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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina Chapter 72

With the coming of the thunderbirds.
The clouds in the sky are brewing a terrifying force of blood and thunder.
This power is dozens of times more powerful than the terrifying blood thunder attack from the blood thunder environment!
Although the true form of Thunderbird has not yet officially arrived.
But Ying Xing could sense that the blood thunder brewing on the clouds had already locked him in place.
This caused a chilling smile to appear on his face.
The pupils of his eyes flashed with dangerous blood, and the murderous intention in his eyes became stronger and stronger.
Then Ying Xing held the Zhili sword and slashed his left wrist.
The Zili Sword, bathed in abundant blood, also revealed an ominous bloody light.
The next moment, thunderclouds in the sky suddenly erupted!
A thick and terrifying blood thunder, like a huge blood-colored pillar penetrating the sky and the earth, fell from the sky and crashed onto Ying Xing’s head!
A pressure far more terrifying than that of the Golden King Beast appeared unabashedly from the sky at this moment.
The powerful pressure of the demon made the three girls of Funina not even have the chance to move their bodies!
When they saw the terrifying blood thunder, it was locked on the star located under the big tree not far away, and was about to crash down.
Even though he knew that Ying Xing’s strength was terrifying, he couldn’t help but feel worried.
That kind of power far exceeds that of the previous Golden King Beast!
It is not wrong at all to say that it has reached the terrifying level of the seven rulers in the world!
It’s not just the three girls of Funina.
Even the vast majority of living creatures on the continent of Teyvat could not help but hold their breath.
At this moment, the hopes of all the teams in the Secret Realm dungeon were pinned on Ying Xing and the Water Goddess Funina.
After all, except for the two of them.
No one else is qualified to compete with the Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbird!
Even being able to avoid those terrifying blood thunder bombardments in the blood thunder environment caused by the opponent’s arrival is a big problem.
Therefore, the vast majority of the people watching did not want to see Ying Xing injured.
Once unable to defeat the Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbird.
Then all human beings in the Teyvat continent, and even the treasure stealing group, will endure unprecedented turmoil in the world!
However, the group of beings at the top are not worried about this.
They are even looking forward to what method Ying Xing will use to eliminate 29 Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbirds!
After all, the other party is not only immortal.
Even the strength has reached a more terrifying situation!
It is comparable to the Seven Gods, and even the Thunderbird is not much different from the Seven Gods.
He must not be Yingxing’s opponent!
A deafening thunder suddenly sounded.
Just when everyone thought that this terrifying bloody thunder pillar was about to hit Ying Xing, the other party just waved his sword lightly.
In an instant, a column of destruction came out The world-wide terrifying bloody sword energy suddenly rose into the sky!
The seemingly terrifying bloody thunder pillar was instantly destroyed and defeated by the bloody sword energy!
At this moment, everyone can see it. As if the sword energy from hell will annihilate the blood-colored thunder pillars that connect the heaven and the earth, one by one!
Along with the bloody sword energy, it soars into the sky. Covering the entire Heguan Island, it is like an endless blood cloud oppressed by a giant city.
It was instantly Cut in half!
The sky seemed to be cracked at this moment!
Such an astonishing scene made countless people stunned.
This is simply……It is not a power that humans can hold!
That is definitely the terrifying power possessed by the gods!
When the boundless blood cloud was cut off by Ying Xing.
Another layer of dark clouds appeared in the sky.
But this layer of dark clouds was flashing with deep purple thunder, and the power and momentum it displayed was far more terrifying than the blood thunder! next moment.
A thunderbird with a body length of more than five hundred meters, like the master of thunder between heaven and earth, appeared from the dark clouds.
The power of the terrifying thunder element contained in the opponent’s body is so powerful that it is terrifying!
Even compared to the thunder movies in their heyday, it may not be out of reach!
【Bennett: This…Is this the legendary Thunderbird?】
【Lisa: I feel like the air is filled with thunder elements. It’s such a terrifying existence!】
【Zhongli: Although the Thunderbird is a monster, at this moment, it is not much different from the Demon God, and even has the strength to rival the Seven Gods!】
【Wendy: This is really a terrifying existence.】
【Thunder Movie: The thunderbird I shot in the past was damaged by wear and tear, so I could kill it easily.】
【Lei Movie: But the resentment after the other party’s death was extremely terrifying. Even with the seal of the town, it made Qinglai Island uninhabitable. The disaster was far more serious than when Orobas fell.】
【Lei Movie: Now that the opponent is no longer trapped by wear and tear, and his strength has been enhanced, even this person may not be able to take him down!】
【Kamisato Ayaka: Are you not even sure about the general? This is really a terrifying opponent!】
【Arataki Yidou: But I believe that Brother Yingxing can definitely defeat Thunderbird!】
【Kuki Shinobi: With all the abilities Mr. Yingxing has displayed, even today’s Thunderbird is definitely no match for him!】
【Kuki Shinobu: Besides, Mr. Ying Xing has the ability to be immortal, so he will definitely be able to destroy the Thunderbirds! 】
Inside the secret realm copy.
