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Naruto Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning! Chapter 125

“good……” Hinata smiled slightly and slowly closed her eyes.
His expression became extremely calm. now.
She just felt that everything in front of her was just an illusion before her death.
Maybe it was an angel who came to take me to the Pure Land…….
His own death was inevitable.
Falling into the mouth of a monster is a fate that no one can change.
Even the extremely powerful Naruto-kun, Kakashi-senpai, etc. could not save themselves in time.
Who else can save themselves?
But that’s it.
Hinata felt a pair of very warm arms hugging her gently in a princess hugging posture.
The head rests on a huge, elastic and surprisingly soft object.
The right cheek will sink into it.
It’s like returning to my mother’s arms.
Incredibly warm and reassuring.
A hint of pleasant but familiar fragrance filled the tip of the nose.
There was a very clear”bang bang bang” heartbeat sound coming from my right ear.
Calm and very powerful.
It can’t help but give people a feeling of trust and reassurance.
Everything is so real.
Too real to be a hallucination.
Konan lowered his head, glanced at Hinata who seemed to be sleeping in his arms, and chuckled.
Then he glanced down at the”Wu” who was very close at hand.”
“I’ll deal with you later…”
She gently tapped her right foot on Wu’s dark fangs.
At the same time, the snow-white wings flapped suddenly.
Then he held Hinata in his arms and flew into the sky, submerged into the high-altitude clouds, and disappeared from the sight of everyone below.
The next second.
Seeing that the prey that was destined to be devoured was suddenly cut off,”Wu” roared extremely irritably.
The open dark mouth suddenly closed, making a terrifying sound of gold and iron clashing.
If this is bitten.
Not to mention the human body, I’m afraid the steel will be broken by it.
Naruto suddenly stopped and looked up at the figure that quickly disappeared into the sky.
There was a hint of suspicion in his eyes.
Although I couldn’t see the face of the person clearly, the wings looked very familiar. is it her??
“Naruto!”At this time, Kakashi rushed to Naruto and asked:
“The person who just rescued Hinata is——?”
Although Kakashi has never met Konan, he has seen relevant information about him from intelligence.
Those snow-white wings are the most obvious feature.
There will never be another person in the entire ninja world who owns it
“Kakashi-sensei, you guessed it right.” Naruto nodded and relaxed his tone:
“The one who rescued Hinata was Akatsuki Organization Konan”
“After the Battle of Pain, I talked to her. She was very gentle and Hinata would be safe with her.”
“Is that so?……”
Hearing this, Kakashi breathed a sigh of relief.
Although he still had some doubts about the other party’s purpose, it was better than letting Hinata die at the mouth of a monster.
He wiped away the blood from the corner of his left eye.
Kamui Kaleidoscope has been closed.
Now that Hinata was rescued, Kakashi felt that he no longer needed to use Kamui. after all.
The cost of use is too great and can exacerbate the risk of blindness.
The speed of gathering space vortices is also too slow.
Moreover, compared to the huge head of”Enlightenment”.
The space vortex is still too small and can only crush one-fifth of its head.
According to the extremely weird and special body of the dark monster, it is probably impossible to cause fatal injuries to it.
It’s not even clear whether that thing has a fatal weakness.
The inside of the body is filled with black mist as dark as mud, making it difficult for people to treat it as an ordinary creature.
“Yossi, Hinata is safe, the next step is to beat this monster to pieces!”
Naruto struck each other with fists and palms, and the abnormality on his face faded away and returned to normal.
“The art of multiple shadow clones!”
Bang bang bang—!
He directly created hundreds of shadow clones.
They were all gearing up, as if they wanted to give”Satoru” a good beating.
Hinata’s dangerous scene just now frightened Naruto to the point of almost beating his heart. Jump out.
Gotta get back on track!
“Give them all to me! Let this monster have a taste of our power!”
“It’s big!!”
The next second.
Naruto took many shadow clones, holding a large number of Rasengan, and rushed straight to where”Satoru” was.
At this time,”Satoru” had already arrived in front of the Box of Bliss.
It stretched out its giant claws and pressed on””Happiness” appeared on the ghost’s face.
Suddenly, the whole box suddenly”buzzed” and trembled non-stop.
A layer of purple-black, thick and weird chakra as mud suddenly appeared on the surface of the box.
These chakras seemed to come alive.
Then, Holding”Satoru”‘s giant claw, he quickly climbed up.
Almost in the blink of an eye, it covered”Satoru”‘s entire huge body.
The dense wounds cut by the”Spiral Shuriken” on his body surface were quickly visible to the naked eye. Recover.
