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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina Chapter 73

After the final settlement was made on the light screen in the sky.
All teams received corresponding rewards.
But what is unexpected is.
The rating of the special team is actually exceptional!
And every member has received the power of destiny!
Although countless creatures in the Teyvat continent do not know how powerful the power of destiny is.
But to be regarded as an exceptional level, the power specially given must be very powerful!
Besides, the power of fate.
But it has something to do with the Star God!
In addition, everyone also found out.
Except for the special team that cannot replace teammates, other teams can replace a teammate!
This is a good thing for those countries with gods!
Especially the two countries Inazuma and Zhidong!
If these two countries send their own gods.
That is a huge threat to most teams.
As for other countries.
The God of Wind in Mondstadt has been missing for a long time, and the God of Rock in Liyue has also passed away.
So most people think that the teams of these two countries.
Maybe something unexpected will happen in the next secret realm copy!
Although the god of Xumi is famous for his wisdom, he is still a god after all!
As for Fengdan, the Water God has already joined the special team, what other top-notch existence can there be?
Although Fengdan is rumored to have the existence of the Elemental Dragon King and the Water Dragon King.
But there are still only a few people who know about this matter.
As for Nata…
Natadu has been banned from participating in the second secret realm copy. Even if he can choose a stronger teammate, he will not be able to participate.
Otherwise, both the Vulcan and the Fire Dragon King will be very terrifying opponents!
Accompanied by all team members, they returned to the continent of Teyvat.
Ying Xing also returned to the fighting arena of Daozuma City again.
He could feel a very violent force emerging within his body.
Although Blade is a character who destroys life in the game.
But within his background, even his acting style is enough to embark on a path of destruction.
But because the immortal body is the flesh and blood curse of the Envoy of Fertility, it contains the very terrifying power of Fertility and Destiny.
This makes it difficult for Blade to passively grasp the power of abundance and embark on a path of destruction.
The power of destiny, usually everyone can only take one path.
Only a very few special beings can master multiple fate powers at the same time.
For example, Pioneer, Dan Heng and others.
However, after receiving the reward of the final settlement, Ying Xing officially embarked on the road of destruction.
At the same time, this process does not affect his use of abundant power.
Therefore, he will also become one of the very few who can master multiple destiny powers at the same time.
In addition, the destiny power given by the secret realm copy.
But it directly opened up this destiny path, making the members of the special team become destiny walkers.
As long as they follow the corresponding destiny path and move forward along this destiny path, they can obtain more power contained in that destiny path.
Although the power of destruction in Yingxing’s body now can hardly compete with the power of fertility.
But now the road to destruction has begun.
So with his style, he might be able to go faster and further on the road of destruction.
In this way, this high-level power quickly becomes a boost.
After feeling the two fateful forces in my body gradually calmed down.
Ying Xing suddenly opened his eyes.
He found that the surrounding area of this huge martial arts arena was very quiet.
All the people who had been watching before were missing.
What’s even more bizarre is that all the shogunate troops responsible for guarding the martial arts arena have disappeared.
But Ying Xing soon understood what was going on.
“Although your strength has reached a terrifying level”
“But whether it is for the reward of the imperial duel, or as a warrior, pursuing the determination to fight with the strong”
“I have decided to give you a duel!”
On the other side of the martial arts arena.
The space was suddenly torn apart with a deep purple thunder light.
Immediately afterwards, the figure of General Thunder and Lightning slowly walked out of it.
Obviously, she had already prepared for a duel with Ying Xing, so she retreated. everyone else
“Ha, I still remember, you still owe me a knife!”
“Then let’s get started!”
When Ying Xing heard this, he couldn’t help but smile.
Although he could easily defeat opponents at the level of the Seven Gods, he was still quite interested in Lei Qianqian’s martial arts.
It’s a pity that the opponent was defeated by this small continent of Teyvat. , trapped.
Otherwise, if he reaches the Bengtie Universe and embarks on the path of destiny, he will be a very powerful existence!
Just his firm will to pursue eternity is enough to move countless people.
“Let’s fight somewhere else.”
General Thunder’s eyes flashed with lightning.
The next moment, the world behind her was covered by another dimension.
This space slowly covers everything around it.
During this process, Ying Xing could feel the binding force of space.
Although with his strength, he can easily break free.
But he made no such move.
After all, if existences of their level were to fight in the martial arts arena of Inazuma Castle.
Within five moves, the huge Inazuma City will definitely be reduced to ruins!
Therefore, it is also a good choice to fight in the Pure Land of One Heart.
After a while, Ying Xing’s figure had arrived in the deadly silent Isshin Pure Land space.
The person who appeared in front of him this time was not the thunder and lightning general from the outside world.
But holding the dream in hand, the true god of Inazuma, the thunder movie!
In an instant, terrifying lightning erupted from Lei Momo’s body.
