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Heaven Officials Blessing Chapter 252

Recently, a big event that has not been made is approaching.
Because of this, the ghost market is awkward. After thanking and hearing, he was also shocked. Like the ghosts that God told me to tell him, he was worried: “Birthday?”
It is. The main flower city of the ghost city, I don’t know how many years old is coming!
Thanks for being unprepared, and inexplicably nervous, said: “This, this, how did Sanjo’s birthday last?”
The group of ghosts rushed to the front and confessed: “It’s very lively!”
“If you don’t have a problem, just make a noise…”
“But the city owner did not care?”
After listening to this sentence, thank you: “What is it called?”
A ghost said: “It is the old man of the city, he has never been born.”
“Yes, I don’t care what we did on the day of his birthday, and never look at the gifts that others have sent. Every year, we are stupid.”
“The city owner, the old man and the nobles, have forgotten things, and they don’t seem to remember their birthday!”
Thank you for thinking, and immediately made up your mind. Since the previous birth, Huacheng is not a serious matter, then this time, must find a way to give him a creative and interesting, so that he can be happy on that day. Otherwise, is there a birthday in his life, isn’t it the same as the birthday without him?
First of all, the birthday gift must be sent. Thanks for your pity, what should I send?
The ghosts also looked at him and said: “Xie Daochang, are you thinking about sending something to the city owner?”
Thanks to pity: “Well. Say, hey… I am not sure, what will your city owners like. I am afraid that if I don’t like it…”
The pig butcher said: “Hey, what kind of heart do you care about? In fact, as long as it is Dabogong… Xie Daochang, you sent it, I think our city owners will be very happy.”
“Yeah. Even if he is sending waste paper, he will be happy. Big… Thank you, Mr. Daochang, how can you send something to others?”
Thanks for the pity and laughter, I feel that this kind of thought is too narcissistic and frivolous, not solemn and sincere, said: “Can’t say that, the gift must be carefully selected… Can you have suggestions?”
How to say, Huacheng is also in the ghost city for many years, maybe the group of ghosts will know more about his preferences, can not brainstorm, he can use his brains to find a suitable and ingenious gift. Sure enough, all the ghosts said: “There are some!”
It is said that there are more than a dozen pairs of chicken feet, pig’s trotters, tentacles, etc. handed over a circle of miscellaneous things. These things have not been seen before, and they are surrounded by them, and their minds are magical. He picked up a small bottle of sapphire that looked very mysterious and elegant and asked, “Oh? What is this?”
The bottler said: “There is a lot of fans | love | medicine! Just a few drops, the poisoning person immediately slammed the fire, and the sorrow of the drug is fascinated! And does not hurt the body!”
Thanks for the righteousness: “Thank you for your advice. However, since the sentiment comes from the heart, how can you manipulate it with drugs? You should not use it in the future.”
The ghost who offered the medicine was sincere and fearful: “Yes, yes, no, no. But in fact, we usually don’t use it very much. This is not Xie Daochang, what are you asking for?”
Thanks and smiled: “I think, you city owners may not need this medicine.”
All the ghosts shouted: “That is, who the city owner wants, but also need to take medicine? Really!” Seven-eight hands and feet pressed the ghost.
Thanks for thinking, this is really the truth. For example, he didn’t need a little medicine at all. When he saw the flower city, he almost had to be fascinated.
In order not to let the shy heart turn into a red cloud, he quickly picked up another box and opened the road: “What is inside?”
The ghost of the treasure: “This is Dezi Pill!”
Xie Li did not have to ask what the pill was doing, and immediately shut the box “啪”, helplessly said: “What is this with?”
How do you let him send Huacheng this unconventional thing?
In short, a mess of speculation, thank you also know that there are no useful suggestions, and the group of ghosts secretly prepared for the ghost king Hesheng, give the flower city a surprise, go on, and continue to think.
Perhaps he really remembered this thing so much that his distress was written on his face. On this day, when he accompanied Huacheng, he was racking his brains and suddenly heard a voice: “Brother.”
Thanks for this, I came back to God and said: “What?”
Huacheng is staring at him and putting down the pen. He said: “Is it my illusion? My brother seems to be worried about anything. Can you say it and let Saburo solve the problem?”
Thanks for your enthusiasm, immediately correct, warning: “Pen, don’t let go. Don’t be lazy, pick it up, continue.”
Huacheng laughed and re-held the pen, sighing and sighing: “It was discovered.”
Seeing to fool the past, thankful and secretly sigh. Who knows, Huacheng wrote two lines and wrote carelessly: “However, my brother recently did have some abnormalities.”
Thanks to pity, it’s a hang, and it’s still awkward: “Oh? Where is the abnormality?”
Huacheng carefully looked at him for a while and smiled: “It seems to be exceptional… thousands of hundred.”
Xie pity smiled and said: “Is not always been like this?”
He really had no idea, and decided to take risks. He first ran out of nothing, and finally pretended to be careless: “Sanlang, ask you.”
Huacheng Road: “Well? What?”
Thanks for your pity: “Do you feel that there is something missing?”
Huacheng Road: “Lack? What does your brother mean? Are you missing something?”
Thanks: “Oh, no… I mean you. Just ask…”
Poor he didn’t dare to ask too direct, such as “What do you like, what you want”, and was noticed by Huacheng, but had to turn around and bend the corners;
Huacheng Road: “I? My brother thinks, what will I lack?”
… that is also true, thank you for your helplessness.
Huacheng said again: “My brother asked me what to do?”
Thanks to his fear, he was aware of it, and he went out and lifted his hand and pushed hard. Huacheng never looked after him, and he pushed him to “squat” on the couch. He widened his eyes, but he did not care. He smiled and said: “What is this for my brother? It is so warm, you… …”
Waiting for him to finish, thank you for going to the scalp and blocking his words.
