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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat Chapter 472

“Hold the grass, is this fake? ?”
“What did I see? Arceus daddy was slapped hard by the store manager?”
“Shock! The store manager actually sucked a cat in public… No, he sucked Arceus, the God of Creation, in public!”
“You know Toutiao, come to work in the Toutiao editorial department tomorrow!”
“Wuwuwu~~ Arceus daddy is not clean anymore, it was actually touched by the store manager!”
“It turns out that besides the store manager, anyone else dares to take advantage of the God of Creation?”
“Conquer and capture the God of Creation, put away your dangerous ideas!”
In the official live broadcast room, the audience was collectively shocked.
As for the group chat, the shock was no less than the outside world.
Ying: (crying bitterly.jpg) I knew Arceus would not be able to escape the store manager’s poisonous hands!!
Paimon: Keep it low… Can you say it now? Ying once had a dream, that is to capture and subdue Arceus and become the breeder of the God of Creation!
Brother Kong: Tsk.
Skirmisher: Tsk tsk tsk.
Lady: She is indeed the blond traveler with the aura of the protagonist. Or, just dare to dream!
Dadalia: (laughing) Speaking of which, many people in the group have had this daydream, right?
Hutao: (picking her nose) So the reality is always Cruel, did you see it? Arceus has already been in the store manager’s bowl. Who in this group dares to snatch something from the store manager’s bowl?
Xiang Ling: This kind of thing can only be done by idiots, so let’s leave it to the newbies. Come on. It’s time for Jiaming.
Xingqiu: Opposite pole, the so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Jiaming~
Chongyun: The ignorant are not afraid of Jiaming.
Yun Jin: Those who don’t know are not guilty of Jiaming.
Jiaming: (frightened eyes) Hey, you guys Everyone misses this cute newbie like me!!
Navia: Clear and stupid eyes.jpg
Charlotte: Shit with anger… How come the old people in the group are so malicious towards this cute newbie one by one? ?You actually encourage an ignorant little newbie to commit a crime??
Thousands of sandy areas.
Dama Mountain.
An eternal oasis buried in a mountain cave.
The originally stagnant time and space.
There was a sudden tremor. like an earthquake
That’s right.
The entire Eternal Oasis is shaking 920, and the earthquake is getting stronger and stronger, and it looks like it will collapse at any time. The oasis manager Felicis, who was entrusted by the Red King, and the other great town spirit Lilupa Er, appeared on the oasis.
Now the two great town spirits have sworn allegiance to Fang Ye. They look around the eternal oasis with joy.
Not only are they not frightened, worried or uneasy about the changes in this place, but they are full of expectation and excitement..Obviously
, both Felicis and Lilupal are very clear-headed.
They know that with the completion of Qianhe Sand Ecological Area, this is the hinterland of Dama Mountain.
And, hidden in Dama Mountain, there is an eternal oasis that is comparable to a secret cave. , what kind of new life will usher in!
In fact,
Felicis shed tears of joy:
“Great, Gul City and the incomplete ancient desert civilization will be reborn in another form!”
Lilupal was filled with emotion and shame:
“I was the one who destroyed Gul City in the first place. The Red King divided my spirit into seven parts and suppressed and sealed them forever.”
“But the store manager repaired my soul and made me whole again… In order to make up for my past mistakes, and to repay the store manager for his kindness, from now on, I will defend the Qianhe Sandy Ecological Zone to the death!”
“Whoever wants to destroy the ecological zone is my eternal enemy and will fight until death!”
The words just fell.
There was a loud noise.
The central oasis of the eternal oasis, between the chairs engraved with the true names of the gods.
Suddenly, a bottomless crack opened.
If you watch carefully, it is not difficult to find that between the cracks, At the bottom, there is the shining divine light of the Nail of Cold Sky!
Witnessing this scene,
Felicis and Lilupal looked at each other in shock:
“Was even the Cold Sky Nail buried deep under the oasis awakened by the movement in the ecological zone?”
The two great Zhenling sisters are very clear about the causes and consequences of this cold nail falling on Dama Mountain.
It can be said that the reason why the Red King created the eternal oasis in the cemetery where the Flower God sleeps in Dama Mountain is precisely to establish On the high heavenly power of this heavenly nail
“Da da da……”
The sound of a series of galloping horse hooves.
This made Sister Dazhenling look up.
Afterwards, the two people’s faces were filled with admiration.
Surprisingly, it was the store manager riding Arceus, the God of Creation.
Through the crater-like hole of Mount Dama, he plunged straight into the secret space where the Eternal Oasis is located.
