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Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord Chapter 69

But the colleague had long been angry because of the days of continuous overtime.

let alone

What Xu Qin did this time had a serious impact on the reputation and credibility of the hospital.

This is their livelihood.

Just because of this, it was enough for the doctor to roar angrily at Xu Qin: “You also know shyness? ”

“Do you still know you’re a doctor?” When you did something, did you think about the consequences? ”

“Now, the entire hospital has lost credibility and reputation because of what you did, and the hospital is ready to go to the next level of international standards!”

“Because of you, the hospital has lost this very valuable qualification!”

Dr. Chen’s angry roar echoed throughout the hospital corridors.

Many doctors on duty in departments choose to go out as long as they do not have work on their hands.

When he saw that it was Xu Qin who was cursing angrily by Dr. Chen.

The doctors applauded.

Even a few people came over and joined the queue to reprimand Xu Qin.

“Meng Qin! Do you still have the face back? Don’t you know how much impact what you do on the hospital? ”

“Director Wang, Director Bai, and Director Tao, who has been carrying you before and treating you like a master, have all resigned because of your affairs!”

“How dare you come back!”

Faced with accusations and abuse from many doctors and colleagues.

Xu Qin cried bitterly: “Colleagues, I also know that I am wrong!” I came this time to sincerely want to apologize to the hospital! ”

“Who is your colleague!”

“Exactly! Our hospital doesn’t need your apology either! Hurry up and get out! ”

However, even though Xu Qin lowered his posture, he humbly begged for the forgiveness of many doctors and colleagues.

But invective and accusations continue to be heard.

If it was usual, when did she Xu Qin receive such treatment?

Where do you go is not the existence of the stars holding the moon?

But now, she is like a rat crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats.

The invective and accusations of many doctors naturally attracted the attention of patients who were hospitalized and came to see patients.

Originally, many patients had some pity for this miserable little girl.

But after learning what Xu Qin did, the eyes of these patients also became disdainful.

It is true that none of the things Xu Qin did are worthy of pity!

However, even with so many insults in front of everyone, Xu Qin still had no intention of leaving.

It was her last 23 chance.

She had to see the dean and ask for the hospital’s understanding.

Otherwise, if you are prosecuted, you will go to jail!

She doesn’t want to go to jail!

Even if she survived like this, she didn’t want to go to jail!

Because once she goes to prison, her life can be completely ruined!

Endure the abuse and accusations of many doctors.

Xu Qin walked into the upper floors of the hospital like a rat crossing the street.

Looking at Xu Qin’s behavior, many doctors were even more disdainful.

“Do you think you can ask forgiveness for these things you did in a few words?”

“You’re a doctor! Caused such an impact, Dean, they will not forgive you! ”

“Get out of here! Faceless guy! ”

Behind, the doctors’ invective continues.

Xu Qin’s tears couldn’t stop falling.

She knew she was wrong.

She is also religiously admitting her mistakes, but why…

At this moment, Xu Qin suddenly realized.

Fellow doctors have long seen themselves unfavorably.

They don’t just insult themselves for making a mistake.

And the usual unwillingness.

They were not willing to work hard for half their lives, and they could not resist a word from Xu Qin’s father Meng Huaijin.

They are not willing to be Xu Qin, a yellow-haired girl who has no qualifications and experience, but they can always say with pride that everything they have won by themselves.

It’s by your own strength!

It is precisely because of these that many of Xu Qin’s doctor colleagues have long been unaccustomed to Xu Qin.

This time Xu Qin fell into trouble, and they naturally did their best to vent their dissatisfaction with Xu Qin on weekdays.

Xu Qin’s heart was desolate.

If it was originally, his father Meng Huaijin did not fall out with himself.

These people look at themselves with awe and envy in their eyes!

Who would dare to do this to themselves?

At this moment, Xu Qin missed Meng Huaijin even more.

“Father… I know it’s wrong, can you forgive me…”

At this moment, Xu Qin has lost his usual arrogance and pride.

But everything was too late, no matter how she prayed in her heart, Meng Huaijin couldn’t hear it, and even if she did.

Meng Huaijin would not make any response.

Because Xu Qin, Fu Wenying and others were the ones who hurt him the most.

If he hadn’t been a traverser, he would have known the plot.

According to the plot of the TV series, the Meng’s Kuokun Group at this moment is on the verge of destruction.

And Meng Huaijin is about to face imprisonment.

These people do not deserve his sympathy!

He would never sympathize with them!

According to his memory, Xu Qin came to the outside of Vice President Liu’s office.

This Vice President Liu is the vice dean who takes great care of Xu Qin on weekdays.

