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Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord Chapter 70

However, such a fragile and lost Xu Qin still did not arouse the slightest pity from the deans.

After all, all this is her own doing!

She deserves it!

He left the hospital in dismay.

Xu Qin’s ears were still echoing the insults of his original colleagues, as well as the accusations from the deans.

At this moment, Xu Qin recalled what Meng Huaijin had said to her before.

His own ending, his father seems to have seen it a long time ago.

And repeatedly persuaded himself, and gave himself many opportunities.

It’s yourself

It was he who let him down.

It was he who failed his dissuasion and insisted on going his own way.

At this moment, thinking of what the dean had just said, Xu Qin’s heart was desperate and helpless.

Those things you do, no hospital will have a place of its own in the future.

And that’s not the end of it.

Even if Xu Qin was ignorant, he knew that what he did this time would even invite him to prison!

But she did not dare to see the patient and his relatives.

She was afraid that they would tear themselves apart out of anger.

What’s more, Xu Qin also understood that the hospital would not forgive him, let alone this patient and his family.

They will definitely stick to the lawsuit and take themselves to court …

At this moment, Xu Qin’s heart was full of resentment and hatred for Song Yan.

“Song Yan! I’ve done so much for you that I’m about to go to jail, how about you? ”

“You don’t even answer my phone! What exactly am I in your eyes! ”

“You unresponsible man! I misread you! ”

Xu Qin wailed, his voice extremely hoarse.

In the past few days, she has been on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, she remembered Xu Banxia’s words again.

Leaving the Meng family, she is nothing, not even a fart!

At the same time, she also remembered what she had said to Meng Huaijin.

Thinking that he said to his father, who loved him so much and took care of him, if he didn’t save Song Yan, he would leave the Meng family.

Xu Qin slapped himself hard twice.

“Why? Why did I have a ghost and say that to my father in the first place? ”

“Father… I know you’re disappointed, but Qin’er really doesn’t know what to do…”

“I don’t want to go to jail, I know I’m wrong, I want to ask for your forgiveness!”

“But you don’t even want to see me, and you can’t wait to leave me far away?”

“It’s all that Xu Banxia! She was the one who seduced you! Let you ignore me! This vixen! I hate her! ”

Xu Qin muttered on the avenue, self-pitying, like a neuropathy.

However, this can only cause strange looks from passers-by around.

But individuals have personal affairs, and these passers-by just rush by.

No one would care about Xu Qin’s despair at this moment.

And at this moment, Xu Qin finally fully woke up.

For themselves, the Meng family is their everything.

If you leave the Meng family, you will be nothing!

But what about the Meng family leaving themselves?

It’s as if the worm left the canopy and the crocodile left the sea, with nothing to do with it and no effect.

Xu Qin stumbled back to the hotel he rented.

The world around her seemed to have lost color, like she squeezed it.

She was breathless.

The whole world is dark and breathtaking.


Why is it like this!

She didn’t understand.

I obviously tried hard, I obviously can.

Why is the world so against itself?


Guokun Group, President’s Office.

Meng Huaijin leaned back in the boss’s chair, and the secretary gave him a list with a respectful face.

“Chairman, here is the list of appointments, please take a look.”

Meng Huaijin glanced at it.

Above are Xu Zhong, Chen Tai and Chen Shuting, as well as some other group bosses.

Throwing the list on the table at will, Meng Huaijin said lightly.

“There is no time this week, let’s talk about it next week.”

The secretary looked at the man in front of him, who was full of irresistible temperament in every word and deed, and lowered his head and said respectfully.

“Yes, Chairman.”


Conference room.

Xu Zhong of the inspection team has been waiting here for a full two hours.

He kept looking at the time, his face very anxious.

He has a lot to do.

But in order to be able to see Meng Huaijin, he had to put everything else aside.

And wait here for two hours.

Finally, the footsteps of the secretary raised his hope.

“How? Did Meng Dong promise to meet’? ”

Seeing the secretary come in, Xu Zhong quickly got up and laughed.

The secretary shook his head.

“Our chairman doesn’t have time, please make an appointment for next week.”

When Xu Zhong heard this, the smile on his face instantly froze.

He was bitter and not easy, and smiled helplessly.

“Okay, then I’ll meet Meng Dong again next week.”

No way.

After all, it is you who ask for each other.

In addition, people are already taking care of every opportunity.

Xu Zhong couldn’t say anything.

He looked at the people around him and sighed.

“What to do stunned, let’s go.”

The people in the inspection team looked at each other and had to leave.

On the way out, others were angry.

“This Meng Huaijin is also too blind, right?”

“It’s just, if you don’t see it, you won’t see it, and you actually made us wait for two hours.”

“Two hours is enough for us to do a lot of things, why waste time here?”

“This Meng Huaijin is simply daring, we are the inspection team!”


Xu Zhong listened to the discussion of several people and frowned.

“Shut up!”

