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Heaven Officials Blessing Chapter 251

With a smile, the flower city that was so fast that he couldn’t breathe was pushed down from the body. The passionate mood has not faded. Xie pity suddenly remembered something and said: “Yes, Saburo, Wanshen…”
Huacheng’s arm was put on his chest, and while he was not knowing what to play with, he lazily said: “Well? What happened to the Pantheon?”
Thanks for the pity: “Nothing, I just suddenly remembered that the copper furnace broke out, will there be so many gods in the gods cave?”
If so, it would be a pity. After all, every statue in the city is the heart of the flower city, he likes it. Huacheng Road: “No. I have already set up a boundary. Even if the entire copper furnace collapses, there will be no problem.”
Xie pity came up and said: “Is it? Great, it must be fine. I want to see, can I?”
Huacheng seems to have been stagnant for a moment, but even smiled: “Okay. Brother wants to see it, what can’t it be?”
Thanks for the higher interest, said: “Then tomorrow. Anyway, the copper furnace is already open, ready to go.”
Huacheng raised an eyebrow and said: “Tomorrow? Ok.”
He did not object, not much, but the next moment, turned up again.
I don’t know if it is an illusion. In the latter half of the night, the flower city tossed him more and more. After two rounds, Xie Pity was forced to call his brother to save his life, and then fell asleep.
Originally, I could safely sleep until dawn, but after an hour, I felt a little lighter in my sleep, and opened my eyes, and people were gone.
Thanks for a pity, sleepy, and sat up at once.
He cleaned it up casually. He swallowed the couch and pushed the door out. He said, “Where did Sanlang go?”
Sleeping until midnight suddenly disappeared, this is the first time. He didn’t see the figure in the circle of bliss. He remembered that there was a room in the bliss workshop that was used for transmission. In the past, it turned out that the door of the house was opened.
He remembered that the last time the lineup on the door was not painted like this. At this moment, the new cinnabar on the door has not yet dried. Thanks for your pity, you will push the door in. When it came out, the door was not a bliss, but a dark one.
Thanks for the sake of closing the door, holding up a group of palms and illuminating the surroundings. He couldn’t help but see the scenery in front of him.
This place, which was led by the Thousand Miles, turned out to be a gloomy cave.
Wanshen Cave!
Why does Huacheng come to Wanshen Cave in the middle of the night? Are they not scheduled to come together tomorrow? Why did he come first tonight?
Shaking his head, holding the flame, thank you for moving slowly in the cool and cool grotto.
The foot sounds resounded, and the gauze on the masks was taken down. In the darkness of all directions, there were countless faces that were exactly the same as him. It was a bit horrible to think about this picture. Xie pity passed a grotto, and with the eyes swept away, the cave is a statue of Taizi Yue, the eyebrows are warm, the flowers are set up by the sword, and the figure is beautiful.
There are thousands of statues here, and there are hundreds of statues. I don’t know how long time and hard work have been carved, and I don’t know how many years of silence in the dark.
Thinking of this, thank you with a sigh, facing the stone statue, bowed slightly, muttered: “It’s very lonely.”
It is said that the statue of the god, but also the image of the god.
The statue of the Prince Edward nodded.
Thanks: “…”
This is too scary.
After a while, thank you for your reaction. It turned out that most of it was because he had just added mana. At this moment, he was so full of gas, standing here affected the statues, and let it also move.
Xie Li quickly converges on mana, but it is already late, and the statue of the Prince is already taking a step. Because thanks to the mana that overflowed to infect it, but did not take it seriously, it was awkward to move, and “咚” fell.
Thank you for helping him up and saying: “Be careful!”
The statue was lifted by him, with a smile and a slight head, a look of noble and arrogant, and nodded to him and expressed his gratitude. Seeing that it is so arrogant, thank you for being funny, forbearing, and said: “Have you seen the flower city?”
The idol can make a simple voice, but it can’t speak unless it is the **** of the lotus flower. The Prince Edward looked at him and asked him to show a little confused color, as if he didn’t know who he was talking about. Thanks for the pity, this time he still does not know Huacheng. So he changed his mouth and asked: “Have you seen a red man?”
The gods showed their smiles and nodded. Thank you, “Do you know where he went?”
