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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat Chapter 470

Seeing that Egolia is extremely concerned about Fontaine’s current situation.
Fang Ye smiled slightly:
“Fontaine certainly hasn’t disappeared.”
Hearing this, Egolia did not doubt it.
Because after she understood her situation, for a great man who could save herself from”falling” for five hundred years,
Egolia’s trust in him was naturally higher than the sky..
He breathed a sigh of relief.
Aegelia looked at Fang Ye intently, saluted Yingying and said:
“Although I still don’t know why you spent all your efforts to save me, a humble fallen god who has been lost in the dust of history.”
“But, no matter what your intentions are, I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart!”
If there is a choice.
Egoria does not want to fall into the black tide of Kanria five hundred years ago.
After all, no one knows better than her.
What is the truth of Fontaine’s prophecy, and what makes Fontaine The whole people are facing the end of”melting when exposed to water”!
In short,
Egoria wants to bear the consequences of her own creation, to break through, to solve it.
Instead of… throwing the heavy burden to the pure water elf family Fukalos.
Why, Egolia decided to appoint Fukalos as her successor?
It was simply because the plan put forward by Fukalos to solve the”prophecy of doomsday” was very thorough and feasible, and it deeply moved Egolia.
Between the two of them , During the conversation.
Outside the sea of nectar and flowers, countless gods and demons from Teyvat cast 14 horrified looks at this place.
Kun Jun, the gym leader of Liyue Port who was patrolling here to check the terrain, could not hide the look of shock on his face:
“The store manager is indeed a store manager, but he even rescued this person?!”
You know, Kunjun is the incarnation of Ruotuo Dragon King’s kindness.
He knows very well how difficult it is to save a fallen heavyweight demon.
A girl’s laughter was full of disdain and ridicule:
“Kunjun, to this day, are you still questioning the great store manager and the creator of the times?”
Kun Jun heard this voice.
He knew who it was without looking.
“Ajiu.”Kun Jun said calmly,”How did you hear that I had the slightest bit of doubt? Ajiu was afraid that the world would not be in chaos, so he laughed and said:”Yes!” There is!”
“I immediately went to the group and said that you questioned the store manager.”
Kun Jun immediately panicked:”If you dare to go to the group chat and spread rumors, I will dare to find the store manager and take charge of the overall situation!”
“Let’s see who gets punished last!”
Hearing this, Ajiu’s little face filled with a mischievous smile suddenly became dull.
“We sisters, who is following whom?”
Ajiu laughed and smoothed things over, and changed the subject:
“What’s even more surprising to me is that the store manager’s method of rescuing the former Water Goddess Egolia this time was not to fish someone out of the river of time and space? ? Kun
Jun said in the same surprised tone:
“Yes, the store manager apparently used some kind of incredible secret treasure to revive the former Water Goddess Egolia.”
The atmosphere was silent for a moment.
Ajiu’s eyes turned to Yilong Port under Mingheng Mountain.
This inland sea dock town.
People coming and going, so lively
“Tsk tsk, Kunjun, you came to Yilong Port for investigation this time. Do you want to open a water system gym here?”
Kun Jun smiled and said:”This is what Tianquanxing Ningguang means, and it is also what the store manager means.”
“As you know, Liyue Port has already established Liyue’s main rock-type gymnasium. So, if you search all over Liyue, the only port town that is qualified to establish a water-type gymnasium is Yilongbu. Ajiu couldn’t deny it:”
What about Qiao Yingzhuang?””
Kun Jun smiled and said nothing.
On the chat group.
Everyone saw Egolia regaining consciousness.
It also exploded.
Sano: (Shocked) It turns out that the store manager suddenly started a live broadcast, allowing us to witness the miracle of the return of another former ruling god!
Dishiya: I saw the blossoming of the giant lotus Gaugana at the beginning, but I couldn’t guess the result at the end.
Candice: Wow.
Nilu: Surprise +1.
Dina Zedai: Resurrecting the dead is a great miracle, let alone resurrecting a ruling god who disappeared in history!!
Hu Zhai Palace: As a rescued person, I would like to call the store manager a lifesaver.
Yae Shenzi: (snickering) The second half of the sentence, is it… I am willing to be a cow or a horse to repay the kindness of saving my life?
Fox Sai Palace: Hey~ I would like to make a cow and a horse, but someone might draw a sword.
Gogochiyo: To clarify, it’s not me who draws the sword, I also want to repay the favor of the store manager! (Clear eyes)
Raiden Makoto: Oh my, I am filled with emotion when I see Egolia, the water god who fell at the same time, revive like this.
Finally: Mr. Fang Ye, you are really punished!
Heulia: Real punishment? What is the meaning of this punishment?
After all: Didn’t you realize that the content and concentration of the female devil saved by the store manager was surprisingly high?
Raiden Shin: hiss~
Fox Sai Palace: hiss~
Yae Shenzi: hiss hiss~
In the end: Yae Shenzi, why are you hissing?
Yae Kamiko: I discovered the truth.
Aru: Well, as a rescued person, I want to clarify for the store manager brother at this time, then why was I also rescued? The store manager brother is not that kind of person!
Zheping: What do you know, you little brat?
Fengdanting, Momang Palace.
Villette frowned deeply. first.
It’s in the Supreme Court.
The oracle ruled that the cardinal was shaking violently, causing an earthquake that affected half of Fontaine.
It seems that the cardinal’s decree is about to break apart in minutes.
