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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars Chapter 351

“Hell, when did Mist Hidden Village drill out so many ninjas of the Kaguya clan?”
Deidara, who now feels like he dreams again, doesn’t blame him.
I haven’t paid attention to the situation in the Ninja World for so many years, and I probably don’t know the major blood succession limit families in Mist Hidden Village!
Of course, not to mention Deidara, the other villages, except for Konoha, do not know much.
After all, the sudden emergence of these families is actually not very remarkable compared to a ninja village with many ninjas.
And originally the Kaguya clan belonged to the foggyin, what is so strange about this.
“Exploding clay! Is this an explosion? ”
“Hmm! Whether it’s powerful or not, it’s amazing! ”
“Let the other ninjas be careful, once hit, I’m afraid that everyone except for our clan won’t be able to hold on!”
“Then let’s deal with this guy!”
Saying that, a few ninjas of the Kaguya clan slowly stepped forward, and the flesh and blood tissue on their bodies had actually recovered in the “eight four zero” time they spoke.
Seeing this scene, Deidara, he couldn’t help it.
Their own explosion can’t kill these people, and they can recover quickly, what a joke.
Damn guys, did you pit me on purpose?
Deidara’s current thought of taking the soil was angry.
This newcomer actually plagued himself as a senior.
When he escapes from the Misty Hidden Village, he will definitely teach him a hard lesson.
Rain far away outside the water.
Suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Wuyin Village.
Deidara’s movement was so loud, Shi Yu left the cloud eye in the village, how could the thirty-six cloud pigeons not find it.
Through the eyes of the clouds, the rain directly saw the situation in the Wuyin Village.
“Is it because I’m not here at this time?”
Since Deidara appeared, it was compared to the human pillar force.
Is it because of Han?
However, if the Xiao Organization really infiltrated the Wuyin Village, then it must be possible to find other human pillar forces!
Shi Yu frowned.
Want to go back?
Go back at this time, and when the matter of Mist Hidden Village is dealt with, I’m afraid that Sasuke’s side is over.
Once the weasel dies, Shi Yu wants to get another eye to stop the water, but it is not so easy.
Just look at the current village, can I stop the people of the Xiao Organization without me!
Shi Yu spent so much energy to cultivate the ninjas in the village, if he couldn’t even deal with a single Deidara, wouldn’t it be in vain that he had wasted so much energy.
Shi Yu closed his eyes and continued to pay attention to the situation in the village through the eyes of the clouds.
And at this moment, Deidara is dealing with these ninjas of the Kaguya clan who have corpses, bones, bloodline and blood succession boundaries.
The face is very ugly.
“Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! It can’t be blown up at all! Damn it! ”
Deidara looked at the growing number of corpse ninjas around him.
The number of these Kaguya ninjas is quite large.
In the blink of an eye, more than two dozen people came.
And there are many more other ninjas around.
“We cooperate with you to capture this guy alive!”
Suddenly, another group of ninjas appeared, all with agreed crests on their bodies.
The family emblem resembles a crystalline form.
These are the ninjas of the Mizuki clan.
The next second, the ground began to freeze.
Even the clay bomb unleashed by Deidara, frozen.
Can’t detonate!
Damn it! This ice escape was actually able to restrain my explosion!
Just when Deidara’s frown felt incredible, there suddenly seemed to be a strange murderous intention behind him.
Deidara’s arm was instantly cut open with a bloody hole.
Turned his head to look at the attack that appeared inexplicably.
A man slowly appeared in front of him!
“I just said that the guys of the Guangyue clan must be there, these guys have always been sneaky, and only at this time did they make a sneak attack, rat-like guys!”
The Kaguya clan may be affected by the Blood Succession Limit, but they are not used to this behavior of the Guangyue clan.
The people of the Mitsuki clan also looked at the Kaguya clan, “You reckless men who only know how to rampage, how we fight, does it have anything to do with you?” ”
“All right! The enemy is still there! ”