He is not familiar with such a large grotto, but he is afraid of getting lost. The statue was slightly indulged, pointing him in a direction, thanking him: “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”
Walking out of the way, he turned back, the statue of the Prince Edward has quickly mastered the essentials of how to walk, and also danced the sword in the same place, as if he was in the top of the Yuan Festival.
Unfortunately, no one appreciates it.
It didn’t take long for Xie Li to meet the fork. Of course, he is ready to ask for help from his **** and walk into the nearest cave. As soon as I entered, I saw a figure sitting on the stone platform and was holding the jar.
Thanks: “…”
He suddenly took the wine and said: “Don’t drink!”
The statue is also his, but the face is slightly reduced, and a simple white dress is no longer luxurious. The jar was taken away by the gratitude. It wanted to grab it. It was confusing and robbed. It was so angry that it suddenly burst into tears.
Thanks and stunned, said: “You don’t need to cry…”
The **** cryed even more, as if there were endless grievances, and the wine was not robbed, so he did not let him go. Xie pity did not know how to be so entangled when he was drunk, but he also held it, gently stroking its back, and comforted: “Okay, okay…”
Look again, there is no wine in the “garden” in the hand, and it doesn’t matter if it is given to it. “You see a red man? Where did he go?”
The **** figure pointed him a way, thanked the pity and gave it back to the jar, and continued to move forward. The **** did not cry, and sat on the ground with the jar, and started to stay.
Thanks for looking back at it, sighed and continued on.
After a while, he heard the sound of snoring, as if the chain was rubbed, before coming to an empty cave.
The grotto hangs down from the dome, a statue sits on the swing, and the statue is flying, full of youthfulness, and a disciple of the emperor, who is about the 16th, grabs the chain of the swing and tries to make it It swayed. But because it was sitting on a swing on its own, how could it not sway, so it revealed a look of trouble. When you see it, thank you for going up and helping it push it twice.
The swing finally flew up, and the juvenile **** of the costume bundle was happy. Thank you for asking me, “Are you seeing a red man? Where did he go?”
The young **** held the swing in one hand and the other in one direction. Thanks again, he pushed him twice and said, “Goodbye.”
But the swing was over a dozen times and it stopped slowly. No one pushed it again, and the juvenile dear was sitting still, showing a look of trouble.
After a long walk, Xie pity estimated: “It should be here?”
At this moment, he suddenly heard a small voice of depression and pain, and could not help but glance: “What sound?… Breathing?”
The voice came from a cave in front. Xie pity walked in and saw a stone bench in the grotto. On the stage, there was a lying statue, a white gauze covering his head from the head and hanging down the ground. Under the gauze, sometimes curled up into a ball, sometimes twisting and turning, it seems that someone is suffering and struggling underneath.
Xie pity is going up and pulling down the white gauze. Suddenly, one hand covered his eyes from behind. A low voice came from the rear and sighed: “Brother.”
Thanks for a smile, Wen said: “Sanlang, you thought it would not show me, I don’t know what it is?”
For a long time, Huacheng sighed again and said: “Brother, I am wrong.”
Thanks for taking his hand down and turning back: “Tender township?”
Standing behind him is a long-haired man in red, and it really is a flower city.
He was arrested and supported, and finally admitted: “…Yes.”
No wonder. Sure enough, it is no wonder that Huacheng has refused to let him see. Thanks to pity: “You came over tonight, I want to hide this statue in advance.”
Huacheng looked away and said: “Yes.”
Thank you for your regret. Just dare not let him see this statue?
He said: “Why are you hiding? Actually, it is no big deal. But now there is a very difficult problem…”
The tricky problem is that after the pity comes, it inadvertently causes all the idols to move.
This is no big deal, but it is very painful for this special statue. Because, the statue under the yarn, carved is seventeen years old in the barren cave, the gentle pity in the gentle township.
Other gods, either dancing swords, drinking, or swinging, doing anything, only it is unlucky, it is the poison of the dead demon. This leads to the suffering of the poison after it “lives”.
The wheezing under the gauze was unbearable, and the pity could not bear the heart, and remembered the thrilling and savage night, saying: “…this is too pathetic. If I leave now, it will be reduced to a stone statue. ?”
That way you don’t have to suffer from it. Huacheng said: “I am afraid not. After all, my brother is now almost the strongest mana, the statues in the entire Million Cave are affected by you. Even if you leave, they will continue to attack for a long time.”
