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Naruto Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning! Chapter 123

The four Kakashi people responsible for entangling”Satoru” were already out of breath.
The sound of heavy breathing was as loud as a bellows
“this…This guy is so hard…” Tutai wiped the hot sweat from his forehead.
He looked at the dark monster in front of him fearfully.
He originally thought that the strength of the four of them would be enough to deal with this monster.
But the fact hit him hard in the face.
No matter how they attack, they can’t leave a single scratch on his body.
Even Kakashi’s Chidori couldn’t penetrate the opponent’s defense.
In fact, even if it gets punctured, it’s not a big deal.
That penetration, compared to its huge size, is probably equivalent to breaking some skin.
“Is that guy the Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki still okay? ?” Chitu was also exhausted and shouted in a rough voice:
“This thing is comparable to tailed beasts. We are not good at large attack ninjutsu, so there is nothing we can do with it!”
“Hold on a little longer” Kakashi used Thunder Release again, deflected”Satoru”‘s attack, and comforted:
“Naruto’s Sage Mode is almost complete”
“good…All right…” Tutai nodded helplessly and could only continue to persist.
But if nothing can be done, he will immediately leave with his men.
This kind of thick-skinned and tireless monster is not something they can handle.
Even Wood Release can’t trap the opponent, what else can restrain this huge monster?
We can only place our hope on the powerful power of the so-called”immortal mode”.
At this moment, a figure wearing a red cloak appeared in front of Kakashi like lightning.
The cloak swayed in the wind, and the golden hair was extremely dazzling in the sun.
Let Kakashi once again have some kind of illusion: old…teacher…
The person who came was surprisingly Uzumaki Naruto!
After condensing the magic chakra and entering the sage mode.
Not forgetting to be coquettish, she took out the red cloak she carried with her and put it on.
He turned his head slightly, looked at Kakashi, and said calmly:
“Thank you for your hard work, leave it to me next!”
Between the words.
It gives people a very trusting feeling invisibly.
“Naruto, this monster is very powerful, don’t be careless!”Kakashi ordered.
Then he took Yamato, Akatsuki, and Dodai and retreated to the side.
Just like when fighting Pain, retreating is also to avoid being affected by Naruto’s attack. So as not to hold him back.
“Just leave it to me, hey!”
“With a”swish” sound, Naruto kicked the ground with both feet.
It seemed to turn into a cannonball, hitting”Satoru” directly in the face.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
He used his hands and feet together.
With the powerful physical skills in the immortal state at this time, he fiercely Attack”Satoru”‘s face fiercely.
Each punch and kick contains extremely terrifying power.
Even though Naruto’s whole body is almost the size of”Satoru”‘s eyes.
His fists and feet are as thin as a hemp rod.
But he still puts”Satoru””He was beaten back and forth, and kept roaring.
He seemed to have been beaten into confusion.
Two huge claws slapped his face randomly, trying to kill Naruto who was jumping around like a fly.
It’s a pity.
With the blessing of Sage Mode,
Naruto. Not only has a person’s strength been greatly enhanced, but his perception and reaction capabilities have also been enhanced several times.
Every time, he can escape the slap of”it” from the fingers of”Enlightenment” in a matter of millimeters.
Then, it quickly falls back to his face. Another place.
Another beating with punches and kicks……
“Is this the fairy mode? Really powerful!” Xiaonan, who was at a high altitude, was secretly shocked.
This increased power was simply unreasonable.
He suddenly crossed the shadow level from the shadow level to the super shadow threshold. He was so beaten that”Satoru” had no power to parry.
However, if it was just physical skills, If we attack, I’m afraid there’s still nothing we can do against”Satoru”.
Naruto, who is in the midst of it, has naturally discovered it.
Bang -!
He punched”Satoru” hard again and hit”Satoru”‘s right eye.
Suddenly, he will The eyeball was hit deeply and sunk inward.
But it was not directly blown out.
This eyeball does not look like a normal eyeball at all.

