntarily drifted to Jiang Hai.
However, Diana didn’t wait for Jiang Hai to respond to the two of them, so she interrupted with a wave of her hand and said, “Silence is approval, then we can say okay, tomorrow morning the six of us will go to Mentor Jiang Hai’s house on time to find you!” “_
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Full level players in the otherworld

Full level players in the otherworld

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“Miracle” is a game that allows players to change jobs freely, Jiang Hai, as the strongest liver emperor in a generation, has established the strongest union in all servers, fought through the most difficult quests, singled out the world’s strongest bosses, and participated in large-scale national battles with millions of people, and the entire “Miracles” is his legend. However, when the shutdown update was approaching, Jiang Hai did not go offline in time to brush the last class proficiency to the full level, and when he came back to his senses, he found himself accidentally crossing into a different world of swords and magic. The most important thing is that when crossing over, Jiang Hai inherits all the abilities of his game character! After invincibility, everything is boring. Venture? If you don’t go, don’t go, isn’t it enough to explore and fight monsters and upgrade in the game every day, I’m tired of it for a long time! Hegemony? Go away and walk away, managing guilds in the game is boring enough, it’s hard to cross, I just want to be a quiet salted fish! Feilu Fiction Network exclusive signed novels: “Full Level Player in the Otherworld”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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