A pair of giant black wings lifted up from the ground behind them again, and recovered as before.
In less than three seconds.
With the help of the huge amount of strange chakra in the Box of Bliss.
The dark monster”Enlightenment” has been Restored to full condition.
And Naruto’s army of shadow clones has also arrived and launched a direct attack.
Otama Rasengan!
Super Otama Rasengan!
Super Otama Rasengan!
One person and one monster, and the fierce life and death battle begins again The battle.
The roars, roars, and explosions continued endlessly…….
Corner of the battlefield.
Akatsuchi and Dodai took their respective subordinates to carefully observe the battle between Naruto and”Satoru”.
He also ordered his subordinates to record all the information about the Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki.
This is a rare opportunity.
Being able to understand the strength of Konoha’s Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki so intuitively and clearly.
Although they are currently cooperating with Konoha.
But out of the interests of the village, they must do this.
I believe that even if it were Konoha, he would do the same thing as them.
Chitu and Tudai watched the battle and communicated at the same time.
Todai:”Is that really the white tiger of the Akatsuki Organization—Konan?”
“Yes, it’s her, I will never mistake those wings!” Chi Tu nodded and affirmed:
“More than a week ago, we Iwagakure fought with her.”
“Those special paper escape wings, apart from Bai Hu, no one else can do this kind of paper escape ninjutsu.”
The moment Xiao Nan appeared, he recognized Xiao Nan’s identity at a glance. He was 100% sure that it was definitely that guy!
“hateful!”Toutai’s face suddenly became fierce, and he clenched his fists:
“Damn the Akatsuki organization, how dare you appear in front of me, Yunyin, so arrogantly!”
“The two Yumu people were captured by the Akatsuki organization. We have been looking for traces of the Akatsuki organization, but we didn’t expect to appear here!”
“The Akatsuki organization also captured two of our Iwagakure jinchūriki.” Chitu responded with the same indignation:
“This white tiger has also killed many of our companions. Now that she has appeared, we must not let her escape again this time!”
He looked towards the platform:
“The White Tiger is so powerful, why don’t you and my village join forces now to capture it and torture the jinchuriki’s whereabouts? Tu
Tai responded directly without any hesitation:
“It’s possible, but the white tiger can fly. If she doesn’t come down, there’s nothing we Kumo ninja can do against her.”
“Don’t worry, seeing as White Tiger rescued Hinata from the Hyuga clan just now, she will definitely put Hinata down, and then we will take action together.”
Although Chitu can fly, he feels that he may not be able to defeat the white tiger with his own strength.
He has no choice but to cooperate with Tutai, wait for the opponent to land, and then attack on the ground.
Tutai nodded:
“good! I think Konoha will never dare to stop us when we fall. Otherwise, if we get involved with the Akatsuki organization, we will definitely become a public enemy of the ninja world.”
The Zong family’s eyes are blank….
A flash of heat and determination flashed in Tutai’s eyes.
Now might be their best time to win the Byakugan.
While waiting for the melee, there might be a chance to dig out the Byakugan and push it onto the Akatsuki White Tiger.
Just be careful to block the view of Konoha ninjas.
After all, it’s the Akatsuki organization that has no conscience and does all kinds of evil.
If you steal the tailed beast and then roll your eyes, it shouldn’t arouse anyone’s suspicion.

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Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Naruto: Detonate six hundred billion detonating symbols at the beginning!

Status: Ongoing Released: 2024 Native Language: Chinese
[Pure Hokage + No System + Decisive Killing] Travel through Naruto and become Konan! The rice bearer has just died, the Akatsuki organization has been wiped out, and the Fourth Ninja War will soon break out! Just after absorbing the memory of the original owner, Obito the Mask suddenly came to the door! what to do? ? ! Don’t panic! The backhand is a 600 billion detonating talisman! Obito: Damn traitor! Six hundred billion! Six hundred billion! You actually bombarded me with 600 billion detonating talismans. How heartless and crazy you are! Hinata: Oh wow, sister Xiaonan is so domineering and gentle! Ino: Miss Xiaonan, what is grinding tofu? I’m so troubled and don’t understand. Danzo: I don’t want to die! Don’t send me to see Hiruzen, I want to live, I want to take off my 5.5th generation Hokage hat and become the real sixth generation Hokage! All the extras: Ah! devil! You are a devil! Konan: Devil? No! I am the angel who gives you salvation!


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