As Arceus galloped over.
His last glory.
It has also spread to the last hidden corner of Qianhe Sandland Ecological Zone! at last.
Fang Ye jumped from Arceus’ back to the ground, lowered his head and glanced at the Cold Sky Nails in the ground, his eyes flashing with interest.
“This nail in the sky was probably dropped on Dama Mountain in ancient times. Its history is much older than the city of Gul!”
You must know that Gul City and its civilization were not destroyed by the Sky Nail.
Instead, they were blown up by a series of tricks by Lilupal.
The Red King knew the existence of this Sky Nail.
So he chose this place, Based on the power of heaven, the Eternal Oasis was built.
Dama Mountain and Thousand Valleys Sand Land.
After Xumi ushered in the elven generation, they were reborn again and became the first elven ecological zone of Xumi.
Among them, This sky nail is also the decisive reason that prompted Fang Ye to decide to set up Qianhe Sand Land as an ecological zone.
Sky nail!
The power of heaven!
Fang Ye smiled and faced the group live broadcast camera.
This conversation.
He planned to pinch it off. , not published.
Only discussed within the Teyvat family group chat
“As we all know, every time an ecological zone is completed, a wild beast will naturally be born.”
“For example, in the earliest Liyue ecological zone, the wild mythical beast was Lugia”
“The closest stratified abyssal ecoregion…is Wujitada.”
“You might as well guess which wild mythical beast will be born in this ecological zone of Xumi?”
On the camera.
Arceus is still spreading light in the Eternal Oasis.
It is estimated that it will take a few minutes for the complete arrival of the ecological zone.
Hearing Fang Ye’s words.
Not only Lilupal and Felicis Zhenling were stunned.
Following Fang Ye, the former water god Egolia, who had just woken up, was also confused.
In the group chat, there was a completely different atmosphere. It was fiery!
Wendy: I boldly predict that the ecological zone of Sumeru will It must be the ecosystem of the Padia region, so this naturally occurring mythical beast must be the new mythical beast of Padia!
Zhongli: In terms of general rationality, the Padia region has been very exposed recently. I also think that , the elven ecological zone of Xumi will be formed by transporting and replicating an ecological zone in the Padia region. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Leiden Zhen: (laughing) Can you elaborate more? Point, which ecological zone in the Padia region is it, and then which mythical beast is it specifically?
Zhongli: Um… Please forgive me for my ignorance and limited knowledge, so I cannot answer in detail.
In the end: This wave, I am afraid even a fool knows it, must The ecological area of Mi is related to Padia!
Xianyun: Of course, many of the powerful initial partners drawn by the Xumi group members are from the Padia area.
Nasida: I drew the ancient jade fish. Tree King’s sister drew the Ancient Snail… Could it be that this wild mythical beast generated in the ecological zone is one of the other two disaster Pokémon?
Daci Tree King: (snickering) The pattern is too small.
He Wu Leah: It is indeed smaller.
Fang Ye: It is indeed smaller. Lugia is the top first-level god, and Infinitus is at the super-god level, not far from the myth.
Dainsreib: Store manager, you can directly Let’s announce the answer.
Harlequin: The information is limited, so we can’t answer it.
Doctor: That’s right, even if this question is rewarded with gift packs of self-selected evolutionary items, no one can answer it correctly! Fang Ye: In fact, I don’t know what is required. Which mythical beast will be born in the Xumi Ecological Zone?
Crowd members: ??
Store manager, are you making fun of us?
Of course, this is just a small episode to witness the miracle of the Xumi Ecological Zone.[]
As Arceus let out a clear chirp of joy.
The projected incarnation of the Creator God.
It suddenly exploded into pieces in the space of the Eternal Oasis.
Countless streams of light turned into a bright torrent of information, part of which surged towards Dama Mountain and Qianhe Sand Land outside the Eternal Oasis.
The other part roared towards the crack in the ground that opened not long ago, and entangled itself with the ancient Hantian Nail. soon!
This nail comes from Sky Island.
It was wrapped into a cocoon of light, shining brightly.
Witness this scene.
Even Fang Ye couldn’t help but stare, with a strange look in his eyes
“Could it be that……”
The Zhenling sisters Felicis and Lilupal looked at each other in shock.
Egolia was very surprised:”Hey, the Xumi Ecological Zone has been completed. Is there any wonderful creature gestating? This creature seems to be swallowing and merging this sky nail!”
Although the previous generation of water gods were still very human, Confused.
He also didn’t master much elven culture and knowledge.
