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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken Chapter 5

Once again, the live broadcast room was opened.
Jiang Ye’s face appeared in front of Yang Mi again.
Her fingers tapped slowly.
The originally calm and indifferent face slowly changed at this time.
The gaze has been locked on Jiang Ye.
The previous thing was what the man in front of him did.
So young and handsome, he even has such skills!
The audience in the live broadcast room was still discussing Jiang Ye’s expectations for this stock before.
“I admit, I used to speak a little louder, and the anchor still has two brushes.”
“I regret it, I regret it so much, I have already opened this stock before, why didn’t I follow the anchor to buy two bets.”
“Yes, even if you buy 10,000 pieces before, this is not a big sword.”
Yang Mi looked at the content of the barrage even more moved.
At the same time, a faint regret appeared in his heart.
“Why didn’t I catch up!”
If she had known that Jiang Ye had such skills, she would have followed her before.
She has been in the entertainment industry for so long, and now she has saved hundreds of millions.
If she took out 10 million and followed Jiang Ye to buy a stock, she would increase by 15% in an hour, and she could also earn 1.5 million.
Even with her current position in the entertainment industry, she can’t earn 1.5 million an hour to film.
If you are more ruthless and press more, can’t you earn fifteen million?
Various thoughts appeared in Yang Mi’s heart.
Her gaze towards Jiang Ye was a little hot.
What kind of anchor is this in front of her, it is completely her guiding light.
Didn’t she always want to manage her money but couldn’t find the right way?
What is now in front of her is not a great opportunity.
Yang Mi was excited in her heart, and she couldn’t wait.
She sat cross-legged on the chair and stared at Jiang Ye, who was still talking in the live broadcast room.
In the live broadcast room, the water friends were still brushing the screen to prompt Jiang Ye, and all emotions were overflowing.
“Anchor, the stock I just bought has really risen!”
“It’s really fifteen percent, anchor, you are really a god!”
Jiang Ye looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room prompting himself, and he was a little surprised in his heart, but his face was very calm.
After explaining the question he was answering, Jiang Ye casually opened the Hong Kong Stock Connect, and the profit and income of the stock he bought before was quickly revealed in front of Jiang Ye.
Sure enough, as he saw in the future.
The stock rose exactly fifteen percent, the highest gain over the same period.
This also proves that his golden finger has no problems at all.
All the viewers in the live broadcast room were observing the change in Jiang Ye’s expression.
Guess what kind of performance it will be.
It’s just that Jiang Ye’s expression is very calm from the beginning to now.
Jiang Ye’s actions that didn’t seem to care about made Shui You’s head full of question marks.
“Anchor, aren’t you excited at all?”
“This stock is the same as you think, up fifteen points, that is, 150 five.”
“This is a salary that ordinary people may only earn in a lifetime, and it is okay to give some normal reactions!”
Jiang Ye glanced at the content on the barrage, waved his hand lightly, and said modestly:
“Don’t be excited, the stock I chose, it’s normal to rise, these are small scenes.”
“Besides, you only earned 1.5 million, and the anchor doesn’t understand what you guys are excited about?”
His modest look and confident tone shocked the audience in the live broadcast room.
Although they were all accustomed to Jiang Ye’s indifference.
But hearing his rightful words, I couldn’t help it.
“So the clown turned out to be us?”
“6666, it’s worthy of Brother Jiang!”
“Hahahaha, this wave of anchors is completely pretending to be a good force, this matter can blow for a long time.”
“I like the way the anchor pretends to be forced.”
“It’s worthy of being the anchor I like, very good, very good, keep it up!”
In an instant, a line of 666 flashed on the barrage.
Some curious water friends couldn’t help but send a barrage and asked.
“How does the anchor know that it will go up?”
“Are you going to hold or sell next, will the stock be rising?”
“I’ve been in the live broadcast room since the first day of broadcasting, if the anchor really has any news, he can’t hide it from me!”
There are already many people rubbing their hands, staring at the video in front of them, waiting for Jiang Ye’s reply.
Jiang Ye’s gaze swept around from the barrage.
However, instead of answering their questions, he found the stock he had bought.
In the surprised expressions of everyone, he chose to sell without hesitation.
All of Grand Pharma’s shares were sold off, and his account balance changed from 10 million to 15 million.
Internet cafe.
Zhang Heng looked at the Hong Kong Stock Connect that had been opened with excitement on his face, looked at this red stock marked on the road, and his fingers moved.
My heartbeat has increased a lot.
Jiang Ye’s performance just now was still emerging in front of his eyes.
That’s a lot more than he earned by working hard.
I have made sufficient preparations to follow Jiang Ye to buy this stock.
A flash of excitement flashed in his eyes.
The anchor invested 10 million and earned 1.5 million in an hour.
I didn’t have that much money, and I worked hard for five or six years after graduating from college and only saved 100,000 dollars.
But as long as I keep following the anchor to speculate in stocks, the house and car will be there at that time.
Zhang Heng looked at the soaring Hongda Pharmaceutical, and slowly made up his mind in his heart.
He was going to buy the stock.
When he was just about to pay for the purchase, he glanced up at the live broadcast room and saw that Jiang Ye did not hesitate to sell the stock that only made him 1.5 million.
And in one go, without any pauses at all.
Zhang Heng was directly stunned, his eyes widened, and he sat motionless on the chair of the Internet café.
He is ready to make money on this stock, and now that Jiang Ye has suddenly sold, what should he do?
This stock is moving so well, Jiang Ye has just made 1.5 million.
Zhang Heng suddenly felt a little flustered, and forced himself to type and asked.
“Anchor, why did you suddenly sell, I still want to buy it, what happened?”
After Zhang Heng asked, his eyes stared at the screen.
The other viewers in the live broadcast room were also shocked by Jiang Ye’s operation.
“Anchor, this stock has risen so well, why did it suddenly sell, is it going to fall?”
“Why did you suddenly think of buying this stock before?”
“The transaction is so crisp and neat, is there any inside information?”
The content of the barrage floated in front of Jiang Ye.
Seeing the surprised and impatient appearance of all the water friends now, Jiang Ye hooked the corner of his mouth and smiled gently.
After it was determined just now that the stock had indeed risen by fifteen percent, the wind direction in the live broadcast room had basically changed,
and he could see the meaning of these water friends.
I just want to buy stocks with him.
After all, watching him earn 1.5 million in an hour, a few people can bear it.

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Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Live broadcast Make hundreds of billions from stock trading, big power is broken

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and wa


[City + System + Live Broadcast + Stock Trading + Making Money + Female Stars] Jiang Ye found that he was reborn in the body of a person with the same name. He encountered difficulties when he was reborn. He had just graduated from college and was blocked by the financial circle. He was penniless and could only return to his hometown to work as a Douyin anchor. Just when Jiang Ye was worried, he happened to activate the stock prediction system, which could predict the future direction of the stock market. Jiang Ye decisively mortgaged his ancestral home to obtain 10 million yuan and started live broadcasting stock trading. He bought and sold several times without making any mistakes. In a few days, his 10 million principal was doubled tenfold, and he easily made 100 million! Female stars throughout the entertainment industry have become fans of Jiang Ye. Great Power: Holding Jiang Ye’s thigh, crying and begging Jiang Ye to help her buy a stock. Reba: I’m the best at massaging. I’ll give you a private massage. Can you tell me which stock makes money? Liu Yifei: I am willing to be your goddaughter, as long as my father agrees to recommend a profitable stock to my daughter. Sister Zhou: As long as you are willing to recommend me a profitable stock, I will be your mute bride from now on, and I can do whatever you want.


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