Although now Xu Qin also knows that this Vice President Liu takes good care of himself because of his father Meng Huaijin.

But Xu Qin still held on to a glimmer of hope.

I hope that this Vice President Liu can look at his father Meng Huaijin and give himself a chance.

Even if you can’t get yourself back to the hospital, even if you withdraw the lawsuit against you?

But when Xu Qin came to Vice President Liu’s door with the last expectations.

But I heard the rousing spit inside.

“Vice President Liu! You see what you’re doing? ”

“That Meng Qin, I have already said it, a yellow-haired girl, don’t entrust it with such a heavy task!”

“Look at the impact of what you do on the hospital!”

“After so many years of hard work, our hospital finally got this precious opportunity to integrate with international standards!”

“But because of Meng Qin’s dereliction of duty, the reputation and reputation of our hospital outside has stinked!”

“Vice President Liu, you are also an old man in the hospital, don’t you know what the loss of this opportunity means to our hospital!”

“All this because of you! Because you are obstinate! ”

Held accountable, Vice President Liu lowered his head and did not dare to look back at the other deans.

He also scolded himself very much in his heart.

They all blame themselves for being obsessed for a while, how did they rest assured that arrogant and self-righteous Xu Qin sit in such an important position?

Isn’t it because of the help provided by Fu Wen Ying’s mother’s family behind it.

Deputy Director Liu also knows it.

This Xu Qin is just a chess piece that Fu Wenying stuffed into the company.

But what Deputy Director Liu didn’t expect was that this chess piece was not honest.

On the contrary, it is still a bane!

You said that you know how you got into the hospital, so you honestly muffled and made a fortune?

On weekdays, he is arrogant and domineering, and he is self-righteous, always thinking that everything he has obtained by relying on his own strength!


Deputy Director Liu scolded Xu Qin angrily in his heart.

You have the strength of a hammer! An ignorant little girl who is new to society and does not know!

If it weren’t for your father being Meng Huaijin, you wouldn’t be a fart!

Mess with such a hole in the sky to yourself.

This made Deputy Director Liu full of regret in his heart.

If he knew that this would be the end, again, no matter how Fu Wenying coerced and lured him, he would never let this Xu Qin enter the hospital!

But now…

It’s already late to say anything.

Vice President Liu could only plead.

“Dean, I know it’s wrong, but now that the situation is like this, give me a chance, I will try my best to make up for it!”

“Give you a chance?” One of the deans heard Deputy Director Liu’s words and looked mocking.

“Vice President Liu, have you been staying with that Meng Qin for a long time, and you are also stupid?”

“What we just said, should you be on deaf ears? Heard it and forgot? ”

“Because of your dereliction of responsibility, it has already had a huge impact on the hospital!”

“The three directors have resigned because of this, why are you still here with a thick skin?”

“If something happened at that time, you should have resigned on the spot!”

The dean’s words made Vice President Liu’s face pale.

“Dean! I know it’s wrong, you just look at me for so many years, I have no credit for the hospital and hard work, spare me this time! ”

In response to Vice President Liu’s plea, another dean, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

“Old Liu, we also know that this is difficult for you.”

“However, the impact of this matter is too great, and now the patient’s family is suing our hospital for this.”

“You are also an old man in the hospital world, and we will definitely not win such a lawsuit.”

“At that time, if it attracts the attention of the media and makes this embarrassment online.”

“You know how scary online public opinion is today.”

“I’m afraid our hospital will be finished by then.” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“We are also forced to do so, Lao Liu, you should be considerate and considerate of us.”

“After all, at the end of the day, it’s all about you.”

After saying this, the dean paused for a moment before continuing.

“Vice President Liu, we are polite enough.”

“After all these years, you and that Fu Wenying secretly did those things, do you really think we don’t know?”

“These things, the hospital is just turning a blind eye.”

“If these shady deeds are taken out, Vice President Liu will go to jail!”

These words made Vice President Liu’s face look like a dead man, and his face turned pale.

Beads of sweat fell down Vice Dean Liu’s fat face.

He understood that this was the deans forcing him to voluntarily resign and take this black pot.

After all, if he only carries this black pot and dies, he will be resigned.

After all, he was just sitting together, and the main reason was that he was at Xu Qin’s.

But if it is as the dean said.

When the hospital submitted those things about him and Fu Wenying, the impact would be great.

In particular, N recently came to a supervision group to investigate these corruption and anti-gang crime and evil affairs.

At that time, I am afraid that the scourge of imprisonment will be inevitable!

