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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um Chapter 213

213, the snake is not pretending?Fufu is shocked!Is Elysia a betrayer?(Please customize!)

——[Ordinary Live Room]:


“Isn’t that a stone hammer?”

“Elysia is a betrayer?”

“Betrayed what?”

“The Moth of Fire?”

“Or is she Mebius?”

“emmm, based on the attitudes of the other heroes, I think the latter is more likely?”


“After all, the other heroes talk to Ellie very well. ”

“It’s hard to say!”

“This Elysia is clearly hiding a lot of things!”

“It is estimated that he is undoubtedly the biggest villain!”

——[VIP Live Room]:

[Ying: Betrayer? What did you betray?]

[Funina: Mebius, speak quickly!]

[Hu Tao: Curious!]

[Keqing: +1]

[Kiana: +1!]

[Delisa: +1.] 】

[Mebius: Big sister, it’s very rude to say bad things about people behind your back~]

[Mebius: Big sister, if you really want to know, you might as well ask Elysia in person~]

[Funina: Even if she wasn’t banned, she wouldn’t be able to say it.] 】

[Funina: Forget it, I’ll still ask you, listen to me- (Kafka’s words)]

[Funina: Tell me who Elysia betrayed!]


[Funina: ???]

[Funina: Wait, why doesn’t it work?!]

[Mebius: Big Sister~]

[Mebius: Do you really think that your little mental power can control me~]

[Ying: Good guy, then you still pinch her feet?]

[Ying: Able to bend and stretch, 6!]

– [Attention!]

– [Now continue to play the plot related to Mebius!]

——[Live Screen]:


“What are you talking about, I’m not Sue, I can’t see what will happen in the future. ”

“But I believe in myself, I believe in Elysia, just as I believe in everyone here, including you. ”

“Eh, wait… Could it be that … Betrayer, referring to Mei Yi’s business?”

“Don’t think like that!”

“I still have you in my heart!”

After Elysia pretended to be surprised,

He hurriedly argued. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


“Listen, new little girl (impatient tone)….. Ah, no, it’s a big sister who can discharge, you have to be careful of this person. (Crispy, crispy sound)”

“In the Elysian Past, she will always be the least trustworthy, if only a little. ”

Mebius said instantly and concisely0 ..

“I’m not going to take the answer anyone forces on me, I’m going to find it myself. ”

Raiden Mei said.

“….. Hehe~”

“I’m not going to spend my time and mind convincing you. ”

“That was just a kind reminder. ”

“But you’d better be smart, or you’ll pay for it sooner or later. ”

“Hmph, yes. ”

“We… All have paid the price for this. ”

Mebius said meaningfully,

And it was gone.

“Whew—it was dangerous. ”

“Mebius always did something more than I could have imagined. ”

“It’s a pity that I just can’t hate her, and I can’t say anything bad about her. ”

Elysia feigned relief.


“But it seems to me that your relationship is not as harmonious as you say5.3. ”

Raiden Mei disagreed.

“Oh, I really like her, you see, it’s a little one, people can’t help but want to bully, how cute~”

Elysia laughed.

“So, about the betrayer in her mouth …”

Raiden Mei looked at Elysia,

Trying to find out.

“Uh-huh. ”

Elysia chuckled,

Didn’t speak again.

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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Genshin Impact: The Second Creation of the Society’s Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Umbrella urgent!People are in Fontaine!She wore it late at night and went to the bed of Water Goddess Funina. She was caught on the spot and thrown into prison. The trial is about to begin! Right in prison, the second Q&A live broadcast room is here! Focusing on the two social creations, the entire Teywat will be exposed through Q&A! Wendy: You asked me to wear such astringent clothes to dance in the Pure Land?! Morax: My name is really not Zhong Li... Keqing: Don't rush me to sell beef offal. Again, I am Liyue Qixing!! Shadow: I didn’t cry and fuss because I couldn’t eat the three-colored dumplings! Kelai: I’m really not a little black guy! Funina: That... thing was definitely not what Lin Feng used on me!Yes, it must be Lin Feng’s fault!I will judge you now! However, Lin Feng had already hidden in the live broadcast room, relying on the information gap to answer questions frantically, and gained invincible strength! By the time Funina discovered her identity, it was already too late!


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