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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world Chapter 315

【The desire to kill every evil person in the world?】
【Then, live more comfortably with my blessings. 】
A gentle voice came to his ears, Busujima Saeko opened his eyes slightly, a little confused, and involuntarily stretched out his hand, and the Eye of God slowly fell into his hand.
The information given by Captain Qin contains information about the Eye of God.
When a person’s good wishes are so strong that God will cast his sight to a certain extent, that person will obtain the Eye of God.
Captain Qin is the person who was given the eye of God by God.
The person who obtains the Eye of God will become the original god. When the wish is fulfilled to a certain extent, the original god will be qualified to prepare a god.
When the wish is completely fulfilled, he will ascend to the divine realm and become a god with the blessings of countless people.
Busujima Saeko came back to her senses and looked at the Eye of God in her hand. It seemed that God’s blessings to her had not faded yet.
She was blessed by God.
This feeling of happiness recognized by God instantly filled my heart.
Busujima Saeko’s cheeks were flushed and wet…
Qin was stunned. This was the first time she saw how the God’s Eye appeared. Her God’s Eye was created when she understood Gunnhild’s will to protect the world forever. The meaning of virtue then appeared in his pocket, the Eye of God.
After regaining consciousness, he congratulated and said:”Congratulations, Busujima Saeko, your wish has been recognized by God.”
Busujima Saeko said gratefully:”Thanks to you for reminding me, I will keep this kindness in my heart.”
Looking at the Eye of God in his hand, he pressed it on the back of his hand like Qin.
The Eye of God turns into light and sinks into the back of the hand to form a sword-shaped pattern.
“Then, I will go to the city to kill those evil people now.”
Bushima Saeko turned around and ran towards the school gate with the sword in her hand.
She can now feel the surging power, which is far beyond the power just blessed by the wind god. The kendo swordsmanship she has practiced since she was a child combined with the surging power can become The magical skill of the sword master in myths and legends that stopped the waterfall.
Looking at the once prosperous city in the distance, Qin felt an unprecedented sense of responsibility.
She looked down at the sky blade in her hand.
The human civilization in this world is completely different from the world of Teyvat.
This is a human civilization without the guidance of gods, especially those thermal weapons. Although they are not as scary as Kanreia’s technology, there is something that can achieve the blow of gods.
And that kind of thing can only be used in just ten days. It will be launched from the base of a big country towards this country in an attempt to stop the dead virus in this country.
However, this behavior has accelerated the spread of the virus. In just 30 days, it will cover the whole world, and by then the human population will decline sharply. 99.
With the passage of time, various survival crises, and the evolution of dead bodies, humans will all become extinct within a few decades.
Qin knelt down on one knee, holding the Sky Blade in both hands and praying devoutly to the sky
“Lord Tenri, Lord Barbatos, and Gunhild begged the Sky Blade to prevent the nuclear bomb from falling.”
【Don’t worry, Qin, even if all the nuclear bombs on the planet fall into your land, the Sky Blade can shoot them all down. ]
A gentle voice appeared in Qin’s ears, and Qin’s expression became more pious:”Thank you for your protection, Lord Tianli.”
Although she still believed in Lord Barbatos, she believed even more in this great and true patron saint of mankind.
The trainee knights have arrived in the city on a bus. Most of them are residents of this city. Everyone gets off the bus according to their distance.
There are people turning into dead bodies everywhere, and the words of the gods make everyone understand that the end has come.
The rule of law in the entire city has completely collapsed. Some thugs on the street completely let go of their true nature after killing people and chopping up their bodies..
The Yakuza organizations in this country are legal to begin with. Without the constraints of the rule of law, they have become completely unscrupulous.
Coupled with the atmosphere of fear and doomsday, the dark side of human nature is completely liberated.
Explosions, gunshots, slashing sounds, screams, roars, and car horns were heard all the time.
At the same time, the city’s police system, which has not yet completely collapsed, has blocked all roads entering or leaving the city.
As the initiator of the Dead Body Virus, it was the high-level officials of this country who immediately ordered all the armed forces in the city to blockade the city as soon as the Dead Body Virus broke out.
No one can get out, no one can get in
【I repeat, all citizens, please follow the instructions and move forward in an orderly manner.】
【Now the city has entered traffic control. Crossing the river without any reason will be punished by law. Of course, crossing the river on foot is also prohibited] (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Every checkpoint is crowded with ordinary people running for their lives. Heavily armed police officers continued to use anti-riot shields to fight back the infected people.
“Asshole, let me pass!”
“Police, get out of here!”
“Ahhh, help!”
Citizens who did not abide by police rules were sprayed back by high-pressure water cannons and kept screaming 0……..
The sounds of armed helicopters and fighter jets constantly hovered over the entire city.
【Even if you are a family member, if you are attacked, please leave.】
【Those who are injured or assault others will not be let go]
The reporter was doing the live broadcast in fear, and his voice was full of tremors.
“An unknown virus is spreading in bed host city, and all the infected people have turned into zombies in the movie”
“Infected people become walking corpses like zombies, and those who are injured by them will also be infected into zombies in a short period of time!”
“The western part of West Bed City has been blocked…”
“The cause of the virus is still unknown, but miracles happened throughout Bed Host City when the virus broke out.”
“God says the world has come to an end”
“According to our news agency, the virus is not exclusive to the island nation but is spreading throughout the world”[]
“Some residents have criticized the lockdown as meaningless in the face of a virus spreading around the world.”
“In addition, because our headquarters has been affected by the virus, we will continue to report on the bed host market through satellite live broadcast as much as possible.
The police official dialed the phone desperately:”Asshole, what do you mean!” Without support, let us wish for ourselves! do you know…”
“Damn it, the signal is interrupted!”
“What should I do, section chief? Many colleagues are infected!”
“Shut up and do your own thing!”
As time goes by, more and more ordinary people gather at the blockade point 4.1.
Because there is too much gathering, the infected people turn into dead bodies and start biting the people around them, and the crowd attacks the blockade more and more.
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
Police officers holding riot shields and police officers holding high-pressure water cannons kept pushing the crowd back.
“Everyone go back, or we will take measures!”
The police behind started to raise their guns.
At this moment, a dazzling white light appeared, and the iron net blocking the bridge broke in an instant. The powerful storm suppressed the chaotic crowd and pushed them to both sides.
Ahhh Ahhhh… people screamed in fear.
The police were shocked.
“what happened!”
Then they saw a female student wearing a sailor uniform, holding a sword in her hand and glowing green, walking towards them.

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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: I! Heaven's will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Good news, traveling to Teyvat has become a natural decision. Bad news, the world of Teyvat doesn't have much time left to live. Good news, we have a system to annex the two-dimensional world. Ye Heng looked at the countless familiar worlds with sad tears streaming down his face, and announced on the spot. "I am not only the law of Teyvat but also the law of countless worlds." "So, my rules are rules." Since then, a heavenly law and a group of ferocious demons have embraced the trembling world. Annexing the Demon Slayer World, Teyvat World has a lifespan of 5,000, and the Lower World has a lifespan of 1 Annex the world of Red Eyes, strengthen the barrier of Teyvat world by 100 times, and lower the world by 1 Annexing the world of Inuyasha, Teyvat formed the reincarnation of the underworld, and the lower world 1 … Until one day, a Happy Star God next door discovered the world of Teyvat and was slapped with countless hands by countless hands before even taking a look at it.


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