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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Chapter 102

After all, it can be seen from Naruto’s memory…. This guy called Hayabusa… I may have entered Konoha Village a long time ago… Whatever else: Or maybe something… All suffice…

Now Hayabusa’s own threat has reached the point where it can deter the entire Konoha village… If you don’t take measures at this time… What may happen in the future….

No one can know… For a person who knows himself very well… And a very powerful enemy … Now such a situation: It’s completely dangerous….

Something has to be done… Otherwise… Future results will certainly surprise everyone: After all, judging by the current results… The other party was actually able to try to make contact when Naruto was still very young… Suffice it to say….

Hayabusa has a lot of secrets: On this note: These people know very well… It can even be said that it is incomparably understood….

That’s all because Naruto has the Nine Tails in his body: This secret as the people in Konoha Village: Surely all understood… But the other side is an out-of-village person… To be able to come to Naruto when he was still so young….

And communicate with them: This is already a very obvious behavior… The other party may have already targeted Naruto very early: Ready to completely seal all the tailed beasts in his body… Maybe even take it away directly….

“It’s time to hurry…. Otherwise.. I don’t know what will happen in the future…”

Tsunade said lightly: Then he and his side also began to prepare for the next plan: You have to hurry… Give the Five Shadows talks to the agreed time….

Only in this way can we smoothly figure out how to stop the organization named Xiao…


And at this moment, with Konoha Village having announced that it wants to summon the Five Kages again for talks… The various ninja villages also began to prepare….

To be honest, every Five Shadows talks are a big thing involving the basic movements of the five major powers in the future… So a lot of people are very concerned about this matter….

It can even be said that it is extremely attentive… So this hasn’t started yet. Many ninjas began to prepare… Even some of the ninjas began to prepare directly… How should we take advantage of the Five Shadows talks….

After all, there is also a consideration of the strength of other ninja villages: To a large extent: Being able to gather five shadows at the same time is something that can’t be solved: That’s pretty rare…

It can even be said that there is no ….

And at this time… After the five major powers have basically finalized the future Five Shadows talks… Time has also passed for several months: During this time: Since Shinobi Village upwards: Come and bring the daimyos of the leaders of the five great powers….

It is also beginning to analyze up: After finalizing the next time: Many ninjas also began to prepare for the next Five Kage talks: For such results: Many people are actually looking forward to it: After all, it has been a long time since the last Five Shadows talks….

Many of them have forgotten: What exactly should these people do: It can even be said how exactly we should meet….

And at this time: The five shadows are all heading towards: The agreed place on the day of the departure… It has been guarding the village of Yuyin for a long time. Uchiha Obito, who was waiting for news, also began to prepare….

His idea now is very simple: That is to wait until: When the Five Shadows talks officially began: Himself in front of all the shadows… Declare that he will declare war with the five powers at the same time….

From now on: Want to directly transfer the remaining … Yao directly forcibly took away: It’s already a very difficult thing: Even if you carry: Now all the members of the organization are going….

It may also take a lot of time and energy… Even in the end, you still have to: In the face of the combat power that is not weaker than the Ninja Realm coalition army….

Since this is the case: It’s better to be less polite: Declare war directly against the ninjas of all five powers: For something like this….

Seems like a good option… At least for the current Uchiha Obito: It should be a good idea….

Come to think of this: Uchiha Obito was also notified directly: Black Jeopardy: Told it specific thoughts….

“So, you’re ready: Did you do it next!? About the capture of Yaoi … It probably doesn’t need to be so complicated…”

“You may be a good choice to go directly to Yunyin Village…”

After Hei Jue heard Uchiha’s plan to take the soil, he suddenly felt that the other party seemed to be a little too anxious… One person faces so many ninja alliances at the same time….

Don’t say it’s just the other party… Now such a situation, such a big fanfare to tell the five major countries: The Xiao organization wants to declare war with the other side….

The impact is too great… Even if it’s black at the moment.. The savior still felt that Uchiha was too anxious to bring the soil….

You can totally wait for a while: After all, Yaoi won’t run either… Just wait until all the Shinobi villages have let down their guard: Then touch into Yunyin Village through Shenwei…

It is completely possible to directly capture Yaoi successfully: After all, this thing: They’re not without doing either…

It is not necessary: Just so impulsive….

But even if it is Hei, no matter how bitter he is… Uchiha Obito still has no idea of changing: Now for him … Nothing could stop him from wanting to resurrect Lynn…

Even if you declare war with the five major powers, there is no way: I can’t wait that long… Now even if it is directly declared war with the five major powers….

I’m not afraid at all….

“Don’t worry: We help a lot: I’ve found nice teammates: The battlefield will definitely be lively at that time.”

“Wait until the declaration of war is over. will take away the eye of reincarnation… Can’t waste any more time…”

Uchiha Obito is ready now… The first thing is to make an agreement with the big snake pill and the medicine master… Previously: Powerful ninjas who have existed….

Rebirth through filthy soil… Followed by.. Himself will be the original: Uchiha’s reincarnation eye was taken from Nagato’s body….

Wait until that time: Even the existing ninjas of the entire ninja world are added together: are not necessarily their opponents …. For their own strength: Uchiha Obito has always had a lot of self-confidence… Even many people can’t compete with it at all, and that’s why….

