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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Chapter 103

And this also portends … Now the great war in the entire ninja world has basically broken out completely… For such a result… Hayabusa didn’t feel any surprise in his heart: After all, I have thought of it since a long time ago….

Uchiha Obito will definitely choose every opportunity.. Let’s start the war of the entire ninja world: And as long as the other party turns on… It basically represents the future pattern…

The whole world will be affected by the actions of the other party … In this regard: Hayabusa is already ready inside: Now that the Ninja War has begun… It seems that he can collect the last world origin as well….

That’s the Ten Tails… For the current Hayabusa… Now even the entire ninja world is added together: You may or may not necessarily be able to cause harm to yourself: But still pay attention….

Until the end of the Naruto world… Just appeared Uchiha spot: There are also two people between the thousand hand pillars: Words for these two people: I haven’t really touched it though: But if you really fight these two beings….

He also doesn’t feel flustered at all. After all, the power is here right now: I don’t need to rely on anyone myself….

You only need to collect the last world origin as well: In the future, there will not be many opportunities to improve your strength: When the time comes….

If you can’t travel to other worlds: Then it’s a good idea to stay in the Hokage world….

After all, with the large number of devil fruits obtained in his points mall… But anyone who can take out a: The capabilities it brings….

It’s enough for him to survive no matter what world he is in…. Thinking of this, Hayabusa directly didn’t care: Now go straight to the beginning: The battlefield of the Ninja World War is enough… If nothing else… It should be visible…

Uchiha Madara, and the Senju Pillar… When the time comes… I didn’t come to this world for nothing… Come to think of it… Hayabusa also left the current Ninja Realm Neutral Zone directly….

Then he walked towards the location where the Ninja World Alliance was now, if he remembered the time well… Although when the Naruto anime was first watched, it looked and went… It may be felt that this war may last for several years….

But in fact, this time the war lasted only a few days… That is to say, from the beginning: The next moment when Uchiha Obito announced that he was an enemy of the five major powers at the same time….

To Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha two people will… The time for Kaguya to reseal it was only a few days….

This leads to… The time that has passed now may be a little late… But you shouldn’t miss a wonderful time… Maybe… Maybe you can make a direct finale appearance… Come to think of it… Hayabusa then tried to teleport directly to the battlefield today through the Gate Fruit…

With the power of his own door fruit… Hayabusa also crossed directly to the battlefield today… It’s nearby… Stayed directly above the rocks… He looked around: Soon I saw that: Two meteorites falling from the sky….

If nothing else: There must have already been a war here … And it can be seen from this incomparably iconic scene: This battle: It must have lasted for quite a short time….

And the person who made it: It must be the Uchiha Madara that he is very familiar with… If nothing else: The other party has long appeared and been channeled out… And those who can give each other to psychic out… Naturally, it is also a big snake pill or one of the medicine masters…

Didn’t expect: So fast time: These two guys are involved with Uchiha again: It looks like these two people: It’s really very: Out of sight…

“No way.. It seems that this big snake pill also has two people in the medicine master’s pocket: I don’t think I will be pitted by that Uchiha with soil…. It’s just..”

“If something goes wrong: You can’t blame me: After all, I already reminded the two of them…”

Hayabusa’s face suddenly showed a helpless expression, he didn’t actually feel any surprise that Uchiha was channeled.. After all, myself from a very early time: Just already know: Uchiha will come out: That must be true….

After all, the whole world is pushing each other’s actions: If you don’t let the other party show their hands: It is estimated that the will of the whole world will not necessarily agree….

“So… It is estimated that you will be able to see Uchiha spots soon: It still looks a little excited…” After

simply looking around and seeing that Uchiha had already dispatched, Hayabusa was ready: Later, it will collide directly with each other: After all, the results are now very obvious… For him… Through Uchiha Obito, perform the art of releasing reincarnation….

to meet yourself and resurrect: Use this to obtain the identity of the Ten-Tailed Human Pillar Force… These are for Hayato, who has already seen the original Naruto book… Already understood… So now for him: The goal is also very clear….

Then just take away the ten tails: Only this: Only then can I clear the entire Hokage world…

Besides… There are no other ideas….

“I didn’t expect: Haven’t seen in so long.. It’s like this again…”

Just as Hayabusa was about to leave, he suddenly saw himself: A voice came from under the feet: Look down: Suddenly, I saw a group of figures wearing ninja costumes….

It’s just that after a brief glance of two eyes: Then he directly recognized who these people standing at his feet were: Not surprisingly….

They should be Till also: And other powerful ninjas in the ninja village: And in the midst of this….

There is also rebirth through filthy soil: Reborn: The strength of the past generations has reached the shadow level… Among them, there is the second generation of water shadow ghost lamp phantom moon… There are also three generations of Lei Ying Ai….

These are the same configurations as in the original book: Used to slow down the entire Ninja Realm coalition army: Speed….

But now from the Hayabusa observation. Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha did not appear.. Even Kirabi did not show up … It should have been hidden by the Ninja World Alliance….

It really should be: Now look at the timeline: Time for Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha: It’s too early. A lot of strength…

In fact, there is no mastery at all: Come to think of it… Hayabusa suddenly sighed: If the ninja world does not have its own this time….

