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Harem Overlord Chapter 432

‘I wonder how this will go…’ Kai thought as he appeared near the elemental spirits and unfroze them.
All of them suddenly woke up from their slumber as they looked at Kai with a surprised expression which was soon replaced with smiles.
‘Mariel, Levina, Hela, Aizza, Gaia, and Kazemi…’ Kai thought as he looked at the five elemental spirits in front of him.
Xingjeng, the spirit of wind was staying back at the realm since she was just a friend with benefits while Fanglin and Sierra, the elemental rulers of light and darkness were staying in their own special realm combined with the other realms.
“So, how do you guys want to do it?” Kai asked while looking from one face to another. He knew that though they were cooperative, it was going to rtake some serious brainstorming to find a fair way to finding who would go first.
Or at least that’s what he thought.
“Aizza and Hela will go last while me, Kazemi, Gaia and Levina are going to have a rock, paper, scissors match to see who will go first.” Mariel explained and much to Kai’s shock, the four of them started playing the game.
Aizza and Hela relaxed back as they summoned a floating couch and sat on top of it. The two of them then enjoyed the entire thing before the victors were out.
The first to go was Kazemi followed by Gaia, Mariel and Levina. Kai had no idea why the victors wanted to go later on but then, he didn’t mind it either way.
“Kai, please relax back.” Kazemi suddenly said as she pushed Kai down on the bed and bent forward.
She removed Kai’s clothes swiftly before grabbing the bottom of his cock with her hands and masturbating it a bit.
After it had hardened in her hands, Kazemi opened her mouth wide and swallowed it one go. She didn’t beat around the bush and started riding Kai’s cock with her mouth.
Her hands on the other hand went around her body and loosened her clothes and soon enough, she was lying naked at Kai’s knees. Her hands then played around with her breasts for show as she didn’t stop her head moments.
The others were also paying attention to this as Kai rolled his eyes.
‘Its as though they are watching some legendary event.’ He thought before suddenly grabbed Kazemi by the top of her head and pushing her head down completely on his cock.
He then shot his yang qi directly inside her mouth as Kazemi gagged a bit but due to her powers, she managed to swallow all of it in the end.
She then stood up and licked her lips clean before turning around and bending with her ass facing Kai. Kazemi then quickly lowered herself on Kai’s cock, moaning loudly in the process.
‘So that’s why they played the game. Whoever goes the first gets the least amount of time with me.’ Kai thought with a smile as he realized how hurriedly Kazemi was moving.
‘Well then, who am I to spoil their game.’ Without any warning, he suddenly thrust upwards into Kazemi’s cave and left her mouth hanging open.
He then released his yang qi inside her and finished her before turning his attention towards Gaia.
The spirit of Earth understood his look as Kazemi stepped off his cock and laid on the ground in peace.
Gaia gulped nervously as she removed her clothes and laid down on the bed in a passive manner. Kai smiled at this as he grabbed her thighs and rubbed them a bit to generate heat around her pussy.
Once he had done that, he pulled her thighs a bit further apart to see her cave. Kai then raised his hand in front of her cave as he pulled the folds apart with his fingers.
His fingers automatically closed around her clit and pinched the place hard, making Gaia jump up in pleasure and a small amount of pain.
The spirit of Earth was left moaning out loud before Kai proceeded with the next step and raised his body on the bed.
He aligned his cock with her tight pussy and in one go, entered her. He pounded her for some time before filling her up with his yang qi and picking her up from the bed.
Kai then placed her down beside Kazemi and looked at Mariel and Levina with a smile.
“I will take you both on at the same time. Don’t worry, you will get plenty of time and pleasure.” He grinned as the two of them nodded and moved closer to the bed.
Mariel and Levina then turned around and bent their asses in Kai’s direction. Levina was wearing white and golden robes which tightened around her ass and showed her panty lines.
Mariel on the other hand was wearing her usual clothes as her skirt had hiked up to her inner thighs. Only a few more inches and her panties would be made visible to Kai.
“Can you guess what color I am wearing?” Mariel asked in a teasing voice while raising her hands to the hem of her skirt.
Kai’s eyes suddenly passed through her skirt as he saw that she was going commando.
“You are not wearing any.” He replied with a smile as Mariel nodded and hiked up her skirt completely.
“Then its only fair that you punish me.” Mariel said with a grin as Kai raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.
Instead, he moved forward and raised his right hand before striking her ass.
“Ahh!” Mariel moaned loudly as Kai spanked her again.
“Me too!” Seeing Mariel in such ecstasy, Levina too wanted to enjoy it.
“You asked for it.” Kai replied before he brought his hand down on Levina’s still clothed ass and heard her moan lewdly.
He then squished her ass and started kneading it with perfection. Levina felt her pussy acting up a bit as Kai removed her robes and panties in succession before kneading her naked ass.
“Be ready.” He suddenly warned before raising his hands and striking both of their asses simultaneously. From there onwards, neither of them had no idea how much they moaned.
They were left panting with their asses completely red from spanking but Kai had some other things planned for them.
He climbed down the bed and grabbed Mariel’s waist tightly before plunging his cock inside them from behind. Once he had done that, the spirit of fire’s body was ignited with flames of lust as Kai started moving forward and backwards.
Mariel’s breasts swayed in the air as Kai soon finished her with filling her up. He then moved towards Levina and did the same thing with her.
Soon, both of the elemental rulers were lying on the floor as Kai turned his gaze towards the two floating in the air.
“Its your turn now.”
I am sorry but I cannot write anymore smut than these. Please use your imagination and right hand(left if you are left handed) for the rest of the smut. I will instead start afresh from the next chapter.
Happy reading!

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Harem Overlord

Harem Overlord

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Kai was the Harem Overlord, the owner of the universe's best harem.But the most powerful people in the universe killed his harem and sealed his cultivation.But they didn't know that the supposedly destroyed Harem wish still existed. Kai had used the wish to reincarnate himself and his lovers.But a curse also came with the wish in a pack. So as a bonus, Kai also cursed those men so that they will be killed by him and his lovers.But things went sideways as Kai somehow crash-landed on the mortal cultivation world, alone. His harem was spread out in the universe and Kai would have to find them.Follow him as he searches for his harem while trying to obtain their revenge.


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