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Harem Overlord Chapter 433

“I wonder how many kids I am going to have now…” Kai muttered as he looked around the hall to see most of his women fast asleep except two.
“You know, this is going to be a completely new experience for all of us. Kids, especially ours, are going to be extremely troublesome.” Ayaka muttered as she hovered beside.
“But in the end, they will be the things that will make sure that we have something to keep living for.” Mia added as Kai nodded.
“Mia,” he suddenly smiled while turning in her direction. “I fulfilled my promise well, didn’t I?”
“You built something that can last till the end of time and thus will make sure that we will be together for eternity,” Mia replied before pausing and lifting her eyes. “But do you think that any of us can live that long without losing our sanity and thus dying?”
“You never know. People can be complicated.” Kai replied with a smile before he stared above. The ceiling vanished and instead showed the beautiful space as Kai smiled widened a bit. “The future is unknown yet I am not afraid of it. Instead, I am excited to see it.”
“Oi, come here!” Ayaka’s voice suddenly resounded through the halls of a huge palace as she chased behind a kid flying at the speed of lightning.
“You can’t catch me mom!” The kid shouted while giggling as Ayaka’s jaw twitched a bit. She then released her cultivation and her speed suddenly increased to twice the speed of the kid.
“Son, I am one of the strongest people in the universe. You think a five year old like you can outrun me?” Ayaka asked with a smug look as she suddenly flicked her son’s forehead.
The five year old boy had purple hair and eyes, his hair more like Ayaka’s and his eyes more like Kai’s.
“Now, your father is allowing you and your cousins to battle him. Unless you want to miss the entire thing, you can keep running away and I won’t chase you. Otherwise…” Ayaka suddenly quietened as her son jumped up in excitement.
“No, I want to fight him! Take me there!” He said excitedly as Ayaka rubbed her forehead and vanished alongside her child.
The two of them then appeared in an open arena where numerous toddlers were standing down in the arena while a group of women were calmly watching them from the stands.
Ayaka quickly dropper her son down on the arena’s floor before joining the women sitting in the stands with a sigh.
“Now that all of you are here, I guess we can start the fight.” Kai suddenly spoke up as he rose above the group of children and looked at them with an interested expression.
He looked the same as he always had except for the fact that his eyes now contained a wisdom gathered with the powers he held.
“Lets go!” The same child from earlier shouted as he launched in the air, his body lighting with a purple glow.
He punched in Kai’s direction with all of his powers but Kai just yawned and moved aside.
“Just to be clear, I will only be using time powers so you guys have a high chance of managing to land a blow on me unless and until I slow time.” Kai announced as the group of children suddenly seemed fired up.
Six children with a vibrant range of hair and eye colors suddenly flew up before releasing their auras.
Fire, water, earth, lightning, life and death was release by all of them in succession thus marking their mothers as the elemental rulers.
On the other hand, seven children suddenly released a blood curdling aura as all of their eyes turned completely black.
Red marks appeared around their arms as they released their true demon forms and showed the power of their mothers, the seven sins.
“Hmm, so demonic.” A girl with white haired muttered before all of a sudden, two wings appeared behind.
A group of twin girls and a boy teamed up with her as they also had wings coming out of their backs. Their auras were completely opposite to those of the sins’ children as the two parties rose towards Kai.
A mix of demonic and angelic powers hit him as Kai smiled and twisted his palm in a weird manner. The attacks suddenly slowed down and in the blink of an eye, they shot back towards their owners.
“At least you guys can distract him.” A young girl with pink hair muttered as two wings appeared behind her. “Good thing I am here to take care of you or else who knows what would have happened.”
The pink girl then threw pills in the direction of the purple-haired boy, the sins’ and the angels’ children and used her powers to directly make the pills appear inside their mouths.
The young girl had learned how to craft pills from her mother as well as how to control her powers. She was none other than Risea’s child.
“And without me, you guys won’t have a plan.” A child with moon blond hair sighed as she looked at Kai. “Mother told me that papa loves caves. So I will create an ice cave for him to distract with.”
Both the women and Kai suddenly turned to stare at Mia who faked a cough.
“She overheard me talking with Himari about something important. Don’t blame me.” She replied before grinning. “Though this was the real distraction.”
Kai suddenly felt multiple powers popping all around him as he smiled and raised his hands together. He formed a circle with his palms before releasing a deep breath.
A purple ray of light suddenly shot from his palm and encircled him. All the incoming attacks suddenly paused in their directions as Kai joined his hands and attracted all of the attacks towards his hands.
They gathered together in his hand as Kai grinned.
“You are an eternity too young to defeat me. Time Maximus Reversia!” Suddenly, all of the attacks turned into attacks he had used in the past.
A few of them included the powerful slash he had used to destroy the Central Continent back at the mortal realm, the giant thunderbolt he had summoned while training on the elven realm, his seven sins attack as well as all the blessings he had used from the elemental spirits.
All of them had interchanged with the attacks of his children and in one universe lighting explosion, all of his children were defeated.
He had already managed to save them as he rewinded the condition the time to make the arena return. His kids then appeared on the arena again as he landed and smiled at them.
“Another loss…” The purple haired child muttered while pouting. “We will defeat you next time for sure!”
“You can keep in trying. After all, we have eternity in our hands.” Kai replied with a smile as he stared at the space.
His legend as the Harem Overlord was still ongoing but he had left titles behind long ago. Instead, he had been looking for happiness which he had finally achieved.
He held eternity in his hands alongside happiness.
As for how long?
Nobody knew…
And there it is. This novel has successfully ended with the exact same ending I had planned for it in the beginning,
Though there are so many plots holes, rushed scenes, bad writing, cringe things, etc in this novel, its the first thing that I wrote and finished.
I am very thankful to those who read till this point and followed the story from the end to the beginning, despite the many times I vanished.
Honestly, I was too tired from the constant writing and well, not succeeding xD. But I realized one important thing which made me publish this novel again and finish it.
I started writing originally to tell stories to people. I have finished telling one such story.
I am currently writing a webnovel spirity awards novel and have one planned for the future too. I don’t know how either of them will perform but I will be happy if you all can take a look at them.
Thank you for all the power stones, golden tickets, gifts, comments and reviews you guys have left. But most importantly, thank you for reading my novel.
I will see you guys in some of my other novels or perhaps, not see you again.
Regardless, happy reading to all of you!

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Harem Overlord

Harem Overlord

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Kai was the Harem Overlord, the owner of the universe's best harem.But the most powerful people in the universe killed his harem and sealed his cultivation.But they didn't know that the supposedly destroyed Harem wish still existed. Kai had used the wish to reincarnate himself and his lovers.But a curse also came with the wish in a pack. So as a bonus, Kai also cursed those men so that they will be killed by him and his lovers.But things went sideways as Kai somehow crash-landed on the mortal cultivation world, alone. His harem was spread out in the universe and Kai would have to find them.Follow him as he searches for his harem while trying to obtain their revenge.


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