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It’s Fu Nina’s condition that is very wrong.
The eyes are sometimes surprised, sometimes sad, and sometimes full of depth.
It seems that in Fu Nina, the second personality suddenly awakened.
“The third point……”
Villette took a deep breath and stared at the live broadcast projection in mid-air.
His eyes, which were always calm and full of wisdom, were filled with incredible color at this moment.
The former water god.
Speaking of the former water goddess Egolia.
Even though Villette has never met or interacted with her.
But as the contemporary Water Dragon King, Navilette is very aware of Agolia’s great achievements. first!
The arrival of the First Throne broke the order of the seven dragon kings who ruled Teyvat.
As a result, the rule of the Water Dragon King and the Dragon Clan in the Fontaine area collapsed, and the Water Dragon King fell at the same time.[]
The messenger of Sky Island, the leader with the mission of creating living beings, created another heart in the primitive sea of wombs – it was named Egolia.
At this time, Egolia did not have the status of a demon god.
So how did Egolia become a god?
After the collapse of the Lemurian civilization in Fontaine.
Sky Island ordered Egolia to return to Teyvat from the prison of the original womb sea to take office as the water god. The pure water knights welcomed Egolia back, and Egolia was awarded the fragment of the original one.
Thus, Egoria possesses the persona of a demon and a belated divine mission.
Later, Aegelia healed the disputes between the clans and revised the laws, reunifying Fontaine.
The order of the Seven Gods and the Seven Kingdoms was established on the earth, and the Fontaine area was ruled by the water goddess Egolia, who believed in justice. certainly!
In Navilette’s view.
Egoria’s most terrifying technique.
The pure water elves she created with her first tear.
Egolia sent a clan of pure water elves to create a spy network connecting the entire Teyvat.
Unfortunately, Fontaine’s water body is filled with hatred due to the pollution of Erinas, and is no longer suitable for the survival of pure water elves.
A large number of pure water elves left Fontaine in search of Agolia’s burial place.
Some of them go south into the Great Red Sand Sea of Xumi, and appear as far away as Mond Qingquan Town.
Most of the pure water elves refused to be loyal to the new water god Fukalos, and this terrible spy network fell apart. nowadays!
With the return of Egolia.
The terrifying pure water elves of the past are bound to make a comeback.
Villette could not help but feel uneasy and uneasy in her heart.
Compared with pure water elves.
His status as the”Water Dragon King” is bound to be untrustworthy
“Am I leaving Fontaine?”Navilet feels bitter in his heart.
Over the years, he has been working hard as the supreme judge in Fontaine. In name, Fontaine is still ruled by the water god Fukalos, but all matters of Fontaine, big and small, are basically handled by Navilet. After painstaking efforts to deal with it.
From an inner emotional point of view, it is not a love of power.
Rather, Villette is reluctant to spend his efforts and gradually create a new Fontaine atmosphere.
For example… those Meluxin clan.
They are in the name of his rule. Mark.
It was he who made the Meru people gradually integrate into Fontaine.
In the era of Egoria, this group did not exist.
If possible,
Villette would very much like to continue to be the supreme judge.
He loves Fontaine. land
…… at the same time.
The heart-to-heart talk between Fang Ye and Egolia is in progress
“I didn’t have any bad intentions in rescuing you. I just wanted to learn some of Fontaine’s secrets from you.”
“Of course, the wind of the Elf Age is about to blow to Fontaine. You are a man of your word in the Fontaine area, so you are a good partner.”
The words fell.
Seeing Egolia’s thoughtful look on her face,
Fang Ye snapped his fingers.
“A great miracle is about to happen”
“Do you want to see it up close and with your own eyes?”
Egolia was stunned:”What a great miracle?”
At this time.
The countdown numbers are being displayed on Fang Ye’s retina:
“The first ecological area in Xumi, the Country of Grass, Qianhe Sandland Ecological Area, is about to be completed!”
With that said, Fang Ye stepped forward, looked at Egolia, and with her fluctuating expression, he held her waist as soft as water.
Fang Ye took Egolia through the vortex of time and space.
One step at a time. Step out.
Arrive near the Thousand Valley Sand Area of Sumeru
Fang Ye let go of Egolia, looked at the sky, and whispered with a smile on his lips.
Egolia also looked up at the sky.
After a second, her pupils contracted rapidly.
It was a magnificent scene, like a mirage.
It was right. Coming from unknown time and space!.

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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources a


Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources and a lot of money? Sorry, things that money can solve are not trivial at all... The first super evolution key in the entire network has been photographed! Metagross, give me a mega evolution!!" Zhongli: "The contract between humans and elves is very interesting. It is not a master and a servant, but a partnership and symbiosis." "Furthermore, even without the witness of me, the God of Contracts, this contract is very strong, unshakable, and an incredible bond!" Thunder movie: "Celebi." "The elf who can travel through time and space..." "If I find it, will I be able to go back five hundred years ago and save my sister, Hu Zhai Palace and the others during the Kanria War?" Fang Ye traveled to Teyvat and became the store manager of the Elf House. Before he knew it, he was respected as the father of Pokémon!


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