When everyone saw the Thunderbird coming, an extremely depressing aura of terror suddenly hit their faces!
No matter where the other participants are on the huge Heguan Island, they can feel the demonic pressure coming from the Thunderbird!
But at this moment.
The sky-high blood energy and evil energy suddenly spread.
Fight against the demonic pressure on Thunderbird!
Even as time went by, the top demonic pressure on Thunderbird actually fell into decline at an alarming speed!
Immediately afterwards, he was swept by a strong wind.
Ying Xing quickly arrived in the sky and confronted the Thunderbird
“Kind of interesting, but……You are not qualified!”
After reaching the high altitude,
Ying Xing’s body burst out with surging blood energy.
At this time, the Zhili Sword was infused with the rich and abundant blood, transforming into an even more terrifying ominous evil energy.
Along with Ying Xing, he made a horizontal slash.
He Behind him, the shadow of a white-haired woman seemed to appear.
The opponent was also holding a Zhili sword, making the same posture as Ying Xing, and slashing with him.
In an instant, the bloody sword energy seemed to tear the sky apart, Kill the Thunderbird in an instant!
The thunderbird let out a loud chirp.
The extremely powerful power of the terrifying thunder element instantly turned into a thunder barrier, like a huge thunder palm, and slapped away with all its strength!
Two shocking forces happened in an instant Collision.
But what is extremely shocking is that the thunderbird is as terrifying as the Seven Gods.
The attack it exerts with all its strength is like tissue paper, and is instantly penetrated and annihilated by the bloody sword energy!
Even 0.1 seconds of There was no chance of resistance!
Just when the Thunderbird sensed that death was coming and was about to evacuate, the terrifying evil spirit was like an invisible barrier, trapping it in place and unable to move!
In the end, it could only watch the terrifying bloody sword energy. , penetrated his own body.
The elemental body containing the power of the top demon god was completely unable to compete with this power, and quickly went to ruin at an alarming speed!
At this moment.
No matter it was the participants of all the teams in the secret realm copy.
Or the people in Teyvat who were watching.
They could all see the Thunderbird’s huge body of thunder elements, with broken marks appearing!
As the broken marks continued to spread, the most terrifying existence in this secret realm collapsed instantly. , turned into countless deep purple fluorescence, and quickly disappeared!
【It has been detected that the Infernal Enhanced Thunderbird has been eliminated, and all surviving teams have completed the dungeon mission: Thunderbird’s Wrath!】
【Since the Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbird is killed by members of the special team, the special team will receive the highest level of rewards!】
【In view of the fact that some teams were executing the second dungeon mission: Battle for Roost, the mission failed and the punishment was postponed.】
【Start punishing all teams that fail the mission!】
【At the same time, the tasks completed by the special team will also be officially released! 】
With the death of Thunderbird.
The blood-thunder environment on Heguan Island also began to gradually disappear.
However, there is a penalty for failure of the copy task.
However, except for the special team, all team members had 50% of their elemental strength, elemental affinity, and all attributes deducted!
Not only that, but also Mondstadt, Liyue, Daozhi, Xumi, Fontaine and Zhidong.
Also because of the triggering of the national transport connection, 30% of domestic resources will be deducted!
The relevant people also suffered the deduction of all attributes!
Fortunately, with the help of Ying Xing’s power, the Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbird was eliminated.
Except for Jean Nata, all the surviving teams also completed the third dungeon mission.
Although the rewards obtained from the National Games connection offset part of the punishment.
However, Inazuma, Sumeru and Zhidong still suffer the deduction of domestic resources, as well as the reduction of attributes of all people. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Mond, Liyue and Fengdan have a special team to take care of everything.
Therefore, when they violate the rewards and punishments related to the national destiny.
Not only did they not suffer any damage, but the attributes of all the people and the resources within the territory have been greatly improved compared to before entering the secret realm dungeon.
This makes all the people of the Three Kingdoms full of gratitude and admiration for the corresponding star!
After all, almost all the benefits they can get are due to Ying Xing!
Without Yingxing, they might suffer like other countries!
After the penalties and rewards are released.
Except for the special teams.
The rest of the team members all chose to clear the secret realm copy, leave here, and return to the Teyvat continent. and wait for the final settlement
【Congratulations to the special team for completing the dungeon mission: Battle for the Roost!】
【All members of the special team received rewards: seven gorgeous treasure chests, all attributes +350!】
【Congratulations to the special team for completing the dungeon mission: Wrath of the Thunderbirds!】
【All members of the special team will receive rewards: clearance scrolls, and the final settlement evaluation will increase by one level!】
【It was detected that the special team had met the clearance conditions and each person received two clearance scrolls. The final settlement evaluation was improved again!】
【Do you want to leave this secret realm instance? It will automatically teleport away after five minutes. 】
A series of information prompts appeared in front of Ying Xing and others.
