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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat Chapter 471

Fengdanting, Momang Palace.
Funina also suddenly made a sound of surprise.
“Is that a mirage?”
Villette couldn’t help but glance at her, with a rather strange expression on her face.
At this time, Funina seemed to have recovered from the split personality state just now. It was the off-line”Water God” whom Villette was familiar with. That’s right. Got it
Villette said in an inexplicable tone.
“The store manager just said… Xumi’s first elf ecological zone is about to be completed!
Funina was confused:”So, this is a vision of the completion of the Elf Ecological Zone?””
Then, their eyes fell on Xavier and Clolind at the same time.
After all, they had just returned from Liyue, the origin of elven culture in the Teyvat continent.
In the past, there were elves in Liyue, Mondstadt, and Daowu. The vision of the completion of the ecological zone.
I heard that the Elf Network can record a lot of information.
They should have brought back the video.
Sure enough.
Because Clolinde’s illustrated device was broadcasting in the group, Xavier quickly opened his illustrated book and showed the Elf Network Posted a video of the completion of a very popular ecological zone.
Comparing the strange phenomena of many elven ecological zones in the video,
Funina said:”Hey, it seems that the strange phenomena in this ecological zone of Xumi are very unusual? Navilette:”
Here it comes!” The legendary…the creator god of the elven world, Arceus…has arrived!”
Hearing this, a group of people in the Momang Palace quickly watched the live broadcast.
As a mirage-like vision enveloped them, a huge siphon vortex emerged!
A majestic and extraordinary, horse-like and deer-like shadow raised its four hooves. , galloping out of the whirlpool
…… at the same time!
On the Elf Network.
Multiple community platforms.
Headlines released in seconds——
《shock! Xumi’s first elf ecological zone, Qianhe Sandi, was completed, and hundreds of millions of netizens watched it live! 》
Thus, thousands of Teyvat people clicked on the official live broadcast link attached to the news.
Live broadcast from the group and rebroadcast the footage posted in the official live broadcast room.
It was witnessed by countless Teyvat people. especially. now.
The creation god Arceus has arrived.
It caused an explosion in the official live broadcast room.
There was a thick layer of barrage, and everyone was excited and admired the miracle:
“Hold the grass, hold the grass..!”
“As a Sumeru person, I was crying in front of the screen at this time!”
“Oops, congratulations Sumeru people!”
“Congratulations +1”
“Sumeru people, give me this damn congratulations……”
“Arceus dad finally belongs to his Sumeru!!”
“Hahahaha, look who is carrying the official live broadcast camera! Club Manager Fang never disappoints!”
“All we can say is that we can always trust Mr. Fang Ye when it comes to the birth of Teyvat’s famous elven cultural scene, he will always be there!”
“Beating the ground and laughing.jpg~”
“Having said that, the iron juicers think that this Thousand Valley Sand Ecological Zone is the ecological zone of which part of the Elf World?”
“Do not ask!”
“It’s just…a headache. I’ve just explored the Stratayan Abyss Ecological Area and landed in the shallowest area!”
“I’m on my way to the Sumeru Elf Academy to see if there’s any chance of getting a ticket to enter the Padia region.……”
“Hiss~ High energy has been happening frequently recently!”
“Who says it’s not? First, the Strata Abyss Ecological Zone, which replicates the Armored Island Ecosystem in the Galar region, was completed. We didn’t even fight a few Dynamax group crusade. Then, the Sumeru Elf Academy was completed, and Padia Spacetime was completed. It’s coming!”
“Now, what the hell, here comes the Qianhe Sand Ecological Zone!”
“I boldly predict that Qianhe Sand Ecological Zone and the cliff will have new ways of playing and a new group crusade!!”
…… certainly.
Outside of the group chat, everyone is lamenting the frequent occurrence of high energy.
As a group chat of the Teyvat family, people were witnessing the miraculous events of the sea of nectar and flowers, the blooming of the giant lotus Gaurjana, and the return of the former water goddess Egolia just a moment ago.
Who knows, the store manager and Egolia haven’t had a few lively chats yet.
Suddenly the scene transitioned to Xumi!
The vision of the first elven ecological zone in Xumi.
Just descended over the sandy land of Qianhe!
Hutao: Just a quick word, are there any more?
Xiangling: Yes, are there any more? It means that the person has been fried.
Jiaming: (wiping sweat) As a newcomer, do you often watch these high-energy scenes? Anyway, this little new baby is already numb!
Charlotte: (Excited) Is this the scene of the completion of the ecological zone? It was the first time for the newbie to witness it, and I was so excited!
Navia: So excited +1!
Xavier: I’m so excited… Uh, I mean, Fonina, Lady Navilette and I are all so excited, and there are pictures to prove it! [Picture]
Group members clicked on the picture sent by Xavier.
I saw the magnificent Fontaine Palace.
A girl in gorgeous clothes and a wise and temperamental man.
They were all staring at the projected image in mid-air, and the excitement on their faces was beyond words. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Tinari: There are pictures, so I believe it anyway.
Elhaysen: I believe it too.
Skirmisher: (laughing) I can only say, Fontaine people, I know you are in a hurry, but please don’t be anxious first. You know, you Fontaine don’t even have an Elf House store, so you can become a citizen of the official trainer. There are not many people. These advanced ways of playing in the ecological zone are still very early for you Fontaine!
Navia: (gritting her teeth) You are so annoying when you talk!
Clolinde: Hateful little devil!
Skirmisher: Did it poke your lungs? You can’t accept the bloody fact, so you feel very aggrieved?
Xavier: Now I also think this kid is very capable of attracting hatred.
Thousands of sandy areas.
The newly resurrected Egolia looked up to the sky with a shocked face.
Even though she was the first-generation demon god created by Sky Island, she later even became the first-generation water god in the Fontaine area.
But there is a different world outside Teyvat.
And, a high-ranking god from another world.
Egolia has never had such a real contact.
“.~ da da da”[]
The incarnation of Arceus, with four hooves raised and full of spirituality, has been coming from the vortex of time and space.
The sacred glow is like petals, blooming one after another.
His incarnation circled around Fang Ye and Egolia several times, and finally stopped beside Fang Ye, then raised its head and let out a joyful chirp. witness.
Fang Ye smiled slightly.
He stretched out his hand and rubbed Arceus’ horse-like deer-like head very skillfully a few times.
This scene.
It fell into the eyes of countless viewers.
There was a wave of heated discussion immediately.
Ah this?
Arceus Baba is like the mythical beast under Mr. Fang’s nightclub?.

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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources a


Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources and a lot of money? Sorry, things that money can solve are not trivial at all... The first super evolution key in the entire network has been photographed! Metagross, give me a mega evolution!!" Zhongli: "The contract between humans and elves is very interesting. It is not a master and a servant, but a partnership and symbiosis." "Furthermore, even without the witness of me, the God of Contracts, this contract is very strong, unshakable, and an incredible bond!" Thunder movie: "Celebi." "The elf who can travel through time and space..." "If I find it, will I be able to go back five hundred years ago and save my sister, Hu Zhai Palace and the others during the Kanria War?" Fang Ye traveled to Teyvat and became the store manager of the Elf House. Before he knew it, he was respected as the father of Pokémon!


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