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Heaven Officials Blessing Chapter 250

Huacheng is sick.
Although it is only a minor illness, it turns out that the ghost king will be sick. This is really amazing.
Therefore, when Xie pity returned to the Qianduan view, as usual to check the copybooks practiced in Huacheng, but he saw him with a reddish face, he was worried.
After pressing the flower city on the platform, it’s not bad. They both rolled on this spacious platform. They didn’t show any images anyway. They prayed for a hand and tried his cheeks and forehead. They were more worried: “It’s hot. what.”
Huacheng smiled and said: “I saw my brother is naturally hot. My brother will be hotter when he touches it again.”
Xie pity is a glimpse, and I have to work hard to pretend that my face is blushing, saying: “The sick mouth is still not so honest.”
Huacheng innocently said: “What did I say? I am very honest. Brother, don’t worry, little things, no problem.”
But thank you for listening, his voice is lower than usual, hoarse, and the eyebrows are also slightly tired, said: “Then rest well, I will be here with you these few days, waiting for you.”
After that, he took the pen and ink of the wording to the Shentai side, and Huacheng patted him and said: “Is my brother not coming to the stage to accompany me?”
When I came to the stage, I still have to come back. I don’t want to rest for a few days. Thanks and pity: “No, I’m too hard to work.”
Huacheng smiled and said: “Where, if it is a brother, how can Saburo work hard?”
Xie pity does not make trouble with him, concentrate on writing a copybook. Huacheng turned over and held his hand and stared at his face.
No matter how many times, thankfulness will be blushing by his gaze, quite uncomfortable: “…Sanlang, look at the copybook, not to see me.”
Huacheng sighed: “Brother, it doesn’t matter. I saw a headache when I saw this thing, but it was written by my brother, and I have to look at it. I may have gotten a lot of textbooks.”
Thanks to pity: “Where is this disease.”
Huacheng is very authentic: “It is better to look at my brother. My brother is much better than a copybook. Maybe I will look at it more.”
Thankful and helpless, I stopped the pen and shook my head. “How do you become more and more confused now? There is no formality in your mouth. Well, I know, listen to you, don’t read the post, then what to do?”
Huacheng Road: “In fact, you don’t have to do anything. You will stay with me like this. I won’t be able to use it for a long time.”
Thanks again, he touched his forehead. Although this person is the face of a handsome man, now he is so spoiled, let him think of the child in the warm nest in the winter, and find out the red face, the heart is very pity. After thinking about it, he said: “This way, I just received one thing today.”
He groaned in his sleeve and took out the same thing. He said: “This is the old book that I have received from people today. I am preparing to read it. I will tell you the story.”
In his hand is a long-time pamphlet, broken, yellow pages, with a strange book of ink, must be turned over countless times.
Huacheng said: “Don’t listen.”
Thank you for your pity: “Why?”
Huacheng lazily said: “In any case, the story is arranged to be the story of other priests. They are so clear about what happened to the sesame and rot of the sesame seeds. I have a clear understanding of what is going on, and I have to go to Gothic. Read it for me?”
Right. After all, Huacheng is a man who has mastered many black history in the Three Realms. Huacheng Road: “My brother really wants to read, it is better to read something else. For example, your own story.”
Thanks for the pity, said: “My business, is there anyone who knows more and sees more than you?”
Huacheng Road: “Tell me more, I want to hear. It is not enough to listen.”
Thanks for knowing that he was serious, and he took care of his cheeks. Inadvertently glanced again, and suddenly wondered: “Sanlang, it seems to really write you and me.”
“Is it?”
Thanks for turning over the book again, said: “Really. I have written a lot of red ghost kings and tattered immortals. Is this you and me?”
Huacheng also came to the interest, saying: “Oh? What to write?”
Xie Li is also very curious about how the folks will arrange him and Huacheng, so he opened the story collection and read it to Huacheng: “A long time ago, there was a big ghost king who loves to wear red. Although the ghost king is extremely powerful, He also has several Jinshan Yinshan, but he is very unhappy. Because he is very lonely, he misses his wife…”
Thanks for the laughter of “噗”, I can’t read it any more, said: “Lonely ghost king empty nest waiting… Hahaha… Hahahaha…”
Huacheng raised his eyebrows: “Nothing wrong. At that time my brother was not there, I was very lonely.”
