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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Chapter 104

And just appeared directly disrupted the entire war situation: To be honest, I saw such a situation… Even the big snake pill himself began to be a little unpredictable: Speaking up: Originally, he thought that Hayabusa should disappear directly….

And it should not be this muddy water again…. As a result, I didn’t expect the other party to be so serious.. Directly rushed in front of himself… Although I don’t know what the other party is planning to do….

But the oppression brought by the other party: It’s still very strong… Directly let the current big snake pill dare not say something at all: After all, he is in front of the other party ….. But I can directly feel an extremely powerful feeling of suffocation….

For this feeling: The big snake pill didn’t know what to say in his heart….

“Let’s follow the original plan and stop the army of the ninja world from officially penetrating… Wait until Uchiha takes the soil to succeed: It should be fine: Directly saw the last so-called ten tails…”

After thinking for a while, Orochimaru suddenly said lightly….

“Orochimaru-sama: Aren’t we going to take advantage of this!? Does it really help: They!? The

medicine master is a little confused in his heart now: Could it be that the big snake pill is really ready now: Do you want to complete Uchiha’s plan to take the soil!? Know if the other party can really complete the plan: Then the danger of the future can be said to be very great….

Come to think of it… The medicine master was immediately ready to remind the big snake pill again…

But it was directly waved by the other party to refuse: It seems that he has already thought about the future….


And at this moment, the other side of the battlefield: Because just now the appearance of Uchiha spots: As a result, all the shadows in the five great ninja villages were also gathered together… They are struggling against Uchiha …. As an absolute strong man in ancient times….

Only the Thousand Hand Pillar, who was originally known as the god of the ninja world, had the means to stabilize the other party: But now the thousand hands between the pillars have left: There are not many people in this world who can stop each other….

Come to think of it… Many hearts directly began to be confused: The current situation can be said to be very complicated: If you say that your side can’t stop Uchiha…. The impact will be even greater in the future…

“I didn’t expect that the Five Shadows of this period were already weak to this extent… Even Onoki can you become a Tsuchikage!?

Uchiha Madara stood opposite the five shadows, and his face was full of thick disdain at the moment: Since I came into this world myself… I’ve never felt so speechless….

I didn’t expect that after I left: The ninja world is actually weak to such an extent… Even the strongest ninja in a village: It’s all just this level!

If you say that during your lifetime: Deal with these people: There is not even interest in shooting.. After a brief glance: The extremely powerful Chakra directly burst out on his body, and it was also in an instant… The five shadows in front of him were all shocked and flew out….

When I saw that the Five Shadows had reached its limit…. Right behind them: A door actually opened above the air….

Immediately afterwards, the indifferent Hayabusa also slowly walked out of the door: Almost the moment he walked out… The surrounding air pressure suddenly rose: Walk around with the Hayabusa: The whole ground is starting to crack: Even the surrounding trees began to rise without wind…

All this changes… All of them were seen by Uchiha… A playful expression gradually appeared on his face….

“Oh!? You should be the Hayabusa that Obito said… Looks really good… Whether it’s strength or other aspects, it’s very good..”

“But… You don’t rank among the opponents I’ve seen..”

After seeing Hayabusa, Uchiha slowly spoke: Immediately as he spoke, a large number of dark blue Chakras erupted from his body: Immediately after that, the giant behind it also began to grow in an instant. The giant’s body soon grew scales like black feathers…

The height directly reaches 100 meters: This is the complete body of Uchiha Madara Susano…

“That’s the true power of spots. Abominable..”

Onoki raised his head with difficulty and looked at Uchiha in front of him, unwillingly: The most lingering shadow in his memory: It’s the man in front of you. Strong enough to be called human anymore….


Tsunade exclaimed along with I-Aira, who had been resurrected by Senju’s mother-in-law with his life before: They know Hayabusa standing in front of them: The heart expressed great horror at the strength of the person in front of him: I know it very well… The battle that will break out next…

Definitely epic level: To a degree unimaginable to ordinary people….