Not only that, but they all get a clearance scroll again, and each of them has seven gorgeous treasure chests! []
It’s a pity that the 50% reward increase has passed.
Therefore, it is difficult for Ying Xing to find anything useful from these seven gorgeous treasure chests.
However, he still fell from the sky and opened these treasure chests with the three girls Funina.
【Congratulations on opening the gorgeous treasure chest and receiving the following rewards】
【Congratulations on opening the gorgeous treasure chest and receiving the following rewards】
【Congratulations on opening the gorgeous treasure box, you will receive the following rewards]
When Ying Xing finishes opening the seven gorgeous treasure boxes in his hand.
In addition to the Eye of the Wind Elemental God, the strength of the elements contained within it has been increased again, and the affinity of the wind element has been improved.
We also obtained a lot of high-level forging materials.
If we talk about it before, Ying Xing had difficulty completing the forging of weapons.
Then after the pain immunity is almost full, he can now forge without any pressure.
Even Si Yan, the golden man, can construct and build it if he is interested.
As for the three girls of Funina, they also received many rewards from the gorgeous treasure chests to enhance their strength.
It’s a pity that the power of the devil is too rare.
So after they opened the gorgeous treasure chest, they didn’t get any demonic power from it.
“After this farewell, we should all return to the original location of Teyvat continent, right?”
“Although I don’t know when the next secret realm copy will arrive, I welcome you to visit Fontainebleau!”
Before leaving the secret dungeon,
Funina sent out an invitation to everyone.
But what she cared about more was Ying Xing’s attitude.
After witnessing Ying Xing’s strength, she thought that the other party might be able to help her solve Feng Dan’s prophecy. Crisis!
So this invitation to 817 is mainly to hope that Ying Xing can come to Fontaine.
At the same time, the mental pressure of these five hundred years has also caused Funina to endure pain that ordinary people cannot imagine.
She has long been She wanted to find someone to talk to about the stress in her heart so that she could relax mentally.
But the prophecy crisis was of great importance, and Funina never dared to tell anyone, including Navilette.
But the appearance of Yingxing made her feel I found hope to solve the prophecy crisis, so I was willing to open my heart to it.
“I don’t care, but after all, it was Lady Funina’s invitation, so I naturally agreed.”
“It just so happens that for this issue of Steam Bird News, it’s almost time to settle the royalties.”
Mona stretched herself and agreed immediately.
“OK, OK, I haven’t traveled to Fontaine yet, and I don’t know if there are any special ingredients there!”
Xiang Ling was also very interested in this.
As for Ying Xing, there was no response.
This also made Funina’s face flash with a trace of disappointment.
After a while, as the countdown ended, everyone was teleported Arrive at Teyvat Continent.
At the same time, the light screen in the sky of Teyvat Continent also began to settle scores.
【Start to determine the performance score of each team in the secret realm copy, and obtain certain settlement rewards based on the ranking!】
【Eighth place: Nata, rated C level, all members receive an exquisite treasure chest!】
【Seventh place: Xumi, rated B, all members received a precious treasure box!】
【Sixth place: Fontaine, rated B, all members received a precious treasure box!】
【Fifth place: Mondstadt, rated A, all members receive a gorgeous treasure chest!】
【Fourth place: Winter Solstice, rated A, and all members received a gorgeous treasure chest!】
【Third place: Liyue, rated A, all members received a gorgeous treasure box!】
【Second place: Rice Wife, rated A, and all members received a gorgeous treasure box!】
【First place: Special Team, rated SSS level!】
【Because the special team reaches the highest rating, each member holds two playthrough scrolls, and completes the dungeon mission: Wrath of the Thunderbirds, get a final settlement boost!】
【First place: Special team, rated as exceptional, all members gain a destiny power!】
【Mona gets: The power of intelligence and destiny!】
【Xiangling obtained: The power of greedy destiny!】
【Funina obtained: The power of happy destiny!】
【Ying Xing obtains: The power of destroying destiny!】
【The first secret realm copy has ended, and the second secret realm copy will open in one month!】
【Due to the first secret realm dungeon, individual teams received exceptional evaluations, and the status of the second secret realm dungeon will be greatly improved!】
【Except for the special team, the other teams can choose a member and replace it with any member who belongs to the country!】
【In view of the fact that all members of Nata’s team were eliminated in the first secret realm copy, the opportunity to participate is temporarily closed and cannot participate in the second secret realm copy.】

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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

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Ying Xing travels through the Teyvat awakening playing system and plays the star core hunter Blade. Challenge General Thunder to a royal duel at the beginning! However, a game related to the fate of the country suddenly came, and the seven mortal nations were involved, and Ying Xing also became a selected one. But he is a special eighth team, his teammates are Mona, Xiangling and Funina! Quotes from Funina: "If I take action, wouldn't it be unfair to other players?" "As the God of Justice, I will implement justice in everything I do!" "So for the sake of justice, I leave these minions to you!" ... after a while: "Help me, Mr. Ying Xing!


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