That is too painful. Thanks to pity: “Then… is there a way?”
Huacheng always has a way, slightly nodding, said: “I just deal with this. My brother is coming with me.”
He thanked Pity for entering another cave. As soon as he entered, thankful and pity his eyes widened. I saw a statue of a man standing in the grotto. His body was long and tall, his eyebrows were beautiful, his mouth was slightly picked, and his right eye was wearing a blindfold, almost exactly the same as the red man in front of him.
It is actually a ghost king!
Thanks: “This is…”
Huacheng Road: “This is the only way I found out that the situation was not rushed. I haven’t moved for many years, and my hands have been born. My brother can see, can it still be like?”
Thanks for taking a closer look at it, saying: “It’s like! But…”
Huacheng Road: “However… how?”
Thank you, Charlie, saying: “It’s not as good as your deity.”
Huacheng also laughed.
Then, thank you again: “So, Saburo, the way you said, is…”
Is it to let this ghost king image “detoxify” the gods in the gentle township?
For a moment of silence, Huacheng gathered a smile, just colored, staring at the face of thankfulness, said: “Yes.”
Xie Li did not notice the cautiousness in his look. He said: “This method is too…”
Although it is indeed the cure for the law, it is immediate, but I think it is ridiculously ridiculously – to put it bluntly, isn’t it to use a ghost king to break the body of his younger god, thus suppressing the poison?
I really feel that it is difficult to talk about it!
He still didn’t know how to respond, but Huacheng suddenly fell in front of him and kneeled down on one knee. Thank you for your pity, and I am going to pull him, saying: “Sanlang?” What is this?
Huacheng Shen Sheng: “His Royal Highness, I am disrespectful.”
Xie pity can’t afford to pull him, and he will follow him. He will not understand: “What disrespect do you have?”
Huacheng stared at him, taking a breath and sinking his breath: “Please believe me under the Highness, today is the last resort. I have carved this statue by myself, but I have never been to the statue of His Royal Highness. | I don’t respect. If your Highness feels that this method is not appropriate, I will find another law.”
Xie pity finally understood why Huacheng suddenly became so serious.
After all, for the fact that he has carved so many statues of respect and pity in private, Huacheng always worried that he would feel that he was offended and behaved strangely. Now that I have proposed such a method, I am afraid that I will be more worried that Xie will feel that he is full of thoughts and disrespectful.
Thanks and smiled, he sighed and pulled his hand in the flower city. He finally pulled him up from the ground and said, “I certainly believe in you. I know that you have always respected me.”
However, “it has never been a problem.” This is hard to say. After all, if it is a bit stricter, after returning from Huacheng Huadie, he will have to be a **** in the thousands of lights, and the courage is getting bigger and bigger.
Xie pity and cough, said: “I think this method… nothing bad. Very good, very good.”
However, I think of the essence of this method, and the face is slightly warm, I feel that this is not a slap in the face. The flower city that he got the answer to is finally getting back to life. Xie pity put his hand on the shoulder of the ghost king, saying: “I am going to give this statue a light?”
Huacheng blinked and smiled slowly: “If your brother is willing, he can’t ask for it.”
Thanks for your nod. Swearing, the statue gently picked an eyebrow. Upon seeing it, Xie Lijun couldn’t help but took back his hand and said, “This is too much like this!”
I don’t know if it was sensed, and a few figures were slowly swallowed outside the grotto. There are actually a few statues curiously encircling them. It seems that I want to take a closer look at the new statues in the caves that are completely different from them. The ghost king also saw them, blinked, and raised his eyebrows higher, wondering what he was thinking, and he was looking for something. Thanks for the sorrow and sorrow, it is easy to push away the group of my gods. Who knows that the corner of the eye is swept away and suddenly says: “Why gentle township?”
He has used this directly to refer to the unfortunate god. I don’t know when, there is only one white gauze left on the stone platform, and the gentle township lying like it is missing!
Thanks to the poor heart, then the flower city that came in with the hand is also a glimpse of Meifeng. Thanks to the pity: “The Great Gods Cave is very big. You should not be able to run out for a while, please find it!”
Huacheng said: “I am afraid not. Brother, you see.”
He pointed to the ground. Thanks to the past, I realized that there is actually a circular array on the ground, which is drawn directly on the rock with extremely strong finger force.