This time, Huacheng did not have the mind to continue interrogation, and the backhand grabbed him, and turned it over, no matter where he was abnormal.
I have to think alone and have no solution, and I have to ask for help from foreign aid. The first foreign aid he wanted to find was naturally the two powerful subordinates of the past.
The three men lingered in a hidden temple that was unknown to the unknown. After a moment of silence, the wind channel: “What do you think I do?”
The other two people still looked at him, and everything was in the air.
No way, among the three of them, Feng Xin is the only one who has had a wife. It is reasonable to say that he should know best how to please people close to him. But they can be seen as dark, and they said: “…you don’t think I use it. I just sent someone else.” That is the golden belt. That is still to thank him for giving him.
It is very unbelievable that he is also pulled to ask this kind of thing. It is very polite to restrain it from turning over. I just want to solve it quickly. “Well, the belt is good, just give you a gold belt. He.”
Xie pity automatically ignored his yin and yang sigh, said: “I have no one in the morning.” All of them are gone!
The feelings of anger are more and more yin and yang. “You are so smooth and windy now. The streets are full of your temples and believers. Just ask a dream and say what you want. Can you still make a fool?”
Thanks to pity: “That doesn’t make sense. If even the birthday gift of the giver is to be worshipped by the believers, it is too perfunctory.”
The feelings of yin and yang are not moving, and the tone of speech is normal. “How come you are so troublesome? Then you can give it to yourself.”
Thanks for your help: “Good idea! But I won’t.”
“I can’t learn.”
Thanks: “Say well. Who are you looking for?”
I am impatient and impatient: “How do I know? You are free…”
The voice did not fall, the feelings of love found that this time, the other two people turned their eyes to him.
After two hours, Xie pity two hands and ten fingers have been tied seven or eight holes, tied with a bandage is not full of blood, and his hand has a meaning and shape of unclear Shape.
I can’t stand it anymore and ask, “What is this?”
Thanks, pray: “The belt.”
Admire: “I know this is a belt. What I ask you is, what is embroidered on this belt? What is the significance of these two potato-like patterns?”
Thanks to pity: “This is not a potato! Can’t you see it? This is two people.” To make them see clearly, he also made a stroke: “The faces of two people, this is the eyes, the mouth is here…”
After confirming that this is really two people, the feelings are incredible: “Why would someone embroider two big heads on the belt? Can this be worn out? You don’t have such a bad taste in dressing. thing?”
There is no way to thank you. In fact, let him repair the house, drill the well, build the wall. He is very good at it, fast and good, but he seems to be not good at this kind of woman’s internal affairs. Once he is allowed to take needlework or pot spoon, the scene can’t be controlled. It is. He glanced at the tied hands like the scorpion. Although he didn’t feel the pain, but the progress was slow, it was inevitable that he would helplessly. “I will change it.”
But the wood has become a boat, how can it be changed? At best, a layer of petals was added to the outer circle of the two villains, which became two clumsy big-headed flowers. The expression of the wind and the feelings of love are even more terrible.
The amount of love on the forehead has been slightly green: “I taught the pigs to teach, how are you so clumsy? Net to your hands?”
Wind channel: “When did you teach the pig? It’s really empty words and talks!”
Mourning is unceremoniously thankful: “Forget it, you still give up, you don’t have this talent.” He was very rare to say “you have no talent” to say thank you, it is justified, it feels good. The wind can’t listen, and said: “Can you say a few less words? You haven’t said anything since you just said that it’s not the same thing to wear clothes and do it yourself! It’s not so bad, at least. This belt can still be worn.”
Admire the feelings: “Well, let him do this thing for you. If you dare to wear it, I will convinced you.”
The wind letter has not answered yet. Xie Li quickly took the ugly and funny belt and said: “Do not make it impossible. I still keep it myself!”
This kind of thing can’t be sent out!
The wind and the feelings of love can not help anything, thank you for turning to help the next one.
“Gifts? Your Royal Highness, you come to ask me if I really ask the right person. I thought that year, Ben… I haven’t seen any rare treasures?”
The two men squatted on the street, and Shi Qingxuan’s heads were spurred with great enthusiasm. If you look at it, you will know that you are an expert. Thank you for your humility. Shi Qingxuan talked and said: “There are some treasures without the Lord, but if you want to take it, you must make great efforts.”
Thank you for your help: “Nothing. Just what I want.” The greater the effort, the more precious it is, the more you can express your heart. It is best to be the hardest to get in the world, and no one can challenge the treasure of success. So, if he asks for the flower city, it is of great significance. As long as I think that I can make Huacheng slightly raise my eyebrows, and my lips will be hooked, thank you for the joyful expectation that I can’t restrain myself. I am eager to try.
Shi Qingxuan thought for a moment, said: “Star Heaven Pot! Your Royal Highness should you have heard of it? This pot is a baby, put it in the night, the sky and the stars are reflected in the wine in the pot, you can **** the heaven and the moon. The essence of aura, not only elegant, but also greatly contribute to the repair…”
Who knows, thank you for listening, the more ominous premonition in my heart, the more busy, interrupted: “Wait.”
“what happened?”
Thanks to a size, said: “Qing Xuan, you said, is it such a large black jade pot? Is there a fine starlight embedded in the black jade?”
Teacher Qing Xuanqi said: “Hey? How do you know your Highness? What have you seen?”
I have seen it. Last month, he wanted to pour some water, but he forgot his hand and accidentally did not take it. He broke a pot like this.
At that time, Huacheng immediately came over and asked him what was wrong with his hand. He saw that the pot was very beautiful and strange. He asked Huacheng what to do, could he repair it, but Huacheng said that nothing was a little thing, and he didn’t even look at it. The debris of the pot was swept away and grabbed the arm and went to the arm.
Now think about it, is it that he is breaking the rare treasure celestial pot in the Qingxuan mouth? !