Thanks for the heat, I continued to read it.
A long time ago, there was a big ghost king who loves to wear red. Although the King of the Ghosts is extremely powerful, he still has several Jinshan Yinshan, and there are endless money, but he is very unhappy. Because he is very lonely, he misses his wife very much.
But he waited for a few hundred years and did not wait for his beloved, so he went to ask an old fairy who is very fortune-telling. Where is my wife?
The old immortal told him: “You and the other person will meet on a mountain. Your wife will wear a wedding dress and marry you in a sedan chair.”
The big ghost king was determined to find his wife, and he went to the mountain and waited patiently.
And far away and far away, there is a broken fairy.
The tattered immortal is ruined, so he is the poorest of the priests, and he is poorer than many mortals.
But although he is poor, he is very kind. One day, on the way to the rotten back, the fairy saw a girl crying on the side of the road and asked: “Girl, what is it that makes you so sad?”
The girl cried and said: “I want to marry someone, but when I send my parents, I have to turn over a mountain. There is a ghost groom on the mountain. The bride who has specially robbed the road, only a few have been rescued, I will be robbed and killed. of!”
The tattered immortal was very sympathetic and determined to kill the people, and decided to replace the girl to marry and kill the monster.
Tattered immortals have two good friends, because of a violent, a stingy, so they are violent immortals and small temper. They beat each other and told him: “The ghost groom is a big ghost king, his temper is very bad, still very embarrassing, most hate the gods, if you go to catch him, you will be eaten!”
But the immortals must go, so they made a sedan chair for the immortals. On the day of the marriage, the immortal dressed in a beautiful wedding dress borrowed from the wind maiden, pretending to be a bride sitting in the sedan chair, was carried up by two friends who were all in the same way.
In the dark lacquered night, the demon wind was a masterpiece, and the sedan chair was carried to the mountain. There was no one, and the immortal waited, and finally waited to pick up his groom.
When I picked up the hijab, I was surprised to find that the King of the Ghosts turned out to be a very handsome boy.
What surprised him even more is that this young groom is very polite and looks very well-educated, gentle and considerate. Neither the skin of the human face reveals the true face of the green face, nor does it force him to do anything bad. It is not like the legendary horrible king.
The mountain is very big. The big ghost king brought the immortal to his cave house and said to him: “From this moment on, I am your husband, you are my beloved wife. This whole mountain is mine. It’s also yours, you can look around as you like. But remember, there are two houses in Houshan, so don’t go.”
The immortal asked: “Why?”
Ghost King groom replied: “That is my secret, you don’t have to know. But even if you want to go, you can’t go, because there are barriers in front of the two houses, you must have something on my body to cross the barrier. ”
The immortal continues to ask: “What?”
The ghost king replied: “A dirty waste is hidden in a house. I have to use it to get it, and a lot of things can be opened. There is a magic weapon hidden in a house. I can’t touch it, but it is very hot. Things can be opened.”
The immortal certainly did not listen to him. Although he pretended to be very well-behaved in front of the big ghost king, but when the big ghost king left, he flew away and quietly went to the back mountain. Sure enough, he heard horrible screams and cry for help from the room where the dirty waste was hidden.
The immortal suspected that the missing bride was locked up here, so he decided to steal the same thing from the big ghost king and open the mysterious house.
But what are you going to steal?
The big ghost king has a long, black hair, sometimes draped, sometimes bundled. The first method that the immortal came up with was to steal some of his hair every day and asked: “Excuse me, can we live in the same room?”
His groom is very polite: “Of course. We are husband and wife.”
In this way, they lived in the same room. Although sleeping in the same bed, the immortal did not let the groom take off his clothes, and the ghost king did not touch him quite gracefully.
However, the immortal soon discovered that his groom did not lose a hair. No matter whether you brush up your hair in the morning or sleep at night, you can’t see a hair on your pillow, bed, floor, or comb!
