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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina Chapter 74

Secret realm copy information is not only visible to all participants.
Even the creatures on the continent of Teyvat can see the contents.
【Hutao: Great promotion in the Hall of Rebirth, buy one get one free, don’t miss it if you pass by!】
【Paimon: Hey! Why was Hutao replaced from Liyue’s team? I thought it might be Beidou or Ganyu】
【Hutao: I can’t help it. I have the lowest strength in the team, so I naturally have to give way. But it’s good this way. Finally, I don’t have to take risks, and I can also watch other people’s performances.】
【Hutao: By the way, let me see what Zhongli is capable of, and he can be so firmly recommended by the Great Sage of Conquering Demons!】
【Paimon: Ah, hasn’t Zhongli said anything yet? I thought he told that thing】
【Paimon: But don’t worry, Zhongli is definitely the most reliable person in Liyue!】
【Keqing: Listening to what you said, Paimon, do you know some truth?】
【Ningguang: I see. Although I had some guesses before, with this information, I already know the identity of Mr. Zhongli.】
【Keqing: What is your identity?】
【Ning Guang: You will know after reading it】
【Lisa: In contrast, I am more curious about what the planet Yalilo 6 is. Is it another world outside this world?】
【Ying: Literally, that’s true, but it looks like a world on the verge of doomsday.】
【Ying: Split world, split world creature, and star core. This is the first time I have heard these words. However, the promotion of the secret realm dungeon means that this secret realm is definitely more terrifying than the Heguan secret realm dungeon!】
【Kamisato Ayaka: There is another very crucial piece of information, that is, neutral characters】
【Kamisato Ayaka: According to the current information, every neutral character has the power of destiny. Does this mean that the world they live in is the same as Mr. Ying Xing?】
【Arataki Ito: Isn’t it? If they knew Ying Xing, wouldn’t it be too cheating!】
【Kuki Shinobu: If this is the case, then the already powerful Mr. Yingsei, coupled with the assistance of neutral figures, even if participants from other countries join forces, they will not be able to defeat the special team!】
【Lisa: Don’t worry. If this is the case, then the secret survival game will lose its competitiveness and fairness.】
【Lisa: Another possibility is that if those three neutral characters don’t know Mr. Ying Xing, or even have bad relations with each other, maybe other teams can use their strength to compete with Te Xiao】
【Nilu: Miss Lisa’s analysis is indeed very reasonable, but no matter what the situation is, I hope everyone will be safe!】
【Clolind: Anyway, if you continue watching 660, you will know the answer. 】
the other side.
After arriving at the secret realm dungeon and reading the secret realm dungeon information.
Ying Xing’s eyes suddenly glowed with excitement!
Dan Heng!
As the reincarnation of the Vidyadhara Dragon Lord Drinking Moon Lord Dan Feng.
Although he joined the Star Train, became an unknown passenger, and gained the power to open up his own destiny.
But there is always a very terrifying power in his body – the power of immortal destiny!
That is the innate power of the Vidyadhara clan, and it is also the ability possessed by the descendants of the immortal star gods.
If you can hunt down the opponent, force the opponent to use this power again.
Then Ying Xing will definitely be able to complete the performance in a short period of time!
After all, after transforming into Lord Yin Yue, Dan Heng’s strength was extremely terrifying.
With the opponent’s strength, he can definitely kill Ying Xing, thus greatly improving his performance progress.
Another point is.
Ben Ben has been chasing Dan Heng.
Such behavior will definitely improve Ying Xing’s acting progress.
When these two factors are added together.
Yingxing’s goal becomes very clear.
That is to hunt down Dan Heng!
Although it is not clear about Danheng, March Seven and Star.
Why was it added to the Secret Realm dungeon and became a neutral character.
But Yingxing now has Danheng as his top priority.
“Hiss, why does it feel like the environment here is colder than Longji Snow Mountain!”
At this moment, Mona’s body was trembling a little.
Although the environment of this secret copy is not as underworld as the last Crane View, almost the entire map has thick fog blocking the view.
But this time the extremely cold environment, even if Even Mona, who had received a huge increase in all attributes, felt the cold that penetrated into her soul.
Not only her, but also Xiang Ling and Fu Nina felt this way.
But compared to Mona and Xiang Ling, Fu Nina’s body was a little thinner I’m trembling too, pretending to be doing nothing here
“Use the power of destiny to cover your whole body to avoid cold.”
Seeing the appearance of the three girls, Ying Xing couldn’t help but remind them.
After hearing this, the three girls of Funina immediately used the power of destiny to wrap their bodies.
Soon, they were surprised to find that with the resistance of the power of destiny, it turned out that They can no longer feel the cold!
It’s just that with the power of destiny they possess, they cannot withstand the cold brought by the extremely cold environment for a long time like Ying Xing.
After all, although they have successfully embarked on the path of destiny, this time is very short. They are short-lived and cannot gain too much power from their destiny.
In contrast, Wumingke does not have such worries. (cjfj)
Because as long as they join the star train, the power to open up their destiny will always be open to them.
Even if The Star God of Pioneer disappeared inexplicably.