Thanks for the cold, half a sigh, half awkward, said: “This… may not be suitable. Change one.”
“Oh.” Shi Qingxuan is not clear, so he grabbed his hair and thought for a moment, and said: “The next one, eight pens! This pen is incredible. It is the tail of an ancient monster.” The pen is made of a branch of a jade bamboo top, which grows when not writing…”
Thanks to the pity: “Jasper bamboo leaves?”
Teacher Qingxuan: “Yes! Your Royal Highness, how do you know? Have you seen it?”
Have you ever seen it, that pen is used by Huacheng every day to practice the word. Moreover, the ugly words written by him are strange. The pen is not good. If you don’t move, you will throw it on the ground. Sometimes you have to kick and fly to somewhere. After the pity, I often have to look around where the poor pen is, then pick it up and wipe it.
“…” Thanks to pity: “This may not be appropriate. Or change one.”
Shi Qingxuan repeatedly said seven or eight, and thanked and found that the rare treasures in these side populations are so familiar and so miserable. It’s not a stool that Huacheng stepped on, it’s a pavilion that he paved; it’s not that he used it for fun, but he’s got rid of it!
I want to come too. There are still rare treasures in this world, which Huacheng has never seen or can’t get?
Therefore, the ghost gift of the ghost king, and then think about it, can not figure out.
I was in a hurry and went to the hospital. I thanked him for searching all the things he knew and could ask. However, if the right is true, it will only be a gold bar, and the flower city will not be bad. Hey, this person will only give gifts to women. Asked what he can send to a man, he can’t say anything serious: Lingwen, although several of the upper-level gods are insured, and the heavens are really lacking her, so I didn’t give it to the prison, but it has been buried. In the volume of the scrolls thrown to her, I am about to lose consciousness. Except for the approval of the official document, nothing will be done. It is better to be clean in the prison.
There is no way to help each other. When it is only two days from the birth of Huacheng, there is no way to thank you.
He squinted for a night, full of blood, and finally thought of what to send when the sky was not bright.
With a pass in his head, he sneaked up from the couch and glanced at the flower city that was sleeping peacefully.
The black hair of the flower city is like a crow, the long eyelashes are like paint, the eyes are closed, and there is no one eye. The natural attack between the beautiful face and the look is diluted a little. Now it seems that there is no reason. tender.
Thanks for the movement, I couldn’t help but stretch out my right hand and sigh on the face of Huacheng. After all, I was afraid of awakening him, and I did not dare to touch it.
Who knows, he hasn’t stayed yet, he has a tight waist and was taken back by a hand. A lazy voice came from behind: “Brother, what have you done so early?”
Huacheng actually woke up!
His voice was low and he had a hint of sand, and he seemed to be half-awake. Thanks for being cold and cold, he was taken back by him, and he endured guilty conscience and calmly said: “Oh, there is a prayer.”
Huacheng got together and kissed him in his ear. He said, “The sky is still not bright. Who is going to the temple early in the morning to ask God to worship Buddha? Is it impatient?”
It’s probably a ghost in my heart. I’m sorry to hear him talking in the ear, the more hot the face, said: “I didn’t just receive it, it’s the backlog…”
As he said, he felt that it was really difficult to talk in this position. He had to climb again. Huacheng also sat up with him. He wrapped his neck from behind and put his head on his shoulder. He said: “Since all are back Now, why is there more backlog? Brother was tired last night, and I will rest for a while.”
Thanks for his hard work and his entangled arm and the inductive voice, he was very reluctant. He said: “I have been backlogged for a long time, can’t be pressed anymore…”
Huacheng Road: “Oh. Then I am going with you?”
Thanks for your help: “No. It won’t be too long. I will go back when you go. You should rest first!”
Huacheng Road: “Really don’t need me to go?”
Thanks for your pity: “No! You can’t come over, absolutely, you can’t come over!”
Huacheng blinked slightly and said, “Why?”
“…” Thanks for pity, he must, he turned sharply, took the shoulders of Huacheng, looked straight at him, and said awkwardly: “You must practice words.”
Huacheng looked at him innocently and blinked. Thanks for your hard-headed scalp: “Today you have to stay in the field for a day. I have to check it when I come back!”
Huacheng looked more and more innocent, and smashed his head, but he still said: “Oh.”
Thanks for the pity, it is easy to cope with the past, and even the belt has climbed out of bed. Huacheng half leaned on the stage, staring at the back of his deserted, smiling, resting his hands and lying down.
Xie pity went to the wild mountain ridge first, and after getting what he wanted, he went to the copper furnace again.
In the copper furnace mountain, in a small house in Yulin, when he entered, he saw that the national division had a table, and three empty shell people were playing cards. The look was dignified. He said that he immediately turned around and went out. The national teacher saw his eyes and let his eyes shine. He said: “Stop!”
Xie Li knows that only in one case, the national division will let him stand when he plays cards. Sure enough, the next time the national teacher will smash the table and say: “Do not fight, have to go ahead! Prince is coming back! What are you looking for?” ”
Thanks for turning back, I saw the three empty shells on the ground, and I knew that the National Teacher must have lost soon. I was really guilty: “It is not a very big event.”
The national teacher is busy: “No, I think you look serious, it must be something big! The cards can be put on, and the teacher will help you first!”
I can wait for the explanation, and the national teacher changed his expression. The two sat on a simple bench, and thanked the net and heard the number of the national divisions falling on him: “It’s really not a big event. It’s just a birthday, it’s worth your thoughts for so long, and you’re going to travel north and south, go in person. Take that kind of thing!”
Xie Li knew that he couldn’t explain it to others, explained that others wouldn’t understand it, and he was self-satisfied and worried. “I have already taken the raw materials anyway, that is, I can’t remember it. I used it when I was young.” How to create a fairy-tale lock, and ask the national teacher to give one or two instructions. I don’t have to do it, I can make it myself.”