Thinking of this, Vice President Liu lowered his head: “I understand several deans, I will take the initiative to resign, and the lawsuit of the patient’s family can also be pushed on my head.” ”

“But for the rest, please ask several dean’s subordinates to show mercy!”

After Vice President Liu said this, the other deans also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, Lao Liu, we have been colleagues for so many years, and our feelings are here.”

“And we also know that the achievements of the hospital over the years are inseparable from the efforts of your old Liu.”

“We’ll do our best to help you!”

But at this time.

The office door was pushed open.

Xu Qin, who was pale-faced, walked in.

“Meng Qin? Do you dare to come back to the hospital? ”

Seeing Xu Qin, thinking about his future outcome and the dilemma he faced in the past few days, Vice Dean Liu almost gritted his teeth and said.

Xu Qin looked at Vice President Liu uneasily, Xu Qin heard these dean’s words just now.

Vice President Liu’s ending made Xu Qin have some expectations in his heart.

It seems that these deans are not so desperate, since they are willing to forgive Vice President Liu, then maybe they can forgive themselves!

Ignoring Vice President Liu’s angry shouts.

Xu Qin looked at the other deans expectantly.

“Deans, I know it’s wrong! Please forgive me this time! I will definitely not make a similar mistake again! ”

“For the sake of the many complicated surgeries I’ve done for the hospital, can you…”

Xu Qin’s words were not finished.

One of the deans had already stood up angrily and threw a wad of information on Xu Qin’s face.

The scattered information on the ground made Xu Qin’s face even more pale.

This information is all about the patient’s identification report.

The appraisal report shows that if the patient can be treated in time, the outcome will be much better than it is now.

This is all her main responsibility!

This information alone is enough to hold oneself accountable for default.

The dean who threw these materials on Xu Qin’s face shouted angrily: “Xu Qin, do you still have the courage to come back? ”

“Hope we forgive you? Why is your face so big? Look what you’ve done! ”

Xu Qin picked up the information on the ground in a panic.

“Dean, I know it’s wrong, I really know it’s wrong! Forgive me this time 493! ”

“I promise never to make a similar mistake again!”

“Later? Do you still want to have a future? Xu Qin’s words, the angry dean even laughed.

“Meng Qin, it’s useful to apologize, what else do you want the law to do!”

“You don’t need to say more, you have been expelled from our hospital, this is an established fact.”

“You just go home honestly and wait for the summons from the court!”

“Even if our hospital doesn’t sue you, the patient’s family will definitely sue you!”

The dean’s words made Xu Qin more and more frightened.

Scared, she fell to her knees and prayed.

“It can’t be like this! Deans! I’m still so young! I don’t want to go to jail! I can’t go to jail! ”

“I know it’s wrong! I really know it’s wrong! Just forgive me this time! ”

“Help me! Please help me! ”

Xu Qin’s wailing and pain did not arouse the slightest pity from many deans present.

After all, what Xu Qin did was really out of line.

If it was originally, for Meng Huaijin’s face, how could the hospital consider it and help Xu Qin.

But now, Xu Qin and Meng Huaijin fell out and were expelled from the Meng family are known to the world.

Without Meng Huaijin, these deans would not even look at Xu Qin.

Who would go to great lengths to help her for Xu Qin?

The indifference of many deans present made Xu Qin despair in his heart.

This is the moment.

She remembered the kind smiles on the faces of these deans when they saw her when she was in the Meng family.

At that time, these deans seemed to be amiable elders.

It’s polite to see yourself.

And now…

Remembering my own embarrassing situation recently.

Rundown guesthouse.

I don’t know when the next meal will be.

One dollar can’t wait to break it up as two pieces of embarrassment.

This made Xu Qin extremely stunned.

What kind of life should I live?

When he was in the Meng family.

Brocade and jade food.

Forward and hugging!

Not to mention that he has not experienced such grievances as he has now.

Even if you bump yourself a little, everyone around you will be nervous!

But now…

“Meng Qin, don’t kneel.”

“Everyone is an adult and knows that tears are useless for others.”

“What you do, you have to bear.”

“You should ask for someone who is not us, but your father.”

“The person who can save you is not us, but your father!”

“You have stabbed a big hole in the sky this time.”

“At least for us health workers, this is absolutely impossible to happen.”

“If you cause such an accident, your future can be said to be ruined.”

“In the future, under normal circumstances, I am afraid that no company will enable you.”

“Go back.”

The dean’s words were like a thunder hammer.

Completely smashed the last hope in Xu Qin’s heart.

“I… I know. ”

At a loss, Xu Qin stood up blankly, seemed to have lost his soul, and walked leisurely towards the door.

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Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord

Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord

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