“Uchiha Madara!? I’ll give you your words too…”

Hayabusa glanced at Uchiha in front of him… There is no change in the complexion: The body directly surged out of the huge momentum: This momentum rushed into Uchiha’s sequel Noh after: He actually smashed the other party directly in an instant….

And most of the trees in the surrounding forest are also uprooted: See this scene in front of you: Many people directly began to be confused in their hearts….

For immediate behavior: They feel a full sense of oppression inside: I didn’t expect that this would be the result in the end: It has completely exceeded their inner expectations for Hayabusa’s strength…


Uchiha Madara was also torn apart after being blasted out for an unknown number of meters….” If you say: I am not a body reborn from dirt: It may have been killed by Hayabusa now… Opponents of this strength: I have only seen it in my life!

The incomparably terrifying strength is enough to explain a lot….

“Uchiha Obito: Looks like the guy is unreliable.. Never mind.. It’s enough to delay time on the Five Kages’ side… It should have been successful over there.”

“The Last Yao..”

Uchiha’s face sank… Immediately after that, it goes directly through psychic: Summoned all the doppelgangers in the forest behind him: Immediately after that, hundreds of Susanoo also directly attacked Hayabusa’s side: After seeing that your plan succeeded…

Uchiha also directly chose to leave here: He has more plans to do later….


After a roar, Hayabusa, who was standing in place, also directly used his overlord-colored domineering aura to directly smash all the sequel energy that attacked…

This scene fell behind the eyes of the five shadows: Suddenly, a huge wave was set off again: They didn’t expect this Hayabusa to be so powerful…

It’s beyond what they envisioned….

Not even exaggerated….. Now the battle has exceeded all of their expectations… It’s just to the point where Hayabusa is a demon….


On the other side, Uchiha Madara, who had left to fight with Hayabusa, also came directly to the Uchiha Obito side: Seeing that the other party has successfully collected…

After the last Yaoi ….. He also directly began to look forward to it in his heart: Get up.. It’s pretty close to the final plan: As long as you become a ten-tailed human pillar force again….

Then the plan about unlimited monthly reading can be realized….

“It’s just the last step…. Will the last tailed beast: Closed to: Six Golems! ”

Uchiha took the soil and made a seal with his hands… Immediately after that, a huge stone Buddha appeared directly on the flat ground… Just after it appeared: Uchiha and Uchiha Obito are also direct….

Carry out the sealing of the final Yao… Although this is also the Yaoi finally through the tail breaking to find life… Now this situation is already good….

As long as the six golems successfully devoured: Then the final ten tails: There will be… Then the whole world will fall into panic: In this regard, the two people of Uchiha and Uchiha Obito have long been prepared!


With a fierce roar, the original body of the six golins directly began to expand… Immediately afterwards, the ten tails from the body of the divine tree also slowly appeared in front of everyone… Seeing this, Uchiha Obito did not have the slightest hesitation….

Use your body directly… As a container of ten tails: Directly enter the mode of the ten-tailed human pillar force….

However, just as he was absorbing the tailed beast by doing it…. Hayabusa, who had been standing nearby, also walked directly through the air door: Looking at the Ten Tails who are being sucked into Uchiha Obito’s body… He also directly appeared in a trance in his heart….

I didn’t expect to summon the Ten Tails so quickly.. You can see that: If you say that you will devour the ten tails: Then there is no need to worry about the origin of the world next…

Come to think of it… Hayabusa is also ready for the final battle… As long as you defeat the two people in front of you Uchiha and Uchiha Obito… Then the story of the next Hokage world is coming to an end: Although there is still a big tube wood family…

That’s something to think about in the future: Now you only need to dispose of the Uchiha belt soil and Uchiha spots in front of you… Other than that, Hayabusa has no other ideas now….

“Hayabusa, I can’t talk to the same now…”

“I advise you not to do more senseless struggles.”

Soon, Uchiha took the soil as if he had successfully feathered and broke through the seal: Directly from the original human body to the body of the Otsuki clan…

The whole thing can be suspended in mid-air without any ninjutsu blessings… Even the body is actually directly to the limit: After making people feel it…

Suddenly felt a lot of pressure: However, at this time: Hayabusa, who has been silent all this time: Directly release your overlord-colored domineering….