Basically for a long time to come… I will be the most powerful….

When the time comes… Even if that falcon comes out again.. I am also perfectly capable of killing it: After all, he will soon be able to collect all the nine-tailed beasts… At that time, its own strength will become stronger… After all, if you want to succeed: Release unlimited monthly reading words….

But you need to become: Ten-tailed man pillar force: As long as it is able to become a ten-tailed human pillar force…

Then when the time comes, its own strength will directly exceed the category of coarse ninja… Directly to the degree of the gods: Come to think of it… Uchiha Obito can be said to be not afraid at all: After all, I have no other way to choose now….

“As you please… After all, there is only the last Yao… Even if you fail… And no one will be able to kill you..”

Kuro Je saw that Uchiha had made up his mind: Nor are you ready to persuade again: After all, there are people in the current ninja world who can compete with Uchiha Obito: It can be said that it is very little…

It can even be said that there is no … As long as the other party doesn’t make a big mess… Acceptable to yourself: After all, now… My side has already collected the eight tailed beasts…

And the most powerful of the tailed beasts, the Nine Tails, has also been successfully collected… Now basically not much trouble… You only need to collect the last tailed beasts….

Well along with… After the Ten Tails were summoned… There is not much time left to resurrect his mother….

Come to think of this: Kuro Je also left directly from the same place: It doesn’t want much now either… Continuing to gather intelligence is what it’s going to do…

Other than that, I don’t have much to think about….

“Lynn, soon I’ll be able to see you… When the time comes: No one or thing can separate us anymore….”

Uchiha Obito muttered to himself for a while, and his eyes under the mask became deeper… His expression became more resolute….

Now it’s time for the final step… As long as you can do things well next: Then next for him: It’s a success….

The only thing to consider: Maybe only the next Hayabusa… Will it come out and make trouble….

But I don’t have much time to think about each other… The most important thing is to collect the last Yao as soon as possible… Other than that….

Nothing has to do with you…


Just after Uchiha Obito had already decided to make a big fuss about the Five Kages talks, he had been around… Ungoverned zones outside the Big Five….

There are no other Shinobi villages under the jurisdiction here: It can be said to be very confusing: For weak ninjas: It’s a hell….

But for yourself… It’s all heaven. There is simply no one who can get close to themselves … And you can also enjoy the best service here….

It can be said that it is very good… Just after receiving the task from the system… Hayabusa has never traveled to any of the five major countries….

After all, that could reveal your whereabouts… Actions that affect Uchiha Obito: As long as you don’t intervene: That guy will soon mess up the five powers….

At that time, I only need to receive the system reward directly… Come to think of this: Hayabusa’s heart suddenly began to look forward to it….

It stands to reason… The system rewards every time it is very good… This time the reward is definitely even better: Come to think of this: Hayabusa began to prepare….

Now just in terms of time… It should be almost there… It’s time for the Five Shadows talks… As long as the time comes….

If Uchiha brought the soil out…. Then it will definitely be regarded as the other five powers as great enemies… At that time, the outbreak of full-scale war will simply be a matter of course….

Imagine here… Hayabusa is looking forward to it… The future is no surprise: I will soon be rewarded by the system….

“I haven’t seen Orochimaru in so many days… I don’t know if this guy will be associated with Uchiha Obito again…”

“To be honest, for Orochimaru.. I don’t expect him to be loyal…”

Hayabusa sipped the juice in his hand and suddenly thought of a question. Then for a short time you will be in the same camp as yourself… Will the big snake pill betray his actions….

Come to think of this: He immediately began to think: For the big snake pill: He wouldn’t have any idea at all: After all, this guy can even backstab his own teacher….

Not to mention yourself this: I’ve only known people for a few months… But where not to be calculated by the other party: It can be regarded as the other party has a conscience….

“Forget it: How do these guys calculate: The premise is also to overcome me: Otherwise.. It’s all in vain…”

Hayabusa can now be said to be very confident in his strength… Even if it is Orochimaru and Uchiha Obito, these two guys together…

You may not be able to overcome yourself… It was even said that a big snake pill … I don’t put it in my eyes at all

… He just felt: Being backstabbed by someone else must be very disgusting… I don’t like to be betrayed by others. But if you are betrayed….

Then eternal life will not forgive…

“Ding-dong! The all-out war has begun, the system has been completed, congratulations to the host for getting the reward: Overlord color domineering boost! ”

The ability attached to the overlord-colored domineering is awakened by default!”


Just while Hayabusa was leisurely thinking about things…. Suddenly, there was a sound in my ears… Inform him that the system tasks are now complete….

And also successfully obtained the system reward!

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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Living in Konoha: My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Hayabusa traveled to the world of Naruto and successfully activated the Overlord Color Infinite Strengthening System. As long as he completes the task, he can gain certain experience points.Nagato: His technique can cover a whole country in an instant, which is more terrifying than my Shinra Tensei!Uchiha Mask Man: There is no doubt that Hayato has the power to change the war of the ninja world in an instant.Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke: I have to admit that even staying standing in front of him is a huge challenge.Hayato stood on the battlefield of the Fourth Ninja War, under his overlord look like a natural disaster.All those below the shadow level were prostrate on the ground.


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