Shrinking a thousand miles! How many mana did this **** figure **** in the end, and can actually zoom in and out of his own hands? ! Xie pity is going to fall to the ground.
The statue is in the state of gentleness, how can he escape if she escapes to the mortal woman? In the future, will there be a legend about how to hunt? ? ?
He said: “When does it run out? Where can it go?”
Huacheng Road: “Don’t worry about your brother, you should think about it first. If you were in a gentle township at that time, who would you first want to find?”
This is not hard to think about. Xie Puiyuan was not too anxious, quickly calmed down and said: “It should be looking for…”
The voice did not fall, suddenly a psychic kill, Xie pity could not be raised by hand, and listened to the voice of the wind letter in his ear: “His Royal Highness! I have a ghost, just a monster posing as you!”
……really! At that time, the most effective assistants of Xie Pity were the wind and the love. When this happened, it was natural to find them first!
Fortunately, I first looked for a letter instead of running on the street. Thankful, he was relieved and busy: “No! It is not a monster, nor is it impersonating me.”
Feng Xin was shocked: “What do you mean? Isn’t it a monster or a fake? Is that your deity? No!”
Thanks: “Not! Anyway, how is it now? Have you caught it? Don’t let it run!”
Fengxin said: “It’s late, it’s already running!”
Thanks for your pity: “What? This is bad!”
Fengxin: “Yeah, this is bad. Red|body|naked|body running around and people see what it is like?!”
Thanks, “Wait, what do you say? Red|body|naked|body? I…not, is it not wearing clothes?”
Wind channel: “Almost! There is wear, but not much, the tattered like who was shredded. Right, that is not a monster or a pretense, what is it? What is going on? I look like Is it a god…etc., god?” he shouted. “It shouldn’t be from the place below the copper stove? What are you doing?”
Xie pity did not remember much how much clothes he wore at the time of the gentle township. At that time, he was terribly uncomfortable. He might have tore himself in tears. He said: “I will explain it later! I will go up immediately!”
After he finished speaking here, he broke the spirit and said to Huacheng: “Sanlang, we have to go to the new Xianjing!”
Over there, Huacheng has already collected the newly carved ghost king, and collected a small statue that can stand in the palm of his hand. He said, “Okay!” After a while, the two directly killed the Nanyang Temple of Xinxianjing. When I opened the door, I saw the wind letter, and he was on the flower city, his eyes were round: “Blood rain and flowers? How come you are coming? What are you doing in heaven?!” A desperate ghost king, not staying in himself all day long. The site, if you want to go to Xianjing on Xianjing, it is too disappointing!
Huacheng ignored him and listened for a moment. He said: “Notice. The heavens will not be said without words.”
Fengxin naturally knows what the Huacheng is saying, isn’t it a report that “the heavenly court must report the whole year’s **** rain and save the heroic deeds of the gods”? He had a blue vein on his forehead and said: “What is the notification in the middle of the night! Everyone is also going to rest, and will be notified during the day!”
Huacheng was only “oh”, probably because it was not pursued. Thanks for your pity: “Hey, feel free! Say the key, the ‘I’ you saw? Where did you run?”
Fengxin pointed to the direction and said: “It ran there, I am going to chase, you will come up!”
Suddenly, there was an unpredictable hunch in the heart, saying: “I ask, that direction, it won’t be…”
The wind letter is crisp and decent: “The direction of the Xuanzhen Temple.”
Thanks: “…”
Flower City Shen Sheng: “Go!”
The two people did not dare to delay, hurriedly killed the Xuanzhen Temple, opened the door and rushed into it. I rushed in and saw that I was sitting on the platform, so that I saw something incredible, and the whole person was shocked. Thanks for the pity to wave in front of his eyes, said: “Muscle?”
He saw pity and finally returned to God, but his look was still shocked. For a long while, he said: “Thank you, what are you doing?”
Thanks: “…What am I doing? I… I don’t know what I did? Please tell me?”
Mu Qing still squinted and said: “What did you do in the middle of the night?”
“…” Huacheng blinked. Thanks to pity: “You don’t want to talk so misunderstood! No matter what you saw, anyway, that is definitely not me!”
Mu Qing loved half of his face, as if he wanted to take out what he had just seen from his eyes. His face is iron and blue: “You can’t take it off with you! Is it the image of the cave? What do you do, put the insulting gods out and go out in the middle of the night, you don’t have to play with blood and rain.” Child?!”
