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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world Chapter 344

Ye Heng looked at Ying with a smile and joked:”Oh~ Isn’t this Ying, a traveler from outside the world? How long has it been since we last seen each other?”
Ying looked at the disdainful young man and the corner of his mouth twitched:” You don’t have to say anything if you don’t know how to speak.”
When Paimon saw that nothing happened to Ying, he screamed and flew over, hugging Ying’s chest:”Wow! Ying! It’s great that you are okay. I was so worried. You ah ah ah ah……”
Paimon looked at the pear blossoms and the rain and touched her head guiltily:”I’m sorry, Paimon, for making you worry. Did you bring that guy here?”
Pamon nodded:”I originally wanted to ask the Son of God. , I happened to meet this bad guy at the Son of God, so I brought him here.”
Ying’s eyes lit up and he quickly looked at the smiling Ye Heng:”By the way, I remember you are the god of Sky Island, right? If If it’s you, can you discuss it with the Lord God of the Underworld…ah……”
Just as Ying wanted to look at Maricata, she saw the main god of the underworld who was rubbing one of her hands on the ground, running down from the throne in a hurry like a little girl chasing butterflies.
Every time she took a step, colorful flowers appeared at her feet
“Lord Tianli, it is great that you can come to the underworld. I have built the underworld very well according to your plan, and there are no mistakes.”
Marikata was like a little girl in first love, her heart-like aura filled the temple, and her eyes were full of innocence that wanted to be praised. She ran to Ye Heng and stopped, wanting to get closer, but He was afraid of being disliked.
Ye Heng nodded and looked at Maricata and sighed.
Fairies are really love-minded.
Look at the comparison of Maricata before and after. Fairies in love are really stupid.
Just say it casually A few compliments will fool her into thinking.
However, since Maricata is so hard-working and wants to die for him right away, then she can’t be treated too lightly.
Just a few compliments can make her extremely satisfied.. He raised his hand with a smile and touched her beautiful face:”You did a good job, Maricata, what reward do you want?”
Marikata was stunned for a moment, and the next moment her heart was filled with happiness.
Ah ~ Lord Tenri, Lord Tenri touched my face and praised me.
I am so happy.
“Maricata had no desire. As long as she could do things for Tenri-sama and be under Tenri-sama’s gaze, Maricata would be satisfied.”
Marikata rubbed Ye Heng’s palm happily. The divine power in her body fluctuated due to her mood. With her toes as the center, colorful flowers spread in all directions.
Almost in the blink of an eye, the entire wall of the Temple of Pluto was covered with fingernail-sized flowers. Covered in colorful flowers,
Ying and Paimon were stunned.
The Lord of the Underworld, who could press her to the ground and rub her with one hand, actually licked this guy so humbly.
What did the Lord of the Underworld call this guy just now?
Lord Tianli!
Damn it!
Ying suddenly cursed. She replayed the two experiences from meeting him in her mind. Her expression was stiff and the corners of her mouth were trembling.
What do you mean? This guy is an idiot!
She is no longer the novice she was when she first woke up..
But I understand the concept of heavenly principles very well.
The Lord of Teyvat Universe is the supreme being in charge of the entire universe.
All the gods in this universe were born from his power.
Maybe he has the power to directly create the world.
Haven’t you seen so many parallel earths?
Thinking of this, his pupils suddenly shrank.
Since this guy is the law of heaven…
Then my brother and I were summoned to this world, and then all kinds of things happened, how could it be Wasn’t it all arranged by this guy?
From the very beginning when he woke up, he was dragged by the bastard brother to leave the main world of Teyvat, and then was slapped back by the maintainer of heaven. A brainstorm started in Ying’s mind.
Why did he do this?
What is his purpose? (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
When he thought that he had been played with by others from the very beginning, he suddenly started to sweat.
Ying lowered his head mechanically. , looked at Paimon in his arms.
The Istaru from before was following Tianli, so Paimon…
Cold sweat flowed down his cheeks from his temples, he swallowed, and loosened his hands.
Paimon instantly went to It fell to the ground:”Ouch! fluorescent! What are you doing…” He hurriedly floated up before landing and looked at Ying with a puzzled face.
Ying took two steps back with sweat on his back and watched Ye Heng swallowing with vigilance.
Ye Heng touched Maricata’s cheek:” If you don’t want a reward, that won’t work. Well… let’s do this. I’ll give you the right to come to my courtyard, but you can’t abandon your priesthood and ignore it, otherwise I will punish you according to the law.”
Marikata fainted with happiness when she heard this.
You can go to Lord Tenri’s courtyard. The courtyard is Lord Tenri’s residence.
Ah ~ Lord Tenri, you are so kind to me.
I will definitely do it. Those who complete their priestly duties will never make any mistakes.
Ye Heng retracted his hand and looked at Ying, who took two steps back with a vigilant and sweaty face, and the corners of his mouth slowly curved.
This scene is really interesting, as if Ying This brave man suddenly discovered that the friend who had been helping him was actually the big devil he wanted to defeat.
“Oh~What’s wrong? Looking at me warily?”[]
Ye Heng said as he slowly walked over and slowly opened his arms.
Yinghan’s hair stood on end, and a bladeless sword appeared in his hand, pointing at Ye Heng and smacking his lips,”No, don’t come here.”……”
Paimeng was stunned:”What happened to you? All of a sudden?”
Ying pointed the sword in his hand at Paimeng:”Don’t come over either!”
When Paimon saw Ying’s sudden attitude, it was like a bolt from the blue:”Ying, you……”
Of course Ye Heng would not listen to Ying’s threats, and continued to walk slowly over and said jokingly:”What’s wrong Ying? Weren’t we happy before? It’s not good to point a sword at a friend like this.”
Marika Ta came back to her senses and was about to get angry when Ye Heng waved her hand, but she could only hold back her anger and glare at Ying who dared to violate the laws of nature.
Ying kept backing up, her feet hit the steps, and she almost tripped over. Cold sweat fell down her face drop by drop.
“Tianli…, I, everything I experienced was arranged by you, right…, you also arranged for Paimon to be by my side to monitor me, you, what are your plans for me?”.

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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: I! Heaven's will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Good news, traveling to Teyvat has become a natural decision. Bad news, the world of Teyvat doesn't have much time left to live. Good news, we have a system to annex the two-dimensional world. Ye Heng looked at the countless familiar worlds with sad tears streaming down his face, and announced on the spot. "I am not only the law of Teyvat but also the law of countless worlds." "So, my rules are rules." Since then, a heavenly law and a group of ferocious demons have embraced the trembling world. Annexing the Demon Slayer World, Teyvat World has a lifespan of 5,000, and the Lower World has a lifespan of 1 Annex the world of Red Eyes, strengthen the barrier of Teyvat world by 100 times, and lower the world by 1 Annexing the world of Inuyasha, Teyvat formed the reincarnation of the underworld, and the lower world 1 … Until one day, a Happy Star God next door discovered the world of Teyvat and was slapped with countless hands by countless hands before even taking a look at it.


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