The national teacher seems to be still difficult to say, “You don’t need to prepare any birthday gifts at all. You have sent it to yourself, what gift do you want?”
This means saying “You are the best gift”? Xie pity can’t stand this kind of argument, even if I can’t think about it, I can’t take my forehead and my heart says: “I’m not so narcissistic.”
The national teacher saw him shaking his head again and again, resisting from the heart, said: “You are also dying. You, God, the only one who has risen three times in the sky! Corolla Wushen! Prince Xianle! At the age of seventeen, dare to be the world Said that he wants to save the people! Eighteen years old…”
Thanks for the moment: “National teacher! Stop! National teacher! Don’t say it! Don’t say it!”
What is so proud of this black history!
Guo Shi looked at him in a complicated way, as if he hated iron and did not become steel. He said: “His Royal Highness, you really don’t need to put yourself so low.”
Thanks to pity: “It’s not that you put yourself down very low, just…”
Just, in the face of the person you like, you will naturally want to give each other the best in the world. However, it is inevitable that I will always feel that I am not good enough.
Guoshi looked at him like this, sighed, his hands clasped his sleeves, thinking for a while, said: “Long life lock is right, you wait, I think. The age is too long, I dare not say remember to remember all Craftsmanship and opening ceremony.”
Thanks to pity: “I don’t get in the way. If you can’t think of it, I will build it by memory. I believe in sincerity.”
Speaking, the national teacher looked at him and said, “Would you like to ask him?”
He didn’t say the name, but thank you also knows who “he” is.
Junwu was suppressed in the depths of the copper furnace.
Silence for a long time, thank you for still shaking his head.
After staying in Tonglushan for a long time, Xie pity returned to the ghost city.
At this time, only a few hours left before the official arrival of Huacheng’s birthday. The group of ghosts and negotiating negotiating well, pretending to have nothing to happen on the surface, but secretly sneaking out the ghost market. Xie pity flashed into a small shop. After a while, the ghosts gathered around and asked eagerly and arbitrarily: “How? How?”
Thank you for thinking that this is like a thief, saying: “How is your city owner? Did you find anything unusual?”
Ghosts said: “Nothing. The city owner is in a thousand lights today.”
Thank you for your pity: “Is it all day?”
“Yes! Today, the city owner seems to be in a good mood. Big… Xie Daochang, are you ready to give the city owner a birthday gift?”
Thanks for this, I was relieved. I caressed the long-life silver lock that I had to do my best in my sleeves. I smiled and said, “Ready.”
The group of ghosts was overjoyed, and they discussed the arrangement of tomorrow’s Hesheng, and they returned to the Qiandeng view. As soon as I entered, Huacheng was actually practicing words.
Not to be overwhelmed by him, Huacheng actually took the initiative to practice the word, which is really a rare event, it seems that the mood is very good. Thanks for seeing the poor and precious eight-character pen writing the twisted and ugly words under his hand, inexplicably funny, shaking his head. After hearing the thankfulness, Huacheng put down the pen and finally no longer tormented it. He smiled and said, “Brother, are you coming back? Just come and see what I am doing today.”
Thank you, smile, said: “Okay.” Who knows, just at this time, his expression is a stiff, his feet are down, and his eyebrows are fixed.
Huacheng immediately noticed that it was wrong. In the next moment, people were praying for their side: “What happened?”
The pity of resentment immediately returned to normal: “Nothing.”
It wasn’t okay, only then, his heart hurt a little.
Huacheng did not allow him to be sloppy. He came up and took his wrist and said, “Where have you been? Are you injured?”
Thanks for your pity: “No.”
This is true, indeed, not. Although these days have been running, it is still smooth and there is no danger. Huacheng indulged for a moment, did not find anything, put down his hand. Thanks for your own interest, and I didn’t find anything. I thought it was an illusion. I laughed. “It may be that the ribs are twisted. Ok, let me see what happened to you today?”
Huacheng’s appearance was a smile, and he took his hand and said, “Come here.”
Xie pity still did not respond, suddenly, the heart hurt again.
This is not an illusion! He clearly felt that if the first time was like the pain of being stuck by a needle, the second time was like the pain of being scratched by the sharp nails of something. If it wasn’t for Huacheng, I just turned my face. I am afraid that this time, I can’t use the “nothing” to perfuse me.
For the time being, I don’t want to disturb the flower city. The two played for a while in Qianduan, and he found an excuse to go out and check it carefully.
For a long while, he put his hand down and looked dignified.
Of course, there is no problem at all. Otherwise, it will be detected when Huacheng seizes his hand.
Then why is there no reason for heartache?
Thinking for a moment, thank you for guessing what kind of evil was involved, or what was poisonous, but not panic, at least not now. After a while, I went to the birth of Huacheng. If there was an accident at this time, Huacheng certainly had no thoughts about this birth, and I was afraid to follow him to cure the wound. Xie pity often used to endure pain, and did not experience this strange thing, did not take it seriously, decided to go through this day and then talk about it, and then quietly solve it.
In the evening, it is almost time to count, and thank you for returning to the thousand lights. Huacheng is still bored in the inside, pretending to graffiti, making waste paper, thanking the pity and forbearing Jun, but the smile has not yet surged, but also a heartache, and the heart is not useful, the heart said: “It seems This thing is a bit powerful, and I can bear it.”
He took a sigh of relief and went out. He said: “Sanlang? There is one thing, I am afraid you need a little help.”
Huacheng put down the pen and said: “What is busy?”
Thanks for your pity: “Please close your eyes first.”
Huacheng picked up his eyebrows and asked not to ask. He closed his eyes. Thanks for holding his hands and laughing: “Go with me.”
This can be reversed with Junshan that night, Huacheng smiled and said: “Okay.”
Thanks for pulling his hands and slowly walking to the door, saying: “Be careful of the threshold.”
