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Full level players in the otherworld Chapter 185

What the? Okay to say? What was said?
From Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai’s ignorance three times.
But Diana didn’t give the two of them a chance to defend at all, turned around and sat back in place.
How could Jiang Hai not know the movement in the classroom?
Or in other words, from the time Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai joined Diana’s team as promised, Jiang Hai had expected the current scene!
But Jiang Hai is not as resistant as he imagined, after all, for him who is determined to teach students, a sheep is a sheep, a flock of sheep is also put, besides, how to reflect that he is an excellent teacher?
This is of course reflected in the students’ achievements… And this school festival competition is an opportunity!
Jiang Hai ignored Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai’s gradually helpless eyes, and also ignored the bear children who were gathered together to talk, and fell directly on the recliner to take a nap.
The time for evening self-study was very dull, without Jiang Hai’s lingering lecture content in the morning, nor did it have the various strange postures that were torturous as in the afternoon.
After getting along for more than half a month, the bear children have gradually figured out the bottom line of Jiang Hai, and they are not as fearful as the first week ago.
For them, as long as they don’t leave the classroom, Jiang Hai, the big devil, will not trouble them in the evening study time.
The sky over Cyr City was covered with a dark cloud.
I don’t know if it’s because of the rain, the entire city of Sil is filled with a heavy atmosphere.
“Blackie! Xiaobai! And Andy! Here we go! ”
Early in the morning, a series of noises came from the courtyard, waking Jiang Hai from sleep.
Opening his eyes and looking at the beauty lying in the crook of his arm pretending to sleep, Jiang Hai slapped her ass angrily, and said, “Okay, tired all night, you can rest well this morning.” ”
“Hmm… But, but…” Seeing that her pretending to sleep was recognized, Lili’s eyelashes trembled for a while, then she opened her eyes and blinked twice at Jiang Hai with an innocent face.
However, before Lili’s words were finished, she was interrupted by Jiang Hai waving her hand and said, “The follow-up medicinal power of the potential potion has gradually begun to exert its effect, you have successfully broken through the Great Knight Leader to reach the tenth order yesterday, and now you have to consider the next direction of the knight, so the practice is not in a hurry.” ”
“This… All right. ”
Hearing Jiang Hai’s persuasion, Lili nodded helplessly, and then as if remembering something, a trace of fatigue appeared between her eyebrows, and she blushed and put her head dead in the quilt.
When Jiang Hai saw Lili’s appearance, he couldn’t guess what she was thinking
If it weren’t for the arrival of Diana, Erica, Belle, Na, Sally Nai and Amanda, I’m afraid Jiang Hai would have raised Qiang on the horse and ‘fought’ with Lili a few more times.
In the end, Jiang Hai still did not pay for it, pressed his thoughts and dressed and left the room.
At this time, the six little girls have been led into the villa by Carnegie, Anti, Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai.
Because of Carnegie’s existence, the six little girls didn’t mention how safe they were, sitting on the sofa in the living room like a sculpture, and they didn’t dare to move, until Jiang Hai walked down the stairs, and several people who heard the sound turned their heads in unison.
“Save, savior…” x6
Seeing the appearance of Jiang Hai, the big demon king, several little girls had never been so excited in their hearts as they were now, and they almost burst into tears.
When Jiang Hai saw their expressions, he naturally knew what the situation was, and looked at a few people gloatingly, and said, “I didn’t expect that you guys came quite early!” ”
“We’re not trying to get a good grade at the school celebration…”
Diana laughed a little embarrassed, but after the corner of her eyes swept to Carnegie, who had a cold face and did not speak, she was instantly silenced.
Jiang Hai yawned lazily, grabbed his messy hair, swept his gaze to the other five, and asked, “Come so early, have you eaten breakfast?” ”
“Eaten, eaten… Goo…”
Before Erica’s words were finished, a series of protests suddenly sounded in her stomach.
This is a ‘second slap in the face’!
Under everyone’s gaze, Erica’s expression gradually stiffened, and her fleshy face quickly turned red, like an ostrich, burying her head.
Jiang Hai showed an expression of ‘having seen through everything a long time ago’, and his gaze moved to the rest of the people, asking, “What about you?” ”
“I…” Diana opened her mouth slightly, looked at Erica, who had learned from the past, and after thinking for a moment, finally shook her head and said, “I didn’t eat.” ”
Mutter…… Mutter…… Mutter…… Mutter……
Belle, Funa, Salina, and Amanda didn’t even have time to answer, and a series of protests sounded in her little belly.
“Okay, I see, since you’re my students, then… I’ll make an exception today for you to have a meal at my place. Looking at the six little loli with different expressions, Jiang Hai rubbed his chicken nest-like hair, sighed, and then instructed Andy, Jiang Xiaohei and Jiang Xiaobai, “You three should accompany them in the living room, in addition, I remember that the ingredients at home are almost finished…”
“Your servant Carnegie Joseph went to buy food.”
Carnegie showed a helpless expression, looked at a few foodies led by Delia, and looked at Jiang Hai’s room with fear, and begged pitifully, “It’s just that your servant has a small request, I hope you can show mercy, and when you come back, you can leave some surplus food…”
Carnegie humbled .jpg
But…… Leaving surplus food, is this kind of thing possible?
You are completely thinking too much, not to mention surplus food, it is a miracle to give you half a mouthful of leftovers!
Thinking of this, Jiang Hai patted Carnegie’s shoulder comfortingly, took out a few money bags and handed them to him, and threw him a ‘you know’ look.
For most of the month, Carnegie, as a qualified slave, and Jiang Hai had already formed enough tacit understanding, and after receiving Jiang Hai’s eyes, he instantly understood everything, nodded with some loss, and said, “Okay, then let’s go…”
“By the way, before you leave, by the way, help go outside the city to find a few tenth-order beast kings and come back!” After Jiang Hai saw that Carnegie planned to turn and leave, he seemed to suddenly remember something, and quickly added another sentence. _
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Full level players in the otherworld

Full level players in the otherworld

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
“Miracle” is a game that allows players to change jobs freely, Jiang Hai, as the strongest liver emperor in a generation, has established the strongest union in all servers, fought through the most difficult quests, singled out the world’s strongest bosses, and participated in large-scale national battles with millions of people, and the entire “Miracles” is his legend. However, when the shutdown update was approaching, Jiang Hai did not go offline in time to brush the last class proficiency to the full level, and when he came back to his senses, he found himself accidentally crossing into a different world of swords and magic. The most important thing is that when crossing over, Jiang Hai inherits all the abilities of his game character! After invincibility, everything is boring. Venture? If you don’t go, don’t go, isn’t it enough to explore and fight monsters and upgrade in the game every day, I’m tired of it for a long time! Hegemony? Go away and walk away, managing guilds in the game is boring enough, it’s hard to cross, I just want to be a quiet salted fish! Feilu Fiction Network exclusive signed novels: “Full Level Player in the Otherworld”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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