This can be a headache. The immortal took a sword and wanted to sneak a sneak peek at the big ghost king while sleeping. But the ghost king was very vigilant, and he opened his eyes as soon as he approached. The immortal was caught by him and he was calm. In order to let the big ghost king not doubt himself, he immediately cut off his own hair and gave it to him.
The big ghost king was very happy after receiving it.
Soon, the witty immortal thought of another way. He said to the ghost king: “Excuse me, can I kiss you?”
His groom said with pleasure: “Of course. We are husband and wife.”
Therefore, the immortal took the initiative to hug the ghost groom, forced him to kiss him for a long time, finally tasted a little bit of the ghost groom, and quickly closed his mouth and ran to the back hill.
However, it was discovered that it was still not possible. Because there are so many things, but he doesn’t get enough. He still can’t get in, he can only put his head into the house, and the body can’t get in any way.
The tattered immortal is a bit frustrated. He thought that it was very simple to steal the same thing from the ghost king. I didn’t expect it to be so hard.
He thought of a good friend Fengshi Niangniang, so he went to visit the Fengshui Temple and asked: “How can I get the same and many things from the Big Ghost King?”
Fengshi Niangniang said: “Hey! It’s too simple, you have a woman, and there is no room for him!”
The tattered immortal quickly shook his head. There is a rule in the immortal law he has practiced. Once he breaks himself, he will lose his mana. How can this be done?
At this time, the Navy Master returned, just heard the words of the Niangniang, angered and shouted: “There is no reason! How can you say that this is a bad thing!”
When the Navy Master is angry, he will use money to kill people, and the tattered immortals will rush. Running and running, he thought of two other good friends, violent immortals and petites, and went to them to ask what to do.
The violent immortals and the little celestial beings are screaming at each other, while telling each other that they have a terrible news: because too many people have been taken away, the priests will soon attack the mountain and capture the big ghost king!
The immortal was taken aback and worried. Because after many days of getting along, he now feels that this young ghost king will not do such a bad thing, maybe there is any misunderstanding, maybe the latter is not the bride, but something else.
However, because the tattered immortal is very poor, there is no status, no one listens to him. The immortals are very anxious, and then they will not find out the truth. Maybe the ghost king will be besieged by the priests.
There is no way, the immortal had to run back and ask the big ghost king: “Excuse me, can you and me have a room?”
His groom smiled and said: “Oh, of course. We are husbands and wives.”
Therefore, the tattered immortal will be with the big ghost king room.
On the way, Xian Life was afraid that the Big Ghost King would not leave a lot of important things to him, and he hugged him and shouted: “Can you give me all? How many times can you give it?”
His groom is gentle and considerate: “If you want.”
The immortal replied: “I want to…”
Then, the witty immortal got what he had been looking for. The big ghost king touched it, and there were many, many things.
The next day, the immortal came to the house where the dirty ghosts were taken with the things that he had spent a night from the big ghost king. This time, he finally went in.
As soon as the room was opened, the immortal found that there were many unkempt bodies inside, and some had turned into bones!
These bodies are dressed in hi, I am afraid the missing brides. Hope is lost, the immortal is shocked and sad. When I turned around, I suddenly found out that I didn’t know when I was standing alone. The King of Ghosts didn’t know when to stand there!
The immortal was shocked. He remembered that the violent immortals and the little celestial people told him that the great ghost king was very embarrassed and hated the gods very much. Now that he has no mana, is it that the Ghost King has seen his identity long ago, but he has been lying to him?
The immortal is angry and sad. He runs away and runs faster. Who knows but didn’t run out. It turned out that he ran too fast, and the big ghost king dropped his things and was stopped by the barrier in front of the house.
The ghost king chased him up, hugged the immortal, and finally said the ins and outs.
It turned out that the Big Ghost King did not arrest people and eat people. He was just here waiting for his destined person. One day, a team of relatives inadvertently collided with him who was walking in the mountains. The groom in the team was scared to escape and left the crying bride to sit in the same place.
The big ghost king didn’t want to find trouble. The bride said that she didn’t want to marry the man, she didn’t go back, and she left alone. Later, I encountered the same thing several times. The ghost king simply waited here and tested the newcomer. If the groom dares to stand up to protect his bride before the devils and ghosts, he will not be embarrassed and let them go back. And if a vicious groom pushes his bride into the monster’s mouth to fight for time, he will be arrested and locked into the house.