Huacheng did not know how long it took to watch this thousand lights. Naturally, he did not need to remind him how to go, but he waited for his voice to remind him to lift his boots. The silver chain on the boots was smashed, and the two men took the gate together and came to the long street.
After walking for a while, thank you: “Okay, blink.”
Huacheng is blind. For a moment, the dark eyes seemed to be lit by the bright lights, and they all lit up.
On the long street, the lights are brighter than the past, and the street is clean and tidy. It seems that every household has tried hard to clean up, and the ragged clothes have been replaced with new ones. The flying horns are also shiny. A new look. The ghosts didn’t know when they surrounded them, and they didn’t dare to go out. Huacheng began to desperately blow and beat in a blink of an eye, screaming at the “owner’s birthday, wow!” and screaming, “Hundred Years Good” and “Early Life” “You” is awkward.
Seeing this bad effect, thank you for taking a shot on the forehead. They trained for a long time before they were clear, and they could barely shout, and they are still shouting!
Huacheng face is expressionless, it seems that it is unmovable, only picking an eyebrow, said: “What are you doing? Noisy people.”
The group of ghosts have given up the training results and said: “Death is dead! Anyway, there is no one here!”
Huacheng laughed and turned around and saw Xie Li standing behind him, his hands hidden behind his back, saying: “Sanlang, I heard that… is your birthday today?”
Huacheng seems to have been waiting for a long time, holding his arm, looking at him, and smiling: “Well. Yes.”
Xie pity and a few coughs, suddenly jumped up, violently put the long life lock on his neck, said: “This … made in a hurry, but also hope not to disappoint!”
The long-lived lock has a pattern with his wristbands, maple leaves, butterflies, beasts, etc., exquisite and extremely, and contains a powerful spiritual power, at a glance, it is not a product. A group of ghosts screamed: “Absolutely! It’s so good! What a baby!”
“Ah! Only the city owner is worthy of this treasure! Only this treasure is worthy of the city!”
They shouted arrogantly, made them laugh and laugh, and became more and more nervous. I don’t know if I should ask what Huacheng felt. Huacheng also said nothing, but the eyes were bright and the lips were smiling. Picking up the silver lock seemed to be open.
Who knows, at this time, the change is sudden.
Cheer, suddenly, his knees were soft and fell to the ground.
This is really sudden, and the group of ghosts who were so cheerful and onlookers burst into exclamation. Huacheng smile was instantly hidden, and his eyes quickly caught him. He said, “Brother? What happened?”
Xie pity turned pale, shook his head, barely smiled and said: “No…”
The voice did not fall, and the throat was a glimpse.
Oops, come again!
The inexplicable heartache came again, and this time, the pain was unprecedented and fierce, as if the heart had been blown up.
Xie pity screamed badly, I didn’t expect this pain to be so violent, but once again than once, I was born in this hair!
He was still calm, but the pain continued, as if someone had waved a peach wedge and hammered it into his heart. Thanks for the pain and difficulty in breathing, the head must not be lifted, and the cold sweat on the forehead. Huacheng’s face changed completely: “His Royal Highness!!”
He grabbed the pity, but still did not find anything, said: “His Royal Highness! Where did you go yesterday?!”
All directions are also panic-stricken calls. Xie pity opened his mouth, however, as if something had pinned his throat, he couldn’t even say anything.
Huacheng will tremble with his arms. Looking at the beautiful face of Huacheng in the past, I was so angry that I was amazed by the frantic color of the frenzied, and thanked a heart as if it had been hammered, and finally could not support it, and fainted.
Before he lost consciousness, he was full of “sorry.”
Today is the birth of Huacheng.
I don’t know how long it took, thanked me and woke up awkwardly, still not breathing a few breaths, staring blankly at the top of the zenith, confused and thought: “Here is… thousand lights view? What happened to me… fell asleep ?”
He is still waking up slowly, and suddenly one hand holds him. The voice of the flower city is close at hand: “His Royal Highness?”
Thanks for looking up, I saw the face of Huacheng, and the eyebrows were full of heart. He bowed and was about to speak, and there was another pain in his heart.
This time he was completely awake, and the whole person curled up when he was on the road. The five fingers almost broke into the chest and skin, and the strength was as great as if he had to dig his heart. Huacheng immediately saw his wrist and said: “His Royal Highness!”
If it weren’t for him, he would have to leave five blood holes. At this moment, there was a voice on the side: “I don’t look right, or else you let him go!”
The feelings are even here. Huacheng Road: “If I let go, what should he do if he hurts himself?!”
The voice of the wind letter immediately sounded: “I will hold it for you! Don’t hurry to figure out what’s going on, he can’t stop it!”
Thanks for bowing his body, feeling the other hand holding his wrist. Hearing this statement, the flower city movement was stagnation for a while, and he really let go of him.
It is strange to say that when he let go of his pity, the pain really dissipated a lot. Thanks to the pity, he was able to move. When he turned over, he found that the wind and the feelings stood on the couch, probably called to help. And Huacheng stood not far away, staring at him intently.
This look, thank you, it is easy to fade a little bit of pain and come back. Mu Qing sees his face changed again, to Huacheng Road: “Stand far! He seems to be close to you when you see you hurt!”
Huacheng heard the words, his body was a stiff, his face was terrible and unspeakable, but he immediately flew out and was evacuated outside the house. And as soon as he disappeared in the sight of gratitude, the pity of the heart and the pain really stopped.
The pain came and went, thanked the pity and was forced to go crazy, gasping, and hard to say: “This… in the end… what happened?”
Admiration is still firmly with the wind letter, to prevent him from moving to see the flower city, said: “That will ask you! What are you going to do? Certainly get something!”
Thanks to pity: “…I checked, there is no evil in my body.”
Admired: “What strange place have you been in these days?”
Thanks to the pity: “The only places I have been to these days are the Tonglushan, and the … National Teacher’s Tomb.”
