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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich Chapter 157

157. Chapter 157 Friend’s Wife 157. Chapter 157 Friend’s Wife
Chapter 157 My friend’s wife

is in the early morning.
The dining table is covered with exquisite tableware and food, which just feels delicious.
Su Yang was eating breakfast, his eyes inadvertently scanning every corner of the villa.
The large villa is covered with huge paintings, and the spacious living room is equipped with sofas and long tables. Sunlight shines in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, reflecting the light and shadow throughout the room.
Li Zhuyue also sat aside and ate.
“Eat quickly, we have to take a plane later.” Li Yang said.
He wants to take Li Zhuyue to Chou Country.
You definitely can’t take your own helicopter when going to Ugly Country.
Not only is it troublesome, it’s also difficult.
It is very difficult for a helicopter to cross the ocean and reach the distant country of Chou.
It’s better to take a passenger plane.
“Okay.” Li Zhuyue smiled slightly.
It didn’t take long for them to finish eating.
From the underground garage, a black business car drove out.
The driver is Lan Huayun.
Sitting behind them were Li Yang and Li Zhuyue.
Speeding towards the airport in other capitals.
In less than an hour, we arrived at the airport in Beidu.
Li Yang went to Chou Country this time.
Still did not choose to charter the plane, and did not bring anyone with him. Apart from Li Zhuyue, they were two elite bodyguards.
There was a roar.
A huge plane soared into the sky, leaving a long tail of clouds in the sky.
Fly to Chou Country.
On the plane, Li Zhuyue sat on her seat, sighing while drinking a drink.
“I didn’t expect that not long ago, I went to Chou Country again.”
She studied as a graduate student in Chou Country for three years.
Li Yang sat next to Li Zhuyue and looked at Li Zhuyue.
Exquisite face, delicate facial features, and fair skin.
Tall and graceful.
In particular, she has a unique bookish air about her.
This kind of temperament is not something that ordinary women can possess.
Li Yang smiled slightly.
He turned and looked out the window at the extremely blue sky.
Under the plane, there were continuous white clouds floating, like a thick layer of cotton.
Thirteen hours later, the plane slowly landed at the airport in Chou Country.
At the airport of Chou Country, there was a tall Chou Countryman.
He was standing outside the airport.
Attracted everyone’s attention.
Everyone knows that this man is not an ordinary person.
But he is the boss of WD Technology Company.
WD Technology is a huge company.
His boss Tom, of course, often appears in magazines and on television.
Known by the ugly people.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on Tom.
All guessing.
Why did Tom appear at the airport.
“Who do you think Tom is waiting for here?”
“Needless to say, it must be his family!”
“No way, it can’t be his family. Tom is dressed very formally. If it were his family, he wouldn’t The dress is so formal, but more casual.”
“That makes sense.”
Everyone is guessing.
Tom should be waiting for a business partner.
The person who can be waited for by Tom is definitely not an ordinary person.
They were all very surprised at the visitor.
Surprised who he is!

“Boss, this way!” Tom shouted.
He already knew the information about the new boss of WD Technology Company in advance.
Of course photos are included.
There are not many people in the airport. It is necessary to find one among so many people.
It’s not easy.
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But Li Yang and the others are different.
Most of the people at the airport are Ugly Chinese.
The Chou people have blond hair and blue eyes, completely different from the Dragon people.

Very easy to distinguish.
So it didn’t take much time for Tom to see Li Yang among the crowd.
Everyone at the airport was stunned when they heard “boss”.
His eyes were wide open and his mouth was wide enough to fit a dog-beating stick.
Tom actually called someone else boss.
“Oh my God, isn’t the boss of WD Technology Company Tom? Why would he call someone else the boss?” ” Is it possible
that the boss of WD Technology Company is not Tom, but someone else?”
“No, that’s impossible”
Everyone couldn’t believe it.
How come the boss of WD Technology is not Tom but someone else?
“If it were someone else, I would have eaten an Olivier for a hundred pounds on the spot.”
“It definitely won’t be someone else. Tom calls someone else the boss, but he’s just being polite.” ”
Who said Tom is not the boss of WD Technology? It’s true. Stupid!”
“WD Technology Company sent someone to pick us up.” Li Yang smiled slightly.
Before he came to Chou Country, he had already sent a notice to WD Technology Company.
Tell them that you are coming.
Ask them to make arrangements.
“The person who came turned out to be Tom.” Li Zhuyue was surprised.
She had often heard Tom’s name when she was a graduate student.
Unexpectedly, this big man would come to greet them now!
“No matter how old Tom is, can he be as big as me?” A smile appeared on the corner of Li Yang’s mouth.
“Of course you are the boss,” Li Zhuyue said with a smile.
Tom is now an employee of Li Yang.
Li Yang is the real boss of WD Technology Company.
Before Li Yang and the others could walk over, Tom walked over.
“I’ve met Boss Li Yang.” Tom said respectfully.
It’s exactly the same as when a subordinate meets his superior.
People in the airport were dumbfounded when they saw this.
Completely dumbfounded.
It was 10,000 times more shocking than seeing a sow climbing a tree.
“This” most people were so shocked that they couldn’t speak.
Tom actually called a guy from Dragon Country boss.
People in the airport knew at a glance that Li Yang was from the Dragon Kingdom.
Because there is a big “Dragon Kingdom” in English on his clothes!

Someone stood up and said: “I heard that WD Technology Company recently changed its boss, and the boss is no longer Tom.” ”
How do you know?”
The person said: “Because my friend’s wife works at WD Working in a company, when I was discussing the principles of life with her, I heard ”
Everyone: “!!!”
Discussing the principles of life.
After Xiao Xiao was surprised by this person, everyone else’s attention was focused on Li Yang.
They all guessed.
Li Yang is the new boss of WD Technology Company.
“What is the identity of this person from the Dragon Kingdom?”
“I don’t know him.”
“I don’t know him either.
” “.”
No one knows Li Yang’s identity.
Li Yang ignored them.
Instead, he followed Tom into a black business car.
Li Yang is not going to WD Technology Company now.
After being on the plane for more than ten hours, I was still jet-lagged.
Li Yang wants to go to the hotel to rest first.
“Boss Li Yang, I have booked a high-end hotel for you.” Tom looked at Li Zhuyue.
He didn’t know who Li Zhuyue was from Li Yang.
He asked tentatively: “Boss Li Yang, this lady.”
Li Yang didn’t answer and asked: “How much did you order for me?”
“Ten thousand ugly coins a day!” Tom said.
Ten thousand Chou Bi, that is, more than 60,000 Long Guo Bi.
Sixty thousand a day!
Li Zhuyue took a breath!

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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese


Li Yang, a poor boy, thought his whole life would be like this. Unexpectedly, the parents were bound to the [God-level family worshiping subsystem]. The more prodigal their sons were, the richer they became. So he frantically asked Li Yang to spend money. “Don’t go home until this 10 billion is spent.” “Li Yang, what’s the matter with you? Why haven’t you spent the 100 billion yesterday? Now I’ll give you another 1000 billion to spend it quickly.” “Luxury cars, The shares, the island…are all given to you…” “…” Li Yang was about to cry but had no tears: “Mom and dad, please slow down and give us the money. I can’t spend so much, and the balance is still 999999999.9 billion. “


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