Huacheng shouted: “What is your business?”
Mourning anger: “What is it about me? This is my temple!”
Huacheng has a long and authentic way: “Rebuild Xianjing, I also have a share.”
To be honest, because of the great injury before the Heavenly Court, many of the priests had to secretly ask for help from the owner of the ghost city. Counting it, this new Xianjing can be built, and it is really indispensable to spend the city. Thanks to pity: “We are not playing, this is an accident. Is it now?”
Admired: “It grabbed me a sword here and ran to…”
If he does not say anything, thank you for knowing where to go. In the garden outside the Xuanzhen Temple, there was a sound of snoring. At the same time, the statue of the ghost king that Huacheng took with him also fell down. He jumped in the direction of the garden.
Xie pity immediately rushed out, and sure enough, the gentle township image, standing on the rockery in the garden!
The statue of the **** is not uniform, revealing a large half of the smooth shoulders, chest, and the bottom is also if there is nothing, very 暧 | 昧. The face of the gods is even more unique. The brow is close to the face, as if you can see the blushing color and thin sweat on the skin, saying that it is a godsend. Right now, it is holding the sword that was snatched from the Xuanzhen Temple. Hey, hey! If you try to stab yourself with a sword, you naturally want to detoxify yourself with your own injuries.
But because the stone that was made in the copper furnace was so powerful, the sword couldn’t get in, but it was bent. It seems to be desperate, and the palm of his hand is lifted. When he looks at it, he will shoot his own brain and crush it. Xie pity quickly called: “Calm! Calm!”
The **** looked like a fascinated look to him. Xie Fufei was a palm, and the statue fell off the rockery and could not stand in a cave. And Huacheng also flashed to thank her, lost something.
It is the ghost king!
The ghost king image is not so much as the flower city thrown down. It is better to say that after seeing the young **** statue, he broke free from his palm. He recovered the original slender figure in the air and fell down to cover the statue. On the body, there was a shock from the bottom. Xie Li quickly jumped off the rockery and pushed the admiration of the sound to the Xuanzhen Temple. “I can’t wait! Sorry, use it for treasure!”
The feelings were shocked: “What have you done?”
Thanks for your pity: “I will explain it later, I am very sorry!”
Huacheng slowly said: “What’s so sorry? How many times this person is saved is yours.”
Admiration: “No, you still have to say it now. I seem to see you throwing you away. He lost one of him. I am not mistaken? So what are you doing? The fake mountain is happening now. what?”
Thanks to pity, he dragged his neck and dragged it into the temple: “One hundred thousand fires! Really admired, don’t go over! Why are you suffering this!”
Admiration said: “Thank you! What are you doing in my temple? I fucked, I am really fucking!”
“That’s not us! It’s just an accident, it’s really too late… and you have a bunch of words!”
After an hour, the two gods finally exhausted the mana from the pity and the flower city.
I took a look at the fake mountain and thanked me for holding my forehead.
Huacheng handled the gods, and Xie Pity went out to stop the wind and love that he wanted to come over and see what happened. He sincerely said: “You will not want to see it.”
The wind letter was not a curious person. The hunch was not good, and he immediately lost wisely. Mourning but unable to let go, black face like the bottom of the old pot, crazy sleeves, crazy muttered: “I can’t believe it… I can’t believe it! There is such a thing! It will be in my temple. This happened in the middle!” Then the ghost floated out, I am afraid I can no longer look directly at the rockery in my temple. Xie Pity is very suspicious, and he will slap it here.
To tell the truth, thank you for not being able to believe that you will make such a ridiculous accident. I really don’t know if it should be shameful. Looking back at the two statues – no, now it should be said to be a “one” statue, he said: “They… is that right?”
Huacheng Road: “That’s it. Anyway, it can’t be separated.”
Thanks for your pity.
Where is the statue of a priest in this form! Can you see it? It’s too unreasonable, it’s true!
He 呻|吟道: “…Sanlang, hide them… don’t show them.”
Huacheng smiled and said: “This is natural. My brother is relieved.”
Bringing the two gods together into the Wanshen Cave, and finally returning to their place, thanking and pity a sweat.
The other goddess of thankfulness in the Pantheon once again curiously surrounded them, and was pushed away by thankfulness: “Be ignorant, do not look at it.”