It is estimated that the unlimited monthly reading is about to officially begin… When the time comes: The entire ninja world will fall into the illusion of eternal life: Despite this result….

Hayabusa thinks it’s good: But after all: Myself for the Ten Tails or comparative: Care.. And if you really live in a world without people in the future….

It must feel very lonely. So now we have to stop it no matter what… Uchiha that guy: But if the other party wants to destroy the ninja world: I still can’t bear it… Come to think of this… Hayato immediately began to study…

What exactly should I do later: Defeat Uchiha Madara And there is no need to waste much time yet….

“What the hell is going on… After this imp came out overhead: Why did you all stop: Is this guy a key person!? Ghost

Lantern Mizuki raised his head to look at Hayabusa, his face showing confusion: To be honest, it was the first time he had seen Hayabusa, and he couldn’t detect any of Chakra’s presence from the other party. That’s a very embarrassing thing….

In today’s ninja world: There is no Chakra in the body does not say: And also… It’s a child….

Now standing so high: It is estimated that I will not even be able to get down later.. Another drag ah… However, on the side of the ghost lamp water moon, it is still ready: Thinking of this, this class of ninjas is of little use.. When you give yourself a headache….

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind overhead… Immediately after that, the blue sky that originally had clouds was directly cloudless. It seems that the whole world went straight to silence…. See this situation: The faces of many ninjas present suddenly began to be shocked….

They never imagined such a situation: His face suddenly began to change greatly: Why did it end up like this…

“This little ghost: The strength has become so much stronger again …. It’s just a moment’s effort… So let all the ninjas below the shadow level strength in the entire ninja alliance crawl to the ground.”

“It’s a demon…”

Jiraiya found himself observing the sudden appearance of Hayabusa… A few seconds have not passed yet: All the existences around who are weaker than the shadow level: All have fainted: Seeing this… Zi Lai was directly confused in his heart….

What exactly is the case here: Could it be that now for Hayabusa: If the strength does not reach the shadow level….

Is it impossible to become enemies of the other side!? It’s just terrifying. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes today… It may not be possible to believe it at all….

“Here comes another strong one… A strong man who may rival Uchiha in this period…” The

third generation of Mei slowly raised his head and said something like this: Now the situation is beyond his realization… Of all the ninjas he had ever seen, it only took a few seconds to be able to convert…

All the ninjas present directly gave the degree of stunning: Surely unheard of.. Or even non-existent….

However, just now it seems that the age is not more than : Twenty-year-olds already say a lot… If you say that the other party exists in your own period: It is definitely able to threaten the existence of the Five Great Shinobi Villages….

Even the shadow-level powerhouses who gathered all the villages might not be able to help each other at all…

“How is it possible… Did I just look at it!? ”

Ghost Lantern Water Moon is also an afterthought: Suddenly found a large number of ninjas who have now all been stunned… His face suddenly began to change greatly: He originally looked down on Hayabusa: It didn’t take a few seconds….

The other party directly stunned all the ninjas in the entire Ninja World Alliance… There is no doubt that the other party is definitely a very powerful existence….

It may even directly lead to the direction of the Ninja World Alliance this time….

“It’s really noisy… It’s much quieter now. I remember the words correctly: It should be the front…”

Hayabusa was originally still thinking about where the five shadows and Uchiha were now.. The result has not been thought about for long …. The following began to stir up… And because of the relationship between Jiraiya… These Konoha ninjas who were standing low were even more excited to see themselves…

I’m afraid I won’t see them… So Hayabusa because it’s too noisy: Directly stunned all these people….

For such a result… Hayabusa didn’t feel anything wrong in his heart… After all, now the entire Ninja Alliance is nothing more than a plate of sasha… It doesn’t have much impact on the outcome of the battle … Now the only one who can influence the outcome of the battle….

It’s just yourself: Besides.. And no one is worth saving….

After figuring out where Uchiha is located, Hayabusa is also the ability to pass directly through the door fruit… I opened the air door and rushed straight over….

If you are not slow now: Should be able to catch up….


And at this moment, he has been controlling the whole situation behind his back: The big snake pill and the medicine master pocket two people… See the dirt reincarnation pawn you control…

Almost instantaneously after losing most of it… His face suddenly changed greatly….

They couldn’t imagine what had just happened… Results by: Link to the video of the front line to see: Now the entire Ninja Realm Alliance also has the reincarnators of the dirt controlled by their own subordinates…

But all the strong people who did not reach the shadow level were all stunned… People who can do this….

It is estimated that there is only one person in the entire ninja world… And this person is naturally Hayabusa… I didn’t expect the other party to arrive here so quickly…

Hasn’t the other party lost contact for more than half a year!? Why rush over now….

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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Living in Konoha: My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Hayabusa traveled to the world of Naruto and successfully activated the Overlord Color Infinite Strengthening System. As long as he completes the task, he can gain certain experience points.Nagato: His technique can cover a whole country in an instant, which is more terrifying than my Shinra Tensei!Uchiha Mask Man: There is no doubt that Hayato has the power to change the war of the ninja world in an instant.Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke: I have to admit that even staying standing in front of him is a huge challenge.Hayato stood on the battlefield of the Fourth Ninja War, under his overlord look like a natural disaster.All those below the shadow level were prostrate on the ground.


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