But as long as the Path of Destiny has not been assimilated or replaced by other paths of destiny, then the power of Path of Destiny, even if it becomes less than before, can still be open to the unknown guests. The journey embarked on by the three girls of Funina The destiny is different.
Unless they can walk further, they can gain more power from the path corresponding to their destiny.
Therefore, if they want to resist the cold, it is best to get heating equipment.
Of course, this does not mean that their destiny power Unable to recover.
It’s just that the speed of recovery cannot keep up with the speed of consumption.
“By the way, Ying Xing, where have you been during this time? Everyone can’t find a trace of you even if they want to look for you.”
After successfully resisting the cold, Fu Nina looked at Ying Xing with a faint look.
She had prepared a grand banquet to welcome Ying Xing’s arrival.
However, the other party did not come to Fontaine at all.
She even sent people to search the whole place No one can find the other party in the Teyvat continent.
“Crane view.”
Ying Xing responded lightly.
“Crane view?”
Funina and the three girls heard this, their expressions were a little confused.
After experiencing the last dungeon, most people have a psychological shadow on Heguan.
Even the Heguan on the Tiyvat continent is far inferior to the secret realm dungeon. So terrifying.
But thinking about the tragic situation that participants representing various countries encountered in the secret dungeon made countless people look away from Inazuma’s Tsuruguan Island.
This also led to the Teyvat continent that was like an uproar.
Only Heguan is the only pure place.
No wonder everyone searched the Teyvat continent but could not find Yingxing.
Who would have thought that Yingxing actually went to Heguan Island!
Then, Yingxing came from the Wind Elemental God From the storage space of the Eye, he took out an aqua blue one-handed sword.
This one-handed sword is called the Glory of Still Water.
Although in the game, this is Funina’s special weapon.
Its background It is also related to the first generation of water gods and pure water knights five hundred years ago.
But after Ying Xing’s creation, this weapon is far more powerful than the real brilliance of still water!
The biggest difference is that this weapon The one-handed sword can drive elemental power and destiny power at the same time, allowing the user to exert more powerful power.
“for you.”
Ying Xing directly threw this weapon to Funina.
“This is……What a weapon!”
“But this gift is too expensive, right? I can’t accept it.”
Funina has received many improvements in swordsmanship.
Not long after she touched the brilliance of still water, she can understand how valuable this weapon is! Even the weapons of gods may not be as good as this divine weapon!
Knowing the value of this weapon, Funina couldn’t accept it with peace of mind even though she longed to own such a weapon. After all,
Ying Xing had provided them with too much help. She probably wouldn’t be able to do so in this life. After paying off, how can I get this super-high-level magic weapon again?
“Then throw it away.”
Ying Xing is indifferent to this.
In the eyes of Funina and even many people, the artifact of inestimable value, the Glory of Still Water.
It is just a work of practice that Ying Xing casually forged.
During this period of time, he I often stay in Heguan, mainly making the super-large Jinren Siyan.
Compared with the super-large Jinren Siyan, the brilliance of still water flowing out seems relatively ordinary.
Of course, this does not mean that Ying Xing is in In terms of forging weapons, it is not as good as making mechanical objects.
The main reason is that there are no good materials, so the value of the still water flowing brilliance is not as valuable as the super large golden man Si Yan.
Then, Ying Xing didn’t care whether Funina accepted the weapon or not. Weapons.
He closed his eyes and began to sense through the passing dragon arm.
This piece of illusory equipment was a pair before entering the rift and being constructed again.
Except for this one, the other The wrist guard is in Dan Heng’s hand.
Therefore, Ying Xing only needs to lock it through this relic.
He can always find Dan Heng’s location.
“Got you……Yin Yuejun!”
After successfully locking Dan Heng’s position. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Ying Xing suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a ferocious bloody light, and an unconcealed excited smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Tightly Then, he began to move in the direction of Dan Heng.
On the other side, although the three girls of Funina did not know exactly what Ying Xing had discovered, when they saw the other party starting to move forward, they all followed immediately.
In addition,
Funina , naturally it is impossible to throw away the brilliance of still water.
So she can only keep it now, and then share it with Ying Xing when she gets something good.
Somewhere on the ice field, a figure is walking aimlessly Walking.
Strange, why is there an ominous premonition?
Dan Heng felt an inexplicable uneasiness in his heart, and couldn’t help but frown.
Could it be that he is here too?
No! This shouldn’t be possible. After all, it’s just me, March, and Xing. , was selected by this inexplicable survival game.
The uneasiness in his heart made Dan Heng inexplicably think of that man.
That madman who could be resurrected and come back after dying countless times no matter how he penetrated and stabbed him!
Starting from the time he had memories after reincarnation.
Dan Heng There is nothing that I feel afraid of or afraid of.
Only the madman who cannot be killed no matter how hard I kill him.
The madman who chases him over and over again.[]
This gave Dan Heng an unprecedented sense of fear.