A sense of oppression that was more powerful than the Purgatory Enhanced Thunderbird suddenly hit his face.
On the other side, Ying Xing was also holding a Zhili sword and slashed his left hand.
In an instant, the Zhili Sword, bathed in abundant blood, suddenly emitted a strong blood light and an astonishing evil aura.
Even Lei Movies had to use all their strength to deal with this murderous weapon.
“One move determines the outcome. Let me see how powerful your sword is.”
Ying Xing raised the Zhili Sword and pointed it at the position of Lei Qingqing.
After hearing this, Lei Qingqing immediately concentrated all his power on Meng Yixin. The extremely terrifying power of the thunder element began to spin instantly.
Dreaming Yixin was here. With the blessing of this power, bursts of terrifying lightning suddenly emitted!
It was so terrifying that even the space of Yishin Pure Land was faintly shattered!
The next moment, the two people disappeared in an instant
When the Zhili Sword and Dream Yixin collided in mid-air.
The terrifying collision of power instantly caused signs of collapse in Yixin Pure Land!
The blood energy and thunder intertwined and competed with each other.
Under the shining of blood, Ying Xing’s expressionless face was revealed His face.
But under the light of thunder, it revealed the expression of Lei Yingying gritting his teeth.
Before, she only saw through the light screen the terrifying strength displayed by Ying Xing in the secret realm copy.
That is, through the light screen The light screen can also sense some power.
But only after the actual battle did
Lei Qianqing know how strong Ying Xing’s swordsmanship level is!
That is a realm that she will never reach in her entire life!
Knife and sword , although there are certain differences in techniques and usage methods.
However, the technical realm of the two is similar.
Therefore, when the Zhili Sword and the Dream Yixin clash, the skills between the two collide.
Lei Movie Only then could he realize that the man in front of him was far more terrifying than he had imagined!
The collision of forces between the two, and the horrific aftermath caused by it, made Yixin Pure Land unable to support it any longer.
As a result, the space began to collapse, revealing the outside world again.
The next moment, Ying Xing pressed hard.
With a bang, Lei Xingqing was instantly repulsed!
In the process of retreating, her figure was forced to smash many building walls of the castle tower.
With the filled smoke, it gradually dissipated.
Whether it was Ying Xing or They were some of the residents who had been ordered to take shelter early.
They could all see Lei Movie kneeling on one knee, barely keeping her body alive.
In addition, the dream in her hand was inserted into the ground, plowing a path hundreds of meters away. deep ravine
“You lose.”
Seeing that Lei Qianqian was defeated by him, Ying Xing said lightly. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Lei Qianqian gasped slightly and used all his strength to stand up again.
“I lost this battle”
“As a reward for the winner, you can ask me for anything you want, or any request.”
Although Raiden’s character is very stubborn, if he can defeat her in martial arts, then Leiden’s will will also change due to the other party.
Even if this change will cause the puppet of General Raiden to resist, She will also act consistently
“Next time”
“By the way, your sword has lingering thoughts. It is a very special existence, and it seems to be one with you.”
“Perhaps there is a way to revive it by participating in the next secret realm dungeon.”
In the collision of swords and techniques,
Ying Xing was keenly aware of the residual thoughts that resided in the heart of the dream.
There is no doubt that that is Raiden’s sister, Raiden Shin.
Although Raiden Shin has not been completely eliminated, she The residual thoughts are too fragile.
Unless you can get some kind of reward from the secret realm copy, it will be difficult to revive it.
Even Yingxing cannot use the vitality of the Order of Abundance to revive it.
Moreover, the power of Abundance, It has a very heavy price.
Therefore, from the beginning, Ying Xing never thought of using the power of abundance to help Raiden truly resurrect.
Not only was there no way, but there was also no reason to help.[]
“Sad? Is it true?”
Hearing Ying Xing’s words, Lei Qianqian’s expression suddenly changed.
At the same time, a burst of hope slowly burned in his lifeless heart. If Zhen could come back to her, then no matter what the reason, she Everyone must participate in the next secret realm dungeon!
One month passed in a blink of an eye.
During this period, due to the emergence of the secret realm survival game, there was huge turmoil in the entire Teyvat continent.
Most people were thinking of ways to Improve the strength of the participants.
They even give away some very precious items.
After all, what the participants represent is related to the country behind the other party!
If something goes wrong with the other party in the secret realm copy, what will happen to the other party behind them? For all countries, it is a huge catastrophe!
In addition, the replacement of teammates also makes each country very concerned.
Only Mondstadt and Liyue are the most confusing.
Because the two countries The new members of the team were a bard who had nothing to do, and the guest of the Palace of the Past. The guest of the Palace of the Past could barely understand.
After all, the other party was very knowledgeable and had unique insights into most things.
Perhaps Can provide academic help to the team.
But the bard is the most confusing.
