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Naruto Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning! Chapter 124

Time seemed to slow down.
Hinata’s limbs were hanging down naturally in mid-air, with her face facing up.
Slowly falling towards the gaping mouth of the abyss below.
The distance is less than one meter!
“”Wu” has a ferocious and ferocious face.
The big black mouth that opens almost occupies the entire face. It is dark inside.
The black mist as thick as silt rolls violently, and it can no longer hold back its instinctive desire to devour.
The darkness spurting out of the mouth , the strange aura hit Hinata first.
She immediately felt like she had fallen into an ice cellar.
Every cell in her body seemed to be frozen. She couldn’t help but feel great fear and coldness in her heart.
Am I going to die?
Hinata understood herself very well. The current situation was a desperate one!
Everything around her was like a slow-motion movie, and she could see it very clearly.
Kakashi-senpai looked at her, with horror on his face.
His eyes slowly opened wide.
Captain Yamato looked anxious. , forming seals with both hands at an extremely slow speed.
It seems that he is releasing ninjutsu to save himself.
And Naruto-kun…
Hinata’s pure white pupils flashed slightly.
From the corner of his eye, he saw Naruto’s legs gradually bending.
He was probably planning to use the teleportation technique to jump to his side.
The eagerness and worry on that face…
It turns out that Naruto-kun also cares about me…. only.
This worry is probably more due to the relationship between Konoha companions….
Think of this.
Hinata’s eyes darkened.
Then he glanced at the”huge black hole” beneath him.
If you fall in, you might really die…….
Father, Hanabi, and Naruto-kun……
No! I can’t die!
Hinata suddenly felt a strong desire to survive.
She still has a lot of things to do, and there are so many people she cares about.
She must not die in the mouth of this monster!
Hinata tried her best to raise her hands, trying to form a seal.
Use the substitute technique to avoid this fatal crisis.
Although her mind was thinking fast, her body movements were extremely slow.
The surrounding air seemed to suddenly become extremely thick and heavy.
His hands were lifted at an extremely slow speed, as if they were loaded with tens of thousands of pounds.
This speed is slower than the speed of falling into the monster’s mouth! It is obviously impossible to avoid death in time….
Am I such a failure? ?
He couldn’t even use his own power to save himself.
Who can come and save me? Naruto-kun?
Hinata’s eyes completely darkened.
Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto-kun was still in the explosive stage of the teleportation technique.
The feet have not yet left the ground.
It is clear.
Naruto-kun couldn’t get to him in time either……
Hinata felt desperate and stopped trying to raise her hands to form seals.
Neither he nor Naruto-kun could save himself from the monster’s mouth.
Since death is doomed, she no longer wants to struggle in vain…….
Time returned to normal and Naruto roared.
Immediately use the instant body technique to jump off the ground.
The body turned into a cannonball and rushed towards Hinata.
“How can it be repaired?! Hurry up, hurry up!!”
Naruto, who fell to the ground, jumped up from the ground again.
Under the violent emotional fluctuations, Naruto’s open teeth gradually became sharper.
The whole face became more and more ferocious, transforming into a fox face.
There were traces of red. Carat, began to emerge from the body
“We must catch up!! I will never let my companions die in front of me!!”
But, it’s still too late!
Hinata, who was in mid-air, continued to fall.
At this time, it was less than half a meter away from the huge mouth of the abyss!
The long black hair that fell down had touched the huge black fangs of”Satoru”!
“no! The heir to the Hyuga clan must not die here!!”
At the same time.
Kakashi’s right eye closed, and the three black magatama in the red pupil of his left eye turned faster and faster. They quickly merged together to form three connected ring-shaped darts.
Kamui Kaleidoscope, open!
What a pity.
He The space vortex cutting cannot be used immediately.
Chakra needs to be injected into the kaleidoscope to accumulate pupil power.
It takes – time!
“hateful! Is it too late?!”
Kakashi’s left eye kaleidoscope stared at the upper part of”Satoru”‘s head.
The space fluctuations visible to the naked eye were converging.
But the power of space now accumulated was completely unable to break”Satoru’s” big head. Amazing head
“It’s too late……”
A wisp of dark red blood flowed from the corner of Kakashi’s left eye.
The left eye was wide open, and the surface of the eyeball was covered with dense bloodshot eyes.
Although he is still trying his best to gather the power of space.
But he also knew in his heart that he might not be able to save Hinata before she fell into the monster’s mouth…….
Thinking of the heir to the Hyuga clan dying here.
His Konoha companions died in front of him.
Kakashi looked anxious, and his mood became increasingly heavy.
“Wood Release: Giant Wooden Pillar Technique!”
At this time, Yamato had completed the seal and began to release ninjutsu.
He planned to use the giant tree to lift”Satoru”‘s body up.
He would lose his balance and his open mouth would be staggered away from Hinata.
But, after all, it was a step too late..At this moment,
Hinata’s long hair has completely fallen into the huge black mouth of”Satoru”.
Her body has also been slightly touched by the dark fangs that exude a cold light.
See this.
Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, Ino and others all shouted with trembling hearts.
The words were filled with worry and sorrow.
And deep helplessness.
They hated that they were not strong enough to save Hinata in time.
He could only watch helplessly as his Konoha companions were devoured by monsters and died in front of him.
Hinata’s eyes moistened when she heard the shouts.
Staring blankly at the sky.
This vast blue sky may be the last time I see it.
He’s about to die…
Who can come to save me?
Right now!
A beautiful figure appeared in front of her instantly.
The facial features are as delicate as if they were painted.
The skin is as white as the finest mutton-fat jade.
The light blue-purple hair that beats slightly, beating playfully, is filled with the breath of extremely youthful life.
On its back grew a pair of pure white wings that were almost as tall as a man.
Each feather appears, every detail, lifelike.
Under the soft sunlight, it lights up with gleaming white light.
It is extremely holy and brings endless warmth and light.
In an instant, the despair in Hinata’s heart and the coldness in her body were dispelled.
Her mind was shaken, she looked at the visitor with blurred eyes, and murmured unconsciously:
“good…What a nice view…”
“are you an angel……”
“Are you the angel who came to save me?……”
Xiaonan nodded, with a slight smile on his lips, and said softly:
“Lost girl, return to the arms of the angel…….”
An imperceptible sound came clearly into Xiaonan’s ears……

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Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
[Pure Hokage + No System + Decisive Killing] Travel through Naruto and become Konan! The rice bearer has just died, the Akatsuki organization has been wiped out, and the Fourth Ninja War will soon break out! Just after absorbing the memory of the original owner, Obito the Mask suddenly came to the door! what to do? ? ! Don’t panic! The backhand is a 600 billion detonating talisman! Obito: Damn traitor! Six hundred billion! Six hundred billion! You actually bombarded me with 600 billion detonating talismans. How heartless and crazy you are! Hinata: Oh wow, sister Xiaonan is so domineering and gentle! Ino: Miss Xiaonan, what is grinding tofu? I’m so troubled and don’t understand. Danzo: I don’t want to die! Don’t send me to see Hiruzen, I want to live, I want to take off my 5.5th generation Hokage hat and become the real sixth generation Hokage! All the extras: Ah! devil! You are a devil! Konan: Devil? No! I am the angel who gives you salvation!


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