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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich Chapter 158

158. Chapter 158 Aren’t you afraid that I am Cao Cao? 158. Chapter 158 Aren’t you afraid that I am Cao Cao?
Chapter 158 Aren’t you afraid that I am Cao Cao?

Originally, Li Zhuyue wanted to open another one.
But when I heard such an expensive price, I gave up the idea instantly.
Li Yang didn’t speak either.
A smile appeared on his lips.
He knew that if Li Zhuyue cared very much.
Will definitely ask for another room.
Sixty thousand yuan is very expensive for others.
But for Li Zhuyue, whose monthly salary is tens of thousands, it is within the acceptable range.
The black business car sped away, and within half an hour, it stopped at a hotel called “ZC”.
This hotel is very luxurious.
From the outside, it looks like a huge palace.
Turn on the orange light.
“This hotel is so shocking.” Li Zhuyue opened her mouth wide as soon as she got off the car.
She stayed in Chou Country for three years.
I have never seen such a shocking hotel.
“This is the best hotel in Turtle Bone.” Tom smiled.
Book a hotel for Li Yang.
Definitely order the best.
Turtle Bone is in Chou Country, a prosperous big city.
It is no exaggeration to say that every inch of land is valuable.
“I’m determined.” Li Yang glanced at Tom and gave him a look of affirmation.
Walking inside is even more shocking than seeing it outside.
The hotel lobby is brightly lit, and the dim lights reflect a luxurious atmosphere. The steps from the lobby entrance to the front desk are covered with exquisitely patterned carpets, which are gorgeous yet elegant.
The marble floors and carved walls perfectly match each other, and the noble decorations everywhere are amazing.
Expensive accessories and jewelry are placed in the windows, showing the taste of a high-end luxury hotel.
Li Zhuyue was dumbfounded.
Li Yang looked calm.
A young waitress led him into a room.
The door opened, and what came into view was even more shocking.
Li Zhuyue was already numb.
She felt like she was like Grandma Liu when she entered the Grand View Garden, and everything she saw was novel.
The room is very spacious, estimated to be 700 square meters.
Not to mention sleeping in it, even running in it is no big problem.
“Boss Li Yang, have a good rest and call me if you need anything.”
Li Yang nodded and said, “Tomorrow morning, we will convene the company’s top management for a meeting.”
After sending Tom away, Li Yang He and Li Zhuyue walked into the room.
It was the first time for Li Zhuyue to enter such a luxurious room.
Everything I saw was novel and I wandered around the room.
They kept taking pictures with their mobile phones.
Li Yang had a calm look on his face and took a moment to look at the environment of the room.
all good.
The only bad thing is that there is only one bed in the room.
But this bed is very big.
Not to mention sleeping with one person, sleeping with ten people is not a big problem.
“Boss, I’d better sleep on the sofa.” Li Zhuyue came over.
He looked towards the sofa not far away.
This sofa is also very luxurious.
It’s worth hundreds of thousands and is softer than an average bed.
“Yeah.” Li Yang nodded.
Nothing was forced.
Although he is in very good health, he has just arrived in Chou Country.
Still need to be jet lagged.
If you’re not jet lagged, it’s easy to run into problems.
So tonight, Li Yang didn’t have any plans.
I just want to have a good rest.
After taking a bath, Li Yang went to bed.
Night shrouded the entire city, and the sky was clear and cloudless, like a big black cloth studded with countless stars.
There is another bright moon.
Her light is soft and quiet, illuminating the bustling city.
High-rise buildings, street lamps, and busy streets are all suffused with a silvery glow by the moonlight, exuding peace and beauty.
Li Yang has fallen asleep.
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But Li Zhuyue hasn’t yet.
Although the sofa is very soft, it has just arrived in a new environment.
She couldn’t sleep, she had insomnia.
Li Zhuyue got up.