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“The whole body of”Enlightenment” is different from ordinary creatures and is not made of flesh and blood.
“How can it be repaired?”Naruto growled and retracted his right fist.
The flattened eyeball suddenly bounced back like a spring and returned to its original shape.
“In this case, the only way to decide the outcome is with that move!”
Whoosh whoosh!
Naruto jumped several times in succession on the huge body of”Satoru”. He quickly returned to the ground.
Immediately, two shadow clones separated and began to condense the final blow.
One second later
“The sharp cutting sound of”buzzing buzzing” resounded all around.
Naruto raised his right hand high, and a huge shuriken-shaped wind blade burst out in his hand, emitting an extremely dangerous breath. A white spiral airflow visible to the naked eye entangled around it.
It was updated Add more power!
Seeing the dark monster running towards him, Naruto did not hesitate.
He shouted with a serious expression:
“Immortal Technique, Wind Release, Spiral Shuriken!!”
” He threw the spiral shuriken diagonally upwards, directly hitting”Satoru’s” round body with jet black wings!
Bah! Bah! Bah—!
The next moment.
A huge spiral with a diameter of several meters. The shuriken hit”Satoru” directly in the face.
Then it exploded with a bang.
The blue energy ball in the center expanded rapidly at an extremely fast speed. It covered more than a hundred meters in a radius of almost the blink of an eye!
The entire”Satoru” The huge body is all wrapped up.
Countless tiny wind blades cover every inch of”Wu”‘s body. They then enter the inside of his body again through the pores on its surface.
They cut at the cellular level.
It’s like a toxin!
Gulu ——!
Seeing the terrifying blue ball of light covering hundreds of meters in radius, Tutai and Chitu swallowed at the same time.
This was the first time they had seen such a powerful and terrifying wind release.
Even though they were tens of meters apart, The strong wind blowing from its edge slapped their faces. They still felt a slight sting.
It was as if countless fine needles were constantly pricking them.
Wind Release Ninjutsu is known for its offensive power.
They couldn’t imagine it at all..
What will happen if the human body enters the huge blue light group?
I am afraid that he will die in an instant.
Dodai and Akatsuki glanced at each other with solemn expressions.
At this moment,
Uzumaki Naruto, who fully demonstrated his strength, gave them two heads. For once I saw how terrifying this Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki was.
Having such a powerful Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki in Konoha was not a good thing for the two villages.
What’s more, this kid hasn’t used the power of the Nine-Tails yet.
If If he adds the Nine Tails, what level should his power reach?
“The celestial spiral shuriken should be able to kill this monster.” Yamato whispered.
Right now.
A huge black shadow suddenly rushed out of the blue light group.
His whole body was almost riddled with holes.
The pair of jet-black wings rested on the ground, almost completely broken.
The surface of the body is covered with cuts that go deep into the body.
But there is no ordinary flesh and blood inside.
Instead, there was a strange black mist like black mud.
“”Enlightenment” is very fast and rushes towards the box of bliss.
“Hinata! Ino!! Be careful!”Naruto looked anxious and reminded loudly.
He immediately used the teleportation technique and chased after”Satoru”.
At this time,”Satoru” happened to pass by Hinata and others who were watching the battle.
They thought they were safe standing here.
Who would have thought that this monster suddenly rushed over.
It was so fast that they couldn’t react at all.
“”Wu” roared angrily, and his huge right claw swept across the little people below at will. He directly flipped them into the air.
“Hinata!!!”Kakashi was so frightened that he was scared to death.
Because Hinata was thrown right near the monster’s head.
It had already opened its abyss mouth, waiting for the villain above to fall into its mouth!

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Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
[Pure Hokage + No System + Decisive Killing] Travel through Naruto and become Konan! The rice bearer has just died, the Akatsuki organization has been wiped out, and the Fourth Ninja War will soon break out! Just after absorbing the memory of the original owner, Obito the Mask suddenly came to the door! what to do? ? ! Don’t panic! The backhand is a 600 billion detonating talisman! Obito: Damn traitor! Six hundred billion! Six hundred billion! You actually bombarded me with 600 billion detonating talismans. How heartless and crazy you are! Hinata: Oh wow, sister Xiaonan is so domineering and gentle! Ino: Miss Xiaonan, what is grinding tofu? I’m so troubled and don’t understand. Danzo: I don’t want to die! Don’t send me to see Hiruzen, I want to live, I want to take off my 5.5th generation Hokage hat and become the real sixth generation Hokage! All the extras: Ah! devil! You are a devil! Konan: Devil? No! I am the angel who gives you salvation!


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