Frugal frown, said: “What? National teacher tomb? What national tomb?”
Flower City stood outside the house, but already understood, said: “Fangxin National Teacher’s Tomb?”
Thanks for your pity: “Yes. Saburo, you still come in…”
The sound of the flower city came from the outside: “My brother is here to cultivate, so I will go and see.”
Xie pity immediately said: “I am going too!” However, he was together and immediately fell asleep. After the flower city was finished, there was no more sound, and I thought I had left. Thanks and pity, I want to barely climb up and admire: “I see you still have less turmoil, and the road will not go!”
Xie Li was pressed by two people and four hands, still struggling, said: “It is not painless, it is used to pains and pains.” He can not because of the pain, I will not see the flower city.
Mourning but said: “You are willing to hurt, your Saburo is not willing.”
Thank you for your pity, think about what kind of look Huacheng was before he fainted, and then think about what it was like when he found out that he was close to him, and he was breathing, and his heart burst into tears. Immediately pale face. The wind and the feelings are staring at him. The wind is stunned: “Isn’t the blood raining flowers gone? How is he still hurting?”
The feelings are very keen, saying: “Have you thought about him in your mind?”
Xie pity bite his teeth for a while, then he reluctantly said: “How… can’t you think about it?”
Admire the feelings: “Don’t think about it. The more you want to get guilty, the more I want to sin. I can drink it with a glass of water.”
Xie Pian even shook his head and said that he had no strength, and he rose to get up and pour water. He closed his eyes and barely calmed his mind. But the calmer, the more worried. I don’t know what the evil thing has found him. The two have not discovered the clues. The flower city alone went, he really can’t worry. At this time, the feelings handed over the tea pot.
The tea was white and elegant, and Huacheng used it the night before. Thinking of this festival, thankfulness is a burst of bloodless, lying flat. When I saw it, I knew that he didn’t manage his mind. The tea in his hand couldn’t be handed out. He said with a black face: “What do you want to think about him? Don’t you die?!”
Thanks to pity: “… Where can I control it?” If you can say that you don’t want to be alone, you don’t want to be alone. Many people in the world will not have troubles.
Mourning feelings: “I see it just stunned him, saving him from being able to control his own brain.”
However, as a past attendant of the pity, the wind letter will never give thanks, of course, will not allow others to pray in front of him, and immediately said: “No! I see you still tell him more. Speak and shift his attention so that you don’t want to think about it.”
Admire the feeling: “What can I say to him? What can he say that he can’t think of blood and rain? Or stun it!”
Wind channel: “I can’t play anyway! So, I don’t know how to think about anything else. I don’t have time to keep it. I will come first, Shoubi Nanshan!”
The feelings of admiration for this game, but still reluctantly received: “…the mountains are poor.”
Thanks for the pity, there is no way, and there is no way to take it: “…the evil purple wins Zhu…”
As soon as the voice fell, he curled up again. The love is incredible: “How can you think of him? This is not a relationship at all!”
Thanks for your pity: How is it irrelevant? Zhu, Zhu Xi, Zhu Yi, red. When I think of the red dress, how can he not want to go to the flower city?
So tortured, he couldn’t help it anymore, and he made a sigh of relief, and he would break away according to his two people, and he slammed down from the couch. Even if he was eager for the wind and the feelings, he was very explosive and secretly stayed behind, but he could not hold him. Seeing him break free, he quickly went to the system, but he was stunned by his palm. As soon as he looked up, he saw him escaping and escaping. “Where are you going? Don’t run around!”
Xie pity is almost reaching the limit, and two exquisite scorpions are found in the sleeves, and the bones are thrown out and stumbled into a door.
Huacheng said that if he wants to see him, no matter what time he throws, he can see him. This pounce, thank you for not knowing where the scorpion took him, but this fall, he fell into a In the arms. The sound of Huacheng’s slight squeaking sounded above his head: “His Royal Highness!”
Xie Li quickly hugged him in the backhand, for fear that he would disappear again, said: “Sanlang! You don’t go alone, I… with you…”
Huacheng seems to want to hug him immediately, but his arms are frozen in the air, and he stubbornly restrains himself. “Your Highness, go back, you will hurt a lot.”
Thankful, but biting his teeth, he held him tighter, and trembled: “The pain hurts!!!”
Huacheng Road: “His Royal Highness!”
Instead of sitting in other places and thinking about the flower city, it is better to hold the flower city and be killed. The more you hurt, the more you want to hold him tighter. Thanks for the fine sweat, and intermittently said: “When you wait for me, just let me go, I will be ready soon, I will get used to it soon. I can bear it. You are by my side, I am still hurting. I can bear it. If you go, it’s really… it’s so painful that you can’t stand it…”
After listening to these few sentences, the flower city has been lingering for a long time, half a sigh, whispered: “His Royal Highness…”
This sound is like a sigh, it seems to be more painful than thanking. Xie pity took the initiative to hold him, waiting for the hard pains of the past.
Trying to calm down the breath, suddenly a voice came from behind: “Is this cast with your mask?”
In dizziness, thank you for discovering that the place where they lived was a desolate and cemetery cemetery. It was the tomb of the national division that he had visited before. And they are still standing behind them, tall and tall, it is Lang Qianqiu.
When he came over, he was already half unconscious, and naturally he did not notice the third person. At this point, I noticed that I was not ashamed. At this time, the wind and the love are also chasing. Mu Qingfang was only stunned by his palm, and the spur of the blue gluten seemed to never disappear. He said, “What are you running around! Two people can’t hold you four hands! – This is again What a ghost place? A grave like!”
Fengxin is also looking around, saying: “Is this a grave? It is still a tomb that has been manned. Is this the tomb of Fangxin Guoshi?” He saw Lang Qianqiu and said: “How is Taihua’s Highness?”
