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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world Chapter 345

Paimeng was stunned.
This bad guy is a destiny. When did she become the one arranged by this bad guy?
I feel so dizzy, I almost have a brain.
But what exactly happened?
Ye Heng looked at Ying with a hint of joking:”Well~ I am right, but it is not what I arranged for you.”
“Now that you have recognized it, it’s time for a showdown, right? Travelers from outside the world.”
Ying was sweating profusely. A showdown? What are you going to do after a showdown? What will happen to me?
Ye Heng walked towards Ying, who had no choice but to retreat and sat down on the steps. However, the attack she thought did not come, and the opponent came from her. Walked by and sat on the throne
“Now that you have come to my world, there is no reason for me to let you leave.”
“Your guess is somewhat wrong. I don’t need to make any arrangements for you,”Zero Four Seven”. After all, your strength is only that little, and you can’t even defeat a main god.”
Ye Heng crossed his legs and held his cheeks with his palms.
To be honest, if the Teyvat world had not yet become a universe, it would be quite difficult to lock Ying’s fate, and a series of complicated operations would have to be performed.
But now, Ying has already It has completely become a Teyvat household registration book.
Therefore, the previous operations are no longer needed.
During the period of victory, Ying’s strength was only slightly stronger than that of the original seven gods. Now even the weakest main god can defeat her.
Her current The strength is the level of the gods.
The current gods are the strength of the original seven gods.
But her potential is indeed enough. If she grows to the end, she can reach the level of Fanes, which is a star explosion.
The most important thing is Her special body can carry the most primitive power such as the power of the light world, the power of the human world, and the power of the virtual world. The corner of Ying’s mouth trembled. Indeed, her strength during the period of complete victory could not defeat a main god. During the period of complete victory, she could not defeat that god at most. Almost an eighth-level divine son
“So, what do you want me to do?”
As a thousand-year old man, I instantly understood the core of the problem.
Ye Heng smiled and said:”Haha, you are indeed as smart as your brother.”
“Your brother is very wise. Now he has become the supreme god of the abyss, the king of the abyss. I will leave the abyss to him.”
“I originally wanted to let you grow up a little more, return to your original strength, and even let you know the truth when you go one step further, but I didn’t expect you to break into the underworld directly.”
Ye Heng tapped the armrest of the throne with his fingers.
His face was wrinkled. What do you mean? The bastard brother has long since surrendered to Tianli. Now he is the CEO of Abyss and is enjoying the hot and spicy food?
Is it possible that he has always been the old man ? Is he teasing me? To get revenge on me for disdaining him before?
The more I think about it, the more likely it is. The bastard Sora won’t be so honest and swallowed by her disdain.
Thinking of all the anger when he met the Abyss Cult in Mondstadt. Risk.
Ye Heng continued:”Your destiny is now under my control, so I will give you a choice.”
“First, join the divine system to shine and heat the Teyvat universe.”
Speaking of this, Ye Heng hooked his fingers at Maricata. Maricata understood instantly, and came behind him ecstatically and squeezed his shoulders gently.
As a thousand-year-old, there is no need for Ying. I understand what the other party means.
Not only is the corner of my mouth twitching, but my face is also twitching.
This is to make this girl a migrant worker.
“Secondly, are you going to kill me?”Ying looked at Ye Heng, who was extremely domineering.
Ye Heng said with a smile:”Of course not, but you have to act according to the rules. Originally, it was a death penalty to forcefully break into the underworld, but you were only given a thousand years of hard labor. Of course, the death penalty is If it’s free, just change it to indefinite.” fluorescent:”……”
“That means I don’t have a choice…”
Ye Heng held his cheek and said playfully:”Since you don’t want to choose, let me choose for you. I think the second one is good. Ying was sweating profusely:”No, no, no, I’ll choose the first one, I’ll choose the first one.””
The bastard Sky has surrendered to heaven, how could she do the opposite?
The bastard Sky Pirate is a thief, he must have nothing to do, or there are some huge benefits, otherwise he would have slipped away.
Ye Heng was satisfied. Nodding:”Very good, in that case, let’s lift the seal on you.”
Speaking of this, the phantom of the original magic ring appeared behind him, and Asmodeus’s seal on Ying instantly became invalid. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)
Ying’s original power returned instantly, which is comparable to the first seven The aura of God gradually appeared.
The power of the light world revived in the body.
When Ying was summoned to this world, he obtained the seeds of the power of the light world.
In the end, he grew into a new Fanes……….
At the same time, Ying was also drawn into the blueprint of the gods.
The plans to swallow the world were all crammed into her mind.
Ying’s expression gradually became exaggerated.
Damn it, shit… what is this? The world of Teyvat grew through countless extraterrestrial worlds beyond the Devouring Tree and the Sea.
What is this stuff? Is this really something that humans can imagine?
No, not even God can do this!
How much exaggerated power does one have to possess to be able to do something so bizarre?
Ying mechanically raised her head and looked at the boy who was looking at her playfully.
She had never heard of this kind of existence.
Now she understands why the bastard Sora surrendered to him[]
It won’t work if you don’t admit it. run? Can’t run. beat? That is courting death.
There is no leeway except following the other party.
And the benefits of following each other are real.
Who can resist being hit by a big stick and a jujube?
Even the unimaginable beings in the universe on the Tree of Imaginary Numbers may have to kneel down.
Ying instantly scratched his head in an amused manner:”Hey, you told me earlier, you told me earlier that I would have fooled around with you, so why bother?”
Ye Heng smiled and looked at Ying, who instantly became oily.
It is precisely because he is well-informed that he can kneel down so simply when faced with an incomprehensible existence.
“I also said that I liked the unruly way you pointed your sword at me just now.”
Ying scratched her head in embarrassment:”How could…I, I……”
Ye Heng waved 0.0 his hand:”Okay, you have the power of the light realm and the potential to become the supreme god.”
At this point, his golden eyes flickered, giving Ying the status of the supreme god.
But she cannot yet use the authority of the supreme god.
Only when her strength matches that of the highest god can she truly sit on it.
Therefore, what is shown in the blueprint of the gods is the seat of God.
“You should work hard to become the supreme god as soon as possible, and don’t be lazy, otherwise, I will whip you with a whip.” fluorescent:”……”Okay, you are the master of the universe, whatever you say is yours, is it possible that I can still resist?
Ye Heng looked at Paimon who was dazed and confused.
“Reign of Death, Paimon, how long are you going to be stunned? Come here as fast as you can.”

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I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

I Heavens will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: I! Heaven's will, let Teyvat become the supreme world

Good news, traveling to Teyvat has become a natural decision. Bad news, the world of Teyvat doesn't have much time left to live. Good news, we have a system to annex the two-dimensional world. Ye Heng looked at the countless familiar worlds with sad tears streaming down his face, and announced on the spot. "I am not only the law of Teyvat but also the law of countless worlds." "So, my rules are rules." Since then, a heavenly law and a group of ferocious demons have embraced the trembling world. Annexing the Demon Slayer World, Teyvat World has a lifespan of 5,000, and the Lower World has a lifespan of 1 Annex the world of Red Eyes, strengthen the barrier of Teyvat world by 100 times, and lower the world by 1 Annexing the world of Inuyasha, Teyvat formed the reincarnation of the underworld, and the lower world 1 … Until one day, a Happy Star God next door discovered the world of Teyvat and was slapped with countless hands by countless hands before even taking a look at it.


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