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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich Chapter 156

156. Chapter 156 Threaten me? All fired 156. Chapter 156 Threatening me? All fired
Chapter 156 Threaten me? They all fired

and looked at Li Yang.
They all know that Li Yang will definitely give himself a salary increase.
If it doesn’t rise, then after they resign, Sun Technology will go bankrupt.
“Is twice the salary too little?” Li Yang looked calm.
Some people felt that Li Yang’s calm expression concealed huge anger and
he did not dare to say a word.
But most don’t care about this.
They quickly said: “Boss, if you are willing to give me more jobs, it will definitely be better!”
“It doesn’t have to be a lot. I’m not greedy, just five times. I used to get 60,000 a month, but now it’s 30 a month.” Ten thousand.”
“I’m not greedy either. One hundred thousand a month before, but now one million a month is fine.”
“Boss Li Yang, this little money is just a small amount of money for you.”
Lan not far away. Hua Yun sneered when he saw this scene.
I have been Li Yang’s secretary for so long.
She also knew very well what Li Yang was like.
Millions, or even tens of billions, are just small amounts of money to Li Yang.
He didn’t care at all.
But he is not a big enemy.
I will not give my money to others for free, nor will I give it to others under threat.
He gives to others voluntarily, and he is happy no matter how much he gives.
But I don’t want to give it, not even a penny to others!
These people are looking for death!
“Boss Li Yang, how many times will you give us an increase?”
“How many times the increase?” Li Yang said with a slight smile, “Now you just pack up and leave!”
“Ah?” Everyone was stunned for a moment.
None of them expected that Li Yang not only refused to increase his salary.
Also fire them.
“Boss Li Yang, if you fire us, Sun Technology will have no researchers and will go bankrupt. You have to think carefully about it,” someone reminded.
Their purpose is just to increase wages.
Rather than being fired.
Apart from the official scientific researchers, they are all the most powerful chip researchers in the Dragon Kingdom.
Li Yang fired them, and he would definitely not be able to find anyone more capable than them in the Dragon Kingdom.
“Sun Technology Company, I have a lot of companies like this and I can’t find one better than yours in Dragon Kingdom. Can’t I look for one abroad?” Li Yang dismissed it.
He is no ordinary boss.
You will be picked up by others casually.
When the researcher thought about it, he suddenly panicked.
Their research area is in chips.
But in the Dragon Kingdom, apart from Sun Technology Company, there is no research chip.
Other companies are not working on chips.
And foreign chip companies look down on them.
In other words, if they leave Sun Technology, they will lose their jobs in the chip field.
Can’t be found anymore.
They can only be forced to change careers.
But if you change careers, you won’t have such a high salary.
They were all afraid.
“Boss Li Yang, I thought about it. Sun Technology Company is in difficulty now. I should not ask for a salary increase, but should tide over the difficulties together with Sun Technology Company.” ”
I won’t ask for a salary increase either.”
“As long as I am not fired. “I, I can reduce my salary. Before, my salary was 95,000 per month, but now it is only 90,000.” ”
I only need 40,000.”
Li Yang looked at them, his face still very cold.
Not wanting to waste any more words, he said coldly: “Get out! If you don’t get out, the security will kick you out.”
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All the scientific researchers knew that there was no possibility of reversing this matter.
Li Yang was determined to fire them.
Instantly, my heart was filled with despair.

I can only pack up and leave.
After dealing with the researchers, Sun Technology Company only had one front desk person left in addition to security guards.
Li Yang looked at the empty company.
There was no ripple in my heart.
It’s just that the OL lady in the suit at the front desk was a little shivering.
Afraid of being fired.
The principle of her work is very simple. Whether the company is good or not has nothing to do with her.
She just needs to do her job well and get her salary on time.
“Do a good job.” With these words, Li Yang walked into the office.
Lan Huayun also followed in.
She made a cup of coffee for Li Yang and brought it over.
After handing it to Li Yang, he said: “Boss, do you want to start Sun Technology Company again?”
Lan Huayun knew that even if a small Sun Technology Company went bankrupt, it would mean nothing to Li Yang’s wealth. Insignificant.
“Go ahead.” Li Yang looked calm and took a sip of coffee.
Not only was Li Yang not depressed about the researcher’s departure, he was actually very happy.
To be honest, the abilities of this group of people are really not good.
That is to say, Boss Ma can like them.
Li Yang didn’t like them at all.
I feel that if we give them another hundred years, they will not be able to develop a good photolithography machine.
It’s best to leave!

“Boss, if you want to recruit researchers within the Dragon Kingdom, you can only poach official ones. However, I don’t recommend you do this.” Lan Huayun said with a solemn expression.
“Don’t worry, I won’t poach official people.” Li Yang smiled slightly.
As a person from the Dragon Kingdom, how could he poach official people?
“Then you can only go abroad.” Lan Huayun muttered, “Foreign chip talents are basically in large companies. If you go to recruit, you won’t be able to recruit talents with enough experience.” “You can just call them without recruiting.
” .” Li Yang said lightly.
“Ah?” Lan Huayun was stunned.
Could it be that Li Yang owns a huge chip company in a foreign country?
It shouldn’t be!
If there is a huge chip company, why would Li Yang work with Boss Ma on chips?
“I was just hanging out with Boss Ma. I didn’t expect Boss Ma to quit midway.” Li Yang made up an excuse.
Lan Huayun was dumbfounded.
In the past, she felt that Li Yang was very defiant.
Only now do I know.
Li Yang is even more outrageous than she imagined.
“Boss, which company is your company?” Lan Huayun asked.
“WD Technology Company.” Li Yang said matter-of-factly.
“What?” Lan Huayun took a breath.
It turned out to be the behemoth WD Technology Company.
Li Yang turned out to be the boss of WD Technology Company.
What a YYDS!
“Boss, as far as I know, WD Technology has been researching chips in recent years and has developed a 5nm lithography machine.”
When Li Yang and Boss Ma teamed up to develop chips, Lan Huayun said I researched a lot about chips.
Includes companies.
So I know a lot about WD Technology Company.
“In the next period of time, help me keep an eye on Sun Technology Company.” Li Yang ordered.
According to normal circumstances, he should have brought his secretary Lan Huayun with him.
But this time, Li Yang didn’t want to take Lan Huayun with him.
Instead, take Li Zhuyue with you.
Li Yang wants to eat Li Zhuyue this time!
“Okay.” Lan Huayun said.
“If something happens, go to Huang Huiling first. If she can’t handle it, then go to me.” Li Yang reminded.
“Yeah” Lan Huayun nodded.

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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese


Li Yang, a poor boy, thought his whole life would be like this. Unexpectedly, the parents were bound to the [God-level family worshiping subsystem]. The more prodigal their sons were, the richer they became. So he frantically asked Li Yang to spend money. “Don’t go home until this 10 billion is spent.” “Li Yang, what’s the matter with you? Why haven’t you spent the 100 billion yesterday? Now I’ll give you another 1000 billion to spend it quickly.” “Luxury cars, The shares, the island…are all given to you…” “…” Li Yang was about to cry but had no tears: “Mom and dad, please slow down and give us the money. I can’t spend so much, and the balance is still 999999999.9 billion. “


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