Lang Qianqiu’s face is not so good, said: “I heard the change of the national teacher’s tomb, I will take a look.”
Come and see, the result just happened to hit the flower city and thank you. He didn’t know what he was thinking, he didn’t have the mood to say hello and explain, stared at the pity, and asked again: “That is the long life lock you built with that silver mask? Did you come back the day before yesterday, put the mask? Take it away?”
Hesitated for a while, thanked and nodded.
In the past, he was a national teacher in Yongan, and he was covered with a silver mask all the year round. The mask itself is rare in silver, but it is forged by a half-pound silver demon. In addition to obscuring the face, the real effect is to rebound the spell and protect itself. After Fang Xinguo’s “death”, the mask was buried as a funerary object.
Gifts, of course, are to send things that you will also cherish. Xie Pity racked his brains and finally remembered that he had had such a baby at the beginning. It was very useful and helped him several times. He loved the mask, but he did not take it away when he climbed out of the coffin. So he rushed to the tomb of Fangxinguo in the night, planed his grave, dug it out, melted it into silver water, and re-melted it. Long life body lock.
Everyone is very surprised. After all, the tomb of the Fangxin National Teacher has never been worshipped, and the grass has grown a few feet high. If you don’t sweep the grave, you’ll forget it. You’ve also planed your own grave… No one can do this!
Silently silenced for a moment, thanking and looking at Lang Qianqiu’s quirky look, explained: “The mask was not taken from your home, it was made by a silver demon that I used to conquer myself…”
If it is the thing of the Yongan royal family, he will not want to use it as a raw material for the birthday ceremony of the flower city. He did not know that Lang Qianqiu was still paying attention to the tomb of Guoshi. He thought that Lang Qianqiu had buried him in the first place, otherwise he would at least fill in the soil that he had carved out, and he would not be surprised to see him.
Lang Qianqiu stunned and immediately angered: “I haven’t thought about this with you!”
Huacheng glanced at him, his eyes were slightly cold, and Lang Qianqiu looked a glimpse. And thanking the silver lock, suddenly frowning, as if thinking of something.
He met with Lang Qianqiu and found that he was also a general eye. Huacheng will not miss it, saying: “Brother? You have a clue? Is the problem in this long-life lock?”
Thanks to the pity, I have a clue, guessing what is going on, but he does not know how to speak. Lang Qianqiu turned his face and opened his mouth.
He said: “It is himself.”
Huacheng cold channel: “What do you mean?”
Thank you for your help: “Qianqiu!”
Lang Qianqiu looked at him, but he continued to say it. “After the golden banquet, I brought him here.”
Thanks, “Don’t say it.”
Lang Qianqiu looked at him and closed his mouth. He probably didn’t know what to say next. But he does not say that others can continue.
After the golden feast, Yongan Taizi Lang Qianqi lived in Fangxin Guoshi, for revenge, and died in the coffin, sealed in the wilderness, and did not allow anyone to worship. Of course, no one would have worshipped the mourning.
At that time, after being pierced by the mahogany, the blood that flowed out of the heart of the pity, dyed the silver mask that was used as a funerary. The demon of the silver demon preserved the blood and made it out of praying for the body, still not dead. On the day before, she returned to plan to pave her own grave, took a mask and cast a long life lock, and the blood was awakened by him, and she took the opportunity to return to his body.
It is no wonder that Huacheng and his own exploration did not detect any abnormalities. Just because the original of the blame is the thing in his body, it is his own blood, of course, can not find abnormal!
Huacheng moved slightly, thanked him for not seeing his expression, and kept pressing him: “Sanlang!”
Lang Qianqiu killed him. It was originally for revenge. The old king of Yongan was indeed dead in his hands. He was nailed to the coffin by a few nails. Thanks for a few breaths, my heart was a sharp pain, I couldn’t help but scream. As a result, Huacheng Meiyu was dyed with a burning color, saying: “His Royal Highness?”
Lang Qianqiu hesitated for a moment, seeing Xie pity face white like paper, said: “I… want me to help?”
Xie Li knows what his temper will think, busy: “Nothing is ok, I will not need your help. It is not your business, it is not your problem. I am not careful. You can leave it alone.”
Mu Qing also feels that the hard-working and murderer Lang Qianqiu is really embarrassed on this occasion. “Yes, you don’t need to take care of him under the Taihua Highness. Go back.”
For a moment, Lang Qianqiu said: “Okay.”
But although he said it well, he still did not leave. Everyone can’t take care of it, because thank you and hurts to roll. He was so painful that he had to roll and he still had to hug the flower city. He refused to let go, and Huacheng looked at him like this, and it was almost like two days. The imperial ghost king of the Three Realms smells the wind, but he can’t help him. Wind channel: “First solve this problem!…His Royal Highness? What happened to you??”
Thanks to the pity, he was still struggling. After the sound of “Kai”, he suddenly calmed down and lie in the arms of Huacheng with his head and cold sweat. He did not move.
Huacheng forced him back and whispered: “Your Highness, well. No pain.”
The crowd found out that he had a broken silver powder in his hand. The long-life lock that he originally cherished in his heart disappeared.
As long as the long-lived lock is ruined, thankful that it will be calmed down by the blood of the scorpion that is contaminated by it. So he took the long life lock, and with a light grip, it broke.
Thanks for the calmness of the breathing, one side of the first, I saw the stars flowing out of the fingers of the city, a little silver, and then greet the eyes of the flower city. I don’t know why, but it is a slight heartache.
He muttered: “Well… it doesn’t hurt.”
Finally solved the curse, thank you for saying goodbye to the wind, the love, Lang Qianqiu, etc., together with the flower city, slowly go back in the direction of the ghost city.
The two men side by side, thank you for your face all the way is hot.
This must be blamed for the wind and the feelings.