No way, they have to leave. Although they did not see the final form of the gods with their own eyes, they turned back and looked as if they envied the “cheerfulness” of the gentle township and finally had a “partner.”
The poison of the gentle township is solved, but other gods are still missing a perfection. Prince Edward is unappreciated, drunk and unguarded, no one to send the swing…
Thanks for the greed, the heart said: “If every pity can have a flower city, it would be fine.”
Who knows, Huacheng also said the same thing: “My brother doesn’t think that it would be better to have a Sanlang under each of his princes?”
The two hit it off and immediately stayed at the Wanshen Cave to show their talents.
In a short while, Xie Pity witnessed the whole process of Huacheng turning a heavy stone into a dexterous and refined stone statue. That skill can’t be described, because it is so fast that I can’t see how Huacheng is doing it. I want to come, Huacheng has already integrated the technique into the technique, and he has only left amazement.
In short, when Huacheng turned around, he proposed a newly carved child from the gravel of the earth. The hair was messy, ragged, bandaged and looked pitiful. Xie pity put his hand on the little boy’s head and gave it light, and Huacheng gave it a little mana. After a short while, it blinked and turned around and looked around. Looking at someone who was holding his clothes and collar, it kicked.
Huacheng seems to have expected him to do this, easy to avoid, put it in his hands, let it struggle to kick. Xie Pian did not expect this small flower city to be so sloppy, and laughed and said: “Hey, it’s so fierce!”
Huacheng snorted and threw it away. The child was slammed on the ground by his slamming, and he quickly climbed up, staring at the flower city. Thank you for worrying about losing weight, and said to it: “Sanlang, you are too embarrassed! Be careful to break it.” If you really want to count, this child should be born just now!
Huacheng does not care about the earth: “It doesn’t matter, his life is very tenacious.”
The child was very fierce against the flower city. He was very friendly to thank you. Seeing that Xie pity waved at him, he was about to go. At this time, the statue of the Prince Taiyue that is not far away seems to have sensed something and walked from his position. Come down and look at this side.
When the child saw the statue of the prince, he was stunned. One of the eyes that was exposed outside the bandage was so big that he ran to the past and seemed to want to grab him and pounce on his clothes. Did not dare to approach, dirty God’s robes, for a long time, only carefully extended his hand to him, open the palm of his hand before death.
It turned out that what was hidden in his palm was a small flower.
The Prince Edward took the flowers and smiled. He held out a hand and took the initiative to hug him. The two men walked happily together. It seems that one who finally found someone who can appreciate his sword, one who finally found a flower for him.
Thanks for watching, I was very pleased. Suddenly I thought of a question. “Zi Lang, after you have finished carving, isn’t there a lot of statues and my gods in this gods? They will admit each other wrong. After all, many of them are the same.”
Huacheng smiled and said: “No.”
Huacheng said it again and said: “No.”
He looked up and thanked him with a slight smile. He said: “Even if ‘His Highness’ is wrong, ‘I’ will not make a mistake. Because a flower city will always be a believer of His Royal Highness, only loyal to one person. So, forever will not.”
Xie Pity also stared at him and blurted out: “I will not make a mistake. A thankful believer, there will always be only one, ‘I’ will always remember. I…”
After saying this, he suddenly blamed it.
Now they are like two children, and the other party eagerly agrees that “my favorite is always you, only you.” Although sincere, it is very naive.
Although childish, it is very sincere.
For a moment, Xie pity and cough, said: “Then… Then come to help the swinging Prince of the Prince to sculpt a ghost king who pushes the swing.”
No one helped push the swing, it looked very lonely and distressed. Huacheng said with joy: “Okay.”
Thanks again and again: “The one who drinks alcohol? This is a bit of a headache. It seems to be confused and will cry. Hey, there are too many gods here. I don’t know when I can finish them one by one?”
Huacheng smiled and said: “What are you afraid of? Slowly, you will always meet.”
Xie pity also smiled and nodded, whispered: “Well, I will meet.”
Inside the grotto, the two original stone statues that were originally independent have been connected at the moment.
They embraced each other and stared at each other’s close-knit faces. The eyes and the body were so lingering that they were truly separated. 2k novel reading network

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Heaven Officials Blessing

Heaven Officials Blessing

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was beloved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension. Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock among all three realms. On his first task as a god thrice ascended, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens, yet, unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.


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