If it weren’t for Captain Qin and Grandpa Diluc, I firmly recommend it.
The Mondstadt people would probably destroy the Knights.
Maple Dan replaced the supreme judge, Navilette.
Most people didn’t know Navilette’s identity and strength.
But for five hundred years, the other party had been presiding over the trial, so his identity and strength should not be underestimated. Mi’s scholars gave up many unspeakable plans and decided to let the Grass God take the position of the new member.
There has been no news from Zhidong.
It doesn’t matter whether the Ice God has taken action or not.
The Fool Executives under him, and those in the high seats, are all very terrifying existences!
Therefore, the most fearless thing in the Winter Kingdom is that no strong person will take action.
It is worth mentioning that although the lady was burned in the secret copy, Do your best.
But because you exited the dungeon in time, you were reluctantly empowered by the Ice God again to suppress it.
Therefore, Ms., will still represent the Winter Team.
In addition, the news that Ying Xing defeated Inazuma Raijin also spread To the entire continent of Teyvat.
Most people are extremely shocked by this. After all, although the Thunderbird in the secret realm looks very powerful, most of the creatures in Teyvat who are watching through the live broadcast of the light screen cannot feel the terror of the opponent. But once you switch to Thor, one of the Seven Gods, it will be different.
The Seven Gods are powerful existences that cannot be erased from the hearts of all humans.
Therefore, the news that Ying Xing defeated Thor had a huge repercussions.
In addition , , countless people were looking for Ying Xing during this period.
Either to repay their kindness or to invite him to join the force.
However, since Ying Xing defeated the God of Thunder, he disappeared, as if this person had never been in this world.
Therefore, countless people’s search can not be harvested after all.
【The secret survival game is launched again! 】
As the sound came from the sky, the light screen appeared again.
All living beings in the Teyvat continent are aware that the second secret realm copy has begun!
【Except for the special detection team, the other teams have made adjustments and officially announced the list of participants for this secret realm copy!】
【Mondstadt team: Diluc, Jean, Kelly, Wendy!】
【Liyue team: Mandrill, Gan Yu, Beidou, Zhongli!】
【Inazuma team: Yae Kamiko, Kujo Sora, Coral Palace Shinkai, Thunder Movie!】
【Xumi (very good) team: Alhaysen, Tinari, Xeno, Nasida!】
【Fontaine team: Leosley, Linny, Navia, Navelle!】
【Winter Team: Skirmisher, Lady, Young Master, Doctor!】
【Special team: Mona, Xiangling, Funina, Yingxing!】
【The list of participants has been officially announced, and the second secret realm copy has officially opened! ]
Along with the light screen in the sky, seven independent live broadcast interfaces emerged.
All participants were also transported to the secret realm copy.
On a snowy ice field, four figures suddenly appeared.
Ying Xing opened his eyes and found that he had indeed arrived at the secret dungeon, and there were three girls, Funina, nearby.
Not waiting for his reaction.
Information about the second secret realm copy began to appear before their eyes.
【All participants have arrived at the secret realm dungeon and are now introducing information about this secret realm dungeon!】
【Secret Dungeon: Yaliluo No. 6 – Extremely Dangerous Mode! (The status has been greatly promoted)】
【Introduction: A secret realm created based on part of the planet Yalilo 6. The monster strength is slightly improved, the treasure chest rewards are slightly increased, and the environment is permanently changed to an extremely cold environment! dragon】
【Background: The planet has gradually fallen into ice under the erosion of the star core. There are many areas where cracks and creatures exist. However, in the world covered by ice and snow, there is still a glimmer of hope.】
【Changes to the Secret Realm: Star Core will continue to affect the Secret Realm dungeon, gradually reducing the scope of activities, and adding neutral characters: Dan Heng, Xing, March 7】
【Dungeon Rule 1: Every time a member of the team is eliminated, the remaining members will bear a certain amount of punishment (the specific punishment method will be determined based on the situation of each member))】
【Dungeon Rule 2: Any team can seek help from neutral characters. They are beings from higher dimensions and have the power to control their destiny.】
【Dungeon Rule 3: When all teams are eliminated to one team, or the star core is silenced, the level can be cleared!】
【Notice! Defeat the incarnation of the star core and silence it to receive super rewards!】
【The second Secret Survival Dungeon has officially begun! 】.

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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
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Ying Xing travels through the Teyvat awakening playing system and plays the star core hunter Blade. Challenge General Thunder to a royal duel at the beginning! However, a game related to the fate of the country suddenly came, and the seven mortal nations were involved, and Ying Xing also became a selected one. But he is a special eighth team, his teammates are Mona, Xiangling and Funina! Quotes from Funina: "If I take action, wouldn't it be unfair to other players?" "As the God of Justice, I will implement justice in everything I do!" "So for the sake of justice, I leave these minions to you!" ... after a while: "Help me, Mr. Ying Xing!


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