Before a few people parted ways, the wind letter wiped the sweat, or could not help but ask: “So why is the **** rain and flowers in the temple? How is his apex blood? Don’t let him be better?”
Thank you for knowing what happened, and when he asked him, he said, “Do not delve into this!”
Fengxin wondered: “Why don’t you go deeper? Otherwise, what should I do next time? Always check it out.”
Mu Qing said: “You can’t figure it out? The blood has flowed out of his body for too many years. After returning, he still doesn’t adapt. He must be awkward. If his heart is like water, the ancient well has nothing to do…”
However, if he is uneasy and has a heart in his heart, then the blood will be stirred, and he will be painful, and then he will relive the pain of the first time.
Xie Li did not dare to look at the expression of Huacheng at that time. He only felt that the face of this life had to be lost in front of Huacheng.
This means that it means that as soon as he sees and thinks about the flower city, he can’t help but feel the heart, so he will hurt!
Thinking of this, thank you for a heart and mad. Fortunately, now, even if his heart beats faster, it will not hurt.
Suddenly, the silent city of Huacheng Road: “His Royal Highness.”
Cheering immediately said: “What?”
Huacheng Road: “How long have you been in the tomb?”
Thank you for your pity, saying: “I can’t remember.”
Anyway, it’s been a long time, and I don’t want to count it for a long time. Pain, hunger, blood loss, hallucinations. At first, I couldn’t help but regret it. I couldn’t help but regret it. I tried to break through, but I finally let myself fall into the boundless darkness.
It doesn’t seem like a pain that will never be super-existent when there is no sword. But it is a dull pain that never ends.
He sighed. Huacheng immediately said: “What happened to His Royal Highness? Is it still hurting?”
Xie pity shook his head. For a long while, he sighed: “Sanlang, I am sorry.”
Huacheng strangely said: “Why do you say sorry to me?”
For a while, thank you: “Today is clearly your birth, I wanted to give you a good time, but I have tossed it for a day, I want to curse.”
Originally, he also intended to endure at least the end of the birth, but still could not hold back.
Thanks to the pity: “Even the birthday gift that was given to you, because it was to help me curse and destroy.”
Moreover, it is still Huacheng crushed by hand. Thanks for thinking from beginning to end, I feel that today is nothing but a frustration.
Huacheng softly said: “His Royal Highness.”
He paused and said: “You have sent me a birthday gift, I have already received it.”
Thank you for a moment: “What did I send you?”
Don’t say anything, you are the best gift, it will make him more shy.
Huacheng stared at him and whispered: “Your Highness said, even if it hurts, I want to see me. Even if it hurts, I don’t want to leave.”
Huacheng Road: “I am very happy.”
I remembered that when I was holding the flower city, I said that I was a miserable appearance. She thanked me with a soft cough and wanted to pretend to cover her face naturally. Huacheng suddenly pulled him and forced him into his arms.
Thanks for a pity, against his slightly shaking chest, he heard his deep voice.
Huacheng Road: “Really. I am very happy.”
I am also very happy. Thank you very much.
In the long years of a hundred years, even if it hurts again, Huacheng never thought about giving up on him.
It is the most happy to find this pity.
Huacheng Road: “Just because I am very happy, I never want you to endure that kind of pain.”
The two returned to the ghost market, and the group was stunned for a day. When they saw the two returning safely, they immediately turned from the chicken-flying dog to the boiling horse to boil. Huacheng is still too lazy to take care of a word, and enters the thousand lights together with Xie. But when the two entered, they found that there was a lot of things in the view. Huacheng Road: “Who put it in?”
Thank you for taking a look at it and saying: “Hey? It seems to be a gift box? This is the rainman’s adult. It’s a good fresh dish… Is this the windman’s adult?… This must be the general… …”
He counted it and smiled and said: “Sanlang! This is the birthday gift for you to the Lord Ghost.”
In the past few days, he asked everywhere about what he was going to give, but he didn’t say who he was going to send, but he was probably guessed.
Huacheng has no interest in these, saying: “All are thrown out. Take the place.”
Seeing that he really intends to send someone to lose, thank you for your help: “That’s still not to be. Well, it’s also a wish… Wait, why is this, who sent it?” Xie Li actually saw it. Mixed in a pile of serious gifts in the gift | love | medicine and de | son | pill, crying and laughing, hot potato is generally thrown aside. Huacheng seems to be interested in these things, pick it up and look at it: “What?”
Xie pity quickly stopped him: “Not a good thing! Don’t look!”
In the end, Xie pity tangled, but also gave the belt that he personally made to Huacheng, to replace the long life lock.
Huacheng looked at it and smiled almost out of breath – although the ghost didn’t have to gasp, in short, he kissed him for a while, always praised him, praised pity and shame, and put himself in bed. The next day, Huacheng really put on it, and the look was always ready to go out. Thanks for the pity, I almost didn’t faint. I immediately rushed down and asked for a long time. Huacheng reluctantly promised him to use it in reverse, without embroidering. The side of the pattern shows the crowd. In this way, Xie Pity avoids the fate of his craft being publicly ashamed.
As for the fact that Huacheng was too big for the day, it was known that the heavens and the earth knew that the pity had fainted in the day of his birth, which led to the clearing of the ins and outs. Turning it upside down and dying, this is what you have to say. 2k novel reading network

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Heaven Officials Blessing

Heaven Officials Blessing

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom. He was beloved by his citizens and was considered the darling of the world. He ascended to the Heavens at a young age; however, due to unfortunate circumstances, was quickly banished back to the mortal realm. Years later, he ascends again–only to be banished again a few minutes after his ascension. Now, eight hundred years later, Xie Lian ascends to the Heavens for the third time as the laughing stock among all three realms. On his first task as a god thrice ascended, he meets a mysterious demon who rules the ghosts and terrifies the Heavens, yet, unbeknownst to Xie Lian, this demon king has been paying attention to him for a very, very long time.


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