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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um Chapter 212

212, Fufu punishes the snake and the snake for undressing?

——[Ordinary Live Room]:

“I’m going??”

“This Mebius is too good at it, isn’t it?!”

“Good fellow, this is the essence of Elysia!”

“No, no, this is better than blue!”

“You can start a sect!”

“One thing to say, Mebius is really astringent!”


“Both in voice and in shape!”

“It’s all a must!

“It’s hard not to agree!”

“Who can withstand this!”

“If I face Mebius, even if there is danger ahead, I can’t help it!”

“Especially the last one who shouted for mercy and was still panting, MD woo woo, I envy Lin Feng so much!”


“Shouldn’t you envy Mei Yi?”


“You forgot that Mebius is at Lin Feng’s house now?!”

“Lord Lin Feng specially resurrected her!”


“I’m really sour!”

“By the way, do you think we have Teyvat worse than Mebius?”



“It’s like… Not a single one?”

“Blanch… ”

“We have a lot of Teyvat in good shape, but you have to say if there is anything more astringent than Mebius… I really can’t think of it. ”

“It’s okay, no matter how astringent it is, it’s Lord Lin Feng’s!”

“6, what the method of spiritual victory. ”

——[VIP Live Room]:

[Raiden Mei Yi: …]

[Raiden Mei: I can’t stand it. 】

[Kiana: This voice, oh – disgusting!]

[Funina: +1!]

[Vervi: +1~]

[Ying: Eh, is that so?]

[Ying: Although she is a bad woman, she is really cute!(Navia drools~)]

[Keqing: Pay attention to your face. 】

[Mona: +1.] 】

[Final Sister: +1!]

[Mebius: Ying, oops, it’s better to be Sister Ying~]

[Funina: Mebius, praise her in front of me?]

[Funina: Believe it or not, I’m going to strip you naked now!]

[Ying: ???]

【Pardo Felis: ???】

[Velvet: ???]

[Mebius: Okay~ Lin Feng, you must not peek at that big brother~]

[Funina: ???]

[Ying: ???]

[Keqing: ???]

[Kiana: ???]

[Delisa: Shameless!]

[Bronya: +1!]

[Raiden Mei Ai: +1!]

[Mona: +1!]

【Lin Feng:…..】

——[Live Screen]:

In the Hall of Elysium.

“Actually, my engraving is a little different from others… Especially when it comes to the way of transmission. ”

“It’s better to… Shall we go a little deeper?”

“Infinite engraving….. I’ll find the best way for you and give it to you. ”

Mebius still encouraged Mei with that cute voice.


Mei was silent.

“Ah, look who’s coming, isn’t this dear Dr. Mebius?”

“I didn’t expect to meet you here, I thought… You’ll only be in the green places. ”

At this moment,

Elysia suddenly ran over and teased.

“….. Elysia. ”

Mebius Stone’s face was cold.

——[Ordinary Live Room]:

“Poof! I’m laughing to death!” (read the violent novel, go to the Feilu Novel Network!)


“Elysia is really good at complaining about people!”

0 begging for flowers

“Haha, I thought you would only show up in green places. ”

“Tsk, this smell of gunpowder!”

“What a happy couple!”

——[VIP Live Room]:

[Funina: Haha, that’s a curse!]

[Kiana: +1!]

[Funina: Shameless! I was just scaring you, do you really want to seduce my man?]

[Funina: Think beautiful!]

[Mebius: But the big brother’s eyes just now obviously want to see it~]

[Mebius: (Navia is wronged by Baba~)]

[Lin Feng: ……]

[Funina: Lin Feng ???]

[Funina: Speak, do you really want to see it? Don’t play dead!]

[Ying: +1!]

[Keqing: +1!]

[Kamisato Ayaka: +1…..]

——[Live Screen]:

“It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“However, Mei and I agreed that we would do something fun together. ”

“Hey, I’m sorry, I can’t accompany you~”

Elysia said apologetically.


Mebius was silent.

“Okay, can you give her back to me?”

“We have an appointment. ”

Elysia urged.

“Elysia, what does this have to do with you?”

Mebius’s voice became a little cold.

“Hmm… Friendships? The kind that is very good?”

“Still, the super good kind?”

“Mei, what do you think?”

Elysia asked mischievously.

“…… Hmph, shut up. ”

Mebius gritted his teeth and said:

“If I were you, I wouldn’t be showing my face everywhere like this…”

“Betrayer. ”

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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Genshin Impact: The Second Creation of the Society’s Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Umbrella urgent!People are in Fontaine!She wore it late at night and went to the bed of Water Goddess Funina. She was caught on the spot and thrown into prison. The trial is about to begin! Right in prison, the second Q&A live broadcast room is here! Focusing on the two social creations, the entire Teywat will be exposed through Q&A! Wendy: You asked me to wear such astringent clothes to dance in the Pure Land?! Morax: My name is really not Zhong Li... Keqing: Don't rush me to sell beef offal. Again, I am Liyue Qixing!! Shadow: I didn’t cry and fuss because I couldn’t eat the three-colored dumplings! Kelai: I’m really not a little black guy! Funina: That... thing was definitely not what Lin Feng used on me!Yes, it must be Lin Feng’s fault!I will judge you now! However, Lin Feng had already hidden in the live broadcast room, relying on the information gap to answer questions frantically, and gained invincible strength! By the time Funina discovered her identity, it was already too late!


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