But, after all, he was a former earthly ruler with a very vicious eye, and he could tell at a glance that this gestating creature was not easy.
At this time, in the group chat, the sound of”holding the grass” came and went.
Everyone saw that the place where the new divine beast was born was between the crack in the earth and the nail in the sky.
My head felt like it was struck by lightning, and I was immediately confused.
Xumi is a new mythical beast.
If it swallows and absorbs this sky nail.
I’m afraid the template after birth will be very scary.
“I’m coming!”
At this time, Fang Ye’s voice sounded, pulling away everyone’s thoughts.
At the same time, the official live broadcast signal was reconnected.
The audience was furious, while cursing, while staring at the screen, for fear of missing something. The details of the frame.
The outside world!
The sandy land of thousands of valleys formed around Dama Mountain.
In the light of the sky.
The originally bare mountain quickly grew green weeds.
The dry lake was refilled with the clear spring water of the ground. , there are even steaming geothermal fountains in some places.
The footage from the official live broadcast room suddenly extended to the Tanit campsite.
Originally, this was a village and town of the Tanit tribe.
But after Jade slaughtered all the Tanit tribe, This place has become a ghost town.
Now in the Tanit tribe, towering giant trees are rising from the ground, and many primitive jungle plants are growing densely.
From a bird’s-eye view.
Today’s Tanit tribe area, In just a few blinks of an eye, it turned into a primeval rainforest!
Of course, Qianhe Sand Land is originally a desert landscape.
About a quarter of the area still maintains the original desert style.
Witness the astonishing beauty of Qian He Sand Land Changes.
A look of disbelief appeared in Egolia’s eyes:
“Mountains, lakes, steep mountains, vast desert wilderness……”
“Originally there was only the monotony of the desert landscape, but now it is rich and colorful.”
“If you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, who would dare to believe it?
Fang Ye smiled and said:”This is the ecological miracle brought by the creation god Arceus.””
“Yes, a miracle!”
Egolia nodded heavily and continued to observe the changes in the sandy land of Qianhe.
Wild elves began to appear in groups. Some were living in the primeval forest, or playing near the lake.
Or running on the open desert wilderness.
On the ground. Those that walk, those that swim in the water, those that fly in the sky.
There are all kinds of them.
There is everything.
Of course, this is Egolia’s perspective.
She only feels that these elves emerging in groups are lively and full of life.
However, with The perspective of many experienced trainers watching the live broadcast.
This wave of elves’ ecosphere is a microcosm of reality, but it is an explosion of information.
“Holding the grass, I’m sure I’m not dazzled, I saw a nest of water ducks”
“Moisturizing duck? The three royal families of Padiya water system?!”
“Dig a groove, then hurry up and rush!”
“Go ahead, catch a baby duck, raise it, and my career as a trainer will take off!”
“You have a bigger layout. I also saw a lot of La Luras.”
“La Lulas? Ahhhh, I’m dead. My dream is to own a Gardevoir. Rewind it and play it again!”
The official live broadcast room was full of barrages.
But in the chat group, what everyone was paying attention to was the wild mythical beast bred in the Eternal Oasis.
Fang Ye did not keep the famous characters waiting for long. He returned with Egolia and broadcasted this one The whole process of wild beasts emerging from their cocoons
A purple peach floated out from the cocoon, making a soft cry like a newborn baby..

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Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Genshin Impact I spread the elves to Teyvat

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources a


Walnut: "My Round Shark, also known as "Fifty Million Mora", is the first quasi-god Pokémon in Teyvat! " Ning Guang: "I heard that cultivating kings and champion elves requires a huge investment of resources and a lot of money? Sorry, things that money can solve are not trivial at all... The first super evolution key in the entire network has been photographed! Metagross, give me a mega evolution!!" Zhongli: "The contract between humans and elves is very interesting. It is not a master and a servant, but a partnership and symbiosis." "Furthermore, even without the witness of me, the God of Contracts, this contract is very strong, unshakable, and an incredible bond!" Thunder movie: "Celebi." "The elf who can travel through time and space..." "If I find it, will I be able to go back five hundred years ago and save my sister, Hu Zhai Palace and the others during the Kanria War?" Fang Ye traveled to Teyvat and became the store manager of the Elf House. Before he knew it, he was respected as the father of Pokémon!


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