Even just seeing that person’s name and appearance.
He will have an immediate stress reaction!
In short, let’s find Xinghe March first.
Suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, Dan Heng continued to walk on the endless ice field.
Originally they were a group of unknown guests.
Soon after joining Xing, he was ready to leave the Black Tower Space Station and explore the next world.
But for some reason, a game called Secret Survival suddenly focused on them.
And teleport them to this secret realm copy.
Although here, they don’t need to do any tasks.
There are no mandatory rules to bind them.
They only need to wait until the secret realm copy is cleared, then they can leave here, return to the train, and even get certain rewards.
But he has been unable to connect with the outside world.
In addition, this game of unknown origin made Dan Heng feel very bad.
Although it is unclear when this secret realm copy will be cleared.
But as long as the safety of March Seven and Star is ensured, it will be fine.
So he continued on his journey of search.
In another universe.
Ji Zi, Walter and others who were on the star train also felt worried about Dan Heng and others.
Unlike those on the Teyvat continent, they have a light screen to see what’s going on in the secret realm copy.
So I was naturally worried about the disappearance of the three people.
But now, they can no longer wait for the return of the three of them.
“In this secret realm, even the demon god’s body can’t completely block the coldness of the harsh environment?”
At the foot of a snow-capped mountain somewhere.
Lei Yingying felt a chill from the biting cold wind and couldn’t help frowning.
Although the level of status makes the gap between elemental power and destiny power huge.
But As a top demon, Raikage also has a high resistance to the coldness of this secret realm.
However, this is the first time since her birth that she has experienced the cold on her body.
Beside her are Yae Shenzi and Kujo Sanora. , Coral Palace Heart Sea.
They don’t have the same resistance as Rai Movie.
So when a gust of cold wind blows, they can’t help but tremble.
Seeing this scene, Rai Movie will take back the magic weapon from Yae Shenzi. He took out the Heart of God.
Through the drive of his own will, the power contained in the Heart of God clung to the bodies of the three women to protect them from the cold.
But this was not a long-term solution. The only way was to find heating equipment. , can truly keep out the cold.
As for the Inazuma team, why did you choose to replace Ayato Kamisato?
This is to allow the other party to maintain the stability of Inazuma. To avoid Inazuma, what will happen when Lei Movie and others participate in the secret realm copy? Unexpected.
Except for Inazuma’s team
, the situation for teams from other countries is roughly the same.
It’s just that Wendy and Zhongli, who have lost the Heart of God, can only use their own strength to protect the members of the team from the cold.
In comparison , the situation in winter,���There are different.
The lady has regained the power given by the Ice God, and has certain advantages in keeping out the cold.
But this very harsh environment also made her feel very uncomfortable.
Skirmishers and Doctors, though, are also affected by the environment.
But their bodies are relatively special, and the pressure they endure is not particularly great.
Only the young master is resisting the cold with his righteousness
“No matter what, you still have to find shelter or heating equipment.”
The doctor tried to start the small heater and found that the brand-new equipment was as broken and unusable.
This made him change his mind to another idea.
That was to speed up the exploration of this secret copy and find the heating equipment.
In his view Come on, the background of the secret realm dungeon suggests that the glimmer of hope mentioned may mean that there are a lot of heating equipment in this secret realm.
Thinking of this, bodies suddenly appeared on the doctor’s body. Some of these bodies were young. , some are old, some are middle-aged, etc.
These dozens of figures are all slices of the doctor, representing his self at different ages and times.
“Hey, we have to be here to explore this matter, right?”
“Next time if you have any new research materials, remember to give them to me first”
“You really treat us as tools, right?”
The slices each have independent thinking abilities and ideas. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are real human beings.
However, these slices only complained verbally, then dispersed and began to explore.
However, it didn’t take long , a message prompt suddenly spread throughout the secret realm copy
【A special team triggers a random mission! 】
It took a lot of time to conceive the plot, so I’m sorry for the belated update!.

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Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

Genshin Impact Playing as Blade, teammate Funina

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
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Ying Xing travels through the Teyvat awakening playing system and plays the star core hunter Blade. Challenge General Thunder to a royal duel at the beginning! However, a game related to the fate of the country suddenly came, and the seven mortal nations were involved, and Ying Xing also became a selected one. But he is a special eighth team, his teammates are Mona, Xiangling and Funina! Quotes from Funina: "If I take action, wouldn't it be unfair to other players?" "As the God of Justice, I will implement justice in everything I do!" "So for the sake of justice, I leave these minions to you!" ... after a while: "Help me, Mr. Ying Xing!


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