Directly cover your vicinity and the location of the entire battlefield with overlord-colored domineering: Such a terrifying overlord-colored domineering coverage….

Even once directly let Uchiha Obito begin to trance: And all over the body began to emit discomfort….

This discomfort is entirely because: Tenao’s rejection of Uchiha’s will to take the soil: If you want to successfully suppress the Ten Tails: And can also become a ten-tailed human pillar force….

There is so much to need: It’s not something that happens overnight at all…

However, now Uchiha Obito in order to be able to meet Rin as soon as possible. It’s too abrupt: A lot of things are not taken into account: But it’s too late to say anything….

The ten tailed beasts have all been sealed… It’s only a matter of time before the infinite monthly reading

is concerned…. “The end of the crossbow: Uchiha also didn’t expect what the situation was now…”

Hayabusa saw that Uchiha Obito had not fully adapted to the power of the Ten Tails. When Uchiha was still watching: Directly attach all of his own Devil Fruit abilities to his overlord-colored domineering….

Because he has now been promoted by the overlord color: As long as all the abilities that can be covered on it, they can have the strength of awakening….

This results in: Now that all the Devil Fruits regarding Hayabusa have reached the level of awakening…

Shock Fruit, Door Fruit, Frozen Fruit, Thunder Fruit… The fruits of surgery These fruits have come to the intensity of awakening…

Just like that, all of them slammed on the body of Uchiha Obito in front of him…. Almost instantly…. Even if the other party is completely Datumu’s body, it can’t be eaten at all….

After all, the abilities of Hayabusa now basically come from nature: It can also play an effect similar to fairy magic….

Therefore, Uchiha Obito was directly destroyed by Hayabusa from the ten-tailed human pillar power state almost instantly…. Seeing this, Hayabusa is also directly will: Escaping the Ten Tails gave a direct choice to devour….

So far… The plot of the entire Hokage world is also completely over….


Uchiha Obito wanted to say something: But he passed out directly: And Uchiha, who was watching from the sidelines, didn’t seem to expect such a result….

But now things are doomed: There is no way to change….

After all, he devoured the tailed beast himself.. Then the initiative cannot be separated….


Decades later, Hayabusa, whose appearance has not changed in any way, sits alone in the inn in Yuyin Village: Drinking tea….

My thoughts were gradually drawn to the time when I fought with Uchiha Obito and Uchiha Spot decades ago… At that time: Although he has already devoured the ten tails….

But Uchiha Obito and Uchiha still didn’t give up at all: I’ve been fighting with myself for decades….

As a result, Naruto became Hokage… I also attended the wedding… The other party still wants to fight on his own: But to be honest, now Hayabusa’s strength …

It is already a well-deserved number one in the entire ninja world: There is simply no one who can shake …

Even if it is a large tube of wood group: It is also impossible to confront yourself … Such days are for Hayabusa: Not bad….

“Let’s have some more tea…”

After Hayabusa finished his tea… Then he left directly into the distance… Now he has obtained all the Devil Fruit abilities….

It can already be called a god… No one has any existence to fight it…

And for the pursuit of more things: Hayabusa is not interested: In today’s world, it’s not bad to be the number one in the world!

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Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Living in Konoha My overlord color turned into a natural disaster

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese
Story of: Living in Konoha: My overlord color turned into a natural disaster Hayabusa traveled to the world of Naruto and successfully activated the Overlord Color Infinite Strengthening System. As long as he completes the task, he can gain certain experience points.Nagato: His technique can cover a whole country in an instant, which is more terrifying than my Shinra Tensei!Uchiha Mask Man: There is no doubt that Hayato has the power to change the war of the ninja world in an instant.Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke: I have to admit that even staying standing in front of him is a huge challenge.Hayato stood on the battlefield of the Fourth Ninja War, under his overlord look like a natural disaster.All those below the shadow level were prostrate on the ground.


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