“What do you guys know?”

Seeing that Xu Zhong was angry, several people quickly shut up.

Xu Zhong sighed.

Others may not know, but his heart is clear.

His status is still too low.

Last time, Meng Huaijin was willing to see himself, and at that time he gave Li Dakang face.

But this time.

It’s not giving face at all.

Xu Zhong smiled self-deprecatingly.

A person like Meng Huaijin, even if he treats him like this, he can’t have any temper.

After Xu Zhong left.

After Meng Huaijin dealt with some of the group’s affairs, he asked the secretary to convene a high-level meeting.


The senior management of the group all sat neatly in the conference room.

Even those who were resting had already arrived.

They sat on their backs and did not dare to slacken off in the slightest.

Not a single person dares to be late.

They all came to the conference room early to wait.

Meng Huaijin’s iron-blooded means, they have all seen.

No one dared to disobey, nor did they dare not pay attention to Meng Huaijin’s words.


Meng Huaijin finally appeared.

“Meng Dong is good!”

They rose in unison and bowed respectfully.

In the awe of everyone’s gaze, Meng Huaijin spoke lightly.

“Sit down.”

With Meng Huaijin’s permission, they sat down.

Meng Huaijin glanced at it and saw that all the staff had arrived, so he said.

“I called you here this time to tell you something.”

“That is our group, and absolutely no corruption is allowed.”

When all the high-ranking officials heard this, cold sweat oozed from their heads.

Meng Huaijin’s means before, they all saw it in their eyes.

If you don’t agree with a word, your life will be completely ruined.

So they hurriedly expressed their position.

“Meng Dong rest assured, we will definitely do things seriously and will never make mistakes.”

“Yes, Meng Dong, you can rest assured, we will never do that kind of thing.”

Meng Huaijin said lightly.

“I will recover all the money and property that those people embezzled before.”

“Whoever it is.”

Although Meng Huaijin’s words were fluttering, he seemed to say this sentence very casually.

It can fall in the ears of everyone.

But it was like thunder.

They just felt a mountain pressing down on them.

These people were promoted from behind.

Nature knows what happened before.

No matter who this is, it naturally refers to those relatives of the chairman’s wife.

Even the chairman’s wife!

Now Meng Dong can do righteous things to destroy relatives for the benefit of the group.

Not to mention people like them who are not relatives.

Coldness flashed in Meng Huaijin’s eyes.

He had already decided to check Wen Ying’s account.

And also send her to prison with her own hands!

Nothing else.

Just talk about those who embezzle.

Almost all of them have something to do with her.

Relatives, subordinates, friends…

She is the biggest cancer of Guokun Group.

Such a malignant tumor will not be removed in a day. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The hidden dangers of Guokun Group are still there.

Now the group already has a major hidden danger.

Walking on the road of development can be described as walking on thin ice, walking on the abyss.

If you are not careful, you will fall into the abyss.

A whale falls and all things come to life.

I don’t know how many groups are waiting for their whale to fall.

Thus encroaching on the profits he has laid down.

Meng Huaijin will never allow the TV series to happen again.

Since he is here, there must be no accidents.

He didn’t allow it to collapse overnight!

Mercy does not control the army, righteousness does not control the wealth.

As a traverser, those people didn’t matter much to him at all.

For the benefit of the group, he can be iron-blooded and domineering enough.

Once the giant’s iron arm is extended, it will definitely not be retracted.

No one can be an obstacle to his creation of a business empire.

Whoever it is!

As long as it becomes a stumbling block, it will be ruthlessly swept away by him!

Meng Huaijin looked at these people in the office, his eyes gloomy.

The temperature of the entire office seemed to plummet at this moment.

A chill came from the soles of everyone’s feet and rushed straight to the heavenly spirit cover.

They hurriedly expressed their position.

“Meng Dong, the future of Guokun Group is the direction we are heading, and we will definitely not do anything to be sorry for Guokun.”

“Yes, yes, we will also supervise each other, but if we find any clues, we will report it immediately, and absolutely nothing like this will happen.”

“Meng Dong, you can rest assured that we will definitely become your right hand and shed blood for Guokun Group.”


Their foreheads were covered in sweat, and they smiled forcefully to express their loyalty.

Meng Huaijin looked at them and bowed his head slightly.



Around noon.

At the front desk of Guokun Group, a silhouette hurriedly came.

Looking at the figure, the front desk lady hurriedly greeted with a smile.

“Miss Jiang, are you here, are you looking for Meng Dong?”

The person who came was Jiang Xiaoqi, who delivered food to Meng Huaijin.

Jiang Xiaoqi smiled.


The front desk lady said with a smile.

“Okay, Meng Dong is still in the office.”

Jiang Xiaoqi nodded and hurriedly entered the elevator.

Looking at her back, the front desk and companions whispered.

“God, she’s here to deliver food to Meng Dong again.”

“Meng Dong is really a heartthrob.”