He glanced around.
The moonlight shone in from the floor-to-ceiling windows and fell on Li Yang on the bed.
It gave Li Yang a layer of holy light.
It made Li Yang look like an angel without wings.
“Boss, he looks really handsome.” Li Zhuyue stood up and looked at Li Yang.
Li Yang’s face shape is very good.
That is to say, the foundation is good.
But he was not so handsome before.
In the past year, he has become more and more handsome.
Except for the blessing of superpowers.
There is another important reason, that is what Li Yang eats and the water he drinks.
All very healthy.
I also have a very regular schedule and my skin is very good.
Unlike some boys who eat junk food and drink drinks with unknown ingredients.
Every night I either stay up late or stay up all night.
The skin is very bad.
How can you be handsome if your face is covered with hair?
Li Zhuyue walked over and lay beside the bed.
Holding her cheeks with both hands, her beautiful eyes were always looking at Li Yang.
she knows.
Li Yang must have a more than simple purpose in bringing him out.
“The boss is not a good person. He is an LSP,” Li Zhuyue secretly thought.
she knows.
As a rich man, Li Yang doesn’t know how many people have discussed the principles of personal life.
He took himself out to explore the great principles of life.
“But why did I agree?” Li Zhuyue was very surprised.
She understands Li Yang.
Li Yang is an LSP, but he is not an evildoer.
If you don’t want to go out with him, he certainly won’t force you.
Nor will I wear small shoes for myself.
She herself agreed to go out with Li Yang.
“Although the boss is an LSP, he is very kind to every woman who has discussed the major principles of life. Except for love, he has all the other relationships and materials available.”
Bang –
Li Zhuyue’s hand slipped, My jaw hit the bed.
The bed was very soft and she was fine.
But this movement woke Li Yang up.
As soon as Li Yang opened his eyes, he saw Li Zhuyue beside him.
I was shocked for a moment.
It was almost as frightening as suddenly meeting a female spy.
“What the hell? What are you doing here?” Li Yang saw Li Zhuyue clearly.
“No, what are you doing? I’m just awake, a little thirsty and want to drink some water?” Li Zhuyue hesitated.
Come here for some water!
“Aren’t you afraid, am I not Cao Cao?” Li Yang looked at Li Zhuyue.
Li Zhuyue was stunned for a moment.
As we all know, Cao Cao has the spirit of a thief.
But Li Zhuyue is not a human being.
“What I mean is, you are not afraid of Cao Cao killing people in his dream. You come here and I sleepwalk and kill you?” Li Yang said angrily.
“Uh” Li Zhuyue was embarrassed.
Unexpectedly, I thought wrongly!
“By the way, do you want to covet my appearance?” Li Yang looked at Li Zhuyue.
“Ah no” Li Zhuyue quickly ran back and lay down on the sofa.
Pretending to sleep.
Suddenly, her body stiffened.
She felt that she was being hugged by Li Yang.
“Boss, this is inappropriate.” Li Zhuyue’s heart was pounding.
“Stop talking and go to sleep.” Li Yang was really sleepy.
I don’t want to discuss any major principles of life.
Li Yang fell asleep not long after.
But Li Zhuyue hasn’t yet.
But an hour later, she fell asleep.

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The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

The money I spent was returned ten thousand times, and I made my parents rich

Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Chinese


Li Yang, a poor boy, thought his whole life would be like this. Unexpectedly, the parents were bound to the [God-level family worshiping subsystem]. The more prodigal their sons were, the richer they became. So he frantically asked Li Yang to spend money. “Don’t go home until this 10 billion is spent.” “Li Yang, what’s the matter with you? Why haven’t you spent the 100 billion yesterday? Now I’ll give you another 1000 billion to spend it quickly.” “Luxury cars, The shares, the island…are all given to you…” “…” Li Yang was about to cry but had no tears: “Mom and dad, please slow down and give us the money. I can’t spend so much, and the balance is still 999999999.9 billion. “


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