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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um Chapter 214

214. Mebius: Klein killed me?

——[Ordinary Live Room]:

“Good fellow, this Elysia, Mebius is flirtatious!”

“Haha, I still have you in my heart!”

“I can’t be angry if I want to!”

“Laugh to death!”

“Big sister who can discharge?”

“Mei Yi: Are you polite?”

“Absolutely, Ellie and Mebius are so happy to be together!”

“Ever since I listened to them, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t speak at all!”


“It turns out that language still has such a charm!”

“It’s not like I’ll just say I’m blanching!”

“I’m the same!”

“Mei Yi is pretty good at it!”05 “I won’t accept the answer that anyone forced me on, I’ll find it myself, if I do, I’m afraid I’m already entangled in going with Ellie or Mebius!”


“Laughing to death, in summary, the words of these two women are not credible!”


“Why is it familiar?”

“This foolish kung fu!”

“Good fellow, Wendy is what you learned, right?!”

“But I really care, what price did Mebius pay for?”

“And all of the heroes involved?”

“The Riddler is so hateful!”


——[VIP Live Room]:

[Kiana: Puff hahaha, big sister who can discharge ~~~~!]

[Raiden Mei Yi: …]

[Raiden Mei Yi: (Navia’s face is black丨丨)]

[Kiana: Ah, ahem, Mei Yi, I’m joking, don’t be angry!]

[Ying: Shadow, the sister who can discharge~ How is it in the Honkai world?]

[Ying: Is your dinner ready?]

[Shadow: … Not. 】

[Kiana: _]

Kiana: Don’t talk about it, we’re all starving. 】

[Kiana: Mei Yi, I really want to eat your cooking!]

[Lin Feng: Kiana, then I’ll take her over?]

[Kiana: Don’t, don’t, you, you’re allowed to come!]

[Kiana: Just let Mei come back!]

[Kiana: (Navia is terrified!)]

[Immeasurable Tower Himeko: Lin Feng, don’t listen to her, the dormitory is under my control, I agree with you to come!]

[Teresa: Himeko!I’m the head of the school, I refuse!]

[Lin Feng: Am I so terrible?]

[Returning sister: Lin Feng, do you want to see how many wives you have now???] (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

[Lin Feng: Funina, wife, help me count?]

[Funina: (Navia’s face is black丨丨]

[Ying: Lin Feng, it’s really shameless!]

[Keqing: +1!]

[Kiana: +1!]

[Final Sister: +1!]

[Delisa: +1!]

– [Attention!]

– [Now continue to play the plot related to Mebius!]

——[Live Screen]:

In the halls of Elysium,

Raiden Mei is talking to Sue.

“Sue, between you and Klein….. It seems that there was some misunderstanding?”

“Before she showed up, I rarely saw you take the initiative to talk to other people. ”

Raiden Mei asked.


After Su pondered for a while,

There was a long sigh.

This is a very rare situation.

“….. Bad karma is hard to turn around. ”

Sue said.

(Mei Yi: Bad karma? )

“Sue, you once told me about the special things about the Psychic Fusion Warrior… 410…You are better suited to dealing with a thinking enemy. ”

“The Moth of Fire… Actually, you didn’t deceive Mebius?”

“The real Klein is indeed you…”

Raiden Mei asked hesitantly.

“….. You can think so, visitor. ”

“What is the difference between being able to save but not being saved, and doing it with your own hands?”

Sue said.

(Mei Yi: No, the one who killed Klein…. It’s not him ….. )

“When Klein killed Mebius, I didn’t know that she had become one of the individuals of the Tenth Law. ”

Sue explained.

“Kill Mebius, the still human Klein?”

“No one ever mentioned it to me. ”

Raiden Mei was surprised.

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Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Genshin Impact The Second Creation of the Societys Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Um

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Genshin Impact: The Second Creation of the Society’s Death, the Water God Likes to Bring a Little Umbrella urgent!People are in Fontaine!She wore it late at night and went to the bed of Water Goddess Funina. She was caught on the spot and thrown into prison. The trial is about to begin! Right in prison, the second Q&A live broadcast room is here! Focusing on the two social creations, the entire Teywat will be exposed through Q&A! Wendy: You asked me to wear such astringent clothes to dance in the Pure Land?! Morax: My name is really not Zhong Li... Keqing: Don't rush me to sell beef offal. Again, I am Liyue Qixing!! Shadow: I didn’t cry and fuss because I couldn’t eat the three-colored dumplings! Kelai: I’m really not a little black guy! Funina: That... thing was definitely not what Lin Feng used on me!Yes, it must be Lin Feng’s fault!I will judge you now! However, Lin Feng had already hidden in the live broadcast room, relying on the information gap to answer questions frantically, and gained invincible strength! By the time Funina discovered her identity, it was already too late!


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