“Nonsense, this kind of man, who doesn’t like it? I ask you, do you like it or not? ”

“Of course, if Meng Dong can look up at me, I can wake up laughing in my dreams…”


Jiang Xiaoqi knocked on the door.

Meng Huaijin’s voice came from inside.


Jiang Xiaoqi pushed open the door with a smile on her face.

“Uncle Meng, I brought you food.”

She smiled lightly and opened the lunch box, and the dishes inside were exquisite.

Three meats and one vegetarian, and one soup.

The meal was also carefully arranged.

It can be seen that it is very intentional.

“By the way, Uncle Meng, Xu Qin returned to the hospital today.”

When he took out the meal and arranged it, Jiang Xiaoqi said intentionally or unintentionally.

Hearing Xu Qin’s name, Meng Huaijin did not have any fluctuations.

Jiang Xiaoqi chanted again.

“She’s really pathetic.”

“When I got to the hospital, almost everyone was beaten and I faced prosecution.”

“She knelt down in the director’s room, still not forgiven, and even kicked out of the hospital.”

Pity flashed in Jiang Xiaoqi’s eyes, and he pleaded for Xu Qin.

“Uncle Meng, it’s really not good, you just pull Xu Qin?”

“As long as you say a word, the hospital will not dare to sue Xu Qin at all.”

“Even Xu Qin returned to the hospital, it was not difficult.”

When Meng Huaijin heard this, his voice became cold.

“She deserves it!”

Jiang Xiaoqi pulled her hair.

“Uncle Meng…”

Meng Huaijin said lightly.

“Don’t intercede with her.”

Jiang Xiaoqi sighed.

Having said that, it seems that it is indeed impossible.

Xu Qin’s next road can only go by himself.

She knew it in her heart.

If you intercede with Xu Qin again.

Then Meng Huaijin will definitely not have any good attitude towards himself anymore.

Xu Qin, Xu Qin.

You’re really confused…

If you know this, why bother in the first place?

Jiang Xiaoqi sighed.


On the other hand.

Xu Zhong returned to the inspection group.

As soon as he returned, he began to thoroughly investigate the trade exchanges between the Construction Group and the Guokun Group.

He was desperate to know.

What is the connection between the two?

And whether you can find any clues from it.

After flipping through the information for a long time, Xu Zhong’s gaze stopped on a page.

Because he saw a name.

Banxia Steel International – Xu Banxia.

Xu Zhong’s eyes lit up.

Xu Banxia, although not a person from the Guokun Group.

But strictly speaking, it is Meng Huaijin’s person.

Maybe know a lot, one of the things.

If you can open a breakthrough from Xu Banxia.

Thinking of this, Xu Zhong’s eyes had a little more hope.

He closed the information, turned around and walked out.

Others wondered.

“Team leader, where are you going?”

Xu Zhong (Zhao Haohao) carried his hands on his back.

“Go, Banxia Steel International.”


The car of the inspection team came to the downstairs of Banxia Steel International.

“Hello, we are from the inspection team, and we want to meet Xu Banxia.”

“Oh, Mr. Xu is upstairs.”

The front desk heard that they were from the inspection team, and did not dare to snub.

Immediately led them to Xu Banxia’s office.

After a few gentle knocks, Xu Banxia’s voice came.


The front desk said quickly.

“President Xu, the people from the inspection team want to see you.”

“Come in.”

With Xu Banxia’s permission, the front desk opened the door for Xu Zhong and them, and then consciously left.

Xu Zhong and his party entered the office and saw Xu Banxia busy in front of the computer.

“Hello, we are from the inspection team.”

“Xu Banxia, we came this time to ask you some questions.”

Xu Banxia did not raise his head.

“What questions to ask?”

“Our company is operating legally, is there any problem?”

“I have been working hard for so many years, and I have never had tax evasion.”

“You have to supervise, go to other places to supervise, don’t hinder me from making money.”

“If you can make money by cooperating with me, you will talk to me.”

“It’s not a matter of making money, hurry up, I don’t have the energy to waste spit with you.”

Xu Banxia was articulate and did not give them face at all.

Xu Zhong’s face instantly became gloomy.

He didn’t expect Xu Banxia to be so tricky, and he didn’t even give him any face.

Want to know who he is? 、

Inspectorate Group!

In other places, who must not be careful with Huai?

Now it’s okay.

Meng Huaijin ignored himself and didn’t give face.

Xu Banxia, his subordinate, did not give himself a good face at all.

Is it really when he is so bullied?

It’s just that there is anger in his heart, and Xu Zhong can’t express it.

Xu Banxia is the only breakthrough they have a chance now.

After missing Xu Banxia, it was even more difficult for them to find another opportunity.

Xu Zhong took a deep breath and calmed his mood.

“That’s right, Construction Group, there may be a problem…”

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Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord

Movie Compilation I, Meng Yanchen’s father, the overlord

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