The people of the Shui Wuyue clan stood up to reconcile.
For the sake of being the same clan as Shiyu, the Kaguya clan did not dare to say anything more to the Shui Wuyue clan. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )
And at this moment, Deidara was very surprised.
These guys were previously invisible and have been lurking around, waiting to surprise me with an attack!
Is it transparent? There is also this kind of ninja of the blood succession limit, damn it, what is going on in the Mist Hidden Village?
Just when Deidara’s confusion was over, suddenly a thick fog hit, and he suddenly felt bad.
The skin begins to erode rapidly.
This is……
Deidara hurriedly jumped away.
The moment of dodging, Deidara, looking at the skin on the back of his hand, had been corroded by more than half.0
The ninja of the Mino Castle clan arrived.
“Now that Lord Shui Ying is not there, in this case, he chose to invade Wuyin Village, is this when there is no one in Wuyin Village?”
More and more ninjas gathered.
Terumi also appeared.
“Little ghost, I remember you, you seem to be from the Xiao Organization!”
“It’s the rebel of Iwain Village!”
The appearance of Zhao Meiyu completely made Deidara’s whole person completely stunned.
A small misty hidden village, didn’t it just lift the state of the closed village before?
How can so many powerful ninjas, Obito let themselves create chaos in the Mist Hidden Village, where is this to create chaos, this is simply throwing themselves into the net.
Seeing this, Shi Yu nodded with satisfaction, it seemed that even if he didn’t need to go back by himself, Deidara’s can’t get up.
The current Wuyin Village is different from what it used to be.
Suddenly, the house in front of him suddenly exploded, and huge flames roared out.
The ferret jumped out of the roof.
Then Sasuke followed suit.
The battle between these two has also entered the final stage!
At this time, the ferret suddenly glanced at Shi Yu.
Shi Yu, who was standing on the side, didn’t seem to have any intention of doing anything at all.
Itachi looked at Sasuke, “Did you bring a helper too?” ”
Sasuke: “Shiyu won’t shoot, this is my fight with you!” ”
Seeing that Sasuke actually trusted Shiyu so much.
Itachi smiled, and also said that Shiyu and Sasuke were actually the same age, or even classmates, and became partners of the same ninja squad 1.1.
Sasuke faced himself and was willing to let Shiyu watch the battle from the sidelines, I am afraid that he recognized this man from the bottom of his heart!
Since there is a existence that can be called a friend, it is easy to say.
Itachi’s eyes flashed with a smile, and his face lit up to Sasuke at the moment, his eyes flickering slightly.
Suddenly, black flames suddenly appeared, and Sasuke could not dodge being engulfed by black flames.
This is different from the original!
Sasuke didn’t even block Amaterasu’s flames, and the whole person was instantly engulfed by Amaterasu’s flames.
In this way, Sasuke would be burned into carbon by the flames in a matter of seconds.
Shi Yu sighed helplessly.
ROOM~ Transfer!
Suddenly Sasuke appeared in front of Shiyu.
Shi Yu raised his hand!
Glutton!!! Swallow the black flame for me!
[Gluttony: Launch].
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Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Im in Konoha, I have ten skill bars

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naru


Moonlight Shigure came to the world of Naruto. For the first twelve years, he seemed very mediocre. Average talent, average physique, average everything else except being handsome. I thought I would live a mediocre life in the world of Naruto, but the sudden appearance of the skill bar made Shigure a genius. Any ninjutsu can be put into the skill bar, without control or operation, and it will run automatically. Naruto: “Why are you so good at using the ninjutsu you just learned yesterday? Is there any secret to it?” Sasuke: “You are the real genius, you have been playing me before!” Kakashi: “Geniuses come out every year, but this year is particularly strong. As a teacher, I am under a lot of pressure. I want to retire, third generation!” Third generation: “You want to retire? I still want to retire! That kid is simply not a human being. I am a remnant of the old era. There is no village that can let me stay in the new era!”


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