Because these people are not right at heart, they often kill each other and finally become a white bone. What the immortals saw was their bodies. Some of their brides went home, and some fled to the distance with the lover, wandering the world, or set up a family.
The ghost king said: “I have been waiting for you for hundreds of years, my brother, I finally waited for you.”
The two of them lifted the misunderstanding and hugged them together. In order to leave the house, the big ghost king gave the immortal a lot of his things. Who knows, suddenly, the sky is rumbling. It turned out that the priests were jealous of the ghost king for a long time, seized this opportunity, and finally began to attack him!
The tattered immortal rushed out for a round | beaten, repelled a circle of priests. But the whole mountain was collapsed by the priests, and the big ghost king was crushed under the mountain.
The mountain is too high, and the immortal life is afraid of being pressed to the big ghost king, trying to hold his shoulders. At this time, he suddenly remembered that there was still a mysterious house that had not been opened. This house had a powerful magic weapon, and he could definitely overthrow the mountain, so he rushed into the cave. As soon as I entered, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Big Ghost King stood there intact and stronger!
The two broke out of the mountains and together they ran the messy priests. Finally, sit side by side on the top of the mountain to see the clouds and stars left by the priests when they run away.
The immortal asked: “You are not saying that a house with dirty waste needs to be touched by you, and a lot of things are opened, but the house that hides the magic weapon needs something that you can’t touch but is hot and hot to open? ?”
Ghost Wang smiled and said: “Yes. Is that something that brother didn’t get early?”
The immortal knows. That kind of thing is the warm heart of the ghost king who loves him.
As a result, the tattered immortal and the big ghost king happily went to the cave together, and they never separated.
After the story is over, thank you for your pity, and said: “What is this written? Is this story too much? No, no, this…”
What is this mess? Can this be a story? ? ?
Huacheng has already laughed on the couch. Thank you for your sorrow: “It’s totally wrong! What is the prototype of this story? Is it the case with Junshan? That’s not the case… completely distorted? And, this story is for children. Really? Isn’t it right? Who wrote it? And what these seemingly familiar but somewhat subtle people are doing…”
A closer look, the story on this booklet is a naive scene, as if it is for children’s bedtime reading, but the inside is very overdone, which is more difficult to look at than the simple hot explosion. But when I read the end, there was another strange feeling, and I thanked myself for wondering if something went wrong.
Huacheng Road: “Well? It’s not completely distorted. At least some of the points are correct. For example, I did call my brother “Big Brother”, and for example, Junshan is indeed the one I picked up my brother’s sedan chair, and then, brother. In the night of the cave, indeed…”
Xie pity thinks that he has been thick enough for so many years. Who knows that in front of Huacheng, he often grows his face and says: “How do you know this kind of thing!… and, in addition, Nothing is right at all…”
Although it is known that many folk songs and prototypes have been smashed by hundreds of thousands of miles, it is not surprising that after numerous processings, it is shocking to see them. There were several times in the middle, he was too shameless to read, but was forced by the flower city to continue to read to him, really want to hit people, partial life can not fight. Huacheng also looked strange and said: “There is definitely an insider who missed a star and a half to go out, was arranged by people, two points attached to the meeting, and again and again.”
Xie Li put the story on it and said: “Don’t look at this messy book, take a rest.”
Huacheng asked for a palm: “Writing well, talented. I heard my brother read this story feeling a hundred times more spirit. My brother can read one more.”
Resolutely refused: “No.”
“Brother, I have a headache.”
Huacheng is also a rare illness. Thanks to him, he is always accommodating and responsive. How can he still resist this time?
Rao was ashamed again, and had to press the shackles. He picked up the yellow-yellow booklet and lay down to the flower city. He was taken over by the waist and read hard with his scalp.
“A long time ago, a handsome young gentleman was practicing in the mountains. One night, he met a mysterious guest…”

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Heaven Officials Blessing

Heaven Officials Blessing

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was beloved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension. Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock among all three realms. On his first task as a god thrice ascended, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens, yet, unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.


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